Beto O'Rourke's Presidential Campaign, Obama's March Madness Bracket - Monologue

  • Publicado el 19 mar 2019
  • Seth Meyers' monologue from Monday, March 18.
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    Beto O'Rourke's Presidential Campaign, Obama's March Madness Bracket - Monologue- Late Night with Seth Meyers

    Late Night with Seth Meyers
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Comentarios • 294

  • Jerzy Feliks
    Jerzy Feliks Hace 17 días

    January 20th?

  • DON Zoller
    DON Zoller Hace 24 días

    Another week off, your only on four daze as it is!! Just like your show

  • Black Cracka
    Black Cracka Hace un mes

    Can Seth Meyer's ratings be any lower?

  • Dadz Coin
    Dadz Coin Hace un mes

    Today I figured out why there are so many folks throwing their hats into the ring for the 2020 Presidential election. It's pretty much the last above line Expense this dolt's new tax law will allow.

  • Inquisitive Cameron
    Inquisitive Cameron Hace un mes

    Next week... Trump calls Bernie's hair crazy and laugh.. laugha... funny looking.

  • T Slap
    T Slap Hace un mes

    Is this the guy that was made fun of for talking with his hands from the guy that talks with his hands?

  • John Facey
    John Facey Hace un mes

    Good on the writers for getting in that subtle jab on Beto’s campaign financing and climate change, they know the oil companies made those donations lol

  • James Smithe
    James Smithe Hace un mes

    Trump took pains to hide his High School records so that tells you something, doesn't it?

  • GDPops
    GDPops Hace un mes

    Obama thought he was King of America and his obedient minions acted as his surrogates in the deep state DOJ and other government agencies like the IRS. Many of these minions are still employed and actively working against our President's administration. *2020 - DEFEAT SOCIALISM -- Vote The New Democrat Party Out!*

  • Oh!
    Oh! Hace un mes +1

    Biden is a hero
    Trump is a dumbass stupid asshole idiot head... I mean zero.

  • Gary S. Seth
    Gary S. Seth Hace un mes

    Bernie Sanders and The Battle of The Beto Bulge - " Nuts " ( expletive deleted ) , I say !

  • Eric Woodard
    Eric Woodard Hace un mes

    I'm not liking the late hosts going after beto. Don't get me wrong, they have every right and it's not unfair, I just feel like they pushing Bernie.

    • donHooligan
      donHooligan Hace un mes

      anyone with half a brain is on Team Bernie.
      he was literally cheated in 2016, and if that happens again...America is done.

  • NexisFilms
    NexisFilms Hace un mes

    Fun Fact : 30% of people took 2 seconds to get that joke .
    The rest didn't get that joke .

  • John O
    John O Hace un mes

    VOTE Blue!! GOP swamp has got to go

    • Charlie Chaplin
      Charlie Chaplin Hace un mes

      John O vote Bernie...corporate funded democrats have got to go!

  • William Kahley
    William Kahley Hace un mes

    6 more years folks 🤣

  • zzyzxy1
    zzyzxy1 Hace un mes

    That mother f ....r calling someone low I.Q.
    HIS I.Q. is down to 19

  • Priscilla Jimenez
    Priscilla Jimenez Hace un mes

    This is unusual...there were quite a few jokes I actually didn't get...😕

  • poptart6662012
    poptart6662012 Hace un mes +2

    dems went with a compromise, centerist canidate in hilary last election, we saw how that worked. sorry beto- we get bernie this time!

    • Charlie Chaplin
      Charlie Chaplin Hace un mes

      poptart6662012 I am hopeful that a lot of people who wanted to vote Bernie but were (lied to) convinced by the media that he wasn't electable will not make the same.mistake in 2020.
      Bernie 2020.

  • GusVIII
    GusVIII Hace un mes +3

    Bernie is walking the walk

  • OddOneOut665
    OddOneOut665 Hace un mes

    Why'd he leave out New Zealand???

  • omechron
    omechron Hace un mes

    Beto refused to release the number of individual donors, suggesting it mostly came from large donations from corporations and superpacs. Don't be fooled. Also, he took money from Exxon Mobile, so only vote for him if you want 4 more years of doing fuckall about climate change.
    Save us, Bernie!

