First Date vs Third Date 😂

  • Publicado el 21 ene 2023

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  • Steve Djokic
    Steve Djokic Hace un mes +2130

    still watching for the third date

  • Gunner McCormick
    Gunner McCormick Hace un mes +1068

    From the title you would expect a first and third date…

  • Richard Bullwood
    Richard Bullwood Hace un mes +551

    The joke is, you wouldn't go out with her three times.

  • Alex T.
    Alex T. Hace un mes +516

    On the 3rd date, he's taking the bra off.

  • robert mcminn
    robert mcminn Hace un mes +645

    Next client in 15 minutes.
    Get it together, I have a mouth to feed!

    • Charles Lavoie
      Charles Lavoie Hace un mes

      You win best comment.

    • Not-A-Social-Program
      Not-A-Social-Program Hace un mes +1

      Best comment by far!! Thanks for the laygh

    • Alex R.
      Alex R. Hace un mes

      @Godatemyhomework why not cut out the middle(wo)men?

    • Godatemyhomework
      Godatemyhomework Hace un mes +2

      Isn't it ironic, how she has to fill her mouth in order to fill another mouth. It's the circle of life.

  • Omar Martinez
    Omar Martinez Hace un mes +709

    She forgot the part where she farts hella loud 😂

  • Abby Normal
    Abby Normal Hace un mes +624

    She left out the fart she has holding on to for 6 hours

    • Eric Palmer
      Eric Palmer Hace un mes

      @Gizmo So that's what that was!!! 🤣🤣🤣

    • Алекс
      Алекс Hace un mes

      Это смешно по вашему смешно?

    • Abby Normal
      Abby Normal Hace un mes +3

      They all careful all day then fall asleep and run a hole clip right at you and wake up and look at you like she put here max pad on upside down 😁😁

  • Pizza Boy
    Pizza Boy Hace un mes +110

    And this is how the First date didn't get to see the third date 🤣

  • lionhead123
    lionhead123 Hace un mes

    he probably went to the door to ask her out again but then heard those sounds so he just left.

  • kr0nz
    kr0nz Hace un mes +5

    The first date was the guy she was saying goodbye too. The third date was waiting for her on the bed. The real mystery here is, what happened to the second date.

  • doughesson
    doughesson Hace un mes +2

    On my first date with my ex wife,she told me as we left her place that "I want you to know that I am bi"
    Yes,I was scratching the gears & stalling at most every stop sign & signal.
    Five minutes after we were seated however,I learned that she had said HALF a word & that the other half was "polar" as she ripped the waiter a new rear end for having the temerity to ask for her ID so that he could serve the beer that she'd ordered with her meal.

    777B views Hace un mes

    Single people: What is a date?

  • Donald Moore
    Donald Moore Hace 2 meses +17

    I 3rd date?

  • Rel2Rel Rel
    Rel2Rel Rel Hace un mes +1

    This is how guys feel after an blind ugly date...can't wait to get home.

  • tokyo s
    tokyo s Hace un mes


  • FLoXYT
    FLoXYT Hace un mes +29

    Taco Bell has found it’s new janitor

    • Elzorro
      Elzorro Hace un mes +2

      lol lol that is terribl bue so fucking funny cant stup fucking laughing

  • guardiangarasu
    guardiangarasu Hace un mes

    Ty. Nice to see one of these where the woman doesn't release a long exaggerated fart after closing the door

  • CakeYT
    CakeYT Hace un mes +1

    Isn't the joke that a first and third date are no different - it's always exhausting?

  • Grizzly Raider
    Grizzly Raider Hace un mes +6

    I love how they can pull a bra off like that. I always end up ripping em off.... lol

  • Neil Looker
    Neil Looker Hace un mes

    A third ? I never get that far 😂

  • Conor Kerr
    Conor Kerr Hace un mes

    3rd date doesn't exist cos they could tell she was holding in a fart the whole time

  • Alan Davis
    Alan Davis Hace 2 meses +199

    Apparently you forgot the punch line.

    • Mr. M4N
      Mr. M4N Hace un mes

      @Nobunori Sakurai Good a guess as any...

    • demondaeys
      demondaeys Hace un mes +3

      CHICKENs DONE!!! or WEAPONS, so hard i could cut glass!!

    • Nobunori Sakurai
      Nobunori Sakurai Hace un mes +6

      She didn't come back to hers on the third date

  • Mikhaila Bishota
    Mikhaila Bishota Hace un mes

    This is me daily with ZERO DATES

  • Russ S
    Russ S Hace un mes +2

    Nothing like turning The Girls loose, is there?
    Let my people go!!!

  • MuddyMaker
    MuddyMaker Hace un mes +12

    My girlfriend could learn a thing or two from you in the removing her bra quickly department💀

  • Silent Knight33
    Silent Knight33 Hace un mes

    And just like that he ghosted this chick

  • Hi .
    Hi . Hace un mes

    the relaxing is good.
    great advice.

