Most Chicken Nuggets Eaten in 3 Minutes (NEW World Record)


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  • Furious Pete
    Furious Pete  Hace 9 meses +749

    This was fun! What should I do next?
    I know some footage wasn't documented proper (because this was a live stream), but at the end of the day I did 46 mcdonalds nuggets in 3 min with one hand etc. I'll do 50 next time (or more)! I'm back Team Furious!

    • 钟秋
      钟秋 Hace un día

      Furious Pete mate please please, do an eating competition with beardmeatsfood coz I reached out to him about how much food he left behind and told him that you wouldn’t ever leave that much food left over on your plate. He said your not in his league and coz your not a professional eater your a waste of time. Kick his arse

    • Cainele Enot
      Cainele Enot Hace 16 días

      where's the fun in this video?? stupid americans .. im just amaized how idiot you are ..

    • Lars Marius Røshol
      Lars Marius Røshol Hace 20 días

      Most dubble cheesburger

    • Jessica Dean
      Jessica Dean Hace un mes

      Furious Pete

    • Sara Cruz
      Sara Cruz Hace un mes

      Furious Pete

  • Chase Perring
    Chase Perring Hace 5 horas

    You would think the moment you dumped water on top of the nuggets, you altered the weights, and would have been null n void b4 you started

  • Jfaz00
    Jfaz00 Hace 6 horas

    Daniel bryant is dat you

    MOVIE STAR Hace 23 horas

    I translated one of your videos

  • william lau
    william lau Hace un día

    Don't you add weight to the chicken nuggets when you pour water on it

  • twenty4hell
    twenty4hell Hace 3 días

    Annoying when you do comercial, and i have to puch the video forward....

  • alpha bison
    alpha bison Hace 4 días

    Did they consider the water he added adding weight?

  • Jhunel Nepomuceno
    Jhunel Nepomuceno Hace 4 días

    you look like viking furious Pete

  • Michael Harris
    Michael Harris Hace 4 días

    If you look from 4:51 to 5:09 you can see that the scale was not at zero when they weigh the nuggets it was at 7.63 grams

  • Anthony Lee
    Anthony Lee Hace 5 días

    It was only 40 nuggets

  • Marsel Prenka
    Marsel Prenka Hace 5 días +1

    He took his time choosing some of the nuggets he could've eaten all of them he took his seconds by choosing some of them nuggets.

  • Norbert Norbert
    Norbert Norbert Hace 5 días

    no problem

  • Michael Patlan
    Michael Patlan Hace 6 días

    Dude this guys shits have to be fat as fuck😂😂

  • Martinek Prochot
    Martinek Prochot Hace 8 días

    You are getting stupid... Is so... Do more advertising.... Guy go up.... Only show now

  • Jared Harris
    Jared Harris Hace 9 días

    You shouldn’t of dumped the water on the nuggets!! You fucked up an accurate weight by doing that shit. Oh well only fucked yourself with that one but water is one of the heaviest substances so you probably threw the end weight off by a few grams AT LEAST!!!

    • 的生活亞洲暴徒
      的生活亞洲暴徒 Hace 6 días

      Jared Harris 1st of all I was agreeing 2nd I masturbated and came to this then ate some nuggets 3rd do you have fortnite and if so want to play tomorrow with me 4th do not play bo3 its a really toxic game

    • Jared Harris
      Jared Harris Hace 6 días

      的生活亞洲暴徒 your comment kinda seems sarcastic. If it isn’t cool glad you agree. If it is when they were weighing the remaining nuggets they seven said they were wet and he isn’t getting the full credit. And how could they subtract the weight of the water in it? He was drinking and spilling that water too. Even if he had a separate bottle he was using just to pour on the nuggets that they weigh before hand he would still consume nuggets that had water on them so it wouldn’t be an accurate weight. He would have to have something like a separate plate or container to put the nuggets on and cover with water or he could just have a glass of water and dip them. But again if you were just agreeing 👍🏻 cool thank you for agreeing!