  • Jalen
    Jalen Hace un mes +1

    Love Beto the Bernie bros and Trumptards both try to trash him and fail everytime. You don't see him throwing any other candidates under the Bus either.

    • Charlie Chaplin
      Charlie Chaplin Hace un mes

      Jalen Barber All policies Bernie is PROVEN on. Why take a chance with some new kid? A new kid who has taken a lot of money from special interests and been a friend to the ruling class???

    • Jalen
      Jalen Hace un mes

      +Charlie Chaplin Decriminalization of Marijuana, Medicare for America, Paying a living wage, Universal Pre K, Treatment for those affected opioids, a womans right to choose. Expanded and enhanced Universal background checks, a path to Citizenship for Dreamers, and an end to U.S support for the war In Yemen, and criminal justice reform. This Is what he's gave detail on, I think he'll be able be able to even get Republicans to fall In line behind them.

    • Jalen
      Jalen Hace un mes

      +Charlie Chaplin Beto's policy platform comes out on March 30th when campaign season officially starts. His style of politics about bringing people together. I haven't see anyone else on the field like him. Things are so bad where I live, In Florida, to the point were people hate each other.

    • Charlie Chaplin
      Charlie Chaplin Hace un mes +1

      Jalen Barber Why love Beto? What policies are the most important to you and why do you think Beto will be effective at addressing them?

  • Just Human
    Just Human Hace un mes +1

    Folks, dumpf is actually a woman. She is an angry, pissed off woman dealing with PMS. Now everything dumpf does makes sense. All the cribbing, complaining and nagging at the American people like a shrew!!!!

  • beepeeb clickcilc
    beepeeb clickcilc Hace un mes


  • Seelar Barhoum
    Seelar Barhoum Hace un mes

    Beto 2020

  • Florida Fly Fishing
    Florida Fly Fishing Hace un mes +4

    Still with Bernie!

  • Billy Hunter
    Billy Hunter Hace un mes

    Is the Wharton School Finance involved in the college admissions scam? Please check

  • Brette Mahan
    Brette Mahan Hace un mes

    He's trying to limit student loans so students are forced to get private loans with outrageous interest rates instead.

  • Mary Rose Kent
    Mary Rose Kent Hace un mes

    That match joke was great!

  • Lars Saint Morning Glory
    Lars Saint Morning Glory Hace un mes +13

    Did Sanders really let his staff unionize? That's friggin awesome

  • Jeremy Gregorio
    Jeremy Gregorio Hace un mes +4

    Beto won't release how many donors he had. It's pretty obvious why. It's mostly big donors.
    It'd only take about 2200 donors at the max donation.
    Point is, Beto has no grass roots support. He's another establishment type like Hillary before him.
    If by some chance the establishment crams him down our throats Trump'll steamroll him

    • Mark Hunt
      Mark Hunt Hace un mes

      Jalen Barber- No, I am a Bernie Sanders person. Donald Trump is the most despicable man ever to occupy the office of president. He is even worse than Jackson.

    • Charlie Chaplin
      Charlie Chaplin Hace un mes +2

      Jalen Barber Uh huh. How is it even conceivable someone with super low poll numbers would raise millions from an army of small donors?
      His whole."rollout" seems entirely contrived....especially the fact that he just outraised Bernie.
      Too.convenient. Let's see those numbers!!!!!!

    • Jalen
      Jalen Hace un mes +1

      Just like during the Senate campaign you'll get proved wrong by the fiance reports on march 30th. You sound like Trumptards making claims without proof. You only have to wait ten days.

    • Mark Hunt
      Mark Hunt Hace un mes +2

      There is an interesting article in the Washington Post about Beto's ties to big money. You are completely correct in that he would be a disaster for the Democrats if nominated.

  • Sylvia Amador
    Sylvia Amador Hace un mes

    Back off Beto O’Rourke, you’ll lose a viewer. Health care - Network - FOX, great. Just please, no foul remarks on Beto, to know him is to love and truly respect HIM?

  • zkeeglist
    zkeeglist Hace un mes +1

    "Let's get to the news..."....heh...I always look forward to that phrase...

  • bliss amidst chaos
    bliss amidst chaos Hace un mes +2

    y'all ready for this?

