Woman Crushes Watermelons with Her Thighs

  • Publicado el 3 ago 2018
  • In honor of National Watermelon Day, we celebrated America’s favorite giant fruit by giving out free watermelon. Guillermo set up a stand on Hollywood Blvd and handed some out with the help of his assistant Kortney Olsen who is able to crush an entire watermelon using only her thighs.
    Donald Trump Can't Spell esclips.com/video/Bn65PcASeSY/v%C3%ADdeo.html

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    Woman Crushes Watermelons with Her Thighs
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Comentarios • 587

  • Vivek Joshi
    Vivek Joshi Hace 9 días

    Waste of a good watermelon.

  • Remi Kvalheim
    Remi Kvalheim Hace 25 días

    How is this person even thinking that she figured out a talent?

  • Julie Julie
    Julie Julie Hace un mes +1

    i can crush an apple with one hand

  • gigas81
    gigas81 Hace 3 meses

    thats what im talking about. more stuff like that Jimmy (ladies crushing watermelons)

  • freespirit66
    freespirit66 Hace 3 meses

    Watermelon dude is quick to grab the crushed melon while Kortney still has her thighs around it.

  • Hans deB
    Hans deB Hace 4 meses

    Apart from the tattoos she has a great body.

  • Hans deB
    Hans deB Hace 4 meses

    The moustache man is obviously scared, he's ignoring her.

  • Darryl Bowman
    Darryl Bowman Hace 7 meses

    i would like to meet kourtney olsen oneday i rarely see women like her

  • Hailey the swimmer And swiftie

    One like = one watermelon alive😭❤️

  • Artas M
    Artas M Hace 7 meses

    How much force needed to crush it ? :o

  • giant peach
    giant peach Hace 7 meses

    The second watermelon looked really good based off the color of it.

  • Melany Rachel Toussaint Sosa

    *Also she's crop top and she's short pants has Watermelon* 😎😎😎😎

    MrZACATECANO100 Hace 7 meses

    I wonder if she can make an Eggplant disappear?

  • Charles Lopez
    Charles Lopez Hace 7 meses

    Cringe.... 😂😂

  • Haizyl Koenst
    Haizyl Koenst Hace 7 meses

    Ouuu she thicc 😂😂

  • hunter suggs
    hunter suggs Hace 7 meses


  • Ed Ochoa
    Ed Ochoa Hace 7 meses


  • Amelia D. Wysocki
    Amelia D. Wysocki Hace 7 meses

    That is SO cool. Kortney is actually a good friend. She keeps popping up all over the place.

  • Michael Bleich
    Michael Bleich Hace 7 meses

    Love them thighs

  • ozlekosusturu
    ozlekosusturu Hace 8 meses

    Someone call ralph from collegehumor immediately!!

  • Egusi Mane
    Egusi Mane Hace 8 meses

    Never give this woman head!

  • Jason 225
    Jason 225 Hace 8 meses

    I did that and I pulled a muscle 😦

  • Are Cups A Vegetable?!
    Are Cups A Vegetable?! Hace 8 meses

    Yay I am from Minnesota I'm live 45 minutes from Minneapolis

  • motshi
    motshi Hace 8 meses

    My balls

  • die hard
    die hard Hace 8 meses

    She squirted on herself

  • Deadshot99289_
    Deadshot99289_ Hace 8 meses

    I can’t even carry a watermelon

  • weebo502
    weebo502 Hace 8 meses +1

    With a beard like that, who needs pubes?

  • Dem M_E_M_E_Z
    Dem M_E_M_E_Z Hace 8 meses

    Bet she doesn’t skip leg day!

  • Bnm 11
    Bnm 11 Hace 8 meses


  • Brandon Dieguez
    Brandon Dieguez Hace 8 meses

    I can already feel my thighs cramping up

  • sarkaniemi
    sarkaniemi Hace 8 meses

    This is pornography of the nature!

