John Mulaney Wasn't Allowed to Perform in His High School's Musicals

  • Publicado el 15 feb 2019
  • John Mulaney talks about his lifelong love of musicals, why he wasn't allowed to perform in his high school's theater productions and what it was like working with Seth on an upcoming episode of Documentary Now!
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    John Mulaney Wasn't Allowed to Perform in His High School's Musicals- Late Night with Seth Meyersídeo.html

    Late Night with Seth Meyers
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Comentarios • 614

  • Sandor Dugalin
    Sandor Dugalin Hace un día

    What's the song he's singing? I mean, the real one.

  • Taman Shud
    Taman Shud Hace 2 días

    I can't believe John Mulaney is the phantom of the opera.

  • Scruffles McScrufferton

    theyre like the same person

  • Dahlia
    Dahlia Hace 4 días

    Damn he's so fuckin adorable 😂💔

  • Wendy B. Wilde
    Wendy B. Wilde Hace 6 días

    John, songs are copyrighted not "copywriten". I bring this up because I'm terribly jealous that you are so funny and well, you know, gorgeous......Oh, and probably because I was raised by an English teacher.

  • Karen Villanueva
    Karen Villanueva Hace 8 días

    When you realize his high school was St. Ignatius and you go to another Chicago high school.

  • Sparkling Lemon-Lime Pop

    Seth Meyers interviewing John Mulaney is something we all need 😂💕💕 I love how Meyers looks at him like John’s just absolutely perfect.

  • LunaticN
    LunaticN Hace 11 días

    Damn, his wife hates almost everything

    *Big Oof*

  • Laudon1965
    Laudon1965 Hace 12 días

    Meyers has Martha Stewart as a frequent guest? Now I’m glad I don’t watch.

  • Philip Brown
    Philip Brown Hace 14 días

    “I was apoplectic.” - John Mulaney, 2019

  • Jennaka Taton
    Jennaka Taton Hace 14 días

    I know its him, I know. But everytime he talks I see Andrew

  • Danica Nacionales
    Danica Nacionales Hace 14 días

    Get you a guy that looks at you the way Seth Beyers looks at John Mulaney

  • Isaac Kent
    Isaac Kent Hace 14 días

    Skid row

  • Elle Desperado
    Elle Desperado Hace 18 días

    Seth is such a Mulaney fangirl and I fucking love it

  • Tanvi
    Tanvi Hace 20 días +1

    i want someone to look at me the way seth meyers looks at john mulaney

  • NeverMindGaming
    NeverMindGaming Hace 23 días

    I was like what he’s too old to be in high school musical

  • Emily Teleposky
    Emily Teleposky Hace 24 días


  • Kylie Baber
    Kylie Baber Hace 27 días


  • Gaby Danta
    Gaby Danta Hace 27 días

    ah yes, john mulaney plays into the stage crew stoner stereotype

  • Chloe Turner
    Chloe Turner Hace 27 días

    oh my god i want that voice memo to be my ring tone

  • Chloe Turner
    Chloe Turner Hace 27 días

    seth looks so enamored with john when he’s talking about doing the lights in highschool

  • Karla Alyssa G.
    Karla Alyssa G. Hace un mes

    I love both of them...but when I look AT them I ask myself if I really do

  • Lexi Wegner
    Lexi Wegner Hace un mes

    at the the cOOoOP

  • Grace Burke
    Grace Burke Hace un mes

    I adore John Mulaney!! So funny!!

  • Impuhlz
    Impuhlz Hace un mes

    Get you a man that looks at you the way Seth Meyers looks at John Mulaney

  • paper boy
    paper boy Hace un mes

    Was wondering why the flash from WB sounded so different until I realized it's not him

  • Chris Plays 020509
    Chris Plays 020509 Hace un mes +1

    Is he still New in Town?

  • Wendy Ward USN/ Combat RN

    He is so funny. What a wonderful man!! He is hilarious and kind too. It's easy to see! 🙏🏻🤗💕

  • Cici Roman
    Cici Roman Hace un mes

    I’ve been watching videos of John from years ago and when I saw this thumbnail, I wasn’t even sure if it was a new or old one at first. He looks the same

  • Pori
    Pori Hace un mes

    Ladies and gentlemen, Sir Ashton
    And dan cortese

  • Abygayle Lowther
    Abygayle Lowther Hace un mes

    Lmao the lighting kids in our music play their play stations during the show

  • kate
    kate Hace un mes

    i love how he can’t look anyone in the eye

  • Fjoralba Golikja
    Fjoralba Golikja Hace un mes

    John Mulaney looks like he is playing John Mulaney 😂

  • SMG Productions
    SMG Productions Hace un mes

    Les Miserables isn't a movie proper for a 7 year old.

  • tlcarpenter3
    tlcarpenter3 Hace un mes

    The two gayest straight men on the planet. And that's now a put down, I love'em both.