  • Χλωμό αναβάτης

    A worthless person, a wicked man, goes about with crooked speech, winks with his eyes, signals with his feet, points with his finger, with perverted heart devises evil, continually sowing discord; therefore, calamity will come upon him suddenly; Proverbs 6:

  • lalo san
    lalo san Hace un mes

    Bernie 2029

  • Dianab b
    Dianab b Hace un mes +2

    In the title is Beto and Obama... What a dream team

  • Stephen Ethredge
    Stephen Ethredge Hace un mes

    All these dummies on the democrats side running for president God help us if of those dummies win

    • Mary Rose Kent
      Mary Rose Kent Hace un mes

      Stephen Ethredge

    • Stephen Ethredge
      Stephen Ethredge Hace un mes

      +Mary Rose Kent sorry to disagree but after the last we had a gem

    • Mary Rose Kent
      Mary Rose Kent Hace un mes

      Stephen Ethredge
      The least worthy among them would be a blazing star compared with the 🍊🍄💩 currently in the White House.

  • fisher king
    fisher king Hace un mes +2

    Beto: the Coyote ugly candidate 😁😁😁

  • Sara Srinivasan
    Sara Srinivasan Hace un mes +2

    Damn, too late, said lory laughlin

  • Peter Brandt
    Peter Brandt Hace un mes +18

    I read all your comments, but you have to give Trump that, he has an undoubtable expertise on low IQs. For example, you have to be real truffle pig, to find someone like Betsy DeVos.

  • Nightsgrow
    Nightsgrow Hace un mes +5

    What the heck, the first candidate to allow his staff to unionize?? That’s not something the employer should allow, that should be a right??

    MAX PAIN Hace un mes +5

    #Bernie2020 all the way

  • 💥👈POWPOW👉💥
    💥👈POWPOW👉💥 Hace un mes +3

    Trump's an idiot but he's a pit bull. Beta Male O'Rourke can't tie his shoes without spending the next week aplogizing about it. Trump would eat Beta for lunch in a debate just on pure attitude and absolute denial. Bernie's got bigger balls than both of them. SANDERS *2o2o*

    • w b
      w b Hace un mes +3

      I support Bernie because he has the history and the policies I want to see.
      Beto's just another pretty face.

    • w b
      w b Hace un mes +2

      POW POW:
      Alpha maleness has been scientifically debunked. Please stop using that concept, it's nonsense.
      Call Trump what he is: a bully. Don't spin it positively with invalid yet trendy terminology. He's just a bullying asshole, and not terribly bright either.

    • E Gregious
      E Gregious Hace un mes +2

      No, Trump is a fearful little man who cannot face the people he wants to fire.
      If you mean like a bull rutting, then, yes.

  • Disgusted In Tennessee
    Disgusted In Tennessee Hace un mes +1

    Greece Grease!!!

  • Britt Britt Ortiz
    Britt Britt Ortiz Hace un mes +1

    Andrew Yang for President 2020
    If he wins you will get $1000 a month free for life.
    Not joking. UBI ❤️

    • Britt Britt Ortiz
      Britt Britt Ortiz Hace un mes

      Charlie Chaplin i actually feel like its a great use of my time because even if he doesn’t win the 2020 election he still could have a chance farther down the line. More and more people are learning about him and that number will only increase in the coming months. I’d be happy with Bernie too, and if Bernie does win maybe Yang can be his VP :)

    • Charlie Chaplin
      Charlie Chaplin Hace un mes

      Britt Britt Ortiz the man has a zero percent chance. Not a one or two percent chance.
      Keep advocating for with no chance. Seems like a.good use.of time.
      Bernie 2020. We are gonna fucking win this time!!!!!

  • Barry Nichols
    Barry Nichols Hace un mes +9

    Beto numbers are incomplete. Why did it take so long to announce the total. And why no numbers of individual donations

    • Charlie Chaplin
      Charlie Chaplin Hace un mes +2

      Jalen Barber Nobody is making anything up. Beto is a corporate dem awash in big money contributions. Over a million from wall st; over a million from insurance companies; half a mil from big oil.
      Here man. Look at the data yourself.
      And what did wall st get for that million? A corrupt dem who voted to weaken bank regulation.
      I for one am done with corrupt corporate bought politicians.
      Bernie 2020!!!!!!!!

    • Charlie Chaplin
      Charlie Chaplin Hace un mes

      Jalen Barber How old are you?

