Monthly sales of 1,000,000 dollars?! Detroit pizza with amazing toppings. / Korean street food

  • Publicado el 14 dic 2021
  • Monthly sales of 1,000,000 dollars?! Detroit pizza with amazing toppings. / Amazing detroit pizza master / Korean street food
    Hello. I'm [JJIN-Food]. Finding and introducing street food and delicious restaurants is my great happiness. Enjoy the video and have a good day:)♥
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    Detroit Pizza
    💲 Price: KRW 18,000 (USD 15.0)
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  • 찐푸드 JJin Food
    찐푸드 JJin Food  Hace 5 meses +434

    ★오늘은 서울 압구정의 '맥주덕후 피자덕후' 입니다. 영상 재미있게 시청해주세요~!!☺💕 (구독♥ & 좋아요👍) ※주소: 서울특별시 강남구 신사동 선릉로157길 23 2층. ★Today video is 'Detroit Pizza' sold at abgu-jeong,seoul. (※Restaurant name: 맥주덕후 피자덕후). Please enjoy the video~!☺💕 (Subscribe♥ & like👍)

  • eckankar
    eckankar Hace 5 meses +521

    The details into each pizza is amazing. The preparation of the short ribs for the BBQ pizza must have taken most of the day. I've made my own pizza for 50 years, I'm stepping up my game now. I do my dough the same way, I make mine in a cast iron skillet, fry it a bit on the stove, then bake it, flip it over then add the toppings and bake again.

    • kayla monique
      kayla monique Hace un día

      @Liz Steeds this isnt even america, that pizza looked bomb asf. the meat and everything looked amazing. go eat dog food or smt

    • kayla monique
      kayla monique Hace un día

      @Dorian Dundee wtf do u eat then? dog food?

    • Lonnie & Darha Lynn O’Quinn
      Lonnie & Darha Lynn O’Quinn Hace 16 días

      Sounds wonderful

  • God, Love & Family
    God, Love & Family Hace un mes +36

    I wanted to eat everything before they put it on the pizza! It's amazing how much time and effort they put into this.

    BUXBE Hace un mes +52

    The world of food logistics is extraordinary. I love how most Asian YT videos have no music or sound effects. Just records it as it is. Classy. :)

  • Jon
    Jon Hace un mes +38

    In high school, I had a part time job at a pizzeria. I was in charge of prepping all the ingredients. Dough, sauce, cheese, etc. This video bring back memories of carefree days and my ever lasting love for pizza.

    • Warisss
      Warisss Hace 18 días

      what are the ingredients used in the sauce and marination for beef

    • Sam Homami
      Sam Homami Hace un mes +2

      Currently in university working part time at a pizzeria. Also opener and so prep is with me too. Its great, get to learn + I love being able to use a wood/stone oven :)

    • Mix videos
      Mix videos Hace un mes +3

      Tell me ingredients in this video

  • Barbara Thomanek
    Barbara Thomanek Hace un día +1

    Absolutely mind blowing! I would love to try a piece of each of those delicious looking pizzas. Keep the videos coming. Thanks!

    • Barbara Thomanek
      Barbara Thomanek Hace 12 horas

      @Eppie Chan I'd even be willing to pay for each with shipping. I'm sure I could find enough friends to share them with.

    • Eppie Chan
      Eppie Chan Hace 16 horas

      Yes! I'm not greedy! Just one bite of each pizza is enough. Total 6 bites! How much for a bite? 😋😋😋😋😋😋

  • heather mader
    heather mader Hace 5 meses +847

    I've been a professional chef for 20 years - and what I love about watching these Korean videos, is the LAYERING of flavors and techniques they use to achieve the end results. I can imagine how each step tastes, and each ingredient adding its little flair to the dish. Marinate in Mustard, Sous Vide, then Slather with homemade sauce, then broil, then smoke, then slice an put on top of an already delicious looking pizza...hell, yes. !!!! :) 😊

  • Brother
    Brother Hace un mes +22

    Initially thought that the jalapeno-only pizza got the short stick compared with the others, but when they added the ribs *chef’s kiss*
    Thank you for the video! Mouth-watering!

  • Alexandre
    Alexandre Hace 22 días +1

    Hmmm que delícia!! Esse molho de tomate é de encher os olhos!!

