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  • Fitz Williams
    Fitz Williams Hace 4 meses +4181

    Madara did all the quests, got all achievements, beat the game in the hardest difficulty and just replayed it in novice rank

    • Shticky
      Shticky Hace 10 días

      He replayed for fun.

    • bob and Mr mecaleb
      bob and Mr mecaleb Hace 13 días

      He 100% the game and is now playing online to destroy some fools.

    • twan G
      twan G Hace 17 días


    • Listless
      Listless Hace 25 días +1

      Ge played darksouls 2 100%

  • Monunga
    Monunga Hace un mes +629

    I'd like to point out
    Kishimoto himself said he had no clue how Madara could lose in a straight fight.

    • alexmalqqqq
      alexmalqqqq Hace un hora

      bro. not even stan lee could do that

    • Zyxyx
      Zyxyx Hace 12 días

      @deadly dealer Do find any evidence of this interview.
      hint: it doesn't exist.

    • deadly dealer
      deadly dealer Hace 12 días +1

      @Zyxyx it was part of an interview

    • deadly dealer
      deadly dealer Hace 12 días

      I remember that and thought the author literally had to write his own death after publicly admiting he made an op nappa that wasn't going to die any time soon

    • Johnny P The Gulf City Lethal Sperg
      Johnny P The Gulf City Lethal Sperg Hace 15 días +1

      @Zyxyx I know, I just like memes.

  • brooksie9999999999
    brooksie9999999999 Hace 2 meses +916

    The writer really did come out and say in multiple public interviews
    "ive messed up and i have no idea how to fairly kill madara"

    • K-K MIC
      K-K MIC Hace 46 minutos

      @brooksie9999999999 I can't believe u thought u ate that lmao

    • brooksie9999999999
      brooksie9999999999 Hace 2 horas

      @K-K MIC seek help

    • K-K MIC
      K-K MIC Hace 6 horas

      @brooksie9999999999 why would u use *likes* as an argument

    • brooksie9999999999
      brooksie9999999999 Hace 14 días +1

      ​@Woosh Bait And now even with the other people explaining his infinite chakra pool and its brokenness still overlook the fact even sealing jutsus are chakra based jutsus and his rinnegan makes it so he can Absorn and form of chakra from any part of his body
      His Open back could be attacked and it can still absorb any chakra within the attack as long as he conciously chooses to do so
      Now hears a list of things where he held back and yes
      the character your saying is weak held back in a war against the litteral entire world
      1 v entire planet
      Held back
      1. infinitley regenerating chakra means??? Infinite shadow clones?
      What for?
      2. Infinite Any clone and can link the rinnegans vision with the clones vision giving him vision of everything there is no blindspot there is no sneaking up on him
      3. Shit loads more meteors
      4. Pre rinnegan he had what?
      A regenerating sharingan you say?
      Well whats that good for?
      Oh infiinetly re-writing reality how so?
      use izinagi or izinami and allow the eyes to regenerate its as simple as that tbh
      i could go on to like probs about 20-50ish m,ore ways madara directly held back and treated the ENTIRE war as a game
      Even as the ten tails WHen he was no longer an infinetly regenerating re-incarnation but pre flesh and blood he got half his body blown off and regenerated anyways lmfao
      he could have litterally done the same thig blowing off even bigger abilitys
      He has access to all 6 paths powers
      All blades and phisical attacks can be repels simply by saying the words repel and he telepathically could stop any attack
      people forget pain litterally had telepathy in the sense where he could manipulate phisical matter with his mind AKA
      Madaras rinnegan has the same power
      youve been exposed to boruto too much
      Lazy writing Reconning its source material and retconning even its own material
      It makes no sense and is written by a person who does not even like naruto
      The person writing boruto started watching during shippuden PURLEY because it was popular
      They arent a good writer
      They dont understand the naruto universe
      Dont be swept away by non cannonical lies
      Enjoy your show and stop pretending it has anything to do with the original or implys anything about the original
      Your show boruto is a completley orginal piece of work with stolen character designs and names simple as that
      Its not the naruto universe

    • brooksie9999999999
      brooksie9999999999 Hace 14 días +1

      @Bowl Of Carrots man 100%

  • Grey Questions
    Grey Questions Hace 2 meses +670

    Madara: They ain’t no one left that could give me a good fight besides hashirama.
    Guy: Hold my Youth

    • William
      William Hace 10 días

      He was playing with him

    • Dashin Hayes
      Dashin Hayes Hace 24 días


      CACTUXJACKK Hace 27 días


    • {A} random person
      {A} random person Hace 28 días

      The kage level shinobi really couldn't help him mid fight. They would have gotten in the way and taken out by Guy. Guy did all that damage alone

    • Charles Chiemeka Ekeogu
      Charles Chiemeka Ekeogu Hace un mes +3

      @lightyoshiman If I give you $20 and you used the $20 to earn a $100, does that $100 belong to me? 🤔
      Using the same logic, that Rinnegan is 100% Madara’s and I’m not insulting Guy but you’re making it sound like Madara didn’t deserve the power he got and as if Madara wasn’t being jumped the entire war arc.
      I respect Guy but to say Madara didn’t earn the power he got is a LIE!!!

  • G-ming
    G-ming Hace 2 meses +420

    Madara is the definition of "when animators get paid" except his death

  • Dare Browny
    Dare Browny Hace 4 meses +11694

    Madara really fought a whole army as a warm up.

    • Eric Davis
      Eric Davis Hace 6 días


    • Jungle
      Jungle Hace 8 días

      Basically the whole world 😂

    • u!ƃƃɐ
      u!ƃƃɐ Hace 13 días

      13:33 background music???

