• Publicado el 6 may 2017
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    Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing video! EXTREME SODA CHALLENGE w/ kwebbelkop
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  • Vincent Chatterton
    Vincent Chatterton Hace 4 días

    I did this and my 13year old brother lost to me and I am only ten

  • Zeren Smith
    Zeren Smith Hace 17 días

    In the future have a blindfold for soda challenges or food challenges

  • esther asher
    esther asher Hace 28 días

    You are the funniest I ever met

  • Gacha Girl
    Gacha Girl Hace 28 días

    8:28 it sead Bepis instead of Pepis

  • Novella Patterson
    Novella Patterson Hace un mes +1

    10 out of 10

  • Aquila Dabyram
    Aquila Dabyram Hace un mes +1

    great job azzy, love this video

  • Jo Corrock
    Jo Corrock Hace un mes +1

    Did anyone else see the Spelling mistake on Pepsi cherry

  • Paul Fair
    Paul Fair Hace un mes

    AZZYLAND Is the BEST!!!!!!

  • Cathryn Turner
    Cathryn Turner Hace 2 meses

    Why were they spitting out the delicious soda?

  • Stephanie Avellino
    Stephanie Avellino Hace 2 meses +1

    WAT WAS THE SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Trudi Staunton
    Trudi Staunton Hace 2 meses

    Am I the only one that thinks Azzy's boyfriend sort of sounds like a dentist?

  • amber odonnell
    amber odonnell Hace 2 meses


  • amber odonnell
    amber odonnell Hace 2 meses

    I like Red Bull

  • Lerma Madarang
    Lerma Madarang Hace 2 meses

    You and jordi look so cute together😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊👍👍👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍

  • S Peters
    S Peters Hace 2 meses

    Bless u mr. jordi bless u mr. jordi

  • Aiden Woods
    Aiden Woods Hace 3 meses

    Bless you!

  • August`s ice cream world

    that makes me want to have soda but i cant get ane

  • honey peach pie
    honey peach pie Hace 3 meses

    2019 anyone???

  • honey peach pie
    honey peach pie Hace 3 meses

    Only 9k likes?!

  • Gina Davis
    Gina Davis Hace 3 meses

    I love your ESclips video

  • GANGSTER362 362
    GANGSTER362 362 Hace 3 meses

    Its not bepsi it is pepsi

  • kailyn daniel
    kailyn daniel Hace 3 meses

    love u Azzyland and Kwebblkop
    pls do more minecraft and FIND MORE DIAMONDS👌😍💎💎💎💎💎

  • JonTheArtist
    JonTheArtist Hace 3 meses

    Wait Azzy said she never drinks coke or Pepsi hmmm

  • Pugs & Kisses
    Pugs & Kisses Hace 4 meses

    Why did they spit it out

  • SiHan You
    SiHan You Hace 4 meses

    is he your brother or something?

  • Javan Koo
    Javan Koo Hace 4 meses

    anyone realize the said 7up was sprite???

  • Beth Boyle
    Beth Boyle Hace 4 meses

    Coca cola came to town
    Diet pepsi shot him down
    Dr pepper picked him up
    Now we're drinking 7 up
    7 up caught the flu
    Now we're drinking iron brew
    Iron brew fell down the mountain
    Now we're drinking from the fountain
    Oh no the fountain broke
    Now we're drinking plain old coke

  • Visor ibland.
    Visor ibland. Hace 4 meses


  • Felicia Haas
    Felicia Haas Hace 4 meses

    who is that boy.