  • Shane Vermij
    Shane Vermij Hace 2 meses +10

    It is absolutely amazing to see how much time and effort these people put into every aspect of what they make, effortlessly. One can only come d them they are brilliant

  • Emanuelle
    Emanuelle Hace un mes +2

    Uau!!! Deu água na boca!! 🤩🤤🤤🤤😋😋😋😋😋

  • tim baumberg
    tim baumberg Hace 3 meses +248

    Great production in this video. Editing, lighting, arrangement, sound. But by far the most amazing part of the whole what they produce at the end of it. THE FOOD! I would book a flight to Korea for no other reason than to eat at this place!

    • Александр Aleksandr
      Александр Aleksandr Hace un mes

      Не могу терпеть! Пойду съём что-нибудь.

    • Ami Pagol823
      Ami Pagol823 Hace un mes


    • Omar Ko
      Omar Ko Hace 2 meses

      I agree everything is perfect in this video, but how much would the flight cost you ?

    • ff
      ff Hace 2 meses +1

      @Don Naphen يا أيها الذين آمنو لا تلهكم اموالكم ولا اولادكم عن ذكر الله ومن يفعل ذالك فاولئك هم الخاسرون

    • ff
      ff Hace 2 meses +1

      يا أيها الذين آمنو لا تلهكم اموالكم ولا اولادكم عن ذكر الله ومن يفعل ذالك فاولئك هم الخاسرون.

  • Gerald Bowman
    Gerald Bowman Hace un mes +8

    What amazing creativity in the toppings! The flavor palette of each pizza looks extraordinarily unique.

  • Valéria Evangelista
    Valéria Evangelista Hace un mes +11

    Além do capricho no preparo, sem miséria nos ingredientes, e o mais importante qdo se trata de alimentação, a higiene. Luvas, toucas e máscara durante o preparo. Muitos brasileiros do ramo, estão longe de saber o que é isso.

  • PaulinhoCCC
    PaulinhoCCC Hace 28 días +5

    Ok, saindo para comer uma pizza... sonhando com essas ai 😋😋😋🍕🥓🍤🍕

  • ra dow
    ra dow Hace un mes +14

    The effort that goes into every detail is so nice.

  • AcidGlow
    AcidGlow Hace 4 meses +210

    wow.. that's pretty creative. Looks good. 😃

    • Nat Mol
      Nat Mol Hace un mes +1

      If you enjoy burnt crust... Knock yourself out.
      Like wait like what like bro like bruh like literally like a new like language like wait like what i like burnt crust like thumbs like up literally up like bro burnt literally crust wait like what like literally so annoying literally like wait what bullshit chat bruh 😑🤡🥊
      Clown world in full flow

    • HooDigong TT
      HooDigong TT Hace 2 meses

      I thought you were just being sarcastic but yeah its looks really good😋🤤

    • Samantha Gomez
      Samantha Gomez Hace 3 meses

      Ik right it's does Omg 😋😋😋😋😋

    • Art7220
      Art7220 Hace 3 meses

      Yeah, I think that's from Doctor Who at the beginning.

  • Leafy
    Leafy Hace un mes +7

    I would love to try these pizzas they look so yummy!!

  • Bishop👌🏾
    Bishop👌🏾 Hace 23 días

    It's the way that they use exact portions of ingredients so that the flavor is spreaded out evenly that makes me want one😋👌🏾💯🤤

  • Dave Joyce
    Dave Joyce Hace 24 días +1

    I wish these types of videos came with recipes. It’s always hard to assume what everything is in order to recreate it at home. Looks amazing though (minus those burnt greens 🥬)

  • Velin
    Velin Hace 2 meses +3

    I don't know alot about cooking but this blew my mind. It's like being there with the chef. Great sound. Mouth watering.

  • Michael Kaminski
    Michael Kaminski Hace 5 meses +201

    I have never seen so much love and attention to detail in making pizza that was like watching a masterclass amazing work guys you should be very proud of your work 👍

    • der Koprolalist
      der Koprolalist Hace 3 meses

      Hey. Möchten Sie jetzt auch behaupten, der Laden hat einen Michelin-Stern?!?

  • obiwon_ben
    obiwon_ben Hace un mes +8

    Oh My God, that looks absolutely delicious.

    BIPOLUR Hace un mes +3

    This food looks so yummy! I want to try one day!