    • u!ƃƃɐ
      u!ƃƃɐ Hace 13 días

      Background music at 13:45???

    • Jason Granger
      Jason Granger Hace 17 días

      Not even a warm about bro light work

  • Irishbananamafia
    Irishbananamafia Hace 3 meses +304

    “Man put half a year worth of filler because he felt like it!”
    The most frustratingly relatable thing you said in the whole video

  • Elma Exxxtra Thicc
    Elma Exxxtra Thicc Hace 23 días +55

    What's even crazier about him folding all 9 of the tailed beasts is that Obito formed the entire Akatsuki, an organization of 10 S ranked ninja, over the course of like 2 decades in order to do a job that Madara completed in like 2 minutes.
    Bro really said "if you want a job done right, do it yourself".

  • Jerry Garcia
    Jerry Garcia Hace 3 meses +109

    Madras’s “what you gonna do about the second one” moment is still hands down one of the coldest black air force energy type beat in anime bruh, like he irl spamming moves

  • Mister2j86
    Mister2j86 Hace 3 meses +89

    What I love about Madara is the fact that he looked at all the rules ever established in the Naruto franchise and just said nah

    • Rodney Lee Jr
      Rodney Lee Jr Hace un mes +14

      No cap 😂😂 for over a hundred episodes he told the author this show is Madara now

  • Zachary Rubenfeld
    Zachary Rubenfeld Hace 4 meses +3056

    Madara really showed up to Naruto, looked around and said “I was looking for more Dragon Ball level people but I suppose you’ll do for some fun” The man was his own protagonist, plot armour included.

    • Alawaiqui
      Alawaiqui  Hace 25 días

      @Tony Stark • Unlimited casting the edo Tensei on himself was dumb tho

    • Logical Reality
      Logical Reality Hace un mes

      Except Madara without six paths is Napa level at most. And with Six Paths he’s Vegeta on namek level

    • Alex Chaser
      Alex Chaser Hace un mes

      @TTV_iDrxp yeah I mean the strongest in the verse so far is baryon mode naruto which beats everyone in og db and dragonball z until ss1 goku in namek saga then he stops

    • NeoxSazou
      NeoxSazou Hace 2 meses

      @Zachary Rubenfeld there are alotttt of anime characters that can beat the db universe not like db is the most powerful anime 💀

  • Chiseled Adonis
    Chiseled Adonis Hace 2 días +4

    Madara was WILDIN, mans just wanted to fade any & EVERYBODY

    • Jo Thompson
      Jo Thompson Hace un día +2

      Damn you watch him too, crazy

  • Goku black
    Goku black Hace un mes +79

    Madara just dropped two freaking meteors on an entire army and beaten Five Kage, gave us six months of filler and even the writer didn't know what to do to kill him that's how powerful madara is.

  • Sabe533 No.2
    Sabe533 No.2 Hace un mes +43

    Some people wonder why a lot of us root for the bad guys? *Because they're so FUCKING Cool!* Power, speed, abilities, techniques, hidden hacks that other characters don't have. In terms of fighting ability (and outside of Issekai shows), *the bad guys get EVERYTHING.* Akainu is a walking volcano, All For One and Blackbeard both put Mega Man to shame, Aizen had maxed stats AND complete hypnosis over everyone not named Ichigo, Kid Buu is Kirby on steroids, Tobias (though, not a villain) completely stomped Ash's entire team (including Pikachu and Sceptile) with just two legendaries in sheer minutes, Frieza has the highest known potential of anyone in Dragon Ball next Broly and Buu, Ransik all but won his final battle with the Time Force Rangers and only surrendered when his daughter talked him out of it, and Beerus, Beerus, *BEERUS.* He just might be the king of this trope. The real reason everyone likes rooting for the antagonists? *Because they usually always make everyone else look total FUCKING WEAKLINGS BY COMPARISON.*

  • Uifon
    Uifon Hace 3 meses +28

    Madara, the final boss we wanted, but also the one we needed.
    Kaguya was interesting, maybe plot wise I guess? Unfortunately, no matter what, I'll never appreciate her as a villain in the slightest in comparison to how fucking entertaining Madara was. Honestly gave me so many vibes of Accelerator from Magical Index, from being a real fucking badass antagonist, to being an even more enjoyable character to watch rather than Naruto himself at times.

  • MageCaster24
    MageCaster24 Hace 4 meses +2505

    The fact he put everyone INCLUDING US in a filler arc jutsu just shows that this man is to not be trifled with. Truly one of the legends of black air force energy.

    • Alex Chaser
      Alex Chaser Hace un mes

      @Definitely not a towel no no no kid buu is also way more menacing than madara I just saw the video he’s deserves president spot

    • Miles Morales
      Miles Morales Hace un mes

      @Ry-Enn Grant you gotta realize Truck-Kun is the president of the table cuz this man not only has the highest body count out of the whole table but he kills niggas outside of anime universe and even in REAL LIFE and not one person has stopped him

    • Joshua Hackshaw
      Joshua Hackshaw Hace 2 meses

      @Yihsus yeah can’t wait to see that video

    • Joshua Hackshaw
      Joshua Hackshaw Hace 2 meses


    • Meta Mind
      Meta Mind Hace 3 meses +2

      @Ry-Enn Grant Yujiro, Madara is cold and both just body the world major goverments but Yujiro is way more ruthless.
      Like Madara has a altruistic reason why he claps everybody, Yujiro just does it for fun so he's wayyy more disrespectful.