  • Monica Flores
    Monica Flores Hace 8 meses

    Shes hot

  • M. Entera
    M. Entera Hace 8 meses

    Gosh, I wonder if Courtney works out?

  • TheGolden BloodedGamer
    TheGolden BloodedGamer Hace 8 meses

    Feel bad for the dude who trys to put it in between 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lana Nguyen
    Lana Nguyen Hace 8 meses

    Lol that Zico truck in the background got free advertising

  • Hey It's Jae
    Hey It's Jae Hace 8 meses

    has she ever farted while attempting this🤔

  • Regno Potiri
    Regno Potiri Hace 8 meses

    Gorgeous kortney!!!!

  • Troy Mcdivitt
    Troy Mcdivitt Hace 8 meses

    What a waste off food that can feed people waste just

  • gabriel sylvestre
    gabriel sylvestre Hace 8 meses

    Before you eat it, put some sea salt and hot sauce on it. Texas Pete then you can eat.

  • sk8ter thxt
    sk8ter thxt Hace 8 meses +1

    *hOW tHe hELl?😂*

  • Yohan Khamissi
    Yohan Khamissi Hace 8 meses +1


  • Ted dibiasi-JLC-Sinn
    Ted dibiasi-JLC-Sinn Hace 8 meses

    reminds me of what Xenia Onatopp (Famke Janssen) did to James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) in the movie "Goldeneye"

  • DIH-Community ★
    DIH-Community ★ Hace 8 meses

    I would eat her watermelons everyday

  • Lee Roy Jones
    Lee Roy Jones Hace 8 meses

    Famous for being manly and discusting lmao

  • Savage Squirrel198
    Savage Squirrel198 Hace 8 meses

    Who saw the dude at 3:05

  • Insane gamer jr
    Insane gamer jr Hace 8 meses

    She will be lucky in the bush if there is no knife to cut the watermelon

  • Taiwan _Grrrl
    Taiwan _Grrrl Hace 8 meses

    She’s the MFCEO of grrrl clothing. Check them out, their mission is to unite women around the world on a basis of equality, love and support. 🤙

  • Antonio Lara
    Antonio Lara Hace 8 meses

    How can I make her my wife?

  • Laxiti
    Laxiti Hace 8 meses

    At 1:32 she farted

  • Devin Terry
    Devin Terry Hace 8 meses


  • robert lee
    robert lee Hace 8 meses

    Corny can crush my balls anytime

  • ubastich
    ubastich Hace 8 meses

    She “KO’d” those watermelons.

  • ManMilk
    ManMilk Hace 8 meses

    That gave me a tingle.

  • Constantinos Pastos
    Constantinos Pastos Hace 8 meses

    If i have learnt atleast one thing in my life is if a girl can crush a watermelon with her thighs don't date her...

  • Blaze Clan
    Blaze Clan Hace 8 meses

    Melon killer

  • Arie Smith
    Arie Smith Hace 8 meses

    Wtf dude

  • Abriella Paulino
    Abriella Paulino Hace 8 meses +1

    She's supa thicc

  • Abriella Paulino
    Abriella Paulino Hace 8 meses


  • Carl Butcher
    Carl Butcher Hace 8 meses

    3rd time watching this ,dont judge me

  • SaucyDanny
    SaucyDanny Hace 8 meses

    She must crush the heads of the people that eat her fajita out

  • Memeosphagetio
    Memeosphagetio Hace 8 meses

    The only black person right in the back has the balls to be there huh

  • theothermax
    theothermax Hace 8 meses

    Anyone see the guy using a banana as a phone??!! 0:21

  • Big Momentum
    Big Momentum Hace 8 meses

    Ayyyyyeeeee I’m from MN too
    Not tryna sound racist but at 0:26 my expectations were on point (behind Guillermo)

  • Christina Dellanno
    Christina Dellanno Hace 8 meses


  • Al Primordial
    Al Primordial Hace 8 meses

    I'd love to eat that mess of her naked body.