    • Jalen
      Jalen Hace un mes

      +Charlie Chaplin you just showed your true colors. Guess what I'm going to keep supporting Beto and we are going to win the nomination, without bashing and making up things like you have. Cheers have a nice day.

    • Charlie Chaplin
      Charlie Chaplin Hace un mes +1

      Jalen Barber It doesn't matter of he has a "decent" size base of moron small donors...and those.people are morons...he will still have to take from the wealthy to win the nomination which will make him another bought and sold corporate dem.
      The answer is staring us in the face.
      Bernie 2020.

    • Jalen
      Jalen Hace un mes +1

      +Charlie Chaplin It proved what you guys were saying was wrong. Face the facts Beto has a decent small donor base. So, admit you were mistaken and move on with your day.

  • DethstruXioN ™
    DethstruXioN ™ Hace un mes +1

    Haha nice, i had no idea that the 2 Unlimited track 'Get Ready For This' was used so extensively in the USA.
    Fun to see the silly Dutchies make their way in sport culture over there

  • Maurício Victorino
    Maurício Victorino Hace un mes

    “Let’s goot to the news” 😂

  • Arnold Davis
    Arnold Davis Hace un mes

    No to leprechaun

  • Dany
    Dany Hace un mes +1

    Make fun of Pauly D all you want but Vinny was the sweetest guy in the house! hahahaha I would have dated him tbh, big old mama's boy

  • Mike Bastoni
    Mike Bastoni Hace un mes +2

    Trump must be scared of Biden

    • Charlie Chaplin
      Charlie Chaplin Hace un mes

      He should be scares of Bernie. He can beat Biden easily.

  • Benji Wyatt
    Benji Wyatt Hace un mes +1

    I'm clearly a low-IQ individual, because I don't get the "light a match" joke about the Big Mac...

    • Knowledge Equips
      Knowledge Equips Hace un mes

      It's the sulfur in the match that causes the smell to disappear. My granny kept a box of matches in the bathroom. Ole school room deodorizers. 😉

    • Mary Rose Kent
      Mary Rose Kent Hace un mes

      I think it’s meant to burn the smell out of the air, since fire sucks in air.

    • Benji Wyatt
      Benji Wyatt Hace un mes +1

      Ooh, okay. Thanks!

    • geekishgirl
      geekishgirl Hace un mes +2

      McDonalds gives you gas, and lighting a match is supposed to cover the smell

  • William R A Downe
    William R A Downe Hace un mes +1

    Beto is smoke and mirrors, just like Trump and Biden.

  • Randy Wein
    Randy Wein Hace un mes +17

    Trump correctly spelled IQ! Good job, Mr. Precedent.

    • fisher king
      fisher king Hace un mes +4

      That's because QI is waaay over his head 😁

    • S
      S Hace un mes +4

      Randy Wein Have trump try Intelligence Quotient 😅

  • Serge Somborac
    Serge Somborac Hace un mes +27

    Trump calling someone a "low IQ individual" is the epitome of the dwarf calling the midget short.

    • Serge Somborac
      Serge Somborac Hace un mes

      +Eric p You're entitled to your opinion, too bad it's wrong. Fool.

    • Eric p
      Eric p Hace un mes +1

      Serge Somborac I actually think he became president because Hillary lost Michigan and Wisconsin. Two easy states to win. And if Hillary should of been president why don’t y’all want her to run again 😂 you fool cuz no one likes her! Russia didn’t do that she did

    • Serge Somborac
      Serge Somborac Hace un mes

      He became President bc of Putin & it's easy to become rich when *you don't pay your fucking taxes!* **Drops mic** +Eric p

    • Kevo A
      Kevo A Hace un mes

      Serge Somborac how stupid do you have to be to grope children and women on camera. That's stupid but he has white privilege I guess.

    • Eric p
      Eric p Hace un mes

      He became president and is a billionaire and you’re neither so smarter than you lmao

  • Klelia Z.
    Klelia Z. Hace un mes +1

    Can anyone please explain to me the joke about Trump's children loving Greece? Like what was that about? I didn't get it...

    • Klelia Z.
      Klelia Z. Hace un mes +1

      +mrwascally t oh okay... yeah that's funny... thanks :D

    • mrwascally t
      mrwascally t Hace un mes +2

      hair back...

    • mrwascally t
      mrwascally t Hace un mes +3

      to slick their back.