  • fgc nomad
    fgc nomad Hace 2 meses +29

    Madara really did a speedrun on the entire naruto lore . He beat on all 5 current kage, the 5 villages, the 4 great Hokages ,the biju . Re obtained the best dojutsu ect ect. Smh

  • scythe holding maniac
    scythe holding maniac Hace 12 días +10

    I find it hard to believe that we went from this beast to Kaguya. He could summon entire meteors and take on the strongest people in the show by himself, but Kaguya couldn’t manage for more than 5 minutes against 4 people and got clapped by SAKURA (and her stands)

  • Otonashi Jorge
    Otonashi Jorge Hace 19 días +15

    I like the line of "Make no mistake. This is not the power of your creation." When Kabuto say he upgrade him

  • Wisdom Chikwendu
    Wisdom Chikwendu Hace un mes +25

    Notice how as he starts walking towards the army, the clouds begin to loom over them. That's some real black force energy like daaamn

  • Madison TB
    Madison TB Hace 4 meses +3644

    Madara's so powerful, he gave Tenten screentime.
    Even if it was just filler.

    • Nightmare King
      Nightmare King Hace 11 días

      @Madison TB Kishimoto saw her as threat so he gave her no chakra control

    • Madison TB
      Madison TB Hace 12 días


    • Nightmare King
      Nightmare King Hace 12 días

      Tenten have great chakra reserves but she didn't know how to control it the reason is because naruto would ask Tenten how to control his chakra and if this happens he would learn more jutsus and be op

    • Jack Hanver
      Jack Hanver Hace un mes

      Characters: we want to be equal to the protagonist
      Kishimoto: *aight bet*
      And that's how they met madara

    • Summer breeze
      Summer breeze Hace un mes

      Omg 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 u not nice lol

  • Kaneki Ken
    Kaneki Ken Hace 2 meses +15

    Genuinely think Madara is one of the only mf's who can confidently say that if they wanted to.
    Edit: as a side note, "Slayer!" Has got to be the funniest shit I've ever seen

  • D34D Thumbalinax3
    D34D Thumbalinax3 Hace 3 meses +37

    Madara has so much “Black Air Force energy” he deadass turned into the Protagonist

  • Tyler th TBRO
    Tyler th TBRO Hace 3 meses +24

    the look on madara face when hashirama said "WAIT TILL IM DONE WITH THE 10 TAILS" just shows how sad he was like "YOU NEVER HAD TIME FOR ME!!"

  • Karma
    Karma Hace 2 meses +13

    Never in my life have I heard of the term "Black Air Force Energy".

    • alexander kazantzis
      alexander kazantzis Hace 17 días +7

      It’s essentially someone whose colder then the arctic, as care free as the wind, and absolutely NOT to be messed with, or you will not live to see the next hour!

  • name
    name Hace 4 meses +1775

    He put us on an infinite filler arc for half a year that is the greatest black air force activity of all time in my opinion because you can't see anyone in fiction doing that

    • Meta Mind
      Meta Mind Hace 3 meses

      @zq ninja Oh I was just talking about the animation, the plot holes are all still there

    • zq ninja
      zq ninja Hace 3 meses

      @Meta Mind Yeah I get it, the fights get much faster. But that doesn't take away the big error that luffy is only slightly stronger then he was before the time skip. Before the time skip it took 3rd gear and a ton of beating to take down tall bible guy, AFTER THE TIME SKIP THO, it took 2nd gear WITH HAKI to take down the same guy. BUT we know that the animals he had been training with for 2yrs were so strong that he attacked the elephant with all of his might in 2nd gear and did NOTHING. He should be much stronger then he is now but then there would be like no conflict other then warlords and emperors. He also should use observation haki more. Luffy is constantly inconsistent with his strength. Someone as important as Ace dies and hes not broken at all. Sabo is broken internally and everytime he remembers ace he gets in a mood. Just a sin.

    • Meta Mind
      Meta Mind Hace 3 meses

      @zq ninja Absolute lies it gets better after like 500 episodes and it becomes great in Wano, look up Zoro Wano fight on ESclips and you'll see what I'm talking about.
      It's not at the levels of Jujutsu Kaisen or Demon slayer but it's finally enjoyable and worth watching over reading the manga.

    • zq ninja
      zq ninja Hace 3 meses

      @Meta Mind I guess so. I didn't get to the part yet because.... the series is so slow! I gave up for a few months trying to watch it. "the first 100-150 episodes are bad but it gets better..." LIES!

    • Meta Mind
      Meta Mind Hace 3 meses +1

      @zq ninja Thankfully it got better now

  • L1GHT D3M0N
    L1GHT D3M0N Hace un mes +14

    Remember, the only way he could be stopped is that cheapshot from Zetsu.
    It's stupid as hell, but when the servant of literal evil God is the only one that can off you, that's saying a lot.

  • Technopain Lolwtf123
    Technopain Lolwtf123 Hace 2 meses +20

    "the fuck you gonna do 'bout the second one tho" got me laughing so hard

  • Father of Jman
    Father of Jman Hace 21 un día +2

    “Assault” *Tosses rod into toshiramas head.
    That shit had me dying bro. Cj your comedic timing is half of what makes this shit so funny.

  • RelaxA
    RelaxA Hace 3 meses +20

    Fun Fact: Madara didn't steal his brother's eyes. He took it from him after Tobirama killed him.

  • Sani Manjara
    Sani Manjara Hace 4 meses +1331

    Madara really clapped an entire army. He really clapped a whole army. He is the DEFINITION of black air force energy. This man was born ready for the smoke.

