Love, Simon: “You are still you, Simon.”

  • Publicado el 14 jun 2018
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    This video is just to spread the love and message that this movie delivered.

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  • Devin Black
    Devin Black Hace un día

    I was so fortunate to have a mom like this. I wish that others were as fortunate as I was.

  • Mikayla Miracle
    Mikayla Miracle Hace 2 días

    My mom said that she is okay with it, as long as I am happy and living life, but tbh...I have no idea if she really is okay with it or what she truly thinks of me, I haven't visited the fam in a long time so idek, I'm kinda scared of going there and having the worst possible thing come true, being disowned and forgotten 😭I wouldn't know what to do after that, but I know I need that confirmation from her to feel if she really does or doesn't

  • Darko77
    Darko77 Hace 4 días

    I was and am so fortunate to have an accepting Mom. Jennifer Garner and Nick Robinson nail this scene. For me, it's the most compelling in the movie. My Mom and I had this moment in 2001. I love her for that and more...always.
    For those of us who don't have accepting parents, we are who we always were!

  • JazzyWolf Silent Queen
    JazzyWolf Silent Queen Hace 5 días

    I wish my mom was this understanding when i came out to her.

  • Jaylan Moore
    Jaylan Moore Hace 5 días

    I’m gay and I’m scared 😭 of everything:(

  • shawty22100
    shawty22100 Hace 7 días

    I cry every time I watch this scene. One because it's beautiful and two because I'm still holding my breath

  • Charleston Coryea
    Charleston Coryea Hace 10 días

    True story: I took a trip to London last summer with my mother and we stayed in this cheap AirBnB. We got drunk off our ass one night (my 62 year old mother and me) and I came out to her. I balled like a baby all night by her bed apologizing. She just layed down beside me and cried and told me everything was alright, to not apologize. She said it was a time of celebration, to be proud of who I was and live my best life. She reacted just like Simon’s mom and I couldn’t be more grateful. I asked her if she ever knew and she told me she knew something was up when I started cutting myself as an early teenager. I used to run around the house and cut off parts of my skin with a razor. She told me later she thought then that something was happening that she didn’t know about. There had to be some reason I hated myself so much. It’s taken a while to accept who I am but I’m so thankful for such a supportive intelligent mother. I’ll never forget that night in London, as drunk as I was. My mom and I missed $200 Shakespeare Globe tickets the next day because we were so hungover. But we both agree London needed to happen, so we could move on to the next chapter of our lives.

  • Andrea Gutierrez
    Andrea Gutierrez Hace 10 días

    This scene kills me every time 😭😭

  • Jack Sheetz
    Jack Sheetz Hace 12 días

    what ever happened to the theme song for this i can never find it

  • Yoongi
    Yoongi Hace 15 días

    gay culture is watching this at 3am and sobbing cause you know ur mom will never accept you like this

  • BeccaSlays
    BeccaSlays Hace 17 días

    I came out to my mom an hour ago

  • Audrey Jensen
    Audrey Jensen Hace 18 días

    *_Excuse me as I violently sob my heart and guts out..._*

  • Lance Sanvers
    Lance Sanvers Hace 20 días

    Words I wish I heard when I came out to my mom ... even just a hug would do it...
    Being gay is your thing. There are parts of it you have to go through alone. I hate that. As soon as you came out, you said, "Mom, I'm still me." I need you to hear this: You are still you."
    You get to exhale now.
    You get to be more you than you have been in... in a very long time.
    You deserve everything you want.

  • BeccaSlays
    BeccaSlays Hace un mes

    When you said "you get to exhale now Simon" I started to cry because I can't wait for the day where i will be able to.

  • Lucas Not Lucas
    Lucas Not Lucas Hace un mes

    This had me nearly crying in the theatre

  • Justin Eves
    Justin Eves Hace un mes

    This is one of the very best parts of love Simon

  • Shawn Williams
    Shawn Williams Hace un mes

    This scene is so powerful and the love from a mother is one of the most supportive to children who come out

  • Bea Navas
    Bea Navas Hace un mes

    "you get to exhale now"

    me: *crying uncontrollably

  • Youdont Knowme
    Youdont Knowme Hace un mes

    i actually cried the first time i saw this.

