The Age of Giant Insects


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  • Jannah Shah
    Jannah Shah Hace un día +1

    im not fat, i just have too much oxygen.


  • Vikings
    Vikings Hace 3 días

    I realy want this to show my gecko

  • Julia C.
    Julia C. Hace 4 días

    I’m sorry....”cute little millipede”???? UM... NO MA’AM, THEY ARE NOT CUTE

  • _Dreamy
    _Dreamy Hace 4 días

    Actually we are in charge, if we wanted you could annihilate the entire population of insects and animals. Heck, we are doing it right now!

  • Countryball World
    Countryball World Hace 6 días

    1:22 cute little milipedes? really?

  • Hernandez Mariqueta
    Hernandez Mariqueta Hace 6 días +1

    That's why dinosaure are different!!

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover Hace 9 días +2

    Gonna need a large fly squatter for these guys.

  • Khadijah Brown
    Khadijah Brown Hace 9 días

    I would prefer that we were all on the metric system and sadly I live where we are not. Could you possibly use both systems in your videos, or help me make them change or email be a converter sheet so I would not have to figure it out every time? Please?

  • Joon Park
    Joon Park Hace 10 días

    Age of coal

  • Ethan Ford
    Ethan Ford Hace 10 días

    Plants didnt decompose back then idk if thats true 🤔

  • eemil.saapasmalmi
    eemil.saapasmalmi Hace 13 días

    so wait if the dragonfly was that big, think about its predatory larva

  • Norman Aditya
    Norman Aditya Hace 13 días

    the griffinfly looked like the megaguirus in the movie 'godzilla'

  • Billy Boi
    Billy Boi Hace 14 días

    Why would you grow giant insects??!?!!?

  • Shay Patrick
    Shay Patrick Hace 14 días

    what if in future some creates artifiical oxygen and send to earth's atmosphere so will they back ?



  • j.c man
    j.c man Hace 15 días

    decided to stop on 2:57 for some reason people walking by my computer thought bad things about me T-T

  • Green Leafy Cabbage
    Green Leafy Cabbage Hace 17 días

    So if we humans lived 300 million years ago, we would be breathing through different holes in our body. And we are enourmous. We are lucky

  • Cαíque Cαllixtus Albino/Kiq

    Ok... CO2 was not released from wood. BUT, what was the causality of so many O2 in the atmosphere?

  • Block Yo
    Block Yo Hace 18 días +1

    Damn that is a Nynaeve level braid

  • Саня Питбайкер

    Why the birds are singing in carbon? ( i mean your video

  • Allan Patterson
    Allan Patterson Hace 19 días

    35% oxygen? Imagine a forest fire?

  • vdbproductionsuk
    vdbproductionsuk Hace 20 días

    Music peaceful

  • YY4Me133
    YY4Me133 Hace 20 días

    @1:30 Imagine finding _that_ thing crawling up a wall. Ugh! Or, even worse, crawling across the ceiling over the _bed_ while you're in it. Ack!

  • Steven York
    Steven York Hace 22 días

    This terrifies me

  • Frisby2007
    Frisby2007 Hace 22 días

    Do you guys have a video on arachnids? You guys should consider doing a video dedicated to the vampyromorphidae class. Sure it's biased because it's my favorite of cephalopods, but every other species except the ONE we have living today is extinct, and a video on what the others were like would be neat.

  • snow flower
    snow flower Hace 23 días

    1:28 cue hell naw song

  • Jeremy parker
    Jeremy parker Hace 25 días

    We are, unfortunately, in charge. And we're killing off the insects.

  • David Wood
    David Wood Hace 26 días

    70 cms is 2 1/2 feet. That's a big pigeon. 40 cms is over a foot.

  • DJiMMa
    DJiMMa Hace 27 días

    I bet life on other planets follows similar patterns to life on earth

  • John Petrov
    John Petrov Hace 29 días

    Maybe global warming will create life forms superior to humans. You don't know!

  • Mike Hills
    Mike Hills Hace un mes

    %10 more oxygen and were all getting eaten by giant millipedes.

  • Rollo Maughfling
    Rollo Maughfling Hace un mes

    Not to seem rude, but that is one very nice tattoo.

  • Jak Flash
    Jak Flash Hace un mes

    I wonder how fast they moved

  • MissNebulosity
    MissNebulosity Hace un mes

    "Cute little millipede?" I dont care if it's 1mm long... no millipede is ever "cute" LOL

  • Jordan Rudnick
    Jordan Rudnick Hace un mes

    biggest invertebrate? guess we aren't counting jellyfish

  • Brian Dube
    Brian Dube Hace un mes

    Weirdly reminded me of Eon kid with the power of the iron fist

  • zoperxplex
    zoperxplex Hace un mes

    10 quintillion yeah, but one insect is far smaller than a human being.

  • KryptKicker5
    KryptKicker5 Hace un mes +1

    I say we nuke them from orbit... It's the only way to be sure...

