• Publicado el 12 jul 2017
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    Yep a story time here on this channel because I didn't feel the other one on my vlog channel was complete. Also there was new footage from Nate Figgs that further proved (even though everyone on the circuits knew) my arguments. I hope you guys enjoy this one as much as I enjoyed telling it. Let me know if you would like to hear more stories from my competitive eating days!
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    Daniel W. Thompson Hace 4 horas

    DO IT

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    oliver closehoff Hace 22 horas

    wow whata fat delusional hillbilly

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    Grow it

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    SuperSalvador Hace 2 días

    Who came from the competition video? Lol

  • Mexican cartel !
    Mexican cartel ! Hace 2 días

    Grow it bro

  • Spacedog1232 YT
    Spacedog1232 YT Hace 2 días

    Mouth of the south more like dick of the south

  • TalkingOwl9082
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    Do it

  • Mark shaz
    Mark shaz Hace 3 días

    Yes please do more of these and beat him every time 😂😂

  • Mark shaz
    Mark shaz Hace 3 días

    Don’t do it

  • Bill Shaw
    Bill Shaw Hace 3 días

    @Furious Pete you Should check out Tony’s in Birch Run MI. Their portions are a good amount. Example the have a bacon cheeseburger and Their is a pound of Bacon on it!

  • Bill Shaw
    Bill Shaw Hace 3 días

    I say your beard looks good the way it is! If you do decide to grow it shave off the mustache!

  • Tyler Woodall
    Tyler Woodall Hace 3 días

    Kill your self

  • Laura King
    Laura King Hace 3 días

    grow the beard its way better than a baby face

    KYBVLOG KARSON Hace 3 días

    Doooooo it

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    grow it

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    grow the beard

  • Arian playz HD
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    do it

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  • deathb4lies
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    Do it even if I'm late!! Men wear beards and especially after all you've been through you deserve that beard brotha.

  • Predy Juniartha
    Predy Juniartha Hace 5 días

    If ai see him aim will punc him and aim said fuck you cheater

  • Rage Repays
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  • Marcus Mcmillan
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    grow the beard

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    Do it!

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    That is so nasty

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    Just DO IT

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    Do it grow the beard

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    grow that bear drunk right no soiry

  • Sparssh Singh
    Sparssh Singh Hace 7 días

    Don't even know the guy n I'm from india

  • matthew milan
    matthew milan Hace 7 días

    Grown the fucking beard

  • ATR Unlimited
    ATR Unlimited Hace 8 días

    HEY! Get on with it!

  • iTz Newblood
    iTz Newblood Hace 8 días

    He's noob

  • Jason Matthews
    Jason Matthews Hace 8 días

    Grow it

    LUCAS Hace 8 días

    do it

  • kevin harring
    kevin harring Hace 8 días

    Grød a beard

  • Prakash Pujari
    Prakash Pujari Hace 8 días

    Do you think to come to india ? Love from india

  • XVikingX XDCX
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  • William Beckstead-Holman

    Grow the beard

  • Andrew Wilkinson
    Andrew Wilkinson Hace 9 días

    Go with it, my mums hair grew back really curly twice ( always been dead straight before )

  • Fine Haser
    Fine Haser Hace 9 días

    Do it my man

  • Dustin Myers
    Dustin Myers Hace 9 días

    I'm 14 now

  • Dustin Myers
    Dustin Myers Hace 9 días

    Im not lieing but I got cancer when i was 13 and did kemo for 1 year we whent to saltlake city its nice to see one of my favorite youtubers to go through that mye cancer was called Ewing carcoma I don't expect you to read this but I just wanted to get that out there

  • Chris Brady
    Chris Brady Hace 9 días


  • Etechlean Guitars
    Etechlean Guitars Hace 10 días

    dose itz

  • Sherie Brodigan
    Sherie Brodigan Hace 10 días

    That's why the immigrants on a full boat, not let into France were posted with a Dale hoodie on deck.

  • Rhys Plays 7
    Rhys Plays 7 Hace 10 días

    Grow it for 1 year hell yeh

  • Nuttyfoodiefitness
    Nuttyfoodiefitness Hace 10 días

    hahah full on exposeddddd

  • Christopher Durbin
    Christopher Durbin Hace 10 días

    ya do it

  • Vincent Hurd
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  • Odell777 Mobile Masters
    Odell777 Mobile Masters Hace 11 días

    yes grow your beard

  • Andrew Dacey
    Andrew Dacey Hace 11 días

    Grow it

  • Scott White
    Scott White Hace 11 días +3

    Anyone 2018??