  • Steph Watson
    Steph Watson Hace un mes +38

    Gotta free the puppies!

  • Myspot Myrules
    Myspot Myrules Hace un mes

    Lol. I think they forgot 2nd and 3rd dates. To be continued….😂


    Still watching 365 days completed but third date was not coming

  • Mike C
    Mike C Hace un mes +5

    Damn, I am impressed... no sag

    • Welcome2
      Welcome2 Hace un mes

      Yeah she small chested

  • 𓆏
    𓆏 Hace un mes +2

    Tf 😂I was watching it on loop without knowing waiting for the third date

  • Me B4man
    Me B4man Hace un mes

    Didn't know they still made the 18 hour bra.

    RFFL_CRASH Hace un mes +17

    If she didn’t invite him in after the 3rd date, I hope to God he made her split the bill on all 3. 😂

  • al Cruz
    al Cruz Hace un mes

    I thought she was going to yell. " Honey I'm Home !!!

  • Martin Ureste
    Martin Ureste Hace un mes +1

    Every man watching this skipping first and second date and going right for the third 😂

  • vijay manoj
    vijay manoj Hace un mes +5

    Watching without braces to the traces shown after removal is 😜 crazieee

  • JOJO Pranksters🎥
    JOJO Pranksters🎥 Hace un mes +1

    *legends paused the video when she put hand in her dress😂*

  • Sagar bolar
    Sagar bolar Hace un mes

    Legends are still waiting for Third date😂😂

  • Jim Piper
    Jim Piper Hace un mes +8

    Had a girlfriend do this in front of me after a hot day at the fair. She belly laughed at me when I stared wide-eyed and slack-jawed in amazed and confused arousal, LOL!

  • Dee Nugent
    Dee Nugent Hace un mes

    Was this the first date or third date?

  • Trevor P
    Trevor P Hace un mes

    We know where this woman belongs

  • JacksonGuitarsPlayer
    JacksonGuitarsPlayer Hace un mes +6

    Now that’s what makes me a happy camper at home. The wife takes the bra off and lets them relax it’s just fantastic and comfortable… and hot.
    Now, the 3rd or 4th date he’s taking the bra off

  • Gary Kelly
    Gary Kelly Hace un mes

    Did I just miss the first and third date

  • Fatboy Shadetree
    Fatboy Shadetree Hace un mes

    So many first dates and never getting to the third. I would be mad if i didnt get to see her do that move too.

  • dracobruhma
    dracobruhma Hace un mes +15

    wish my dates wore heels like that

    • dracobruhma
      dracobruhma Hace un mes

      @RFFL_CRASH thats cheap

      RFFL_CRASH Hace un mes

      $200 per hour.

    • Barton Percival
      Barton Percival Hace un mes

      Hey this is the pronoun era, everyone can wear heels right!!! 😆

    • Don Rood
      Don Rood Hace un mes

      @KingRabid 😂

    • KingRabid
      KingRabid Hace un mes +3

      its 2023, your dates probably wish you wore heels like that as well 😄

  • ravi ranjan
    ravi ranjan Hace un mes

    The first date was for the person she was saying hi and third date was for her. It's a bit tricky to understand. Only smart ones can do.

  • Niki Tee
    Niki Tee Hace un mes

    Who wears leggings on a date & especially with heels 😅

  • Ackey Hiro
    Ackey Hiro Hace un mes +8

    Here in New York, many girls don't wear bra and just walking around

    • Greg Madison
      Greg Madison Hace un mes

      Did you know in New York anywhere a man is allowed to go shirtless, a woman is to.

    • Jun Villanueva
      Jun Villanueva Hace un mes

      Here in Texas they are naked😂😂

  • NinjaKitty
    NinjaKitty Hace un mes +2

    Hey, that's false advertising! He got

  • JD
    JD Hace un mes

    Okay, what did I miss? Someone please tell me?

  • Go ahead make our day Scooter & Peanut

    4th date a good shower and some new clothes.😂

    JOEYWHO Hace un mes

    At least the date looked exciting

  • Frederick Murphy
    Frederick Murphy Hace un mes

    She wishes there was a third date

  • Idaho Husker
    Idaho Husker Hace un mes +13

    Can’t show the third date because ESclips has porn regulations.

  • Harry Potter
    Harry Potter  Hace un mes

    The part where they shoe third date is awesome 👌

  • Pratiksha Majee
    Pratiksha Majee Hace un mes

    where's the 3rd date..or is the reaction same for both dates?

  • ldssggrdssgds
    ldssggrdssgds Hace un mes +3

    Which date was that one date...1st or 3rd?

  • omik redarhcs
    omik redarhcs Hace un mes

    If doewsn't matter if you buy her dinner, lunch, flowers, a new care , you ain't getting that putang.

  • kian thatcher
    kian thatcher Hace un mes

    She didn't even get a second date

    DOCTORJAN714 Hace 2 meses +24

    No difference. You have to show TWO things to establish a comparison.

