YouTube Rewind 2019: For the Record | #YouTubeRewind

  • Publicado el 5 dic 2019
  • In 2018, we made something you didn’t like. For Rewind 2019, let’s see what you DID like.
    Celebrating the creators, music and moments that mattered most to you in 2019.
    To learn how the top lists in Rewind were generated:
    Top lists featured the following channels:
    @1MILLION Dance Studio
    @Ariana Grande
    @Awez Darbar
    @Billie Eilish
    @Black Gryph0n
    @Daddy Yankee
    @David Dobrik
    @Dude Perfect
    @Felipe Neto
    @Galen Hooks
    @James Charles
    @Kylie Jenner
    @Lil Dicky
    @Lil Nas X
    @LOUD Babi
    @LOUD Coringa
    @Magnet World
    @Nilson Izaias Papinho Oficial
    @Noah Schnapp
    @백종원의 요리비책 Paik's Cuisine
    @Shawn Mendes
    @Team Naach
    @하루한끼 one meal a day
    To see the full list of featured channels in Rewind 2019, visit:
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  • Karaltan savaşcısı
    Karaltan savaşcısı Hace un minuto

    Bad rewind ever

  • LetsPlayGames 4you
    LetsPlayGames 4you Hace un minuto

    8,8 Millionen disslikes... Ihr tut mir voll leid iwi 😅😥

  • arfan fikri
    arfan fikri Hace 2 minutos

    entah la aku pun tak buat lagi

  • Mr. Awesome
    Mr. Awesome Hace 2 minutos +1

    2020 AnYonE

  • Izzkandar Zulqarnain
    Izzkandar Zulqarnain Hace 2 minutos

    apann kerje sains buat mcm mane?

  • pan4dboyXz
    pan4dboyXz Hace 5 minutos


  • arfan fikri
    arfan fikri Hace 6 minutos

    Woi is

  • Izzkandar Zulqarnain
    Izzkandar Zulqarnain Hace 6 minutos

    apaann oiiiii

  • sco le
    sco le Hace 7 minutos

    Alguien se acuerda de Hotel trivago

  • mars__
    mars__ Hace 9 minutos

    Wassup 2020

  • Alexander Toledo Encina
    Alexander Toledo Encina Hace 10 minutos

    Vamos por la mitad de disliki

  • ThatOneGuyWhoWatchesHentai
    ThatOneGuyWhoWatchesHentai Hace 14 minutos

    ESclips:we should hire a professional for YT rewind
    *Pewdiepie raises hand*
    ESclips:anyone else?
    Watchmojo: BREATHS
    youtube: *Your hired*

  • Minh khang Tu
    Minh khang Tu Hace 16 minutos +2

    I love youtube

  • Can I get 10k subscribers without any video

    Doesn't sometimes you see all these comments with so many likes and think "I should have said that"

  • Sunny Side Up!
    Sunny Side Up! Hace 28 minutos

    Well... at least this has more likes than last year 😬

  • Windows & Google Help
    Windows & Google Help Hace 28 minutos

    I don't know what to write, but in my opinion this is the best rewind!

  • Enzo Velasco
    Enzo Velasco Hace 29 minutos

    The sad thing is that ESclips reRyan is better than this
    Btw it was made in 2017

  • Enzo Velasco
    Enzo Velasco Hace 32 minutos

    Did you seriously put barley any Minecraft and mr beast
    Wtf is wrong with the creators of this

  • V5Bight
    V5Bight Hace 32 minutos

    Un like para que no hagan mierdas como estas.

  • arceli azarcon
    arceli azarcon Hace 34 minutos

    *BUT, where are the youtubers?*

  • Erik Condori
    Erik Condori Hace 38 minutos


  • Maité
    Maité Hace 38 minutos


  • HHƏ Abdulrehmanli
    HHƏ Abdulrehmanli Hace 41 un minuto +1

    5:11 as bayraklari as as

  • Andradeee
    Andradeee Hace 42 minutos

    me like video good good

  • ilham ismail
    ilham ismail Hace 42 minutos

    2015 and 2016 is better then 2018 and 2019

  • Gabriel Fernández Lago
    Gabriel Fernández Lago Hace 42 minutos

    Nice video!

  • ilham ismail
    ilham ismail Hace 43 minutos +1

    this is better then 2018 not so good but BETTER

  • Rollton •-• Ez
    Rollton •-• Ez Hace 47 minutos

    А почему много дизлайков?

