Insane Water Slides!

  • Publicado el 1 abr 2021
  • We found and reacted to the world's craziest water slides. If you watch to the end you'll see my favorite one.
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Comentarios • 19 829

    TUBERIDES Hace 2 años +30914

    Thanks for reacting to our water slide videos! Great to see that you guys like the slides here in Europe :D

    • no channel guy
      no channel guy Hace un mes

      how did they see this

    • Monkey Bros!
      Monkey Bros! Hace 4 meses

      New it

    • Emirates A380
      Emirates A380 Hace 5 meses


    • Heather Glueck
      Heather Glueck Hace 6 meses

      I didn't get to go run two people and ask them if they're good at building and then if they're good at beyond them you can use them to help you build a water park Mr beast horror Park

  • Savage_beast 1012
    Savage_beast 1012 Hace un año +557

    I’ve been on a water slide with a trapdoor, and I can tell you the drop is pretty scary. But the initial sliding is fun.

    • hdrew391
      hdrew391 Hace 18 días


    • Steelboy 💀
      Steelboy 💀 Hace 7 meses

      Water just splashes in your face

    • Emily
      Emily Hace 7 meses +1

      I have been on one too it is scary when the floor drops but overall really fun

    • The Chill Reaper
      The Chill Reaper Hace 9 meses +3

      I HAVE TTOO they seal you up then drop

      COSMETIC WAVE Hace 11 meses +2

      It was terrifying

  • ZX Ninja Animations
    ZX Ninja Animations Hace un año +426

    Jimmy:”Tell me the difference between skydiving and this water slide”
    Me:”There’s no parachute.”

    • action Jackson
      action Jackson Hace 15 días

      I did that slide so much fun it is the highest water slide in the world

    • Maddie Playz What
      Maddie Playz What Hace 29 días


    • Coleman Eaton
      Coleman Eaton Hace un mes

      Shark Tank

    • Paul Mildon
      Paul Mildon Hace un mes

      Yea just 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Paul Mildon
      Paul Mildon Hace un mes

      I want to go to a waterpark 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 I haven’t been in 7 years😢

  • Alysha The Wolf
    Alysha The Wolf Hace 4 meses +7

    How Jimmy and Chris rate watersides:
    Does it give me a seizure? Makes me claustrophobic? I wanna pass out? No? It’s terrible then

  • Night Shadow N
    Night Shadow N Hace un año +546

    Time stamp 1:48
    That slide was known for being the world's tallest waterslide, however it was shut down for being so deadly that a boy was decapitated on his ride, of which the ride was torn down

    • Zoomer4U
      Zoomer4U Hace 5 días

      @HazardGamingHG his seatbelt came loose and when the slide got to the next peak, he flew out of his seat and hit the netting meant to keep the raft on the slide

    • Nick S
      Nick S Hace 3 meses


    • Kyndall2good4u
      Kyndall2good4u Hace 4 meses


    • Weirdosdancing
      Weirdosdancing Hace 6 meses

      I saw that

    • A Majumder
      A Majumder Hace 6 meses


  • DragonKoi
    DragonKoi Hace 11 días +2

    As someone who went in the waterside with the fish and sharks, it was amazing and I highly suggest it :)

  • P0LAND
    P0LAND Hace 2 años +30415

    Can Confirm We Have Good Poles ;)

  • Leonard Salinas
    Leonard Salinas Hace un año +418

    Once the pandemic ends I want you and the rest of the boys to try out one of these waterslides

    • imMalpa
      imMalpa Hace 8 meses +1

      I wanna see them do daredevil drop at emerald point!

    • Human_Volcano0insane
      Human_Volcano0insane Hace 9 meses +2

      @Benjamin Bui cool how

    • Canter106
      Canter106 Hace un año +2


    • John Marston
      John Marston Hace un año +1

      I've once been to the longest waterside in the world before the pandemic

    • Skylar Perry
      Skylar Perry Hace un año +3

      OMG YES

  • ceetu
    ceetu Hace un año +242

    The water slide at 1:40 is at Schlitterbahn Waterpark in Kansas City. The park is now permanently closed because a 10 y/o boy was flung out of the slide and was decapitated. That water slide was one of the tallest water slides in the world, and it’s now shut down.

  • AshHeart
    AshHeart Hace 5 días

    I’m surprised that the shark water slide in the Golden Nugget Las Vegas NV wasn’t on the list. One of the most gorgeous pools I’ve ever been in.