  • Sandip Gurung
    Sandip Gurung Hace un mes

    Seems like the third date never happened 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • The Living Modern
    The Living Modern Hace un mes

    the joke is that social media is cancer. thank you for contributing.

  • Benito007
    Benito007 Hace un mes +5

    Repeat lol...was waiting for 2nd and 3rd date

  • Alexander Lindsey
    Alexander Lindsey Hace un mes

    Typically a vs implies something to compare.

  • Inkb0y
    Inkb0y Hace un mes

    the title says about first date and third date, but all I could see is two dates.

  • Robert G
    Robert G Hace un mes +28

    "Set them free." - Abraham Lincoln

    • A Think
      A Think Hace un mes +1

      @Not-A-Social-Program but she’s wearing two bras lol

    • Not-A-Social-Program
      Not-A-Social-Program Hace un mes +2

      Amen! Let freedom ring 😂😂

  • Tj Scrivener
    Tj Scrivener Hace un mes

    So Third he’s takin it off makin you sound like that 10/4 peach 👍

  • JoshWhoTvDOTcom
    JoshWhoTvDOTcom Hace un mes

    LET MY PEOPLE GO!!!!! she says lol

  • Tony Montana
    Tony Montana Hace un mes +14

    my brain made me watch this over and over

  • Rafficarian 0001
    Rafficarian 0001 Hace un mes

    On the third date they’re normally not wearing a bra

  • B0n3s J0n3s
    B0n3s J0n3s Hace un mes

    Same thing happens on the 3rd date!!!

  • Hungrycrab
    Hungrycrab Hace 2 meses +15

    Hopefully this was the first date

  • Billy
    Billy Hace un mes

    I guess we're seeing the 1st date over and over again because there was no 2nd 3rd or so on dates.

  • Ryan Miller
    Ryan Miller Hace un mes +2

    Bro that’s how I be like after running 45 miles💀

  • David Hopkins
    David Hopkins Hace un mes +3

    If she's comfortable with uploading this video for attention, then she's probably not the type to go home alone after even the first date

  • cj21278
    cj21278 Hace un mes

    No law saying she has to wear a bra.

  • Patrick Kroner
    Patrick Kroner Hace un mes

    If he would have helped her out of that there would have been a third date.🐯

  • Jomen Rey
    Jomen Rey Hace un mes +8

    First and 3rd date just the same, sexually exhausted🤗

  • Jeffrey Wharton
    Jeffrey Wharton Hace un mes

    It’s the new generation there is no second dates and nothing has to make sense lol

  • Pratik
    Pratik Hace un mes

    Ok, so right now, they are planning for their second date , we have to wait

  • Estebbes funny clips hub (safe for the family)

    I was here for the third date, stayed for the pencil erasers...

  • Christopher Hosch
    Christopher Hosch Hace un mes +1

    Dam straight !!!

  • Rohan Peacock
    Rohan Peacock Hace un mes +1

    This so entertaining and informative, educational wow interesting, so unique and in depth

    TSNEC Hace 2 meses +12

    What about the fart you been holding in for all that time.

  • Metal Head
    Metal Head Hace un mes

    I literally watched this 3 times

  • BEAsT  Plays
    BEAsT Plays Hace un mes

    Guys there's no third date. The guy died

  • Gene Murphy
    Gene Murphy Hace 2 meses +79

    I was expecting one rip roaring F A R T

    • William Holt
      William Holt Hace un mes

      Except she squats and it comes out of her front door instead of the back side hahaha

    • Mike Henningsen
      Mike Henningsen Hace 2 meses

      Girls 'Toot'!

  • gokul gaming
    gokul gaming Hace un mes

    wtf are you kidding me where is the third date🤣

  • Heisenberg
    Heisenberg Hace un mes

    There wasn't a second date, never mind a third

  • justlovethisgame
    justlovethisgame Hace 2 meses +7

    What a beautiful pair of Numbies! This has to be the Cherry on the TOP!

  • Brian L
    Brian L Hace un mes

    First thing every woman I have ever known did when she got home…

  • Ht Lufc
    Ht Lufc Hace un mes

    I thought on the 3rd date, he'd be the one taking it off

  • howard croft
    howard croft Hace 2 meses +13

    I would have sent her home without the bra ... I always keep a souvenir

  • Mathew Connell
    Mathew Connell Hace un mes

    I'm getting stoned now later

  • MHMD HiGhCLaSs
    MHMD HiGhCLaSs Hace un mes

    can even trust women any more . 💔

  • Marcin
    Marcin Hace 2 meses +3

    That was first or third date?

  • λοκ
    λοκ Hace un mes

    Βγάλε και το μπλουζάκι μην κάνεις μισές δουλειές 😂

  • Gahad M
    Gahad M Hace un mes

    Damn she is amazing

  • DrDre
    DrDre Hace 2 meses +3

    Damn!!! Wore the same clothes for two dates!!!