  • Diamondfridge1
    Diamondfridge1 Hace un mes

    Anyone else come from Riverdale? Now im crying

  • Ricardo Melo
    Ricardo Melo Hace un mes

    Saw the movie last night and i never cried so much in my entire life.

  • Joseph Acevedo
    Joseph Acevedo Hace un mes

    “You deserve everything you want.” His reaction, so raw and beautiful. Powerful scene.

  • Aj Evans
    Aj Evans Hace un mes

    "You get to exhale now"

  • Nigel Marvin
    Nigel Marvin Hace un mes

    For the past few years, I considered killing myself. I kept that bottled up inside of me for a long time. Than, I admitted it to my friends. It was the most freeing moment of my life knowing that I have people that care about me. My shy, introverted personality changed to be a more open and extroverted. I am just so happy that I could exhale from getting over my pain and suffering.

  • sisisization
    sisisization Hace 2 meses +2

    Theres so much power in saying "you get to exhale now simon". I come back to this alot. Remember to take a deep breath and exhale.

  • Nathan Torres
    Nathan Torres Hace 2 meses +2

    I know no one is going to see this, but this scene always brings me to tears. I was kinda forced out of the closet at my school, so I never really experienced an “emotional coming out.” They said the exact things that I’ve been longing to hear, which caused me to accept myself for who I am!

  • Benedict T.
    Benedict T. Hace 2 meses +1

    I'm not really an emotional person and definitely not a crier. But, I was on the verge of tears at this scene. This film, this scene in particular, convinced me to finish my coming out journey and tell my devout brother. After that, I finally got to exhale. I feel I can finally be me.

  • Mx. IrD
    Mx. IrD Hace 2 meses

    “You get to exhale now”

  • sophie heflebower
    sophie heflebower Hace 2 meses

    “you get to exhale now simon” is so fucking emotional fuck

  • Jana Walker
    Jana Walker Hace 2 meses

    This scene touched my heart. It‘s just beautiful

  • Artie Timmy
    Artie Timmy Hace 2 meses +1

    Well this is being public but with a different name, so it isn't really being public😂😂💔💔💗💗

  • Artie Timmy
    Artie Timmy Hace 2 meses +4

    This movie is just so very powerful! Especially this scene... I love it. I'm bisexual and still in the closet, but I'm working on coming out publicly.

  • Lili culley
    Lili culley Hace 2 meses

    "you get to exhale now" gets me every time

  • Charleston Coryea
    Charleston Coryea Hace 3 meses +1

    I might not be as cute as Simon, but my mom handled me coming out to her as gay exactly like simons mom. She even said the words “you get to exhale, you deserve everything you want and to find love” and she fell off the bed drunk with me in London as I was balling my eyes out and she just hugged me and accepted me and I will never forget that. I don’t deserve her.

  • love_your _self
    love_your _self Hace 3 meses

    Liked this movie

  • Leonardo Henrique
    Leonardo Henrique Hace 3 meses +1

    I actually watched this movie with my mom and my younger brother. This scene was the hardest one for me because it felt so personal. My mom cried and hugged me while i was crying and my brother was laughing at me while trying not to cry, it was really special. I thank god every day for the one of a kind family he gave to me and i hope everyone can feel this kind of love someday

  • Jeremiah Daybell
    Jeremiah Daybell Hace 3 meses

    I honestly cannot believe that I am writing this right now... but this has been on my mind a lot lately. I'm even too afraid to say, in this comment, the two words that will shape my future. Where I'm from, and in the religion I'm a part of (which everyone else is a part of too), being who I am is not acceptable. People make jokes about people like me every day, and yet, they have no idea how much damage they're doing. I've cried myself to sleep multiple times hating myself for the person I am. I'm so scared to tell my parents, friends, and everyone the truth. Especially my brother; he has told me multiple times that he makes fun of people like me, without knowing that it feels like a knife stabbing my chest every time he says it. I'm scared. So scared. I wish I could watch this show, but I can't. I'm not sure I ever will in the homophobic area I live in. My heart is racing as I write this. I wish I could accept who I am, but I don't think I ever will, thanks to how I've been raised. I really thought I would never write something like this, but I can't take it anymore. I need to get it out. Thanks to anyone seeing this and letting me rant. I hope this gets found...