  • sydney merryman
    sydney merryman Hace un mes

    honestly some of the best interviews seth has is with other old snl cast members because they’re all friends & it just looks like they goofing off & trying to keep track of the interview

  • Lily Chancey
    Lily Chancey Hace un mes

    The hardest thing known to man on Earth:
    Trying not to laugh in the middle of the night when everyone’s asleep while watching Seth Myers

  • Brooke Mattingly
    Brooke Mattingly Hace un mes

    We need to sign a petition to get John Mulaney to play Gavroche and for John to get to tip his two hats while exposing Javert. Who’s with me?

  • joesomenumbers
    joesomenumbers Hace 2 meses

    He looks like he gets younger as he ages

  • Alina Razi
    Alina Razi Hace 2 meses

    Get someone who looks at you the way Seth looks at John or should I say Juophn

  • jane haviland
    jane haviland Hace 2 meses

    seth is in love with john CONFIRMED

  • veddie knows when
    veddie knows when Hace 2 meses

    I can't bare to listen to my own recorded voice alone in a house. I can't imagine listening to my recorded voice in front of a live audinece and knowing it was being broadcasted on telivision.

  • Jennifer Wright
    Jennifer Wright Hace 2 meses

    I just saw John Mulaney on his new tour with Pete Davidson. He was hilarious and he's still my favorite comedian.

  • Brody S
    Brody S Hace 2 meses

    i went to church sunday and all i could think about were is jokes. he has successfully ruined my life. but i am here for it

  • Anna C.
    Anna C. Hace 2 meses

    nothing I love more than john mulaney as gavroche

  • Endless Void Studios
    Endless Void Studios Hace 2 meses

    jesus man whats wrong with you you cant sing at all......
    well ya see sir there a lot of planes ......
    um....were inside a studio .... ....i just meant in general ....

  • Acey Face
    Acey Face Hace 2 meses +3

    As a huge Les Mis fan, hearing John Mulaney sing Gavroche’s part was incredible XD

  • holdmeback47
    holdmeback47 Hace 2 meses

    Mulaney is hilarious - the funniest guy alive! He is ADORABLE! Seems it would be so fun to be married to him. Where did he come from????

  • Lena Moore
    Lena Moore Hace 2 meses

    anyone know how to make "aT tHe c o o oo oö oôø oOoOo - OoP" my new ringtone?

  • Amelia Hudgins
    Amelia Hudgins Hace 3 meses

    How is Seth casually talking with the creator of his husband

  • Danger Closer
    Danger Closer Hace 3 meses

    Hey it's Peter Porker.

  • JanineBean
    JanineBean Hace 3 meses

    I’m disappointed, John Mulaney talks like a guy who sings haha. He has excellent resonance. He should go to a singing teacher and see if s/he can help 😊

  • izzygoesquack
    izzygoesquack Hace 3 meses

    when he said les miserables means the miserable my french gcse jumped out because it means the poor :/

  • Elizabeth Giovi
    Elizabeth Giovi Hace 3 meses +8

    🎶You dont own any land
    Just a box in the sky
    Your neighbor's cookin kasha and your other neighbor died
    When you moved in you felt lucky
    Now that time is forgot
    But you never give up your spot
    At the coooo-op🎶

    You're welcome

  • VJR 22_6
    VJR 22_6 Hace 3 meses +7

    I dare you all to rename the video to “tall child tips two hats, more on late night”

  • /Zoe Greene
    /Zoe Greene Hace 3 meses

    My school just did Les Miserables!

  • L W
    L W Hace 3 meses +1

    Give John his own show, already

  • The Canadian Ninja Nerd

    John cringing and laughing was fabulous

  • Pepe The Frog
    Pepe The Frog Hace 3 meses +1

    I literally love this so much

  • Not Called Greg
    Not Called Greg Hace 3 meses +1

    so this is why he always makes snl do a musical sketch

  • okayfj
    okayfj Hace 3 meses +1

    No one will get this but 2:16 John mulaney is montparnasse confirmed

  • Ella Rhodes
    Ella Rhodes Hace 3 meses

    At the cooooo- op

  • Addie - zilla
    Addie - zilla Hace 3 meses

    john’s smile is amazing. i can’t even do it justice with words

  • Nick Abare
    Nick Abare Hace 3 meses

    3:26 the moment Seth realized he was in love

  • Rachel Hershkop
    Rachel Hershkop Hace 3 meses

    What TV show are they talking about?

  • G Major
    G Major Hace 3 meses +1

    When will Season Three Drop On Netflix ???

  • G Major
    G Major Hace 3 meses +1

    When will Season Three Drop On Netflix ???

  • G Major
    G Major Hace 3 meses +1

    When will Season Three Drop On Netflix ???

  • G Major
    G Major Hace 3 meses +1

    When will Season Three Drop On Netflix ???

  • Ilse
    Ilse Hace 3 meses

    I'm legit crying over the voice memo😂😂