    • The Beyonder
      The Beyonder Hace 15 días


    • Divine Naruto Texting story
      Divine Naruto Texting story Hace 20 días +1

      @D Max Nah Madara didn't kill his brother willingly, Izu a died because Of tobirama and Izuna willingly gave Madara his eyes. Itachi lied to Sasuke Lol

    • Haku Yuki
      Haku Yuki Hace un mes

      @pikachu gamer yah the red ribbon army is so tough😂

    • TheBandOfBastards
      TheBandOfBastards Hace un mes

      He didn't just clap an army, he clapped all the military forces of the Naruto universe.
      That's akin to soloing the entire globe.

    • MediocreMuffin
      MediocreMuffin Hace 4 meses

      @Nofux Givens I feel the same

  • Infinite Content
    Infinite Content Hace 3 meses +5

    Something that is truly missed in this video? When Madara is simply staring down the army, a shadow from the cloud falls on the army... The only thing guaranteed from this was the foreshadowing LITERALLY of absolute savagery! This scene outdoes when Spike busted up in the spot at the end of Cowboy Bebop!
    By the way, this might need to be turned a whole Congress of BAF energy: Minor, Major and S-Tier. Because as cheery as he acts, Kenshin needs to be in the Congress, because he was savage when he fought Saito...

  • I Am The Only God Here
    I Am The Only God Here Hace 2 meses +6

    What makes this even more badass is the fact that he did most of this in the span of 1-3 DAYS

  • Astolfo
    Astolfo Hace 2 días

    5:06 I like how he gives her the "I'm not angry, I'm just disappointed" look.

  • MisterTbone
    MisterTbone Hace un mes +3

    to be fair, Madara got so strong even the author couldn't kill him, so he made Kaguya

  • 12123killer
    12123killer Hace 4 meses +1990

    You rly gotta realize Madara came through the last season and bodied every single thing in the Naruto world worth bodying. Elite shinobi in each village? He bodied 20k at once. Village leaders? He bodied all 5 of them at once. Strongest leaders in history? He slapped 4 of the best at the same time. 9 Mystical creatures each strong enough to wipe a village? He bodied and captured 8 at once. Bro literally bodied all of the possible ops that the creator of the show had to create a bullshit god tier above him just so there was even a chance of him losing. So in short u right CJ Madara is the literal definition of a 100 overall.😂😂😂

    • Who are you? What you want?
      Who are you? What you want? Hace 2 meses +1

      @tyreekl29 bold of you to assume he was underestimating an 8th gate users, mans compared him to tobirama

    • Joshua Hackshaw
      Joshua Hackshaw Hace 2 meses +1

      That’s insane

    • Who are you? What you want?
      Who are you? What you want? Hace 2 meses +2

      @tyreekl29 naw when he saw guy as an 8th gate users he literally compared him to hashirama. I think while yes, Madara was looking for a fun time, I don't think it meant we wasn't taking it seriously. And yeah I do agree him receiving help from Minato blocking the truth seeking orbs did help, that's legit nothing compared to the sheer scale in damage he caused

    • Zachary Rubenfeld
      Zachary Rubenfeld Hace 2 meses +1

      @Strike Phoenix I know, I was just messing around 😂

  • Nybeth Obdilord
    Nybeth Obdilord Hace 3 meses +8

    Madara been deserving this.
    The only other iconic villain I can think of that deserves to be on here is Char Aznable from Gundam. He's basically Gundam's Vegeta except he never sticks with the good guys.

  • GoldenPanda
    GoldenPanda Hace 3 días +1

    Madara is the definition of:Doing all the side quests before the main quest dying on the hardest side quest then coming back and passing and when he does the main quest that boss bouta catch a damn fade
    Madara:Level 100,0000,000 Boss
    The army:Level 1
    Madara stats:
    Army stats:

  • Zephrike
    Zephrike Hace un mes +4

    You forgot to mention at 3:49-3:54 Madara hit him so hard he swapped villages

  • Yurei OtakuGhost
    Yurei OtakuGhost Hace 27 días +1

    I love how you can clip any part of your videos and get some top tier comedy. I've never seen someone so quotable in my life

  • Voltia!
    Voltia! Hace 4 meses +1207

    Madara low key is one of the biggest menaces in anime history this man was running everyone's pockets like they were nothing 🤣

    • Something about something
      Something about something Hace 3 meses +1

      @Dragon Emperor Ryuga “world ending power means nothing if you can’t use it effectively” FUCKING FACTSS honestly we all know they just wanted to keep the story going too

    • LaCream
      LaCream Hace 4 meses

      U only watch like 3 anime 😂😭😭😭

    • Ethen Channel
      Ethen Channel Hace 4 meses

      @Dragon Emperor Ryuga fr

    • Hunter22
      Hunter22 Hace 4 meses +1

      @Dragon Emperor Ryuga cool theory, but the real reason why madara got “replaced” was bc kishis editor(s) and Shonen Jump rushed him. He was told to end the series after he already started the war arc. There's a interview around the web in which an editor says to kishimoto he told him to "not listen to his editors so much" to which kishimoto says "I know", and then the editor said "but you kept doing it" and then kishi's response "I know".
      Kishimoto had planned a lot for the Kaguya arc, and was told after he’d started to wrap up the arc and shonen jump probably wanted him to round off at 700 for a neat finish. This created a problem for him; he’d already started the new arc and thought he had room and time to fit in everything he wanted. Instead, he was faced with the task of squeezing in:
      An entire arc
      The aftermath of Kaguya’s sealing
      The Naruto vs. Sasuke fight
      The aftermath of the fight
      A timeskip scene to round things off in traditional Shonen fashion
      …and all in less than 20 chapters.