  • Saturns
    Saturns Hace un año +694

    Who else literally feels like ESclips is their best friend during Covid?

  • Ninjixz
    Ninjixz Hace 7 meses +11

    I’ve been on the serpent slide in the Bahamas and it was crazy, you guys should try it 😁👍

  • RainbowX
    RainbowX Hace 2 años +9050

    Next video:
    Riding the most expensive waterslide

  • Dragon's Flame
    Dragon's Flame Hace un año +79

    The slides with the trapdoors are AMAZING. I’ve been on one and it is scary but so fun

    • HollyyisonYT
      HollyyisonYT Hace 7 meses

      @TickledOnions I went in one when I was 8, I turned out ok?

    • TickledOnions
      TickledOnions Hace un año

      u have to be heavy enough or u get stuck

    • Kyle Lewis
      Kyle Lewis Hace un año +1

      Can confirm! Kalahari in Wisconsin dells has three and they are exhilarating! Just rode them on Tuesday.

  • Anikeebs
    Anikeebs Hace un año +4

    Anyone else wants the beast crew to test the craziest water slides

  • Kinli Lindsey
    Kinli Lindsey Hace un año +2

    Y’all should travel and go on some!! It would be awesome

  • cherryxarts
    cherryxarts Hace un año +72

    The coolest waterslide I've ever been one is in Germany, they make u stand on top of a trapdoor that literally sends u down a completely horizontal pipe and one of those almost-loopings, it is scary af but I love it

    • malnisMax5
      malnisMax5 Hace 9 meses


    • Florin Euler
      Florin Euler Hace un año

      Is it this Rocket at Aqualand?

    • Gollom
      Gollom Hace un año

      Where in Germany please?

    • melodri
      melodri Hace un año +1

      There is one slide similar to yours in Singapore, and I went on it. It was so scary lol😟

  • Claire McTavish
    Claire McTavish Hace 4 meses +2

    I’m just wondering if chris is standing on the box because he looks short.😂😂

  • Ryan Christensen
    Ryan Christensen Hace 2 años +471

    Jimmy: "Tell me the difference between jumping out of a plane and going down this water slide."
    Me: "One has water."

  • 3b Universe
    3b Universe Hace un año +3

    As a German....i can confirm we have good waterslides

  • Tylar Carr
    Tylar Carr Hace un año +4

    Six Flags STL has a water slide like the drop one at the end. Can confirm it’s as terrifying as it sounds

  • gball321
    gball321 Hace 6 meses +3

    theres a waterslide in vegas that has a 30 million dollar aquarium built in it @golden nugget , i stayed there it was amazing , i loved every second of it i deff needa goto the atlantis resort one in Bahamas !!

  • When is 2.2?
    When is 2.2? Hace un año +6

    " Poland has good poles" I appreciate that because I am half Polish

  • s
    s Hace 11 meses +7

    The water slide at 5:15 is at Schlitterbahn Galveston & it’s the tallest water slide. I’ve been on it before coming from Houston with family. It’s my favorite waterpark, it’s so worth it.

  • Moses Wolf
    Moses Wolf Hace 2 años +215

    Mr Beast: Is afraid of glass underwater slides
    Also Mr Beast: Was buried alive 6ft under ground for 50 hours

  • _caleb_nyc._
    _caleb_nyc._ Hace un año +3

    editor deserves a raise

  • Zen
    Zen Hace un año +11

    All of these water slides look dope. Now I really want to ride them

  • 𝙴𝚖𝚒𝚕𝚢 𝙶𝚛𝚊𝚗𝚐𝚎𝚛

    Jimmy and Chris: that slide was epic!
    New slide comes in: ...what...
    Brazil: Hey! Come back

  • Choxecko7
    Choxecko7 Hace un año +2

    Saying those were some pretty cool water slides is a massive understatement

  • Hi!
    Hi! Hace 7 meses +3

    Those are crazy alright :d I would never go down those 😅

  • Brissa Perez
    Brissa Perez Hace 2 años +673

    After spending 50 hour in a coffin this is what makes jimmy laugh😂

      TAJALA SEYAR Hace 2 años

      Yes hahhahah

    • Gameplay Animation
      Gameplay Animation Hace 2 años

      I love you everyone 😇

    • WhiteLion Official
      WhiteLion Official Hace 2 años


  • SixxxBelow Zero
    SixxxBelow Zero Hace un año +3

    Can confirm Wisconsin has pretty good waterslides

  • Not_a_Shroom
    Not_a_Shroom Hace un año +72

    Chris: there is one thing the germans can do!
    also Chris: G O O D W A T E R S L I D E S

  • ivy_leaf
    ivy_leaf Hace 6 meses +1

    Also Mr Beast: Can you die? YES 10/10

  • Itz.P!ng
    Itz.P!ng Hace un año +3

    Thank you that you like the German waterslides ☻︎

  • Caitlin Piggy
    Caitlin Piggy Hace 8 meses +2

    The shark waterslide in the Bahamas was very fun, I went down it and I would recommend it!