    • Mri
      Mri Hace 3 meses +1

      Hi jeremiah I hope one day you get to be you and live the life you deserve. I hope you find peace within yourself at the very least. Stay Strong x

  • T Velcko
    T Velcko Hace 3 meses

    I saw this movie before I came out to my parents. I was bawling my eyes out( thank god my parents weren’t home). When the mom said it looked like he was holding his breath... it really does feel like that. You can’t breathe. You are terrified that doing anything will let the secret out before you are ready. Keeping who I really was inside was suffocating. I love this movie. I love the book. I can’t fully put into words how much.

  • Ester Samuelsson
    Ester Samuelsson Hace 3 meses

    Jennifer Garner was so excellent in this movie specially this was my favourite part of this movie when she said this: YOU ARE STILL YOU SIMON

  • katycat jaz
    katycat jaz Hace 3 meses +1

    Ik this is a movie but I wish she was my mom

  • Arlis White Bear
    Arlis White Bear Hace 3 meses

    Lmao I wish I got this speech.

  • JR 14
    JR 14 Hace 3 meses

    Jennifer Garner was absolutely excellent in this film. Her acting was so on point.

  • Supermonkey
    Supermonkey Hace 3 meses

    I have to re-watch this scene because I was so busy crying at the first time watching it 😂

  • jess p
    jess p Hace 4 meses


  • A.J Johnson
    A.J Johnson Hace 4 meses +2

    I told my parents a few years back. They never accepted it. I could accept that at least but now I hear from my sister they are moving out of the country because I'm gay. And they are taking my sisters away from me ... I never let anyone actually know that I care, but secretly it kills me.

    • Renzo
      Renzo Hace 3 meses +1

      It really breaks my heart to hear that,I hope someday you can be happy with or without your family

  • Marysol
    Marysol Hace 4 meses

    When I watch this scene I cried. God, this is a beautiful dialogue.

  • Roma Invincta
    Roma Invincta Hace 4 meses

    I hate that I watched this with my friend. I don’t cry in front of other people so I held it in. But this bitch talked the entire movie, asking me “are you gonna cry?” Bitch maybe if you let me watch the damn movie.

  • M N H
    M N H Hace 4 meses +3

    I am straight, and muslim too, but idk i was crying a lot watching this movie at this scene, and his conversation with his father.

  • Bev 2.0
    Bev 2.0 Hace 4 meses

    This scene made me cry so much. It’s so good

  • Fran Turner
    Fran Turner Hace 4 meses +1

    I watched this movie in an airplane going to NY. I was sitting next to my sisters, on the other row, in my other side, was my mom. In this scene I was crying my heart out. All my family knows I’m not straight, but I don’t want to put a label on me yet, but they decided to ignore it, going on like I’m hetero. I cry with this because I still want this to happen to me. I want to hear my mom or sister telling me that it’s okay, not that I’m just confused because of my friends influence. I want my dad to repeat this to me like the first time. And yet, nobody seems to realise how important this is. I asked to my mom to see this movie, but she refused to, same as my sisters and dad. I love them, but it’s still hurt.

  • Nina
    Nina Hace 4 meses +7

    I just watched the movie tonight (I know I'm late lol) but wow I cried the whole way through. I'm about to finish my masters degree and I still haven't come out as bi to anyone but my best friend. This movie doesn't just inspire teens but also inspires people of all ages. Hopefully I can have that conversation with my family soon.

  • Necks of Turtles -
    Necks of Turtles - Hace 4 meses +3

    This movie is so important to me and this scene will forever make me cry

  • Gabriela Souza
    Gabriela Souza Hace 4 meses +1

    Imagine having Jennifer Garner as your mother mother in law.