    • MrJokerSenpai
      MrJokerSenpai Hace 4 meses +2

      @Dragon Emperor Ryuga EXACTLY, madara has so much more battle experience than her and such a varied move set that hes much harder to deal with. The Uthor pretty much stopped using most of Madara's hard hitting shit like Susanoo after the ten tails.
      He was nerfing him before deciding to just get rid of him and bring in kaguya, an overpowered idiot who takes advice from black zetsu instead of fighting on her own.

  • Enn Emm
    Enn Emm Hace 2 meses +18

    Infinite filler 💀
    Madara you're EVIL 😭

    • Life of Ariana
      Life of Ariana Hace 2 meses

      5-6 months work of filler cuz he felt like it 😭

  • dumblike agorrila
    dumblike agorrila Hace 3 meses +9

    Madara was so powerful not even the story writer knew how to properly kill him

  • TheKaijinGBear
    TheKaijinGBear Hace 2 meses +2

    I watched the Escanor episode you done and from that I'm like "Yeah, I'm going to subscribe" but then I see this video and I'm only halfway through it. This episode is gangsta, but what makes it even more EPIC is the music. Done so well, so well. I'm subscribing on this account and the one I use for my Series S. Keep it up bro.

  • Koketso Gololo
    Koketso Gololo Hace 2 días

    Madara asking the 5 Kage if they wish too have the clones use susanoo as well was one of the most badass scenes in shippuden💯

  • Shaka Zulu
    Shaka Zulu Hace 4 meses +2405

    There will never be a villain like Madara, because the first 5 mins after his resurrection is one of the wildest moments in anime history and that's why he is one of the founding fathers

    • GroudonFanatic
      GroudonFanatic Hace 2 meses


    • The Uncivilized Nation
      The Uncivilized Nation Hace 2 meses

      @Awesomesause 111 I’d argue that Majin Buu is a greater menace. His kill count is literally billions. He literally broke the barrier between the mortal universe and other world just to go to heaven and whoop everyone’s ass. He was really fucking up all of our fan favorite characters for fun

    • Prophecy
      Prophecy Hace 3 meses

      @Awesomesause 111 behind buu, yes

    • Joshua Jason
      Joshua Jason Hace 3 meses +1

      @Sushidog2005 he badass too but Madara overpowering the writer is just on a different lvl

  • The Overlord Bear's Den

    Watching Madara beat up an entire army makes me think that he'd really love hack-and-slash games.

  • Jerry Garcia
    Jerry Garcia Hace 3 meses +4

    Just wanted to let you know, I’m subscribing just for the little editing affects you got going on bruh they make the video so enjoyable, mans really said “home run” 💀 or “destructive finish” love to see it

  • Axel Martinez
    Axel Martinez Hace 3 meses +2

    Your content is always funny man this will never get old 🤣

  • The E G-Topic
    The E G-Topic Hace un mes +3

    Madara really called out all tailed beast and still won. kurama even warned them

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Madara is legit on Yujiro tier when it comes to being an absolute savage.

    • Wizel Balan
      Wizel Balan Hace 3 meses

      Nobody can beat Yujiro in savagery but in strength he is not much compared to what people in other universes can so. Hell Yamcha could body the Baki universe and not break a sweat.
      People seem to forget even the weakest DBZ fighters can bust planets, fly at mach speeds, bend steel girders like paper, get shot with guns and bombs and not even flinch.

    • PS Anime
      PS Anime Hace 3 meses +1

      naw yujiro learned from madara

    • La3y_
      La3y_ Hace 3 meses

      Nah yujiro handmade is a tier o. His own

    • Prodigious T
      Prodigious T Hace 3 meses

      Where is deo black air force energy

  • Trapgod RAY
    Trapgod RAY Hace un mes +3

    I still don’t understand how he tanked a kick from hell,heaven, and etc from guy but lost to a stab from black zetsu. True definition of nerfed and plot

    • Jaleel Hull
      Jaleel Hull Hace 29 días +1

      The black material zetsu hand was made of has thew same properties of the things he used on Tobirama. It prevents regeneration as seen by when he took off Minato's arm

  • Dre Guapo
    Dre Guapo Hace un mes +3

    Running the 5 kages pockets had me dead🤣

  • avoidantbehavior
    avoidantbehavior Hace 27 días +1

    3:30 he wasn’t just staring down an army. He was staring down all the armies. Like the whole world was like we need to link and madara was like “To do what?”

  • Branden apexo
    Branden apexo Hace un mes +2

    Madara was so strong Kishimoto wrote himself into a corner and had to pull some bs called Black Zetsu to get Madara out of there

    SHAWN FALLON Hace 4 meses +1468

    I’d like to point out that not only did he; as a MORTAL, stare down the tailed beasts, he did so while BLIND
    What a giga Chad

  • Dustin Gonzalez
    Dustin Gonzalez Hace 2 meses +1

    I'm literally fucking crying from laughter. I dig that mix underneath. You might say that when Madara faced down the army, they had a sense of... Dread?

  • Scott Summers
    Scott Summers Hace 3 meses +4

    Madara put the entire fan base in a 6 month genjutsu. That hit different.

  • Mee Ma
    Mee Ma Hace 2 meses +1

    You honestly can't forget the whole fact he's kinda the base reason for everything in the show if I remember right. At LEAST when Obito "died".