    • Mary Lee
      Mary Lee Hace un mes +3

      They love grease

  • MRTN13
    MRTN13 Hace un mes +14

    'low-IQ' = stupid word invented by stupid people for the word stupid. But it sounds like _science_ so it makes you looks smart

    • Barefoot Prof
      Barefoot Prof Hace un mes

      What's your point dude and how does it fit into the conversation?

  • bjfdog
    bjfdog Hace un mes +3

    I am curious as to what is going to bring down Trump.

    • Charlie Chaplin
      Charlie Chaplin Hace un mes

      Any dem who is perceived as being willing and able to drain the swamp will crush trump.
      Bernie 2020.

    • Mary Rose Kent
      Mary Rose Kent Hace un mes +1

      Himself. It’s already in progress in the House with all sorts of his former employees spilling their guts at what a complete slimeball he is. 🍊🍄💩!

    • S
      S Hace un mes +1

      bjfdog Yes me too. But I feel it will be days and days of charges like days of endless floods to bring Trump down.

  • Eileen Farrar
    Eileen Farrar Hace un mes +5

    45 attacking ANYONE ELSE'S intelligence, is hilarious and insane---just like his entire presidency!!

  • Kevin Hobbs
    Kevin Hobbs Hace un mes +1

    Beto sucks #yanggang

    • Kevin Hobbs
      Kevin Hobbs Hace un mes

      +Britt Britt Ortiz He's one of the most charismatic and intelligent presidential candidates I've ever seen. Having a UBI plan with better top down tax plans would revitalize the drowning middle class.

    • Britt Britt Ortiz
      Britt Britt Ortiz Hace un mes +1

      Kevin Hobbs Yes! i wish he would get more coverage in the media, if more people knew about him they would love him

  • Nicholas Simonds
    Nicholas Simonds Hace un mes +6

    Give some coverage to Andrew Yang!

  • Natalie Stavrum
    Natalie Stavrum Hace un mes +2

    Allow staff to unionize?
    I don't understand: isn't that something everyone can do?
    Also: didn't quite understand the match-joke. Some help, please? :)

    • Natalie Stavrum
      Natalie Stavrum Hace un mes +2

      1: That's mental!
      The more I learn about the U.S. the more serious my teenage joke about it being a third world-country gets.
      2. Thank you for the answer ^^

    • blupunk01
      blupunk01 Hace un mes +2

      Campaign staff positions tend to be transient with crazy hours and very low pay. Most politicians including most Democrats have been resistant to the Campaign Workers Guild attempts to unionize these positions, and I can tell you from experience that even at a full time, year-round job it is exceedingly easy to crush any unionization attempts in this country.
      People sometimes light a match to cover up the smell of something particularly unpleasant they've done in the bathroom. Fast food tends to produce such unpleasantness.

  • Dave Ton
    Dave Ton Hace un mes +1

    Andrew Yang 2020!

    • Britt Britt Ortiz
      Britt Britt Ortiz Hace un mes +1

      Dave Ton YES Andrew Yang is the best candidate in my opinion

  • ThePunisher129
    ThePunisher129 Hace un mes +8

    Sanders 2020!

  • Sayan Mallick
    Sayan Mallick Hace un mes +4

    Beto was a hacker. Probably the only one with high IQ in this campaign.

    • w b
      w b Hace un mes +1

      Apparently Buttegieg knows 7 languages, one of which he learned just to read a book ( Norwegian ).
      So, he's smart.

  • Honest Opinion
    Honest Opinion Hace un mes +2

    Any Candidate who has not done something for the people before running for the presidency, is not qualify for the office!
    See Elizabeth Warren in action:
    Now you know what is going to happen if she becomes the next president!

    • Mary Rose Kent
      Mary Rose Kent Hace un mes +1

      Honest Opinion
      Thank you for the link. She was appropriately savage with the person before the committee.

  • pop5678eye
    pop5678eye Hace un mes +2

    As usual, over 90% of hate comments against democratic candidates comes not from republicans but from Sanders fanatics.

    • Charlie Chaplin
      Charlie Chaplin Hace un mes

      Fanatics? LOL. We want corporate money out of politics and refuse to support big donor funded shills.
      That makes us fanatics.

