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  • Publicado el 21 jul 2018
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    Check out the official Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald Comic-Con Trailer starring Johnny Depp! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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    US Release Date: November 16, 2018
    Starring: Johnny Depp, Katherine Waterston, Ezra Miller
    Directed By: David Yates
    Synopsis: The second installment of the "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" franchise which follows the adventures of Newt Scamander.
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Comentarios • 1 891

  • Prankur Thakral
    Prankur Thakral Hace 11 meses +2326


  • Maria Denise Regalado
    Maria Denise Regalado Hace un mes

    At first glance i thought it was doctor strange then suddenly i realize the whole story was a lot common to harry potter lol...

  • Pure Energy
    Pure Energy Hace un mes

    An alchemist would know that we are all Magical eternal energy beings right now.

  • Jewlian King
    Jewlian King Hace 2 meses

    I am I need of that movie!!!!! Its awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • monika sharma
    monika sharma Hace 3 meses

    Do u think Dumbledore will mourne for u..

  • aa aa
    aa aa Hace 3 meses

    I dont know my excpectation he will appear different again, something cool,weird, iconic, strong character, something that make us wondering is that Johnny Depp? but Deep appearance's were less epic & iconic as grindelwald than his previous movies as wily wonka, edward, and mad hatter in alice wonderland, fantastic movie. maybe He faced a case at that time and i thought he appeared half, almost looked like naruto (japan comic character) or a punk man with that hair style. not suitable with him 😜 He just need a simple but deep character or strange & weird character This is just opinion.

    ALEX O'BRIEN Hace 4 meses

    Nicolas Flamel

  • Terrance Poole
    Terrance Poole Hace 4 meses

    Is it just me or am I the only one who's going to see this movie because Johnny Depp is in it?

  • Jobs mine
    Jobs mine Hace 4 meses

    Really loved Gerellet Grindelwald... Johnny Depp is the best. And am glad JK stuck with him instead of siding with whiny brat liberals.

  • Hjalmar Jönsson
    Hjalmar Jönsson Hace 5 meses

    So boring movie, I was excepting more but hell no.. Movie so so boring and blaah

  • itswedatho
    itswedatho Hace 5 meses

    OMG!!! Johnny Depp!! I wasn’t ready

  • cy park
    cy park Hace 5 meses

    Damn, jk did a really good job casting depp. A good villain to tell u. I wish to see more of him

  • Avonamsorg
    Avonamsorg Hace 5 meses

    When I'am watching that scene where Dumbledore is teaching defense against the dark arts I always imagine Lupin... I think Harry would be better as teacher rather than auror... This movie is just epic, i saw it in cinema and I'am happy. I love Jude Law as Dumbledore. He's awesome and he even looks a bit like our old Dumbledore from Harry Potter.

  • Stan Verbeek
    Stan Verbeek Hace 5 meses

    What a terrible film!

  • Damien Walker
    Damien Walker Hace 5 meses

    They copy Harry Potter

  • mente maestra
    mente maestra Hace 6 meses

    dont waste your time watching this

  • Nitro Spider04
    Nitro Spider04 Hace 6 meses

    Good trailer, trash movie.

    • Victor Augusto
      Victor Augusto Hace 6 meses

      Trash o caralho filho, o filme é bom sim. Você, que só procura ação, não entende a profundidade do filme

  • Bastion0711
    Bastion0711 Hace 6 meses

    Thanks to Johnny Depp, and the mentally ill manchild, the Harry Potter franchise is forever ruin

  • JeFeRsOn PrUx
    JeFeRsOn PrUx Hace 6 meses

    Harry Potter?

  • janet bustamante
    janet bustamante Hace 6 meses

    The best movie I cheered when I saw Hogwarts ❤⚡!!!!!!

  • Zachary Reynolds
    Zachary Reynolds Hace 6 meses

    This will beat the box office line Depp beats his wife

  • adrianika 14
    adrianika 14 Hace 6 meses

    *Johnny Depp* - the only reason why I'm gonna watch it.

  • Jimmy B
    Jimmy B Hace 6 meses

    Depends hates reality. Likes to act in front of a green screen

  • Kuni Yoshida
    Kuni Yoshida Hace 6 meses

    Watched harry potter movies from start to end... and boy do tell me where are these kinds of magic gone off to? Its more powerful than what they cast on the HP movies

  • Teresa Z
    Teresa Z Hace 6 meses


  • Crystal Sun
    Crystal Sun Hace 7 meses

    johnny deppppppp!!!!!!!!