  • Jay k
    Jay k Hace 2 años +643

    Chris: There is one thing Germans can do, good water slides
    Me being a German: Thanks man

    • Parlon
      Parlon Hace 2 años

      Theresa Flock Me too

    • Parlon
      Parlon Hace 2 años

      @HappySword258 Miramar ?

    • Diego Brando
      Diego Brando Hace 2 años

      German engineering

    • Yond3r
      Yond3r Hace 2 años

      And Fußball

    • Ethan Penny
      Ethan Penny Hace 2 años

      @Angry mommm I thought it was gonna be a rickroll 😂

  • A L I E N Gaming - Jack
    A L I E N Gaming - Jack Hace un año +33

    If Jimmy thinks THAT is crazy, wait until he finds out you can put on oxygen gear and literally walk with the sharks in that tank

  • Schattendrache
    Schattendrache Hace un año +2

    Chris says "There is one thing that Germans can do; good water slides."
    Me "Ouch Chris. That hurt."

  • itz mia!
    itz mia! Hace 11 meses +1

    i went on the water slide in the Bahamas!! It was so fun!!! There’s an even crazier one tho!! U should react to it!!! :))

  • Rose Last
    Rose Last Hace un año +20

    I love those water slides that the floor drops! There so fun! lol

  • Beary 11
    Beary 11 Hace 10 meses +1

    It’s funny that they brought up chocolate and burgers together and they ended up making a company for both

  • FtH ART
    FtH ART Hace 2 años +898

    Mrbeasts next video: sliding down the worlds biggest water slide for 100 hours

    • MisterTwisterBee
      MisterTwisterBee Hace 2 años

      @Kuro tomioka how will I know names?

    • Kuro tomioka
      Kuro tomioka Hace 2 años

      @MisterTwisterBee like who?😂

    • MisterTwisterBee
      MisterTwisterBee Hace 2 años

      @Kuro tomioka do u expect me to know names? just hired a damn highly trained pilot

    • Kuro tomioka
      Kuro tomioka Hace 2 años

      @MisterTwisterBee name one then😏😂

    • MisterTwisterBee
      MisterTwisterBee Hace 2 años

      @Kuro tomioka professionals

  • alohaxxroblox
    alohaxxroblox Hace un año +1

    i went on both of the Bahamas waterslides when i was 6. they were so fun!!

  • Greg Soon
    Greg Soon Hace un año

    Damn Mr Beast is really good at reacting to videos. A+ reacting.

  • Mason (LittleGemy)
    Mason (LittleGemy) Hace 3 meses +3

    The water slides in Wisconsin dells are really good, you two should go for sure

  • Małgorzata Gruszczyńska
    Małgorzata Gruszczyńska Hace un año +14

    Thanks Jimmy and Chris for saying that poland has the best poles and I am Polish. Dzienki

  • the Cantina fan
    the Cantina fan Hace 7 meses +3

    I loved it :D

  • Ayaaz.
    Ayaaz. Hace 2 años +145

    He'll soon start his very own amusement park!

  • The Meister
    The Meister Hace un año +6

    I went to Waterworld when visiting some friends in Concord, CA, and there were some really epic slides there, I wish they were on this.

  • Kacey Dia
    Kacey Dia Hace un año +4

    Have y'all never been on a waterslide that DROPS? I feel like I see them everywhere tbh. They're really fun :D

  • Caio D. Andrade
    Caio D. Andrade Hace un año +14

    I'm going to the most insane water slides in Brazil in March, comeback in June to see if I lived through it.

