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  • Publicado el 8 sep 2015
  • Octopuses and cuttlefish are masters of underwater camouflage, blending in seamlessly against a rock or coral. But squid have to hide in the open ocean, mimicking the subtle interplay of light, water, and waves. How do they do it? (And it is NOT OCTOPI)
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    --- How do squid change color?
    For an animal with such a humble name, market squid have a spectacularly hypnotic appearance. Streaks and waves of color flicker and radiate across their skin. Other creatures may posses the ability to change color, but squid and their relatives are without equal when it comes to controlling their appearance and new research may illuminate how they do it.
    To control the color of their skin, cephalopods use tiny organs in their skin called chromatophores. Each tiny chromatophore is basically a sac filled with pigment. Minute muscles tug on the sac, spreading it wide and exposing the colored pigment to any light hitting the skin. When the muscles relax, the colored areas shrink back into tiny spots.
    --- Why do squid change color?
    Octopuses, cuttlefish and squid belong to a class of animals referred to as cephalopods. These animals, widely regarded as the most intelligent of the invertebrates, use their color change abilities for both camouflage and communication. Their ability to hide is critical to their survival since, with the exception of the nautiluses, these squishy and often delicious animals live without the protection of protective external shells.
    But squid often live in the open ocean. How do you blend in when there's nothing -- except water -- to blend into? They do it by changing the way light bounces off their their skin -- actually adjust how iridescent their skin is using light reflecting cells called iridophores. They can mimic the way sunlight filters down from the surface. Hide in plain sight.
    Iridophores make structural color, which means they reflect certain wavelengths of light because of their shape. Most familiar instances of structural color in nature (peacock feathers, mother of pearl) are constant-they may shimmer when you change your viewing angle, but they don't shift from pink to blue.
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    At ~2:20, they mentioned the chromatophore started flashing once again after a few days, could this be from neurogenesis (regeneration of neurons and/or nerve tissues) or/and neuroplasicity (brain activity associated with a given function can be transferred to a different location)? Any studies into limiting their vision (maybe something similar to VR/color-changing goggles)? It's to isolate their sight from light in the surrounding environment, and exposing their body to such light. Or maybe a divider of some sort to separate and isolate light sources?

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      If you don't care for cephalopods - totally get that. But 'octopuses' is the most correct term. Some like to say 'octopi' but that would be adding a Latin suffix to a Greek word.

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