  • Fernando Navarro
    Fernando Navarro Hace 7 meses

    is this the avengers 5

  • タンク爆弾
    タンク爆弾 Hace 7 meses


  • John Ishmael
    John Ishmael Hace 7 meses

    Glad to see that even with that whole shitty *Brexit* fiasco. The British media company still has the time to make good movies like these.

  • Rukmini Ravishankar
    Rukmini Ravishankar Hace 7 meses +1

    Dumbledore taught Transfiguration. Not Defence Against the Dark Arts.

  • Neel Sadekar
    Neel Sadekar Hace 7 meses

    I loved the movie and the trailer

  • Angella C
    Angella C Hace 7 meses

    The spell tho' "ridiculous"

  • Ainur Istiqomah
    Ainur Istiqomah Hace 7 meses


  • Suvam Roy
    Suvam Roy Hace 7 meses

    mine blowing

  • أشكال والوان

    😱man thanks its a god

  • ៚Laid Twurp៚
    ៚Laid Twurp៚ Hace 7 meses

    HOPE It’s Harry Potter Season 2

  • B
    B Hace 7 meses

    Is my boi harry dead tho

  • Str Ssr
    Str Ssr Hace 7 meses +1

    Oo this JK Rowling things gives me so much goosebumps...😍😍😍😍😍

    • Stéphane Constant
      Stéphane Constant Hace 6 meses +1

      every her stories which became a movie are great and i saw it twice using boxxy software already included it in my fav list for re-watch then with dubbing or subtitle

  • Raahil Atheist
    Raahil Atheist Hace 7 meses +1

    We don't watch repeated story of Harry potter sereis 👎

  • Ahmed Zozo
    Ahmed Zozo Hace 7 meses

    Love u always johnny

  • kavin bahadin
    kavin bahadin Hace 7 meses

    Johnny Depp

  • Nohelya Negron
    Nohelya Negron Hace 7 meses

    La Voy A Ir A Ver Solamente Para Ver Actuar A Johnny Depp.... 💙 Depp, La Vida Te Dió Una Segunda Oportunidad.... Aprovéchala!!!!

  • Japs
    Japs Hace 7 meses

    this is when harry poter story meet fantastic beast

  • Wan Irhamnie
    Wan Irhamnie Hace 7 meses

    anyone saw spot the elder wand?

  • Osama all_louzi
    Osama all_louzi Hace 7 meses

    is this harry poter?

  • Cherry Pie
    Cherry Pie Hace 7 meses +1

    Oh god oh god I'm so excited

  • T H
    T H Hace 7 meses


  • Darcilene Santos
    Darcilene Santos Hace 7 meses

    Vai ser simplesmente incrível

  • Yass Queen 752
    Yass Queen 752 Hace 7 meses

    Before this I got an ad for this

  • Abeer Awad
    Abeer Awad Hace 7 meses

    This like harry potter but a diffrent charcter

  • Blake Bosschaart
    Blake Bosschaart Hace 7 meses

    Chantelle lockwick skit black Hogwarts school victory visitor center

  • Blake Bosschaart
    Blake Bosschaart Hace 7 meses

    Chantelle lockwick wallpaper Hogwarts school

  • poolish poison
    poolish poison Hace 7 meses +1

    Eeeeek! I'm exciteeeeeed

  • GiGi Breezy
    GiGi Breezy Hace 7 meses

    Can someone explain why newt wasn't in the HP movies?

  • Blake Bosschaart
    Blake Bosschaart Hace 7 meses

    Chantelle lockwick skit black Hogwarts express black Hogwarts school final chapter Harry potter series ending film chapter Harry potter series

  • K.selvam K.selvam
    K.selvam K.selvam Hace 7 meses

    போடா சுன்னி

  • gaszi sitpoth
    gaszi sitpoth Hace 7 meses

    Excuse me All, 02.43 = who did Redmayne stand with ?

  • jhon doe
    jhon doe Hace 8 meses

    thats not a fear thats something your dread as a state of depression for F'cks sake even the film makers can't tell the difference between fear and sadness no wonder this franchise is in deep trouble

  • Yunari
    Yunari Hace 8 meses

    Am I the only one who gets excited about the fact that we can finally see Nicolas Flamel ?
    I mean, I always wanted to see what he looks like in the first movie and acts kinda adorable in the trailer. 02:51

    • Yunari
      Yunari Hace 7 meses

      @Mai Valentine Did you just gave me a spoiler ? 😭
      I'm still waiting for the movie to be released in my country.

  • Sanka G
    Sanka G Hace 8 meses

    enough of comments about depp... jude law as dumbledore is enough for me to get excited

  • CY Yin
    CY Yin Hace 8 meses

    WANDS UP!!!!