    • PBS Eons
      PBS Eons  Hace un mes

      Aw niiiice reference. (BdeP)

  • James Miller
    James Miller Hace un mes

    Usually guy entomologists are themselves sort of creepy, but this girl one is A-OK! She's a real sweetie! I'd listen to her lectures for days! Her ability to impart detailed information is splendid!

  • Amelia Nelson
    Amelia Nelson Hace un mes

    Maybe elevating CO2 levels ain't so bad actually..

  • Deepak Patil
    Deepak Patil Hace un mes

    Comments by Sidhesh Patil - I get bitten by mosquitos everyday in Mumbai. I have noticed, mosquitos in Mumbai are larger than what they were years ago. Seems some kind of evolution.

  • pfreddyp
    pfreddyp Hace un mes

    This was covered in the Cosmos series by Neil DeGrasse Tyson. For 60 million years there was nothing that could eat lignin, a molecule in wood. Think of the last ice age with a sheet of ice 2 miles thick. Now, think about how many trees grew during the Carboniferous Period and piled up as so much leaf litter on the forest floor. Two miles deep doesn't even come close.
    Then, along came a mushroom that could eat lignin and it's mycillium colonized the top layer. 4:18 Mushrooms breathe oxygen and expel Co2 and that's a two shot swing which may account for the drop in oxygen levels.
    The interesting thing about all of this is all of that locked up carbon in the form of wood that never decomposed and was buried; 60 million years worth of it. That's the fermented soup that powers the industrial revolution; hydrocarbon fuel. And we've burnt most of it in the past 300 years.
    There is only one economy. There has only ever been one economy and will only ever be one economy; the Sun. It took 60 million years to grow the trees that turned into our oil reserves and we squandered that resource for short-term gain and probably killed ourselves in the process. Hats off.

  • HenryManson
    HenryManson Hace un mes

    thats one point i never understood about evolution.... why was there never an actively breathing insect?!
    i get that the current system WORKS & nature doesnt like changing a working system, but still...

  • Johan Solórzano
    Johan Solórzano Hace un mes +1

    Thank you for using the metric system ♥️

  • MTT mattaton
    MTT mattaton Hace un mes

    oh no

  • Ethan Hall
    Ethan Hall Hace un mes

    There is a video about this called the time the earth glitched. If u like this, check out my boi Tierzoo!

  • Pandoras Flame
    Pandoras Flame Hace un mes

    I wish we could've lived way back then

  • RoachDoggJR /Raven
    RoachDoggJR /Raven Hace 2 meses

    I want a pet buge. No pet doge.

  • KappaPride
    KappaPride Hace 2 meses

    Its either a big OOF or a NOPE or both

  • bigbad bear
    bigbad bear Hace 2 meses +1

    Nice BGM👌👌

  • William Orr
    William Orr Hace 2 meses

    that would ""bug"".me

  • Dakoda Rhine
    Dakoda Rhine Hace 2 meses

    4:58 florest floor

  • Kotes
    Kotes Hace 2 meses

    She's wearing plugs right? 😍 love it!!

  • Holden Caulfield
    Holden Caulfield Hace 2 meses

    if we're looking at the numbers we should call this the "age of viruses", or "bacteria" if you don't consider viruses "alive"

  • Daniel Vincent
    Daniel Vincent Hace 2 meses

    I'm addicted to watching random stuff. I must have gotten here after watching a documentary on levitation and bugs.

  • FirePawClan
    FirePawClan Hace 2 meses

    If I saw a huge bug go past my house I'd be like "What did I eat that makes me see this?" and then I'd turn and walk away.

  • wyntre sorrow
    wyntre sorrow Hace 2 meses

    So theres more oxygen in places with huge bugs today? What about giant bug like things in ocean?

  • Morgan Sapp
    Morgan Sapp Hace 2 meses

    Today is the age of insects as well.
    Edit: and I swear dwarfism is an evolutionary product

  • kito109654
    kito109654 Hace 2 meses

    It might just be that I haven't seen enough episodes but I haven't seen the tattoo before and I can't help but notice the dragonfly...hmmm.

  • rizx98
    rizx98 Hace 2 meses

    Bruuhhh i died at 3:44

  • Showdown
    Showdown Hace 2 meses

    A lot of oxygen in the air in those days.

  • Johnny Aingel
    Johnny Aingel Hace 2 meses

    spider's horrible

  • Johnny Aingel
    Johnny Aingel Hace 2 meses

    What about bacteria and fungi and viruses

  • Jessamyn Garner
    Jessamyn Garner Hace 2 meses

    This is a post apocalyptic movie waiting to happen

  • Jishnu Warrier
    Jishnu Warrier Hace 2 meses

    Five million years from now in a videos a civilization would say "co2 level increased in earth five million years ago but we dont know why exactly" Lol...!!!

  • CloudyDaze007
    CloudyDaze007 Hace 2 meses

    Is this why Netherlands are so tall, cause they're at sealevel with all the fresh air?