  • TheVJProduction
    TheVJProduction Hace 8 meses

    You can see kortney Olson on pornhub.

  • Juliana Bocik
    Juliana Bocik Hace 8 meses


  • BP_11
    BP_11 Hace 8 meses

    Watermelon lives matter

  • Nick Boiz
    Nick Boiz Hace 8 meses

    Anyone realise cortny had a default fortnite tattoo

  • Jayden O
    Jayden O Hace 8 meses

    Can I get a sub I need subs

  • your average white guy
    your average white guy Hace 8 meses

    They put a Mexican guy by a watermelon stand.......

  • Martha Barajas
    Martha Barajas Hace 8 meses

    Imagine your eating her out and she orgasms and her immediate reaction was to close her thighs and flex her butt cheeks

  • Josh Steele
    Josh Steele Hace 8 meses

    I feel bad that she seems to think she has something to prove to anyone, her bravado is overbearing... ugh, "feminism", yuck. Good for her I guess...

  • Can we get 5,000 subs without a video

    Never 👏 skip 👏 leg 👏 day 👏

  • Finesse 水 Steve
    Finesse 水 Steve Hace 8 meses

    thats what i call *thunder thighs*

  • JackMehuff Gud
    JackMehuff Gud Hace 8 meses


  • Sxlent 3N3RGY
    Sxlent 3N3RGY Hace 8 meses +1

    Never get her mad when your having sex with her

  • Matias
    Matias Hace 8 meses

    Is it only me who doesnt really like girls with that much muscle?

  • Gabby Lee
    Gabby Lee Hace 8 meses

    Who else was squeezing there tights together which she was

  • Tsm myth
    Tsm myth Hace 8 meses

    Pussymelon nasty

  • Mohamed Abdi
    Mohamed Abdi Hace 8 meses

    Thank God, Am not watermelon 🍉.

  • Dillion Houston
    Dillion Houston Hace 8 meses

    That watermelon died a man

  • logan martel
    logan martel Hace 8 meses

    The black guy in the back patiently waiting for his watermelon 😁 we're the Kool aid at tho💀💀

  • Keren Lacadin
    Keren Lacadin Hace 8 meses

    Tagging the SloMo Guys...

  • Antonio Cruz
    Antonio Cruz Hace 8 meses

    My grandma pik Dem watermelons from dem fields

  • Chim Ney
    Chim Ney Hace 8 meses

    Ooh.. .Courtney.....forgive me baby...dont hurt me..

  • Suga Mochi
    Suga Mochi Hace 8 meses

    I was here when they filmed this!!

  • Why Me?
    Why Me? Hace 8 meses


  • Emily Kezer
    Emily Kezer Hace 8 meses

    Oh my god Art was so funny

  • Max Headroom
    Max Headroom Hace 8 meses

    I had a Honeydew Melon a couple of days ago I like to be controversial.

  • Naruto kpoplover
    Naruto kpoplover Hace 8 meses

    WALTER!!!!! Where’s Yolanda at???

  • Uncle Ruckus
    Uncle Ruckus Hace 8 meses

    rachel madcow with tats
    and they gave her one that was over ripe

  • Uncle Ruckus
    Uncle Ruckus Hace 8 meses

    rachel madcow with tats
    and they gave her one that was over ripe

  • djinvinceable
    djinvinceable Hace 8 meses

    I’m in love

  • Uncle Ruckus
    Uncle Ruckus Hace 8 meses

    i missed that day
    much more important to the black communitay
    than MLK day or black mystery month

  • LifeIsGood
    LifeIsGood Hace 8 meses

    Nobody ever gonna go down on her

  • davincci tatchim
    davincci tatchim Hace 8 meses

    I want her to squeeze my head while I give her head

  • sean ahmed
    sean ahmed Hace 8 meses

    i last old guy was so adorable

  • james trump
    james trump Hace 8 meses

    i feel uncomfortable from watching this