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  • ErikTheElectric
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    June 5th, 2018... Prepare. *#ElectricEmpire*

    • Mikel Scott
      Mikel Scott Hace 5 días

      ErikTheElectric try get ice cream and candy

    • Darryl Scott
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    • Rau'l Persad
      Rau'l Persad Hace 20 días

      Think the unthinkable Erik

    • Rau'l Persad
      Rau'l Persad Hace 20 días

      Can wait for the exditement

    • Nef Nef
      Nef Nef Hace 20 días

      chips ahoy is my favorite cookies get it to me

  • Amya Criglar
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  • Ryan Barnhart
    Ryan Barnhart Hace un día

    Erik you always have. Taco Bell. That Good cookies. So. I. Can see that. Change it. Also. Big mac. Sandwich.

  • Bryce Glassow
    Bryce Glassow Hace un día

    Coke is better than Pepsi

  • Daneane Budreau
    Daneane Budreau Hace 2 días

    Chips ahoy

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  • Harrison Carter
    Harrison Carter Hace 3 días

    Fuck the hatters

  • euan bryan
    euan bryan Hace 4 días

    Hi you great😀

  • Frederick Kravitz
    Frederick Kravitz Hace 4 días

    Man fuck all the negative comments keep doing you bruh & if you wanna laugh check out my vids btw ik you be having mega shits after you eat everything 😂

  • Mr.Ronbow
    Mr.Ronbow Hace 5 días

    RIP toilet

  • Morgan Heist
    Morgan Heist Hace 5 días

    Can we talk about the christmas cat bag? i'm obsessed

  • Kristen Elizabeth
    Kristen Elizabeth Hace 5 días

    I very much was admiring your cat bag. Need me one of those😂

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  • Leo Liljegren 6E
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  • Leo Liljegren 6E
    Leo Liljegren 6E Hace 7 días

    I love this channel beacuse I wanna be a calorie ester to. Witch means that I wont to eat much calories when I’m a grown up. You are like my hero

  • Agata Kowalczyk
    Agata Kowalczyk Hace 7 días

    After you did 100 thousand calories challange 9 thousand doesn't seem like much, even tho it is.

  • Mario's Corner
    Mario's Corner Hace 7 días

    Die potatoe die!

    WWE VS NBA Hace 8 días


  • Sabrina Luck
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    I know I’m like a toddler...

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  • speedyHDX gameing and more


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  • Aireonna Cook
    Aireonna Cook Hace 12 días

    Is you just gonna let them talk about you... Maybe you are just eating😓

  • vanessa
    vanessa Hace 13 días

    Its dangerous to eat so much sugar! You have emotional needs that you fulfill with sweets. Have you thought about talking to someone ? Maybe do a healthy mukbang ? Not this obnixous stuff all the time. Yes its entertaining. But you know that your not happy.

  • love my bones
    love my bones Hace 13 días

    Those Reeses look inane 😍😍 TEAM REESES FOR SUREEE 🥜

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  • Simon Lipman
    Simon Lipman Hace 15 días

    Chips ahoy all the way

  • Sketch
    Sketch Hace 16 días

    Christmas bag in May. Lol

  • Tamara George
    Tamara George Hace 17 días

    U should do popeyes chicken next

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  • LUMO
    LUMO Hace 18 días

    It's sad because i live in Italy and there isn't all those junk food.. but we have pizza and mafia

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  • Amelia Hinder
    Amelia Hinder Hace 19 días

    Crunchyyyyy! Love from England Erik! Can't wait for your 100 hour challenge - I'm waiting on it right now 😂😂😂💖

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  • Wa Wharff
    Wa Wharff Hace 19 días

    Also team Reese's bros duh

  • Wa Wharff
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  • G.J.D f
    G.J.D f Hace 20 días

    ahhh the i

  • Fatima and Magda Khedr
    Fatima and Magda Khedr Hace 20 días

    Your so inspiring in food 🥘

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  • Latisha Chikowore
    Latisha Chikowore Hace 20 días

    I'm in the uk so l love Maryland cookies and Cadburys cookies 🍪

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  • AWN music
    AWN music Hace 20 días

    How fucking hard is it to shit the day after

  • FOOD vs Blood Sugar: postprandial glucose tests

    carbs connecting people!

  • shauna nicholson
    shauna nicholson Hace 20 días

    I have only ate normal Sour Patch Kids but I still liked the video

  • Norberto Vazquez
    Norberto Vazquez Hace 20 días

    Keep your vids up

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  • Lizzie ojanpera official
    Lizzie ojanpera official Hace 22 días

    Can u start reading nice and mean comments lol and have u watched river dale ???

  • wildvxbes
    wildvxbes Hace 22 días

    I bet workers at the grocery stores get so happy when they see him walk in.

  • Tule Odumah
    Tule Odumah Hace 22 días

    This isn’t for people that don’t have super fast metabolism. Your heart however.