  • Nathan
    Nathan Hace 4 meses

    In the theater and still today I tear up when I see this scene

  • Brian Storm
    Brian Storm Hace 4 meses

    I cried when I saw this scene; the mother is so much like my mom, and sadly she died of cancer last year. She made me feel safe and loved though, and always let me be who I was

  • maddison brooker-wheatley

    "You get to exhale now Simon" gets me every single time... I'll never get this from any of my family, but if the generation after me can have it then what I went through is worth it

  • Montell Carey Iosefo
    Montell Carey Iosefo Hace 4 meses

    “You get to exhale now..” omg I just balled out in tears Omgg legit that’s exactly what it feels like when you come out. And this is exactly how I felt coming out to my parents. This movie honestly captured everything that gay people go through and it’s such a beautiful movie ❤️

  • V.W. official
    V.W. official Hace 4 meses

    This scene made me cry

  • Josh Hadwiger
    Josh Hadwiger Hace 4 meses


  • Hunter Darby
    Hunter Darby Hace 4 meses

    I remember seeing this in the theater and crying my eyes out with my best friend because this hit me so hard. I feel like with your mom it’s the hardest thing to say to them that I’m gay and everything.

  • jhon sturt
    jhon sturt Hace 4 meses

    Chorei e não chorei pouco, eu amo esse filme ❤

  • Heil Wolf
    Heil Wolf Hace 4 meses +3

    This never happens in real life

  • José De La Cruz
    José De La Cruz Hace 4 meses

    This part made me cry

  • aubreydink
    aubreydink Hace 4 meses

    “You get to exhale now Simon” God damnit that line hit me fucking *hard* . Everything about this movie is so incredibly impactful. Because they didn’t just make it a “gay movie”, the made it about a teen who is and has been struggling like sooo many kids do, and his struggle happened to be his sexuality. Yes, this movie is monumental for the LGBTQ+ community, but it also soars beyond those limits, I think everyone can identify with something in this. I’m just so happy this was able to live up to and exceed my expectations. Thank you to everyone who worked on this movie.

  • LaneKSwenson
    LaneKSwenson Hace 4 meses +11

    Give this woman an oscar, golden globe, and every accolade in the world! Very touching scene, not a dry eye in the theater when I saw it.

  • dysmissme
    dysmissme Hace 4 meses +8

    This is what EVERY teenager needs to hear, love should be unconditional

  • Cameron Starrs
    Cameron Starrs Hace 4 meses

    I wasn't ready for this scene when I first saw this movie 😭

  • Brandon Roman
    Brandon Roman Hace 4 meses

    Riverdale S2Ep14 brought me here tbh

  • Bea Gale
    Bea Gale Hace 5 meses +1

    "you get to exhale now" is a sentiment that we all want but sadly a lot of us aren't allowed to have. i am very grateful for this scene xx

  • siriusgray
    siriusgray Hace 5 meses

    This movie seriously deserves some kind of humanitarian award. It is one of the most important movies released in 2018 and that I have ever seen. I truly believe this film can help make the world a better, kinder and less scary place (along with the book it’s based on).

  • Sweet History
    Sweet History Hace 5 meses +2

    I cannot understand a mother abandoning a child she carried because they are gay. Not that father's get a free pass, but women have a special bond. Great movie. I have no gay ppl in my family, but if I ever have a gay child they will be no different. I will love them just the same

  • A. L.
    A. L. Hace 5 meses

    while this scene was important to have, I think Jennifer Garner came across a bit flat in this scene, like her performance was slightly muted and she could have elevated it to make it that much more emotionally resonant

  • Lauren Shannon
    Lauren Shannon Hace 5 meses +2

    I just realized I'm not sure if my mom accepts me or not, so now I'm here

  • Daniel Morris
    Daniel Morris Hace 5 meses

    Such a beautiful scene.

  • Tv Lover149
    Tv Lover149 Hace 5 meses

    Idk what it is but when she said he can exhale...that really gets me. So beautiful. So amazingly well done. ❤️

  • Phan Trong
    Phan Trong Hace 5 meses

    I found myself in this scene... with the mood&tone at first, I didn't think I could cry 'til this incredible conversation.

  • Phan Trong
    Phan Trong Hace 5 meses

    I found myself in this scene... with the mood&tone at first, I didn't think I could cry 'til this incredible conversation.