  • chris
    chris Hace un mes +1

    They deserve every penny. The artistry is amazing. Great video👌👏

  • Ken Lanning
    Ken Lanning Hace 2 meses +7

    Love Korean food (miss the hell out of it), and greatly appreciate the time, attention to detail, and effort in this - but I never could get into Korean pizza

  • Navy Sisomphou
    Navy Sisomphou Hace 4 meses +271

    There is so much care and attention that goes into these pizzas my goodness!! 🍕😋

    • えっこ
      えっこ Hace 3 meses

      @DetroitBlood RunsInMe な

    • der Koprolalist
      der Koprolalist Hace 3 meses +1

      Jaah. Und soviel Fett und Acrylamid: Meine Herzkranzgefäße spielen nur vom zusehen verrückt ...

  • S G
    S G Hace 2 meses +8

    I was curious about the price for those pizza plates, so googled for the store menu. What a surprise! Actually not bad at all. $15 ~ $25 per plate. Sous vide ribs was an exception: $50/plate

    • fink more 111
      fink more 111 Hace un mes

      15 is okay, anything above for a pizza is a robbery in broad daylight. The ingredients cost him maybe two bucks per pizza (with the exeption of the smoked meat one).

    • yo
      yo Hace un mes +1

      @Erikan Attah it's in the video description and also in the pinned comment

    • Erikan Attah
      Erikan Attah Hace un mes

      what is the name of the restaurant if you don t mind me asking

  • Ryan Burr
    Ryan Burr Hace un mes +1

    Respect to the chef. Seriously amazing work. But it looks so rich! I could probably only eat one square. 😢

  • The Bronze
    The Bronze Hace un mes

    They look amazing, man I’m so hungry now 🍕

  • Tutankhamun
    Tutankhamun Hace un mes +2

    Wow that dough looks awesome 🤩

    ANCLOC NOTÍCIAS Hace 3 meses +68

    Fiquei impressionada foi com a tranquilidade em executar o passo a passo. Sem bagunça e sem correria. Deve ter ficado muito bom.

  • stanley 7
    stanley 7 Hace 2 meses +7

    Looks amazing I'm sure it tastes yummy 😋

  • Афанасий Степанов

    🔴Пока смотрел, чуть слюной не подавился🤦‍♂️

  • jermaine588
    jermaine588 Hace un mes +1

    Oommgg that's madness..boyyyyy I bet that's one of the best tasting pizza's in the world, the preparations are insane 😳

  • About Kitchen
    About Kitchen Hace 12 días

    Wow that looks absolutely amazing!!! Thanks for sharing
    Looks yummy and mouth watering

  • qpfj
    qpfj Hace 3 meses +133

    Wow, I could not stop watching the amazing detail to preparing Korean Detroit Style Pizza and the final delicious looking results. Damn, I wish I had this Korean Pizzeria here in town.

  • cryzz0n
    cryzz0n Hace un mes +60

    I've been a professional chef for 20 years - and what I love about watching these Korean videos, is the LAYERING of flavors and techniques they use to achieve the end results. I can imagine how each step tastes, and each ingredient adding its little flair to the dish. Marinate in Mustard, Sous Vide, then Slather with homemade sauce, then broil, then smoke, then slice an put on top of an already delicious looking pizza...hell, yes. !!!! :) 😊

    • ThatGuy
      ThatGuy Hace un mes

      I was gobsmacked. I was like, what's with the Michelin level stuff for a pizza, but DAMN! They hit it out of the park!

    • Ryan Kaoz
      Ryan Kaoz Hace un mes

      When I was stationed in Korea I never really enjoyed their pizza, and I tried a lot of their pizzas looking for good food.
      They tend to use a lot of sugar in their tomato sauce. Then a lot would have odd toppings I couldn't get into, like Kimchi or loads of veggies like a salad on top. You can see extra sweet sauces poured onto one on this video.
      I'm sure there's a good one somewhere in the country, but for an American pallet I couldn't find any. And I was only there for a year so that's definitely a limited search. Area 4 may have their own Pizza style I'm not sure.

    • Respected Local Gentleman
      Respected Local Gentleman Hace un mes

      I actually hold an MA in Gastronomic Arts from the University of Foodenheim and I concur, the whimsical panache of the magnanimously superfluous texture goes wonderfully with the radicchio and pizzle bizzle.