  • Jill Orlowski
    Jill Orlowski Hace 4 meses

    I like Fanta

  • astarrdemille
    astarrdemille Hace 4 meses

    you are so brave i would have been so scared i'm a scardy cat#not a suprise that i am scared

  • Brenda Gagnon
    Brenda Gagnon Hace 4 meses

    I'm so t

  • Yeah that’s Me
    Yeah that’s Me Hace 5 meses

    Bepis max cherry
    What is society becoming!!!🤣

  • Jennifer Guerra
    Jennifer Guerra Hace 5 meses

    Stay in a balloon in 25 minis

  • Mariahann Gray
    Mariahann Gray Hace 5 meses

    Luv u Azzy soooo muuuchhh

  • melissa parsons
    melissa parsons Hace 5 meses

    do you and jelly and azzyland and kwebblekop and josh live in America

  • virginia goodwin
    virginia goodwin Hace 5 meses


  • scoobyandcynder_Roblox
    scoobyandcynder_Roblox Hace 5 meses +1

    Azzy I feel so bad for you, there is like a hundred sodas and you can not drink any of them just spit them into a cup LOL

  • tt tube
    tt tube Hace 5 meses

    PEPSI P. E. P. S. I.!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Carter Jones
    Carter Jones Hace 5 meses

    I got an add of an asian cinderella movie

  • cherry bomb soda
    cherry bomb soda Hace 5 meses

    Hate to break it to you azzy but that's 7 up not sprite

  • Leena Tipene
    Leena Tipene Hace 5 meses


  • Stephan Wolmarans
    Stephan Wolmarans Hace 6 meses


  • Hamilton
    Hamilton Hace 6 meses

    AND PEGGY!!!!!

  • ana Rodriguez
    ana Rodriguez Hace 6 meses

    It was 7up not sprite+

  • Hardik Patel
    Hardik Patel Hace 6 meses


  • Hardik Patel
    Hardik Patel Hace 6 meses


  • Kara Mkcendrick
    Kara Mkcendrick Hace 6 meses

    I love fizzy drink's

  • Michelle Goebel
    Michelle Goebel Hace 7 meses

    She's looking I can tell

  • Mrs princess c
    Mrs princess c Hace 7 meses

    Y did she have to spit it out

  • Mia Marston
    Mia Marston Hace 7 meses

    i love you azzy my eyes burn azzy loved by all

  • Nicole Engelhuber
    Nicole Engelhuber Hace 7 meses

    You have all of that soda... and no mountain dew???

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl Hace 7 meses +1

    Amazing #LoveAzzyLand

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl Hace 7 meses +3

    Curse those people who gave thumbs down on this video

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl Hace 7 meses +3

    I don’t like possums I don’t like wasps I love soda and Azzy is awesome

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl Hace 7 meses +1

    I LOVE YOU AZZY❤️❤️❤️💝💝💝💜💜💜💓💓💓💙💙💙💕💕💕❣️❣️❣️🧡🧡🧡💛💛💛💚💚💚💘💘💘💖💖💖💗💗💗💋💋💋💞💞💞

  • Commander of the seventh Fleet

    Best ESclipsr ever🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

  • Mia Russell
    Mia Russell Hace 8 meses

    2018 anyone or am i lonely :(

  • Animator_Gacha Nat
    Animator_Gacha Nat Hace 8 meses

    The fuck is Bepis? Do you mean PEPSI!

  • Hyper Tube
    Hyper Tube Hace 8 meses +1


  • Desiree Chavez
    Desiree Chavez Hace 8 meses

    9:44 thats what she said

    please help

  • Luis PlaysAll
    Luis PlaysAll Hace 8 meses


  • K.A Vlogs
    K.A Vlogs Hace 8 meses

    I have had all of those

  • Minnie A
    Minnie A Hace 8 meses


  • Madison Isaia
    Madison Isaia Hace 9 meses +1

    COOOOOLLLL, Now I'm thirsty!

  • A&A Forever
    A&A Forever Hace 9 meses

    They spelt Pepsi bepsi. Still I love your channel no hate.

  • Ariel Suarez
    Ariel Suarez Hace 9 meses

    why didn't kwebbelkop didn't get to try any of the sodas?

  • S&R Halestrap
    S&R Halestrap Hace 9 meses

    do a colab with wengie

  • Trinity Trinity
    Trinity Trinity Hace 9 meses

    I am a fane of your video. I love you Azzy land!!