    • Dorian sapiens
      Dorian sapiens Hace un mes +1

      I don't see many, if even any, of the commenters criticizing Biden or Beto saying who they do support. So, I'm just wondering what you're basing your assumption on. Also, with more than a year until the first primary, why the heck shouldn't we be talking about what we do and don't like about these candidates? That's kind of an important part of the democratic process, don't you think?

    • Adrian Ziółkowski
      Adrian Ziółkowski Hace un mes

      They're all over the internet, all the comment sections, Twitter etc. Some time ago the Trump groupies were a scourge, now they are outmatched and overwhelmed by the Bernie bros. Do people only think in black and white extremes? Is the internet hivemind capable of anything other then left/right-wing fundamentalism?

  • Ganapathi Raja
    Ganapathi Raja Hace un mes +2

    I was hoping Seth would dance lol

  • Chris the Guy
    Chris the Guy Hace un mes +2

    2:09 Seth's pantomime was so perfect. 🤣

  • TheRealSneakers
    TheRealSneakers Hace un mes +40

    Trump calling Biden low IQ? Pot, meet Kettle.

    • Kevo A
      Kevo A Hace un mes

      TheRealSneakers he is low IQ how stupid does one have to be to grooe children on camera especially if hes going to run for a presidential bid .lol now that's stupid

    • Anne Bradley
      Anne Bradley Hace un mes

      EXACTLY. They are both Satanists. Loyal toeachother. The smoke and mirrors is to cover up their bond.

    • Barry Kaine
      Barry Kaine Hace un mes +3

      You're right, I think this may redefine the expression "pot calling the kettle black".
      Low IQ? Has donny met himself?

  • dorian diddles
    dorian diddles Hace un mes +10

    trump calling Biden dumb. That's rich.

    • B DP
      B DP Hace un mes +2

      yeah, that's rich!
      unlike Trump

  • Jaded Pony
    Jaded Pony Hace un mes +6

    Beto's record-breaking fundraising was mostly because the DNC transferred 4.5 million dollars into his fund.

    • Jalen
      Jalen Hace un mes +1

      +Eileen Farrar agreed that's all he Is

    • Jalen
      Jalen Hace un mes +2

      +Dorian sapiens because there Is no proof to this claim Is just a Bernie supporters conspiracy. The campaign finance reports come out In 10 days don't see why they can't wait until then.

    • Dorian sapiens
      Dorian sapiens Hace un mes +3

      +Eileen Farrar Why are you always shouting? And why do you think Jared is a troll? Honestly, you seem like more of a troll than he does.

    • Eileen Farrar
      Eileen Farrar Hace un mes +6

      +Dorian sapiens --IT CAME DIRECTLY OUT OF THAT TROLL'S ASS!!

  • Zk K
    Zk K Hace un mes

    Biden or Schultz 2020!

  • Mulan Feeji
    Mulan Feeji Hace un mes

    Wow no mention of the ChristChurch

  • friendofbeaver
    friendofbeaver Hace un mes +4

    Many of Trump's campaign staff will be getting free health care in prison.

  • Lisa Khol
    Lisa Khol Hace un mes


  • Honeya Fun
    Honeya Fun Hace un mes +4

    Mayor Pete for prez!

  • DeadTownManifesto1985
    DeadTownManifesto1985 Hace un mes +5

    Anyone else getting the Encyclopedia Britannica post about Obama at the top?

    • Dorian sapiens
      Dorian sapiens Hace un mes +1

      Yeah, and wondering why. They do that for "controversial" things like the moon landing (turns out that was not a hoax), but why for Obama?

    • Sara Beth
      Sara Beth Hace un mes +2


  • joe suwalski
    joe suwalski Hace un mes +18

    Can someone please make a compilation video of seth Meyer's impersonation of Rudy Giuliani.

    • Mario Perez
      Mario Perez Hace un mes +2

      Google corporation owns ESclips now and would have it removed before you have a chance to see it.

    • Nightsgrow
      Nightsgrow Hace un mes +2

      joe suwalski and Janine pirro!

  • Keith Austin
    Keith Austin Hace un mes +19

    So a guy who polls 5% Nationwide managed to raise $6.1 million huh? Curious don't you think? Almost as if there's something fishy and it's not quite what he says.

    • Todd Beaulieu
      Todd Beaulieu Hace un mes

      MM M post three more crying emojis. You didn’t give yourself enough credit. You’re fucking HILARIOUS.