  • Cindy Chen
    Cindy Chen Hace 11 días

    These are heavenly flavor combos 😍😍😍

  • John Hmielewski
    John Hmielewski Hace 2 meses +3

    This is the first time I've seen a sea food pizza in my life! 41 years

  • Grace Wang
    Grace Wang Hace un mes +2

    omg their ingredients, techniques, equipments r amazing!!! It really smthg that u cant recook at home, so im willing to pay high for this! that chef..its trully called a person who knows what theyre xactly doing~
    As a cheeselovers, that cheese one fuvkin tempting me!!! square pizza also unique~
    Anw... is that porkbone that they make for broth??

  • Letlet Napacia
    Letlet Napacia Hace 3 meses +80

    One of the many things that I love about Korea is that they are generous when it comes to their food businesses. Their foods are pricey sometimes, but you know, worth it! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Rodrigo Macias
    Rodrigo Macias Hace un mes +2

    Todo un Arte !.... Exelente.... Felicidades... saludos Desde Guadalajara Jalisco México.

  • Charlie B
    Charlie B Hace 2 meses +1

    I need to try these pizzas OMG

  • Venkat Narayan
    Venkat Narayan Hace 20 días

    Even though I'm pure vegetarian, still love watching those getting cooked.

  • Jan
    Jan Hace un hora

    WOW!! YUM!! I kept thinking they were done, but they kept adding more and more stuff on the pizzas! Is there one of these in Sarasota???

  • Matthew Bandmann
    Matthew Bandmann Hace 5 meses +244

    That barbecue pizza was absolutely brilliant!!!! Well done chef ! They all looked amazing

  • Zainab Dashti
    Zainab Dashti Hace un mes +3

    Seen for first time this kind of video with so details in pizza. hope i could taste it, looks yummy

  • Benjamin Ward
    Benjamin Ward Hace 2 meses +1

    So professional I'd love to try theses 💓 great video

  • Tony Baze
    Tony Baze Hace 16 días

    I love Korean because they are so generous with their portions

  • Dan Ortiz
    Dan Ortiz Hace un mes

    That Jalapeno's rib pizza looks amazing. Wow.

  • Maoricio
    Maoricio Hace 5 meses +105

    Wow the crazy details brought to each pizza from start to finish and the amount of beautiful combinations it's absolutely brilliant! 12/10 work!

  • Edy Rojas
    Edy Rojas Hace 2 meses

    Deu até vontade aqui.....kkkkk

  • Munish Rana
    Munish Rana Hace un mes +1

    My question is, would they be actually doing a million a month? I'm genuinely curious

    DSI EPIC Hace un mes

    Tout ce temps dépensé pour produire un véritable chef d'oeuvre !!! à déguster à pleines dents !!

  • MANUTD9421
    MANUTD9421 Hace 5 meses +112

    The effort taken toward preparation is simply astonishing! No single step has been shortchanged to save time or money ! Salute to the dedication level !!

  • Michael Cuevas
    Michael Cuevas Hace un mes +17

    I am from Detroit and I love that Koreans are making our pizza.

    • Andre Alfaro
      Andre Alfaro Hace un mes

      @W. C. ok how much cost 1 Pizza ?

    • RealTalk!
      RealTalk! Hace un mes

      This shit has nothing to do with pizza. Any Italian would beat you up for it.

    • RatTaxi
      RatTaxi Hace un mes

      @W. C. I like that I had to see your city's name twice before I realized that it had two Ms. Whatever the cost of these pizzas I would eat them 2x/week. All through I'm calculating even until they were placed on racks (ended at $150 US) and then he put them all together to serve by the square. Some ppl say that's not real pizza. It's a masterpiece and the rest of us don't give a shit what you call it. More for us and I think they're surviving quite well despite the disdain.

    • Respected Local Gentleman
      Respected Local Gentleman Hace un mes +1

      @W. C. If you don't know that 92% of the planet considers "W.C." to mean "toilet" don't talk shit.

    • W. C.
      W. C. Hace un mes +1

      @Respected Local Gentleman if you don't know where Hamtramck is... don't comment.

  • C Tremblay
    C Tremblay Hace un mes +2


  • ra dow
    ra dow Hace un mes

    It is so amazing how they do that!