  • Deion Marshall
    Deion Marshall Hace 22 días

    Your granny tranny

  • Nataly Lara
    Nataly Lara Hace 22 días

    Your are a good boy. And you do you

  • ACEICE Evans
    ACEICE Evans Hace 23 días

    My favorite captain crunch is the berry one

  • thunder fan 232
    thunder fan 232 Hace 23 días

    Your hair is nice but also looks like Donald Trump bleached his hair

  • ACEICE Evans
    ACEICE Evans Hace 23 días

    Team chips ahoy

  • Alex Misterkil
    Alex Misterkil Hace 23 días

    Team Reese's!!

  • Legolas's Wife
    Legolas's Wife Hace 23 días

    We don't have Reeses or Chips Ahoy in South Africa :,)

  • •kennedy a•
    •kennedy a• Hace 23 días

    awesome video

  • Roxanna Marmolejos
    Roxanna Marmolejos Hace 24 días

    I don't like surgre

  • Kendrickcool 1
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  • Karyn Daudelin
    Karyn Daudelin Hace 24 días

    #Crunchy I love your vids dude, keep it up!

  • Ev1oX Baziej
    Ev1oX Baziej Hace 24 días

    I'm crying. I don't have any of these delicious carbs. I'm from Poland. Send me some pls xd

  • Yan Hakim
    Yan Hakim Hace 24 días

    Erik I was wondering are you going to go to the Highway 55 competitions? If so I heard there will be a lot of ESclipsrs there. Is there anyone you can't wait to see if you are going?And is there anyone that you want to avoid? Just curious if are going good luck.

  • DSound
    DSound Hace 24 días

    Thank you for doing these types of videos. Love this 👊 #doyou

  • Ava Loves Gaming
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  • Sg 26
    Sg 26 Hace 24 días

    I have a question. How do you not have diabetes’s?

  • faris aljabri
    faris aljabri Hace 24 días

    Erik can you do eating challenge that cooked by yourself?

  • Ren Leshe
    Ren Leshe Hace 24 días

    Watermelon? We can no longer be friends.

  • maleek ayonrinde
    maleek ayonrinde Hace 24 días

    @Zeke Alex is so funny

  • Tweety Twix Bird77
    Tweety Twix Bird77 Hace 25 días

    I like the cat bag

  • Lead n Metal 1
    Lead n Metal 1 Hace 25 días

    Crunchy! ❤️

  • B McCormick
    B McCormick Hace 25 días

    How is this man not 600 Pounds I gain like 2 pounds just looking at cookies

  • Samara Munns
    Samara Munns Hace 25 días

    I’m a Reese’s person than chips ahoy but don’t get me wrong chips ahoy is still good😂💦😍

  • Shantel Wilson
    Shantel Wilson Hace 25 días

    #crunchy I really wish I could do something like this lol😂 I couldn’t even eat half of that😭

  • Floortje
    Floortje Hace 25 días

    Big love 4 you!

  • mohamar toure
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  • Charlie Vel
    Charlie Vel Hace 25 días

    Love your videos so much 😂 been binge watching your videos for the past week almost out of videos to watch ❤️

  • Rosie_The_ Rose
    Rosie_The_ Rose Hace 25 días

    You should do a ultimate school lunch challenge where you get a bunch of stuff kids would pack in their lunch

  • timmy turner
    timmy turner Hace 25 días

    Erik, I want to be on your next video lol I love you and never miss a video xx and I think everything about you is great!!!

  • Lisa Featherson
    Lisa Featherson Hace 25 días

    Aw, well I mind of like the new hair. You are cute no matter what 😘

  • AliensExiistBlink182
    AliensExiistBlink182 Hace 25 días

    Why does America have so many flavoured oreos its unfair 😭

  • H.R.K .36
    H.R.K .36 Hace 25 días

    Can you do limon and nuddle challenge for your next video ? ❤🌷

  • - Tattooed Literature -
    - Tattooed Literature - Hace 25 días

    Did he die after this?

  • Erik Lillie
    Erik Lillie Hace 25 días

    I subbed because my name is the same as his

  • Cazzie X
    Cazzie X Hace 25 días

    Even if I eat one bag of chips I bloat so much I put on about a pound of excess fat 😂

  • Logan Turner
    Logan Turner Hace 25 días


  • Pocah Lokiar
    Pocah Lokiar Hace 25 días

    Eat the most hottest Chocolate

  • Infamyous
    Infamyous Hace 25 días

    Just love that you love RHCP

  • ItsCamden
    ItsCamden Hace 25 días

    Crunchy ass fuck toot

  • Kade69
    Kade69 Hace 25 días

    Do another 60,000 cal challenge

  • REVO
    REVO Hace 25 días

    I only started watching your vids about a month ago and I was wondering if you could do a "supercharged" Portillos challenge l. I do live in the Midwest and I understand you living in Cali but I think this would be a sweet challenge to do.
    Like if you'd want this

  • Random Account
    Random Account Hace 26 días

    Do the heart attack grill please

  • Amine Benkaid
    Amine Benkaid Hace 26 días

    hey erick eat a full subway supercharged menu please thanks bro

  • Rebecca Elizabeth
    Rebecca Elizabeth Hace 26 días


  • Rebecca Elizabeth
    Rebecca Elizabeth Hace 26 días


  • Rebecca Elizabeth
    Rebecca Elizabeth Hace 26 días