  • Youfearkt
    Youfearkt Hace 3 meses +3

    Damn respect for the first dude for running right n madara face

  • Dnhydra 777
    Dnhydra 777 Hace 3 meses +3713

    Army: “It’s over Madara, we have you surrounded.”
    Madara: “All I am surrounded by is fear
    … and dead men.”

    • Augustine Ojima
      Augustine Ojima Hace 26 días

      The army:why do I hear boss music?

    • srec 12ld3
      srec 12ld3 Hace 27 días

      dafaq is black air force energy

    • Sempiternal Tales
      Sempiternal Tales Hace 29 días +2

      Vader and Madara>>>>>

    • Goku black
      Goku black Hace un mes +3

      @YurioTCG Yes it is possible that Vader could came to the Black Air Force activity table

    • Goku black
      Goku black Hace un mes +3

      Coldest and best Darth Vader Quote in star wars history and it's the pinnacle of coldest lines of Black Air Force activity

  • VSW
    VSW Hace 2 meses +2

    Everyone: we have you surrounded!
    Madara: I like those odds

  • dechav1
    dechav1 Hace 3 meses +6

    this is one of the most accurate videos in the history of the internet

  • Xill41
    Xill41 Hace un día

    Might guy pulls up:
    Might guy in his head:I'm still going to where my wieghts

  • ShadowNexusX DOAC
    ShadowNexusX DOAC Hace un mes

    That first Susanoo right before they “sealed” him looks more menacing than the perfect Susanoo lol

  • floatingpasta
    floatingpasta Hace 4 meses +956

    "Black air force energy" was a term created specifically for Madara since no phrase in the human language could be used to describe him.

  • Paul Roche
    Paul Roche Hace 3 meses +1

    Idk why but it absolutely kills me every time Monokuma slides in to do a “Ahem” 😂

  • Chimera_sr71
    Chimera_sr71 Hace 10 días

    Yo, did anyone else notice that 3:28's "aight bet then." actually synced up with Madara really well?

  • Klutz MtG
    Klutz MtG Hace un mes +1

    The Kaguya ending fills me with unimaginable rage even after all these years. And fuck them for continuing that alien bullshit into Boruto.

  • Em S
    Em S Hace un mes +1

    I never really cared how Kishimoto wrote out Madara. After surviving everything he did, I think dude was just like ... whatever I try won't be satisfying anyway so might as well make a new villain. Idk how I'd write him out either so fairness to him I guess.
    Like I probably wouldn't have had him upgraded by Kabuto, and maybe had Naruto and the Hokage fight him I guess? Like that's about the only way I think it'd make sense for him to lose, and that's changing plot points to make him weaker. Dude is a power scaling nightmare.

  • Knight Light
    Knight Light Hace 3 meses +2364

    Madara had so much Black Air Force energy, the writer didn’t really know how to stop him. Literally, said by the writer.

    • PinguNootNoot
      PinguNootNoot Hace 29 días

      Tbh what should've happened is they sealed away madara until Madara managed to learn time jutsu with his rinne sharingan and pulled up on Boruto Naruto kawaki Sasuke and everybody

    • Bear and the Bull
      Bear and the Bull Hace un mes +1

      Madars is what happens when you drop a dbz character in a weaker universe with no foresight.

    • m.
      m. Hace un mes +1

      @isaiah minott the final battle could've just been Naruto, Sauske, Kakashi, Sakura and Obito with both his EMSharingan eyes while being able to use 6 paths powers with his kamui at the same time vs sage of 6 paths Madara.

    • K M
      K M Hace un mes

      @Infinite Content he wrote himself in a corner if madara didn't get his 3rd eye Naruto and sauske could have beat him but then madara did just that then he wrote himself in another corner leading to kaguya and then the only way for them to win was to seal her fighting her at full power let alone beat her in a fight wasn't an option

    • Goku black
      Goku black Hace un mes

      That just facts Madara had so much Black Air Force energy their was no way they could beat him but because plot armor he had to be nerf to defeat him

  • 1 Darkstarsofar
    1 Darkstarsofar Hace 3 meses +2

    My ass died every time madara got hit hard af and made that sound😂😂😂

  • Isaiah Future Warrior99

    You know who Madara,he's the one guy who keep getting the special cards in Uno but waits until the last minute of the game to use them just screw with the other player

  • Grumbo Flipflorp
    Grumbo Flipflorp Hace 2 meses +1

    Fun Fact: Kaguya was created by Kishimoto just so someone could kill Madara. Man literally had to be deus ex machina’d out of the story because he was too strong

  • Dashin Hayes
    Dashin Hayes Hace 24 días

    I don't watch a LOT of anime, but I feel Madera deserves to be mentioned with the Greats

  • JustATurtle
    JustATurtle Hace 4 meses +827

    I’m going to say it right now: Madara honestly should’ve been the final boss of the story.
    I’m going to guess and say that Kishimoto shoehorned Kaguya and Black Zetsu as the villains that planned everything, probably because he couldn’t find an actual way to take down Madara because of how ridiculously overpowered that man was.

    • Curtis Jackson
      Curtis Jackson Hace 4 meses

      ...AND to link in to the next series Boruto. 💀😭

    • SaKeem
      SaKeem Hace 4 meses

      @Instinct SS no the talk no jutsu would’ve been a bad ending. Just because it happens a lot and it would’ve felt cheap and unsatisfying. I saw just swap Kaguya with Madara for the final battle that everyone is fighting and it would’ve been fine. Obito , kakashi, Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura vs Madara.