    • MM M
      MM M Hace un mes +2

      Agreed Keith Austin! Beto is a shady manipulator! He was a hacker & may have raided 1 million pay pal accounts to get that $6mil!😂😂😂

    • L B
      L B Hace un mes +3

      He never said how many individual contributors or the average amount. That’s so shady since everyone else who released info did. I’ll bet it would show he got the money either from PACs (breaking that pledge again) or from rich people through big-money bundling.

    • Angela Day
      Angela Day Hace un mes +6

      Agreed....thinking samething

  • derkaturka
    derkaturka Hace un mes +11

    Sanders/Warren 2020!!!!!!

    • Charlie Chaplin
      Charlie Chaplin Hace un mes +1

      Rigdzin Drolma Stop being a coward and take a stand with Bernie. It's not 1995 and the right's socialism rhetoric won't fucking work. Too many Americans have been fucked over by our heartless, soulless corporate run economic system.

    • derkaturka
      derkaturka Hace un mes

      +beLIEve No on can be on top of everything, right?!

    • derkaturka
      derkaturka Hace un mes

      ​+beLIEve Show me anything factual to change my position please, but when a quick search comes up inconclusive on her position to accept corporate super PAC funding, I am not going to just blindly jump on board. Please change my mind???

    • derkaturka
      derkaturka Hace un mes +1

      +Rigdzin Drolma Respect your opinion.
      However, I think "the right" got exactly what they said Sen Sanders was with the "Socialist" fallacy, which was a dictator in Trump. With that said, Sen Sanders has a better chance of being understood seeing as its really hard to stay WILLFULLY ignorant, when truth is coming via Muller probe.

    • Britt Britt Ortiz
      Britt Britt Ortiz Hace un mes +1

      I really hope Andrew Yang gets more coverage

  • Colin Wright
    Colin Wright Hace un mes

    Why is beta o’dork running for 2020? I thought the libs were opposed to white privilege? 😒. Same point applies to all the Caucasian hypocrites in the Democratic Party.

  • Knowledge Equips
    Knowledge Equips Hace un mes +50

    He called Auntie Maxine "low I.Q." and she is showing him just how low she intends to go, i.e. getting his tax returns and bank records from Deutsche Bank. Maybe he should find another name to call her cause right now she looks pretty Mensa to me!😎

    • Knowledge Equips
      Knowledge Equips Hace un mes +1

      +Insignificant360 thank you.

    • Knowledge Equips
      Knowledge Equips Hace un mes +2

      +Eric p Mensa International is an organization of geniuses with HIGH IQs. Looks like you are the stupid one, perhaps beneath the level of retardation. Oh I get it you are a Trump supporter of course! The fruit doesn't fall far from the tree. 😂

    • Insignificant360
      Insignificant360 Hace un mes +1

      +Eric p

    • Eric p
      Eric p Hace un mes

      Mensa means stupid you retard you don’t even have an IQ

  • Robin D. Phillips
    Robin D. Phillips Hace un mes +2


  • Kv Bradford
    Kv Bradford Hace un mes +2

    Beta O'cuck's Presidential campaign ....

  • Stephen Guess
    Stephen Guess Hace un mes +16

    Really, the only thing Trump can debate Biden on is IQ????? I thought Trump is supposed to be a genius and that's his only argument? Pathetic!!!!

    • Anne Bradley
      Anne Bradley Hace un mes +1

      Trump's IQ isas fakeas hissex! TRANSGENDER.

  • Dire
    Dire Hace un mes +113

    Just want to point out the the president of the USA is going around insulting people's intelligence and it only warrants a few seconds of mention because of how normal this has become.

    • TheBethyb00p
      TheBethyb00p Hace un mes

      Chump the most anti-American to hold office.

    • bchlovr
      bchlovr Hace un mes

      BrownPower92 I disagree. His ignorance is constantly showing. His base just isn’t smart enough to realize it.

    • Barefoot Prof
      Barefoot Prof Hace un mes

      And I fear it is the new normal. Once this behavior is sanctioned it is impossible to go back to respecting others.

    • BrownPower92
      BrownPower92 Hace un mes +3

      +Ankay Lance Not really, they go together. Hes insulting others intelligence while also hiding evidence of his.