  • Kosmo K.
    Kosmo K. Hace un mes +5

    Ive lived in Detroit my whole life....And those are the best Detroit style pies Ive ever seen

    • Drakenrahl
      Drakenrahl Hace un mes

      @Dee Cee Yeah there's deep caramelization on the edges, but it's not burnt. It's going to be crispy, nutty, toasty cheese. The one thing that people tend to get wrong in other places with "Detroit" style pizza is the sauce. Most places here in Detroit do not put the sauce on the top in a line like you see in so many photos or videos. A few places do, and the chain the originated the style, Buddy's Pizza, does do it that way. Most places around here though still put the sauce directly on the uncooked dough and build it like a normal pizza. It just goes edge to edge.
      While these are some very nontraditional pizza toppings I have to say I like the looks of them and would love to try them.

    • Kosmo K.
      Kosmo K. Hace un mes +1

      @Dee Cee Detroit style has cheese to the edge which carmelizes the mozzarella. The cheese does look a bit burnt instead of golden brown which is more typical of say a buddy’s original pizza.

    • Dee Cee
      Dee Cee Hace un mes

      Genuine questions: Are Detroit pizzas supposed to be so dark on the edges?? It looks burnt to me but Idk I could be wrong. Maybe there's a charcoal effect going on, but everything about the pizzas looks great to me except the black edges. What do you think about that burnt look on the edge?

  • Shannon Snyder
    Shannon Snyder Hace 3 meses +153

    I don't know alot about cooking but this blew my mind. It's like being there with the chef. Great sound. Mouth watering.

    • Sky Arsenal
      Sky Arsenal Hace un mes +1

      @Watermunt Economie it just a pizza 🍕 nothing special

    • Joney Durpp
      Joney Durpp Hace un mes +1

      @Nat Mol Even worse, it's caked in burnt cheese that spilt over during baking. But then again you don't have to eat the crust if it tastes bad.

    • Nat Mol
      Nat Mol Hace un mes +2

      I was like wait what like yo like wtf like literally like wait what like what wait like basically like literally like why would you want to eat some burnt shit crust? Like literally like wait like what like like like like wait what like literally like like yo like quoffee like a new language like wait what literally basically like yo BURNT CRUST EEEEYYYOOOOO

    • The Impeccable
      The Impeccable Hace 2 meses +3

      I was like WTF??!! 😂 I forgot about the ribs! 😄Holy shit!! 😆 Lmao

    • Watermunt Economie
      Watermunt Economie Hace 2 meses +4

      same here!

  • 김미진
    김미진 Hace un mes

    여긴 진짜 가보고 싶네요. 영상으로만 봐도 좋네요

  • Александр Лазарев

    Шикарно 👏 пойду покушаю еле досмотрел )

  • Mirsaid Miraliev
    Mirsaid Miraliev Hace un mes

    Вот это шедевр!спасибо .

  • SEM
    SEM Hace un mes

    These flavors look INSANE!

  • Bass4Ever
    Bass4Ever Hace 5 meses +104

    That is what I call cooking with passion. Great job to the chef and the crew.

    • Joris
      Joris Hace 5 meses +1

      This is not passion. This is mediocre food made in a super commercial way.

    • Tyrone Williams
      Tyrone Williams Hace 5 meses +8

      @Lucia Lazarte roasted not burnt

    • Lucia Lazarte
      Lucia Lazarte Hace 5 meses +2

      Yes burned vegetables. Do you call that "cooking with passion"?

  • Vladimir K.
    Vladimir K. Hace un mes

    Здорово! Но самое главное, что запах не передаётся! Кто б такое стерпел!? Спасибо, всем приятного аппетита!

  • Justin
    Justin Hace un mes

    I worked in an amazing wood fired pizza place for 7 years, and helped them open one of their restaurants in the Muskoka Lakes in Canada. I love pizza, I know pizza... this looks incredible! Amazing work, I'd visit Korea just for this place. Unreal.

  • Angeler Fils
    Angeler Fils Hace un mes +3

    Looks so delicious 😋and so mouth watering🤤🤤🤤 I filled a 5 gal. bucket. Now I'm dehydrated😂😂😂

  • babilabub
    babilabub Hace un mes

    Wow-Koreans sure know how to elevate any dish to a new level. Not a big pizza fan but this might tempt me. 👍👍👍👍👍

  • FastJohnnyNardGard
    FastJohnnyNardGard Hace 5 meses +85

    That's sick that Detroit style pizza reaches all the way to Korea. Those pizzas though they aren't exactly conventional by the standards I normally see look great. I'd definitely try them all.

    • عادل شوقي
      عادل شوقي Hace 4 meses +2

      @MMMHOTCHEEZE When I used to make pan pizza we use lard not butter.