  • gam 3r
    gam 3r Hace 8 meses +1

    Harry still the best

  • Artifind
    Artifind Hace 8 meses +1

    I just realized this is kinda like Harry Potter

  • Amifamousnow
    Amifamousnow Hace 8 meses

    Who is Dumbledore and grindlewald in this trailer

  • 陳虹臻
    陳虹臻 Hace 8 meses

    Must see !

  • Hustlah
    Hustlah Hace 8 meses

    when dis coming out

  • Mihaela Matei
    Mihaela Matei Hace 8 meses

    Johnny Depp❤😍

  • Usman JJ
    Usman JJ Hace 8 meses

    wooohooo this would be fun.

  • Asad Malik
    Asad Malik Hace 8 meses

    that ridiculous give chills to the bones 😍😍😍

  • Marwan Eltayeb
    Marwan Eltayeb Hace 8 meses


  • Kolya Bernik
    Kolya Bernik Hace 8 meses

    Джонни мать его Депп!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sardab al mardab
    sardab al mardab Hace 8 meses

    why magic and/or occultism is a major influence within the British culture? also to some degree France

  • Randi Wirchball
    Randi Wirchball Hace 8 meses

    I'm just as excited about Jude Law as Dumbledore as I am about Depp

  • Around The World
    Around The World Hace 8 meses

    Locations shown in the movie look beautiful.

  • ShegosLocks
    ShegosLocks Hace 8 meses

    I didn’t recognize the title but I swore I heard it before but then I like hit when I realized Johnny Depp was in it

  • Hellfire
    Hellfire Hace 8 meses

    Хм, похоже Роулинг сама себя вывернула, раз теперь Саламандра, а не Дамблдор одолел Грин де Вальда.

  • bella roro
    bella roro Hace 9 meses

    i want to see this movie
    o come on

  • King Rahzar
    King Rahzar Hace 9 meses

    2:14 what's that fire monster?

  • King Rahzar
    King Rahzar Hace 9 meses

    is there a boggart in this movie?

  • Sheer Brk
    Sheer Brk Hace 9 meses

    Whats with the CGI of the black cats? I wanna cry :(

  • Lucy Perdon
    Lucy Perdon Hace 9 meses


  • Sammy Nyman
    Sammy Nyman Hace 9 meses

    Hmm.. those cats did not look good :P

  • Mandar Powale
    Mandar Powale Hace 9 meses

    aaand there shall be no more foolish wand waving anymore

  • Maia S
    Maia S Hace 9 meses

    Is this real??!!

  • Madina Pinkerton
    Madina Pinkerton Hace 9 meses

    Dumbledore "i cant move against Grindelwald, it has to be you."
    We all know why you cant move against him Dumbledore

  • Markley Denkoct
    Markley Denkoct Hace 9 meses

    Wait, Whitey Bulger is back? Oh crap, this is crazy! Everybody RUN!!!

  • Lynn S
    Lynn S Hace 9 meses

    They need to make a movie with Johnny English and James Bond together!

  • MiMi Hill
    MiMi Hill Hace 9 meses

    Omg did I see Zoe Kravitz??

  • MiMi Hill
    MiMi Hill Hace 9 meses

    The only reason I'm forcing myself to watch this is because of Johnny and I am _not_ sorry.

  • kevin loyd
    kevin loyd Hace 9 meses +1

    this is a sequel right?

  • Nathaniel Clarke
    Nathaniel Clarke Hace 9 meses

    Where's the BOOK?

  • John Wahlmeier
    John Wahlmeier Hace 9 meses

    hary pot pot is my favorite anime

  • Bella Guzman
    Bella Guzman Hace 9 meses

    I knew Credence lived!

  • Danielesilva Silva
    Danielesilva Silva Hace 9 meses

    Não vejo a hora de assistir 😘

    SAGE ANGEL WILLIAMS Hace 9 meses


  • Anonymous Appi D
    Anonymous Appi D Hace 9 meses

    Grindelwald is Johnny depp
    Johnny depp is grindelwald

  • babykillah x
    babykillah x Hace 9 meses

    Ezra Miller 😍

  • Dante Balthazar
    Dante Balthazar Hace 9 meses

    2:38 dumbledor: ok, grindelwald, games on

  • Matt Hutcherson
    Matt Hutcherson Hace 9 meses

    I kind of hate this retcon of Newt Scamander being this intricate player in the defeat of Grindelwald. Also why is Dumbledore teaching a Defense Against the Darks Art lesson? He was the Transfiguration professor.

  • Serine Ines
    Serine Ines Hace 9 meses

    Johnny x Jude Law ? My soul is ready