    • elmo
      elmo Hace un año

      salute 🤝

  • Stink the Dog
    Stink the Dog Hace un año +64

    When I was 10 I went on one of the floor dropping ones on a cruise ship- the drop was way bigger then it looked, but it was so fun

  • Anna Jędrzejczak
    Anna Jędrzejczak Hace 5 meses +2

    I'm polish and English but I know that Poland isn't much but there are so many waterside and really fun rolar coaster

    IVAN RAPHAEL QUINTANO Hace 2 años +171

    We are all happy that this channel is getting revived

    • W
      W Hace 2 años

      @Gameplay Animation thx appreciate it

    • Gameplay Animation
      Gameplay Animation Hace 2 años +1

      I love you everyone 😇

  • Samuel Vazquez
    Samuel Vazquez Hace un año

    that moment when your hometown has an epic water slide and mr. beast actually noticed it :)

  • RedFireDragon87
    RedFireDragon87 Hace un año +3

    For someone who has done the shark tube thing in the Bahamas I gotta say it was Awesome!!!

  • Lucasd00fus
    Lucasd00fus Hace 9 meses +3

    I can confirm that the water slide in Wisconsin is super fun

  • 1FountCreations
    1FountCreations Hace un año

    I've been on the ride shown after the German one. It's called Ray Rush and it's in Aquatica which is in Orlando, FL. Y'all should to a challenge to ride every slide there :)

  • jacob page
    jacob page Hace 8 meses +1

    Jimmy: the ground beneath you also drops
    Me thinking: RELEASE THE HOUNDS

  • ⠀
     Hace 2 años +332

    fun fact: The oldest “your mom” joke was discovered on a 3'500-year-old Babylonian tablet. :))

  • ringo
    ringo Hace un año +14

    7:57 literally my favorite part of the video

  • GO GO zepeli
    GO GO zepeli Hace un año

    Carowinds has one of those floor drop slides and can confirm terrifying

  • JAY GAZA 357
    JAY GAZA 357 Hace un año +1

    Bro your videos always cheer me up😇

  • 𝚐𝚘𝚋𝚕𝚒𝚗𝚌𝚘𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚗𝚍𝚝𝚎𝚊

    I was listening to this on MAX volume, and when Chris said the slide looked like the inside of a creeper, my brothers heard, and ran in my room screaming "AW MAN!"

  • momo j
    momo j Hace 2 meses

    the trapdoor water slides are so fun

  • M W
    M W Hace 2 años +164

    Imagine these guys had kids and told them bedtime stories... entertaining indeed

    • Qwaurts
      Qwaurts Hace 2 años

      I would die

    • King CRAB
      King CRAB Hace 2 años


    • Theo-ussy
      Theo-ussy Hace 2 años

      Chris has a son

    • fai ali
      fai ali Hace 2 años +3

      what about tucker...

    • M W
      M W Hace 2 años +1

      @Cloud Exists with women

  • Panther Participation awards

    Anyone else laugh when he said getting slammed into ur sister and jimmy just stares at him 😂😂😂

  • CentralScotlandBuses
    CentralScotlandBuses Hace un año

    I’m Suprised That Massive 4-Person Waterslide At The Time-capsule In Glasgow In Scotland Wasn’t Here.
    It’s Insane!

  • Rose
    Rose Hace 10 meses +3

    Props to the editor 🙌🙌👏👏

  • Merron Johnson
    Merron Johnson Hace un año +36

    i went on the wisconsin water slide at like eight years old and it in fact was the scariest thing i’ve ever done

    • Wolf _-_Gamer1
      Wolf _-_Gamer1 Hace un año

      @Chriskat yeah

    • Chriskat
      Chriskat Hace un año

      Wisconsin dudes are... questionable

    • BeeBow
      BeeBow Hace un año +2

      It’s what we do

  • Za_Bucci  -.-
    Za_Bucci -.- Hace 8 meses +1

    honored to have gone on the brazilian water slide that appeared in 2:54

    • Mary Golob
      Mary Golob Hace 4 meses

      You are insane if u did that

  • abdullah akhtar
    abdullah akhtar Hace 2 años +250

    Chris: “That is like being sealed in a coffin”
    Jimmy:''And i took that personally ''

    • Ok
      Ok Hace 2 años

      Why is there so many spammers?

    • Regen Palkar
      Regen Palkar Hace 2 años +3

      Spammers above me

  • Emchugh69
    Emchugh69 Hace un año +2

    These slides are insane!

  • FablesArts
    FablesArts Hace un año +130

    1:41 is Verukt, a water slide that shut down years ago after a young boy was decapitated on the ride. His seatbelt wasn’t secure, and the ride opened early, despite warnings from professionals.

    • justin
      justin Hace un año +3

      it was the uneven weight of the raft since there were two bigger women behind him the weight was uneven in the front since he weight so little which cause the raft to fly up and him hitting his head on one of the poles supporting the net.