      MMMHOTCHEEZE Hace 4 meses +4

      Not a fan of the buttered pans, should be oil. I'd also like to see how airy the crust is because deflating that dough was a bad move imo.

    • Double A
      Double A Hace 5 meses +2

      Definitely different tops than we have here. But the Detroit deep dish was done well by this restaurant.

    • Diego Thomas
      Diego Thomas Hace 5 meses +7

      This doesn’t e be n look like pizza

    • عادل شوقي
      عادل شوقي Hace 5 meses +24

      @Meg Fluffy sick is a slang for cool.

  • James Gutiérrez
    James Gutiérrez Hace 2 meses

    I would like to eat it 🤤🤤🤤

  • Santos Martinez
    Santos Martinez Hace un mes +5

    Te felicito por tu trabajo
    Pero si pudiera traducirlo en español
    Otra no puedo leer muy
    Rápido pero
    Me gusta todo lo que

  • Christofer Riche
    Christofer Riche Hace 23 días

    Looks fantastic & delicious 😋

  • Andrew W
    Andrew W Hace 7 días

    that sous vide rib prep is insaaaaane.i love it. fanciest slice i've ever seen!

  • lismar bello
    lismar bello Hace un mes

    Excelente 👍🤤🤤🤤

  • José Carlos
    José Carlos Hace un mes

    My God!!! I'm salivating. I will still visit this restaurant!!! Greetings from Brazil.

  • ТВ TV
    ТВ TV Hace un mes

    Это самое вкусное что я когда либо видел. )

  • Nengi Nnanyelugo
    Nengi Nnanyelugo Hace 16 horas

    Astonishingly, outstanding! I just want to eat. Simples!😋

  • Samira Brasil
    Samira Brasil Hace 4 meses +52

    Nossa que delícia fiquei com vontade de comer essas pizzas 🤤

  • scarletletter68
    scarletletter68 Hace 13 días

    I don't know how I came across this video, but all of the pizzas looked amazing! Now I have an attitude because I am hungry.

  • samurai Shaolin schitt poster

    This makes me so angry! KOREA HAS SOME OF THE BEST STREET FOOD ON THE PLANET, AND I CAN'T HAVE ANY! 🤬🤔🍗🍗🍗🤪🍺🍺🍺💕💕💕💕

  • Rasper Nor
    Rasper Nor Hace 25 días

    How delicious! I am so jealous that you can get shredded mozzarella without the disgusting anti-caking powder on it! Thanks for the great video.

  • Tim Meier
    Tim Meier Hace un mes +10

    I finished watching the video and now I'm not hungry anymore. Thank you for this diet. Works great. Thank you!

  • Prakash Srinivasan
    Prakash Srinivasan Hace 3 meses +43

    I couldn’t take my eyes off this preparation. Everything is so clean and the process is amazing to the dot. I don’t eat meat but I would think a vegetarian pizza prepared in this style would be mouth watering. I can see how meat eaters would go nuts over this. Looks delicious!

    • Jihoon Park
      Jihoon Park Hace un mes +1

      @Eazy E Sounds like you are speaking from your own experience

    • wil3zra
      wil3zra Hace 2 meses

      @Lucas Doresky If you've ever been to SK, you'll know everything is ridiculously clean there. It's part of the culture.

    • Eazy E
      Eazy E Hace 2 meses +2

      did you notice the dog legs and paws at 3.50 lol some poor pet was probably skinned alive and baked into a pizza

    • Lucas Doresky
      Lucas Doresky Hace 2 meses +3

      Ya, it's clean alright! Almost like they knew they were going to be filmed so they cleaned all night kind of clean

  • imaginary i
    imaginary i Hace un mes +1

    wow looks like the best pizza I've seen so far...when will you have a store in the USA?

  • Aluben Music
    Aluben Music Hace 29 días

    Easy to see why sales are good, the pies look delicious!

  • Janpreeya Nan Kwanjaipanich

    So many of topping and ingredients I would like to try these pizza for no reason 😋 yummy!

  • Olqa Ismayilova
    Olqa Ismayilova Hace un mes

    Ой как вкусно,я аж кушать захотела

  • Richardson Ramble
    Richardson Ramble Hace un mes

    Lots of skill and talent in to preparing beautiful, good food.