  • Rhianna Vautrin
    Rhianna Vautrin Hace 5 meses +2

    I cried at one point before this moment, and that was when Simon was forced to come out, because that shit hits hard, but this scene... God I... There was a part of me that really needed to hear this. It's... It's exactly what every young LGBT+ kid wants to hear. So I want each and every one of you to hear this. In or out, you get to be more you than you have ever been just by accepting who you are, and I am so proud of you.

  • flower cardigan
    flower cardigan Hace 5 meses

    I just watched this movie yesterday and sobbed at this scene. I just watched it again and still cried. I will never not find meaning in this.

  • Kyler Brooks
    Kyler Brooks Hace 5 meses

    This movies need a sequal

  • kcmn00
    kcmn00 Hace 5 meses

    This just rings true for every gay person when you realize you're gay and try to keep it a secret

  • Royhazel Edmonds
    Royhazel Edmonds Hace 5 meses

    This scene and the one where blue blocks him online are the most powerful and emotional parts of the film that made me ball 🥺😢😭

  • M ca
    M ca Hace 5 meses

    i've watched this scene like 10 times already. i'm 23 now and graduated college some time ago..but I wish I had a movie like this when I was in high school. or even as a freshman in college.

    • M ca
      M ca Hace 5 meses

      there are certain books that teachers assign as homework. i hope this book or the movie itself could be one of those. would change the perspective of many teenagers.

  • Aldo Martin
    Aldo Martin Hace 6 meses +1

    The sensitivity of this scene is unreal

  • Just Beth
    Just Beth Hace 6 meses

    I can only wish my mother would say this to me

  • Mattdillon14
    Mattdillon14 Hace 6 meses

    This movie hit me in so many ways and is actually the only movie to make me tear up and cry.

  • ronniestardis
    ronniestardis Hace 6 meses +5

    this was the most emotional scene i have ever seen in my life

  • Riley Aldred
    Riley Aldred Hace 6 meses

    I'm doing this scene for my college audition because it brings me to tears every time and I want this to be how I enter college, I'm in the closet as a trans ftm and this part is honestly so tear breaking knowing my mum and dad will not react like this when I come out... at all, especially as my mum only likes the fact that I'm pansexual because I still like guys...

  • Leo Rivera
    Leo Rivera Hace 6 meses +15

    You have no idea how much I wish my mom would tell me this when I finally come out to her. I'm so afraid to tell her, even though I think she kind of already knows. There's like, this elephant in the room that no one talks about, and it sucks because my mom is pretty much my best friend in the whole world, yet I have this huge secret I'm keeping from her, only because I'm afraid of letting her down and hurting her. Watching this scene is tough, I get all teary with a lump in my throat. I just hope that when I finally have this conversation with my mom, she will react like Jennifer Garner's character in this beautiful movie.

  • Gonzalo Rey
    Gonzalo Rey Hace 6 meses +1

    “It’s almost like I could feel you holding your breath.” 💔

  • Spixio Studios
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  • Tanis Hardy
    Tanis Hardy Hace 7 meses

    This scene reminds me of me and my mom it's exactly like what my mom said when I came out as gay

  • Psychobot
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  • Venus Rose
    Venus Rose Hace 7 meses +50

    I've decided that if I ever come out I will get a "you get to exhale now" tattoo, this scene never fails to make cry

  • SeversonedUniverse
    SeversonedUniverse Hace 7 meses +1

    2:39 Simon’s Mom

  • CJC Productions
    CJC Productions Hace 7 meses +1

    you are you and bless you for you being you. this world wouldn't exist for LGBT men woman in all forms.

  • sudhir chandra
    sudhir chandra Hace 7 meses +1

    How many will get to breathe?

  • Daniel J. Nickolas
    Daniel J. Nickolas Hace 7 meses +10

    I saw this film in theaters and burst into tears when the the mother said "you get to exhale" ... that was everything.

  • Cesar Lopez
    Cesar Lopez Hace 7 meses +7

    You get to exhale now______, you get to be more you than you've been in a very long time.... you deserve everything you want

  • A
    A Hace 7 meses +1

    This scene was my breaking point