  • Sup Gaming YT
    Sup Gaming YT Hace 49 minutos

    Mja nahi Aaya

  • James Collins
    James Collins Hace 50 minutos

    Hey guys you gave so much hate thats why youtube did not try maybe you guys should have motivated them instead of giving hate i mean i cant judge you but i just reminded you all

  • AS shows
    AS shows Hace 50 minutos +1

    Who are coming here just to check. Dislikes

    I am small ESclipsr

  • Parth- Pubg Mobile
    Parth- Pubg Mobile Hace 59 minutos

    Where is pubg my bro

  • Memo Kuni
    Memo Kuni Hace un hora

    ESclips rewind is a meme.

  • BooMy Studios
    BooMy Studios Hace un hora

    well thats the most diabolical rewind ever spawned!

    ESclips: I call it: The NASTY rewind

    1 like = 1 forgiveness to ESclips.


    EVIL GAMERS Hace un hora

    Searching bald guy right?

  • wordlord hekdbf
    wordlord hekdbf Hace un hora +2

    Tienes que ver el ispano

  • Msp Selin
    Msp Selin Hace un hora


  • CobaCoba
    CobaCoba Hace un hora

    This rewind should get copyright from youtube itself

  • el kevin :v
    el kevin :v Hace un hora

    Almenos son sinceros en lo desconectados que estas con los usuarios. Excelente servicio ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Sleepless Nights
    Sleepless Nights Hace un hora

    Not gonna lie but watchmojo did it better

  • Laxmi Chakraborty
    Laxmi Chakraborty Hace un hora

    Lol it was again most disliked pist

  • Achraf Nb
    Achraf Nb Hace un hora +1

    WTF this is re-upload not rewind

  • Glaze Poopzy
    Glaze Poopzy Hace un hora

    Open youtube

  • Boom Ser
    Boom Ser Hace un hora

    ESclips​ rewind​ 2016 is​ the​ best for​ me

  • Anas algo
    Anas algo Hace un hora

    why do u put 7 rings i didnt like it????!!!!

  • Skills football
    Skills football Hace 2 horas

    Dear youtube,

    I know what's your problem now... you are putting the videos in a separate way, the celebrities or people in there are not like together or interacting with each other!!! Remember the past! Watch 2010 rewind till now, what are you missing!? I would suggest inviting all the famous celebrities together in one area interacting with each other!!!! What I like is blackpink, twice, bts, exos, and other famous kpop groups!!!!! Together in one area!!! Invite more!!! Get Will Smith! Get Mr.Beast! GET PEWDIEPIE!!! ALL TOGETHER INTERACTING WITH EACH OTHER IN ONE AREA!!!!!
    Thank you if you see this message:)

    ARCAFLORYZ Hace 2 horas

    Remember when rewinds were actually good

  • Michael Drake
    Michael Drake Hace 2 horas

    Anyone else come to see lazarbeam?

  • Luis Montero
    Luis Montero Hace 2 horas

    The worst rewind ever.

  • joey tan
    joey tan Hace 2 horas

    The best part of this video is the comments...

  • mohamad beautiful
    mohamad beautiful Hace 2 horas

    ESclips Ademona

  • Skills football
    Skills football Hace 2 horas

    Let's make this to 1 billion dislikes :)

  • Pedro Henrique Garcia
    Pedro Henrique Garcia Hace 2 horas


  • SweetPøtatø •
    SweetPøtatø • Hace 2 horas

    This was the best of it all! MORE FUNNEH AND THE KREW!!! 💞🤍

  • mickey maloney
    mickey maloney Hace 2 horas

    1:42 okay i see rewind 2019 will have way more disllikes cuz u put flipping t series - _- okayyyy........

  • Pro Squad
    Pro Squad Hace 2 horas

    Why no Top 10 Disliked Video is it because of this
    1: ESclips Rewind 2018
    2: ESclips Rewind 2019
    3: ESclips Rewind 2017
    4: Jake Paul Its everyday bro
    5: Jake Paul These Days
    6: Paloma RBLX
    7: Logan Paul
    8: Me
    9: JakePaul (Again) KSI is Crying in My Insta DMs
    10: JakePaul (again and again) crying in logan paul vs ksi
    Note: This is just a joke and please dont take this serious! :)

  • ljupce dimitriev
    ljupce dimitriev Hace 2 horas +1

    Yeah sidemen

  • mickey maloney
    mickey maloney Hace 2 horas

    Add parkour i would watch that

  • Jaiden Bettiol
    Jaiden Bettiol Hace 2 horas

    In 2018, we made something
    you didn't like.
    So in 2019, we made a watchmojo video! Hooray! Now you can't be mad at us!

  • Jordan Hooper
    Jordan Hooper Hace 2 horas

    At least it has PewDiePie