  • MichiganJack
    MichiganJack Hace un mes +16

    I've definitely never seen a "Detroit" pizza like these before.

    • Drakenrahl
      Drakenrahl Hace 28 días +1

      @D Yep. I have jet's all the time. I really like their stuff. My personal favorite is the barbecue chicken pizza. if im going more traditional on toppings it'd probably be sausage, onion and green pepper.

    • D
      D Hace 29 días

      @Drakenrahl ever heard of Jet's? thats detroit pizza fellla

    • Moca Bussin BUSSIN
      Moca Bussin BUSSIN Hace un mes

      Right didn't cut it the Ends off or nothing
      let me eat somewhere in the hard booty part's are still there! Korean Pizza 😅

    • Drakenrahl
      Drakenrahl Hace un mes +1

      @First Rounds On Me It's like anything else. One place creates a style and other places take the concept and run with it. Most people I know, I was raised and live in a suburb of Detroit, wouldnt consider these pizza.... I would though. Alot of them are "white Pizza" as they do not have a traditional pizza sauce. Some people have very clearly defined ideas of what is and is not pizza. Im okay with a more open interpretation.

    • Drakenrahl
      Drakenrahl Hace un mes +1

      @MichiganJack Yeah, Detroit style is different, but I dont see them as being all that different than Pizza Hut's pan pizza. Ive been eating "detroit style" pizzas since I was a little kid. Growing up in one of the suburbs of Detroit lots of places had this style of pizza. Some do it better than others. I like pretty much all styles of pizza. Each has their place and has things that can be enjoyed about it. If I really want a pizza with loads of toppings then I find that a detroit style is a good option as the thick bready crust can really hold up without collapsing.

  • J GoTTi
    J GoTTi Hace un mes +1

    Being a professional pizza cook myself, i can safely say these guys are out of my league. Beautiful techniques, ingredients, and even right down to how they bake their goods. This is an art.

  • Purple Thrill
    Purple Thrill Hace 23 días

    The chopped up chunky vegetables was the best looking thing for me. With all that dressing on it. But then again I love veggies❤️

  • Denise Soares Machado
    Denise Soares Machado Hace 5 meses +82

    Adoro quando as pessoas são generosas com o queijo.

    • keiti
      keiti Hace 4 meses

      E tome queijo 🧀 e mais queijos 🧀 😋

    • Vinicius de souza
      Vinicius de souza Hace 4 meses +1

      perfeita a analise, se o casimiro visse esse video ele ia a loucura

    • uma pessoa depressiva
      uma pessoa depressiva Hace 4 meses

      @Punisher Fps la a contagem da moeda é diferente da nossa, lá por exemplo não existe centavos.

    • Daniel Fernandes
      Daniel Fernandes Hace 4 meses

      @Punisher Fps eh pq lá um dólar deve ser mais de 10.000 da moeda local

    • Punisher Fps
      Punisher Fps Hace 4 meses +2

      Acho exagerado ele dizer 1 bilhão de vendas mensais kkk

  • J P
    J P Hace un mes

    That looks good 🤤

  • Я 👑
    Я 👑 Hace 19 días

    Нет слов ! ♥️

  • Full-life Soil
    Full-life Soil Hace 2 días +1

    Born and raised in DETROIT!
    LOVE this vid! Our Pizza is ALL THAT!
    Make sure yal get a "CONEY DOG" also! U can make 100K on our Detroit Dogs too!

  • Trust nuthin man
    Trust nuthin man Hace un mes +2

    Just amazing and beautiful and awesome my mouth watered from start to finish especially with the shrimp 🍤 and cheese pizza ❤

  • l zak
    l zak Hace 4 meses +61

    Been cooking for 40 years, never seen anything like this! Mind blowing & very creative. Took the ordinary pizza a million notches up 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍

    • l zak
      l zak Hace 4 meses +1

      @zeky santangelo.p. sir, with all my respect, for an armature it’s a deep dish pizza but a for a professional it’s the tactics, steps, ingredients & the end result. Did you see how many steps he went through to finish that “deep dish pizza” 🙌🏻

    • zeky santangelo.p.
      zeky santangelo.p. Hace 4 meses

      40 years in the fking kitchen and is the first time you see a deep dish pizza? C'mon...

    • The CourtOfPublicOpinion
      The CourtOfPublicOpinion Hace 4 meses

      @Lovely wtf are you talking about!? Go back on your medication please before you hurt someone…