    • Delusion
      Delusion Hace un año

      That’s really sad :(

    • Awesome Gaming
      Awesome Gaming Hace un año

      @ceetu oh yeah that’s right

    • ceetu
      ceetu Hace un año +1

      @Awesome Gaming 2016

    • Awesome Gaming
      Awesome Gaming Hace un año +1

      It shut down in 2012

  • Starry Agent99
    Starry Agent99 Hace 7 meses

    Omg, the “WRONG LEVER” from Emperor’s New Groove at 7:49 killed me 🤣

  • Super Steve gaming,shorts and vlogs

    The sync around 1:49 I love it

  • Lazy Dave
    Lazy Dave Hace 6 horas

    Jimmy and Chris: " is that a saw??"
    Nope just a piece a foam mat, sorry boys.

  • How many subscribers can I get with no videos

    Chris: “I would throw up.”
    Also Chris: “This is cool!”

    • Jay
      Jay Hace 2 años

      @Lucci Stream sorry to say this but your channel isn't going to get popular

  • /- lilslice -\
    /- lilslice -\ Hace un año +22

    4:23 I have been to a water slide very similar to that I just gotta say you will have the most fear you’ve ever had because you go almost completely sideways and it is amazing.

    • Noah Titans
      Noah Titans Hace 5 meses +2

      I went on the Hurricane at the Wilderness Resort and The Smoke that Thunders at Kalahari Resort they are both flush tube slides

  • So He
    So He Hace un año +45

    Jimmy: WHAT?!

  • NoodleArmzGames
    NoodleArmzGames Hace un año +1

    Jimmy being more interested in the manakin man than the slide itself.

  • Austinice09
    Austinice09 Hace un año

    A roller coaster version of this would be cool

  • Octobro_YT
    Octobro_YT Hace 3 meses +1

    “Poland isn’t really known for anything”
    Germany: *hold my beer*

  • Sabrina N
    Sabrina N Hace 2 años +32

    You and the boys NEED to do a main channel video in a water park now 👀

    • Pixie
      Pixie Hace 2 años


  • S@mmy & S@brina _gAmiNg_

    I actually went to one of these water slides in Bahamas and it was fun!

  • Joshua Beck
    Joshua Beck Hace un año

    Fun fact entering those donut toilet bowls usually drops you at gives you bruises

  • Camron Frederick
    Camron Frederick Hace 8 meses +1

    Germany 🇩🇪 does have good slides and pools.

  • ItzNov4
    ItzNov4 Hace un año

    I got on that last one before,it was so awesome!! Btw amazing video!!

  • Darius Drives
    Darius Drives Hace un año

    I rode one of these slides, there epic!

    MLG BOI Hace 2 años +63

    Imagine Karl riding on one of them. There was no way he wouldn’t scream during those rides

  • Devens Daily Show
    Devens Daily Show Hace un año +1

    We have one just like the slide in wisconsin in Louisiana. It is scary as hell but super fun.

    • Amelia Armstrong
      Amelia Armstrong Hace un año

      Wait what! Why I haven’t I heard about this?? Where is it?

  • YPGAMER 5727
    YPGAMER 5727 Hace un año +1

    The editor is very talented

  • The Spelling Bee
    The Spelling Bee Hace 27 días

    That shark one is from the Bahamas 🎉 I love it 🥰❤

  • Maya I quit :
    Maya I quit : Hace un año

    Y’all should make a water slide place because it’s Chris said he wants too and i personally think I’d be a good idea for a video!!!!

  • AdelinePearl
    AdelinePearl Hace 4 meses

    I would freak out if I went on any of these!

  • Kitty 🌺
    Kitty 🌺 Hace 2 años +135

    Chris: “That is like being sealed in a coffin”
    Jimmy: “Yea. I’ve done that, no biggie.”

  • Kiren Melissant
    Kiren Melissant Hace un año

    I remember this one waterslide at a campsite in the Netherlands where you had to smack lamps on your way down and you'd get points for each lamp you got and how fast you went

  • Dagmar Curiel
    Dagmar Curiel Hace un año +1

    Wow.........I'll scream if I was in one of those water slides.
    Just wow!

  • Commander Tecdragon
    Commander Tecdragon Hace 5 meses

    I’m watching recently and I now realized that when jimmy was joking about adding chocolate to a hamburger, he now sells both hamburgers and chocolate