  • SGT-_ Peanut
    SGT-_ Peanut Hace 12 días

    Yes pete Beard Army🕶 i got a 4 inch beard “reuzel” beard phoam is real good for your beard hydrates and drys in that its not oily good luck with the beard #BeardArmy🕶❤️

  • bannana man
    bannana man Hace 12 días

    do it

  • Eduardo Samano
    Eduardo Samano Hace 12 días

    If you shave your beard will grow back thicker.

  • SSJ Xavier
    SSJ Xavier Hace 12 días

    DO IT

  • Michael Deckert
    Michael Deckert Hace 13 días

    Grow your beard

  • Leon Alijevic
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  • DrewPlays 116
    DrewPlays 116 Hace 14 días

    "Competitive Eating"

    *competitive eating*

  • Lynette Dundon
    Lynette Dundon Hace 14 días

    Maybe they should use clear cups?

  • Nicholas Leavitt
    Nicholas Leavitt Hace 14 días

    Yes beard. I love that you exposed him and pulled the food out of the cups. I would have had a hard time resisting swinging on that asshole.

  • Marko Aleksic
    Marko Aleksic Hace 14 días

    Do it do it

  • Bryce Sabio Narbonita
    Bryce Sabio Narbonita Hace 14 días

    Wow what a cheater

  • shaker alfaouri
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  • King Of the south
    King Of the south Hace 14 días

    What if pete body slams his girlfrend

  • Urban Kitsune
    Urban Kitsune Hace 15 días

    Why does one of the fattest guys I have ever seen need to cheat at an eating contest?

  • Tamira Chinganga
    Tamira Chinganga Hace 15 días

    About a week ago

  • Tamara A
    Tamara A Hace 15 días

    Nope! Only one beard in C E !

  • martin Ries
    martin Ries Hace 15 días

    Do it

  • Joku Kk
    Joku Kk Hace 15 días

    Grow the beard

  • Blb_ reptiles
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  • Adam Rojas
    Adam Rojas Hace 15 días +1

    Pete im polska now that u got u got rid of the patches just use a trimmer to keep it nice and neat. I have a clse clean cut beard to

  • Monique Willer
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  • Ferguson Princess
    Ferguson Princess Hace 16 días

    Get a year beard 💪

  • ZackTheFox
    ZackTheFox Hace 16 días

    Me: *sees him cheating* hmmm what to do....oh i know! *pours his water out secretly* Cheater: WHAT THE HECK HOW
    me: haha get rekt

  • bosler 05
    bosler 05 Hace 16 días

    For 5 weeks

  • jim saltaferos
    jim saltaferos Hace 16 días

    groooo this bad boy

  • Sharman Dow
    Sharman Dow Hace 17 días

    grow your beard.... ;)

  • KFC
    KFC Hace 17 días

    Do it do it do it

  • Mookie Cookie
    Mookie Cookie Hace 17 días

    Man you talk too much that i got bored

  • Boneless Pizza
    Boneless Pizza Hace 17 días

    Grow beard? Like for yes dislike for no

  • luke houlston
    luke houlston Hace 18 días

    On the youtubes

  • Oscar Andersen
    Oscar Andersen Hace 18 días

    Do it

  • Rachel Sabbath
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  • Phoenix flame
    Phoenix flame Hace 18 días

    furious pete is cool shit from one pete to another

  • ll GoD ll ZACTUS
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    geekachu05 that's right Hace 18 días

    Do it

  • LookzkD Roblox
    LookzkD Roblox Hace 18 días

    Do it

  • SparhamTricks
    SparhamTricks Hace 19 días

    Pete, grow your beard for the whole year. You can stop anytime but the number of months left is how many thousands you need to donate to cancer research

  • julian monserrate
    julian monserrate Hace 19 días

    Grow It!

  • ab de
    ab de Hace 20 días

    A couple of questions come up here: Are you saying that he is the tallest and/or heaviest cheater?And if you practice engaging your Chi while eating, are you a chi eater?

  • Christian Fees
    Christian Fees Hace 20 días

    Do it

  • TheRockerGuy1988
    TheRockerGuy1988 Hace 20 días

    Hey pete, milton ont says hi

  • Conall McG
    Conall McG Hace 20 días

    Love it how he plugs his channel and Canada in the same minute

  • EulePlays
    EulePlays Hace 20 días


  • Zack Williamson
    Zack Williamson Hace 20 días

    Yes share away Pete I've been watching u since ur 1st video when I was in high school we watched u all the time snap foward almost 10 years my buddy that got me into food is gone so when I watch these videos I feel like he's here with me watching ur new videos so to hear about the older days would be awesome probably make me think about other times me and him had watching u I have forgot about anyway keep up the videos man all enjoy watching you