    • Idlemage
      Idlemage Hace 4 meses

      Most of the time it's the editors fault. Dbz for example: The androids were the villains. Editor: Kids are the villians?? Cell introduced Editor: Hes to ugly Perfect cell then introduced. Hell even bleach had editor issues.

    • Worshiper
      Worshiper Hace 4 meses

      @SwagSmoove1165 they both died though basically before the the sage gave them jesus powers and they still couldnt beat him tho. there is only so much you can increase the strength of your characters in such a short timespan before it just becomes blatant bad writing i dont think they could get another power up tbh

    • old sport
      old sport Hace 4 meses

      @Potatoking Jack we need madara to get resurrected in boruto, maybe he can fix the trash story line with his infinite filler that people would probably like more than the entire anime, i wouldnt mind a fix in every department

  • Lord Tachanka
    Lord Tachanka Hace 2 meses +1

    Madara's so strong that Kishi couldn't even think of a power up to give to the protagonist to beat him

  • 🌀MadaraFurryUchiha🌀
    🌀MadaraFurryUchiha🌀 Hace 2 meses +10

    11:20 tho made me laugh so hard

  • Josh Ferguson
    Josh Ferguson Hace un mes

    I’d like to toss in a vote for my man Gojo for the round table. He was born with black air forces

  • Brenda Lares
    Brenda Lares Hace 27 días

    This is my favorite Madara video now 😂😂 I need a version without the censorship 💀

  • JetStream Sam
    JetStream Sam Hace un mes +1

    I have no clue how but I think it’s the great script, editing or way this is said but all of CJ’s videos have this mysterious rewatchability

  • 『BudderCobi』❄

    Out of the many times I've seen this video, this is the first time I'm able to hear Roy's Smash star KO scream in the background during the rush into army as he flings people out the way.
    I'm a Roy main. I would know that blood curdling scream anywhere.

  • Marouan Red
    Marouan Red Hace 23 días


  • Sean Peggy
    Sean Peggy Hace 3 meses +1

    Man,i like you story telling style... you should get your own anime as a narrator

  • SHOU
    SHOU Hace 4 meses +1155

    The way he died was because the author clearly stated that he was too broken and powerful that he didn't know how to finish him so he resulted to betrayal

    • J
      J Hace 3 meses

      @AllAboutTheMurzic bouya harumichi was debating like a novice

    • AllAboutTheMurzic
      AllAboutTheMurzic Hace 3 meses

      Madara has hype, thats his main shit
      He got powercliffed in Boruto tho

    • AllAboutTheMurzic
      AllAboutTheMurzic Hace 3 meses

      @J Facts

    • J
      J Hace 3 meses

      @Bouya Harumichi oh and we see Madara turn into a giant ball because he COULDN’T contain the chackra coming out of the infinite tsukoyomi
      And kaguya easily could
      Another clear limit

    • J
      J Hace 3 meses

      @Bouya Harumichi sasuke himself says she’s far greater
      Stronger versions of the characters who can sense levels of infinity confirms it
      She has six paths senjutsu
      Has the rinnegan
      Has ALL the chakra madara had when he was used as kaguyas vessel
      Madara gather all that sage mode chakra( which isn’t even an top tier amp) got the tail beast and became its jinjuriki, thus giving him six paths senjutsu ( six paths sage mode) an more ADVANCE version of the toad sage mode
      Kaguya has all that madara has and like sasuke said a FAR GREATER amount
      The infinite tsukoyomi is a jutsu that even juibi obito was going to perform
      Not a top tier feat
      It’s a genjutsu
      While kaguyas attacks are shown to one shot naruto clones
      And sasukes perfect susano
      Naruto and sasuke despite all there power ups could never overpower her truth seeking orb
      They HAD to seal her to stop the giant orb
      She blitz both naruto and sasuke multiple times
      While naruto and sasuke where matching sp madara in speed
      And even able to hold down the limbo clones with ease
      Which are stated to be just as strong as sp madara
      Bloodlusted she just hits him with the bone ash jutsu before he can activate anything
      In story it’s shown that the otsosuki teleport there opponents away
      Kaguya sends him to one of her many dimensions and BFR him( battle field removed)
      Even if you say he can teleport with that 3rd eye
      He doesn’t have nearly the same amount of chakra as kaguya
      A kaguya who could only for it 4 times before realizing she’s wasting a lot of chakra
      Too many win conditions
      Too many statements from the novels and boruto that say kaguya was the greater threat and I haven’t even brought those up yet
      Too many madaratards like yourself
      Too even try to use toad sage mode that low level amp right next too kcm1 in levels of power as a defeater
      You embarrassment
      Trying to use something only kurama and kaguya can use
      And say madara can too it too
      You need headcanon to help you
      I need facts and author intent

  • colton mitty
    colton mitty Hace 2 meses +2

    why’d the “aight den bet” match up wit madaras mouth perfectly 💀

  • Kese Royal
    Kese Royal Hace un mes +2

    I’m rewatching Naruto with my girl and I’ve hyped Madara since day one. We just started the 4th war arc and I’m so excited. This video just got me more hype.

  • Assa Ngolo
    Assa Ngolo Hace un mes +2

    Madara became the protagonist during the beginning of the war arc w the ammount of plot armor this guy got

  • Memmalatel Morgan II
    Memmalatel Morgan II Hace un mes

    4:42 you gotta be fair to this man he had a good 3 second 1v1 with madara for being a random sacrifice backup charater

  • Johnny Rubow
    Johnny Rubow Hace 4 meses +305

    We missed the most Black Air Force Energy line in all of anime… “what adult goes full force when fighting children?” in reference to the 5 kage. That alone should make him head of the round table of Black Air Force Energy.