    • Chairman Meow
      Chairman Meow Hace un mes

      Nope theyre just "high" to begin with hue hue hue

  • surya teja
    surya teja Hace 2 meses

    Then what was thé humain size in that time

  • Michael
    Michael Hace 2 meses

    I wish we still had giant bugs.

  • Platypus Paws
    Platypus Paws Hace 2 meses

    I would love giant insects

  • Platypus Paws
    Platypus Paws Hace 2 meses

    This Channel is bedtime stories for Nerds.
    Something about her nice voice makes it sound a little like a Children's bedtime story 😄😄.
    I do like it a lot though, the Narrator and the Channel.
    I'd love to see a video about the team and your background too, that would be nice.

  • ܔܛܔܔ ܔܛܔ
    ܔܛܔܔ ܔܛܔ Hace 2 meses

    im so glad they're all dead cant even deal with the spiders~

  • Onione Ring no 7
    Onione Ring no 7 Hace 2 meses


  • Shruggz Da Str8-Faced Clown

    Insects and other land arthropods (arachnids )not only exponentially outnumber we humans, their combined biomass is still greater than that of all terrestrial vertebrates (amphibians, reptiles, avians/birds, and mammals).

  • Hue Lu
    Hue Lu Hace 3 meses

    yeap... dragonflies can predict weather and stupidity...

  • Ethan Ipfatsiong
    Ethan Ipfatsiong Hace 3 meses

    I will

  • Dost
    Dost Hace 3 meses

    i don't understand this. where is the carbon dioxide? there is .04% carbon dioxide now in the atmosphere and 21% oxygen. 21% + 0.04% = 21.04%... i am adding .04% since oxygen is in diatomic form in atmosphere. but it should add up to 35%, right? where did the oxygen go? (edit: i found the answer here:

  • ama lama
    ama lama Hace 3 meses


  • Jim Cannon
    Jim Cannon Hace 3 meses

    With nothing to consume the dead wood and high percentage of oxygen a bolt of lightning must have resulted in terrific firestorms with white hot flames.

  • Alvin Senn
    Alvin Senn Hace 3 meses

    So my question is this, if all the big ones died where did the same little ones come from ?

  • Sreenath Aether
    Sreenath Aether Hace 3 meses

    3:11 was funny

  • Rxonmymind
    Rxonmymind Hace 3 meses

    New employee at the galactic entomology office...
    "You! Noobie, start counting how many insects we have on this planet"...
    ""Sir? But...
    "You heard me. Go."

  • zmoke forest
    zmoke forest Hace 3 meses

    "Cute little millipedes" ???

  • Lee Finateese
    Lee Finateese Hace 3 meses

    Whoa, imagine if those giant insects came back today, they would wipe us out. I mean, who could stand against a fly, 3 times the size of an average sized fly. We wouldnt last a week

  • Rajai Abdo
    Rajai Abdo Hace 3 meses

    I was expecting dragonflies the size of a horse not a damn pigeon

  • Layton Bulter
    Layton Bulter Hace 3 meses

    Why did humans stop eating raw meat?

  • Beev
    Beev Hace 3 meses

    Maybe a stupid question but how do we know that there were no wood eating bacteria? i dont really think that bacteria can be storned into stone over millions of years, like wood or bones

  • Ghastly Grinner
    Ghastly Grinner Hace 3 meses

    This is the Age of Man this is our world everything else just lives on it until it no longer serves a purpose and we kill it off

  • hi tech
    hi tech Hace 3 meses +1

    lowkey want to box a giant grass hopper for 12 rounds

  • Prehistoric Matt
    Prehistoric Matt Hace 3 meses

    One has to wonder, if we will ever return, to the age of giant insects.

  • Jordan Godwin
    Jordan Godwin Hace 3 meses

    Imagine that thing is fast

  • Yolo Swaggins
    Yolo Swaggins Hace 3 meses

    Giant mosquitoes.

  • certoipus
    certoipus Hace 3 meses

    2:00 would it be possible for homo sapiens to live in this times? with 30%+ oxygen in the air?

  • Orlando G.
    Orlando G. Hace 3 meses


  • blackbeard premium
    blackbeard premium Hace 3 meses

    Came from Reddit.

  • Ben
    Ben Hace 3 meses

    Came for the bugs, stayed for the cutie

  • Bestcool5
    Bestcool5 Hace 3 meses

    Y sad music I hate insects and not scared of it

  • Metallicfender
    Metallicfender Hace 3 meses +12

    Wouldn't it be more accurate to compare the number of insects to the number of mammals, rather than just humans?

  • Gray Inc
    Gray Inc Hace 3 meses

    Love the video.. off subject, can anyone tell me why I keep getting Spanish commercials on English speaking videos? BS ppl!

  • K'hazel Oliver
    K'hazel Oliver Hace 3 meses

    Thank goodness these beautiful creatures went extinct,if not,they'd end up being skinned for fashion,used for zoos or end up on plates.

  • Breezy dee
    Breezy dee Hace 3 meses

    im from arizona. represent!!!!