    • Ankay Lance
      Ankay Lance Hace un mes +3

      +BrownPower92 You're talking about something else, the point is, people now thinks the norm it's a president can go round insulting others.

  • Mark Callaghan
    Mark Callaghan Hace un mes +8

    Joe Biden, after over 50 years of public service at the highest levels of government was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom with Distinction.
    Donald Trump, a shameless embodiment of greed,malice, and narcissism

    • Keith Austin
      Keith Austin Hace un mes +3

      Joe Biden voted FOR segregated bussing while Bernie Sanders was marching for Martin Luther King Jr.

  • neosapien247
    neosapien247 Hace un mes +9

    Trump's minions parrot the same language on Twitter. It's unbelievable. "Low IQ individual".

    • Shuizid
      Shuizid Hace un mes +6

      Funny how he can say he likes the uneducated people but also say people with a low IQ are bad... almost like you have to be really stupid, to like a guy, who changes from loving the stupid to hating them, depending on the topic.

  • nuwavghost
    nuwavghost Hace un mes +8

    Did refried bet0 raise 6 million from small donors or is he still funded by corporate interests?

  • Kyle Stubbs
    Kyle Stubbs Hace un mes +6

    Low IQ?
    Hello Pot, this is Kettle. You’re black.

  • New Message
    New Message Hace un mes +42

    Giuliani does have to rest periodically in the soil of his homeland, otherwise he bursts into flame when the sun touche him. Dont worry.. he'll be back soon enough. No keeping that guy down.

    Well, short of a wooden stake, I mean.

    • fisher king
      fisher king Hace un mes +6

      He comes out of his coffin less because there's more daylight now

  • Alex Landherr
    Alex Landherr Hace un mes +12

    At 0:43, "Indi..., Indivi..., Indochina...?"

  • Alex Landherr
    Alex Landherr Hace un mes +28

    At 0:40; you know it's downhill when the bully starts to recycle insults, which is quite ironic for Trump.

  • Alex Landherr
    Alex Landherr Hace un mes +130

    "Let's get to the news" said no Fox "News" host ever...

    • DEV3N87
      DEV3N87 Hace un mes +1

      +Eric p right lol. Hint: brainwashed lefty

    • Eric p
      Eric p Hace un mes +1

      Said no late night talk show host ever

  • George Beeler
    George Beeler Hace un mes +4

    Beto: T-Posing for superiority

  • Eric Burkheimer
    Eric Burkheimer Hace un mes +27

    Sorry, but the fab five could never help Rudy aka Nosferatu.

  • Chris John
    Chris John Hace un mes +6

    Joe Biden is low energy and afraid of change.

    • Dorian sapiens
      Dorian sapiens Hace un mes

      +Mary Rose Kent True.

    • Barefoot Prof
      Barefoot Prof Hace un mes +1

      Donald Trump is full of high energy and lunatic change

    • Mary Rose Kent
      Mary Rose Kent Hace un mes +1

      Dorian sapiens
      Except for Eric...

    • Dorian sapiens
      Dorian sapiens Hace un mes +4

      +Ebbe B At this very early stage in the game, we shouldn't be shooting for just better than trump. Everyone in America is better than trump.

    • Nonofya Bidnez
      Nonofya Bidnez Hace un mes +9

      +Ebbe B Biden is a *terrible* choice for the Dems. I think that's the point Chris is trying to make.

  • Andybiotic
    Andybiotic Hace un mes +186

    Low IQ? Would you dare compare college records.

    • Diana Mitford
      Diana Mitford Hace un mes

      Trump like jobs is persuasive. That's a talent. Yes, even Goebbels had a talent but it was a talent.

    • K C
      K C Hace un mes

      Let's compare how much money the father's paid to get their sons into college

    • corbeau
      corbeau Hace un mes

      meh... Trump is just trolling... Besides, I have a high IQ, but low grades. Serial killers mostly have high IQ as well xD

    • Andybiotic
      Andybiotic Hace un mes

      +Diana Mitford Think about the difference between their audience... You are comparing a college professor to the oldest toddler from the day care center.

    • Diana Mitford
      Diana Mitford Hace un mes

      +Andybiotic It's been done before... Jobs had a reality distortion field where he could make people forget facts and believe his worldview ... Trump seems to be doing the same with his audience, perhaps to an even stronger degree, and possibly to a violent degree.