  • Zefanyo Dijksterhuis
    Zefanyo Dijksterhuis Hace 9 meses

    azzy your right your never lie

  • Sugianto
    Sugianto Hace 9 meses

    i like soda challenge

  • Crystal Maddox
    Crystal Maddox Hace 9 meses

    He said 7 up was Sprite-_- BIG DIFFERENCE PPLSSSSS

  • nala rose
    nala rose Hace 10 meses

    Im drinking 7up right now

    • nala rose
      nala rose Hace 10 meses

      What a suprizing coincidence

  • alyssa grant
    alyssa grant Hace 10 meses +1

    Everyone azzy never ever lies! Live ur vids azzy 💖👍👍. Omg diet drinks are DELICIOUS 👌👌👌👌 like or love this comment if you like diet drinks as well

  • Friends For life
    Friends For life Hace 10 meses

    Azzy I love you soooo much 😘 #10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000likes ❤️

  • Friends For life
    Friends For life Hace 10 meses

    OMG!!!! You’ve got rockstar!!!!!👅

  • Niko online
    Niko online Hace 10 meses


  • Riley Nyght
    Riley Nyght Hace 10 meses

    love your channel Azzy!!!!!!

  • Pergul Kurt
    Pergul Kurt Hace 10 meses

    I sponser aspiratiom

  • carrine armstrong
    carrine armstrong Hace 10 meses

    Hi I'd like to be in this video for this also translation of this in emoji✋👩🙏📷⚠️😊

  • carrine armstrong
    carrine armstrong Hace 10 meses


  • carrine armstrong
    carrine armstrong Hace 10 meses

    Me seriously it just happened I read you comment as soon as he said that is that a coweencident

    • carrine armstrong
      carrine armstrong Hace 10 meses

      Btw that's about the guy who said who jumped to the comments when he said spite instead of 7-up

  • Isy Gisbo
    Isy Gisbo Hace 10 meses +1

    y isnt she swallowing the drinks?

  • skyelblue13
    skyelblue13 Hace 10 meses

    Soda is Delicious

  • Shaylee Penney 43 (STUDENT)

    love your vids


    I love your videos 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 azzy never lies 😁😁

  • Haylie Hamza
    Haylie Hamza Hace 10 meses


  • Tina Nguyen
    Tina Nguyen Hace 11 meses

    7 up and Sprite tast simaler

  • Tatiana Grenier
    Tatiana Grenier Hace 11 meses

    Fyi diet coke is really bad for you if can contain alcohol sugar wi5h is pure energy and has more calories than regular coke and in some places it has regulations on it and dad's to kidney and internal problems with it so diet coke is really unhealthy FACTS ARE THE HARD TRUTH TO FACE !!!!!

  • Kit Kat
    Kit Kat Hace 11 meses

    I was drinking D.Pepper while watching!

  • Johnny Langato
    Johnny Langato Hace 11 meses

    stop saying bad wors

  • _ NicWereHere
    _ NicWereHere Hace 11 meses

    Just so you people aren't confused, 7up and sprite is the same thing and that's why she got the point for guessing sprite

  • Scott Sonnier
    Scott Sonnier Hace 11 meses

    Awww... You two are so cute together!!

  • thicc slimez
    thicc slimez Hace 11 meses


  • KL Star
    KL Star Hace 11 meses

    8:35 bepsi?

  • Sara Ghiroldi
    Sara Ghiroldi Hace 11 meses

    So you will do somthing dirty just for money your a wilde wilde wilde wilde wilde wilde thot. Just kidding i loooooooooove you sooooo much azzy hahahaha

  • KJ_69
    KJ_69 Hace 11 meses

    It really triggered me when they called 7up sprite

  • KJ_69
    KJ_69 Hace 11 meses

    It really triggered me when they called 7up sprite

  • Goten Black
    Goten Black Hace 11 meses

    Good job azzy I'm your biggest fan of you tube videos and I mostly watch your videos every single day and night I really want a shout-out love you so much and you to Jordi

    • Goten Black
      Goten Black Hace 11 meses

      Zoroe and my cat Mia many would get along swell I hope you have a great summer and I hope to meet you soon love u stay awesome stay sweet and don't forget to be nice. I hope you get this message please give me a chance for shout outs love you much gotten black out bye azzy

  • Ela Vladescu
    Ela Vladescu Hace 11 meses