    • Logical Overdrive
      Logical Overdrive Hace 3 meses

      @spikegilfer1997 wonder if how that played out today will change his mind.

    • spikegilfer1997
      spikegilfer1997 Hace 4 meses

      @RealityHorizon Well, I guess that's not going to happen. Ya boi don't want to get TotallyNotMark'D for Christmas this year.

    • Doc_G4mes
      Doc_G4mes Hace 4 meses +14

      Yea kid buu disrespected everything and every one

    • RealityHorizon
      RealityHorizon Hace 4 meses +13

      @Logical Overdrive its kid buu

    • Logical Overdrive
      Logical Overdrive Hace 4 meses +17

      We need a video for the table head next, he had to have done some heinous shit to outshine that.

  • daveroy mutisya
    daveroy mutisya Hace 3 meses

    Ay I know this might be an early on mention but Sukuna definitely deserves to be in the round table

  • Brave Water5
    Brave Water5 Hace 2 días

    Madara is just brutal!
    16:09 GO, GUY!!!

    FESWRLD Hace un mes +2

    dude has got to do a voiceover for thanos that would be 😂😂

  • Gamer [Khiladi]
    Gamer [Khiladi] Hace 20 días +1

    This is so funny as well as accurate reqctions 😄👍💯
    Edit:- Simp of Six Paths is such a fitting title 😂

  • EM
    EM Hace 3 meses +1327

    Madara only lost because he was way too powerful. He was pretty much impossible to kill since he was actually smart unlike Kaguya who was stupid af. Madara legit had Naruto and Sasuke's powers plus MORE. Just imagine if he actually used his most powerful techniques like Perfect Susanoo in his ten tailed form. We never even got to see his Mangekyou ability because he was so powerful he didn't even need it.

    • EM
      EM Hace un mes

      @Really Him On GodI know, it's very cool ngl. Kinda underwhelming since Sasukes Susnaoo could beat all of them in the game tho lol

    • Really Him On God
      Really Him On God Hace un mes +1

      Play storm 4 he uses his perfect susasnoo limbo clones man that boss fight was annoying😂

    • Symmetrically Identical
      Symmetrically Identical Hace un mes

      @K M TRUE. TRUE! Sakura is such an annoying character.

    • K M
      K M Hace un mes

      @Symmetrically Identical they had a chance to beat him before he wiped out the 3rd eye but thanks to a certain pink hair character madara succeeded in getting it

  • Atomicflounder42
    Atomicflounder42 Hace 3 meses +2

    Madara when he's putting the black air forces on: "Do not misunderstand it, this is not power of your creation"

  • killakaynyne
    killakaynyne Hace 3 meses +1

    Madara: "An army vs 2...that seems to be a bit unfair..."
    Army: "That's right, we're gonna teach you a lesso--"
    Madara: "...for you..."
    Army: "....well....f**k!"

  • ThePunisher90th Gaming💀👑

    Madara is all time goated, he shredded over 5k souls in under an Hour. 🤣 didn't even need to use full power. Bodied the 5 kage, as he was taking a stroll. This man is insanely, Black Air Force Energy. 💀🪦⚰️

  • Naruto Uzamake
    Naruto Uzamake Hace 2 meses +1

    My man Madara treated the five kage like some 1st graders when he said, " Would you like these clones to use susano'o or not" he expected them to say no or sum shi

  • Oni
    Oni Hace 4 meses +766

    And the best part about him is, he just wanted peace. He isn’t “evil”. He isn’t doing this for power, or wealth, or to rule over everyone. He straight up said, Hashirama, we tried it your way. And there is still war, death, innocent people suffering… Nothing has changed. He said as long as people have free will, they have the choice of being evil. So if I put everybody in an infinite dream where they are all happy and there is no war, I have achieved peace. Which, was wrong. I’m not defending his actions, but his motives were good. He was literally just a hero that went crazy from pain. Man was 10 years old as a whole ass soldier in war, with loved ones dying in his arms fighting whole armies and shit. He said I don’t care if I have to fight an entire army, run fades with the 5 Kage, fight all the tailed beasts while blind, fight the 8 Gates of Death and run the pockets of the protagonist, I’m getting peace. War is over. One of my favorite characters. I wish he could’ve been resurrected to help defend peace with grown Naruto. I can see him giving Naruto the dad head-pat and saying “Ya did good kid. Now leave this to me. Oi oi oi, shall I fight you one on one, or all at once?”. Epic ass music playing as he is walking at them. Then he gets a hand on his shoulder and Hashirama there too like “Yo fam”. Get a damn Susano Senju lmao.

    • JaKhari May
      JaKhari May Hace 3 meses

      @Leonardo Psg my guy switched to a reverse blade sword. Because he was on auto kill. Look at the film

    • Kim Bop Balls Betta Ligma Balls
      Kim Bop Balls Betta Ligma Balls Hace 4 meses +1

      @Introvert of killing= evil every single ninja is evil to the core u said it urself the reason u kill doesnt matter once u kill ur evil making the whole naruto verse villains

    • Oni
      Oni Hace 4 meses

      @Introvert Naruto has killed people too. Is Naruto evil?

    • Shadowson Shadowson
      Shadowson Shadowson Hace 4 meses

      @JaKhari May I mean Sauske's barely home and Sakura's Sakura, someone gotta do it

    • Leonardo Psg
      Leonardo Psg Hace 4 meses +2

      @JaKhari May that would be interesting