    • 的生活亞洲暴徒
      的生活亞洲暴徒 Hace 6 días

      Jared Harris oh yeah they totally didn't weigh the water then subtract the loss that would just be stupid why would they ever do that

  • KingJerry2323
    KingJerry2323 Hace 9 días

    Whats the point in this lol i think you should just enjoy your food

  • Damian Corr
    Damian Corr Hace 9 días

    I can eat 20 nuggets from Mcdonalds in a minute 31 seconds Pete you machine

  • Shashidhar Reddy
    Shashidhar Reddy Hace 10 días

    R u a human or animal

  • l.o.e_down alarc
    l.o.e_down alarc Hace 10 días

    Bro I'll smoke me a fatty and eat 5 20 pieces in under 4 or 5 if I knew it was some sort of record I'd have entered! Using one hand no drink straight munch

    DL AIRCOBRA Hace 10 días


  • Luke Godbout
    Luke Godbout Hace 11 días

    You look like shit, don’t die

  • nemanja pejcic
    nemanja pejcic Hace 11 días

    Take a shot for every nuget eated :-)

  • Justin Johnson
    Justin Johnson Hace 11 días

    666.66 its gonna be a bad day😱

  • foxboy 87
    foxboy 87 Hace 11 días

    666.6 McD's is evil

  • UndefeatedGaul
    UndefeatedGaul Hace 13 días

    I feel like shaking your head all over the place like a pit bull between each nugget has to make it harder. You could go way faster not doing that

  • Marc Moncada
    Marc Moncada Hace 13 días

    Looks like it wasn't approved, Mate.

  • Carlos Craigito
    Carlos Craigito Hace 14 días

    I’m full after 18 chicken nuggets. Then I force myself to eat the other 2.

  • WillE.Z
    WillE.Z Hace 14 días

    Respekt brushan💛🖤💔💚🧡🖤

  • Ellie Wilkinson
    Ellie Wilkinson Hace 15 días

    I tried it but i could only eat 8 in 3 minutes

  • M.R joker
    M.R joker Hace 15 días

    Nice beard

  • Can I get 1000 subs without videos?

    Bruh I do that on a daily basis

  • Scarlanz
    Scarlanz Hace 16 días

    This is every americans diet its nothing special

  • Dz Sama
    Dz Sama Hace 16 días

    lol i can eat those nuggets in 2 mins

  • charles charles
    charles charles Hace 16 días

    Didn't get the scale. What a piece of garbage. That's like 10 nuggets

  • AMB Connor
    AMB Connor Hace 17 días

    Remember everything in processed food that goes in you doesn't come out, ever

  • Anfernee' Banks
    Anfernee' Banks Hace 17 días

    Why did he put water in the nuggets

  • ClearlyUnNoticed
    ClearlyUnNoticed Hace 17 días


  • Levi Dyer
    Levi Dyer Hace 20 días


  • Veronica Miranda
    Veronica Miranda Hace 21 un día

    A cancer add and your eating

  • Granny Original
    Granny Original Hace 21 un día

    The thumbnail was like “I will eat them nuggets”

  • T-Black H-Hoang
    T-Black H-Hoang Hace 21 un día

    viking man need viking suit

  • rumen187
    rumen187 Hace 21 un día +1

    Help me get 100 Subs

  • Jack Ford
    Jack Ford Hace 21 un día

    This man looks like a lumberjack

  • Riaan ZB60
    Riaan ZB60 Hace 22 días

    Hehehe, me and a friend had a challenge a few days ago, and I ate 1036grams worth of nuggets/72 in 2min, 53seconds. Think I should try of the record?

  • Markogi Chinchin
    Markogi Chinchin Hace 23 días

    How can he beat the record if he eats as slow as a sloth?

  • Deon Williams
    Deon Williams Hace 23 días

    You’ll save more time by putting multiple nuggets in ur bottom two fingers and drink water and eat with the index middle and thumb

  • Zombie Herobrine
    Zombie Herobrine Hace 23 días

    I came here before Justin Y.

  • Jacob Cook
    Jacob Cook Hace 24 días

    Imagine pooping all that out

  • andrew Cheung
    andrew Cheung Hace 26 días


  • Chocolate chip
    Chocolate chip Hace 26 días

    Mistake whatching this at midnight -3- Now im hungry...

  • John Ren Gagan
    John Ren Gagan Hace 28 días

    Why is he shaking his head

  • Phuc Nguyen
    Phuc Nguyen Hace 29 días

    U look old bruh

  • Hanan Khaled
    Hanan Khaled Hace un mes

    Why did you pour water there wth

  • Gordo Rodriguez
    Gordo Rodriguez Hace un mes

    I've eaten chicken nuggets without drinking so much water...I challenge you Mr Pete... LMAO

    MICHAEL TIMBLAKE Hace un mes

    Let's go PETE

  • Janiyah Whitfield
    Janiyah Whitfield Hace un mes

    2018 anyone?

  • Matthew Hill
    Matthew Hill Hace un mes

    U need some milk or at least some water u good lol

  • Chandreyi Says What
    Chandreyi Says What Hace un mes

    He was just gobbling up

  • The Truth
    The Truth Hace un mes

    *Eight Twenty*

  • noname yet
    noname yet Hace un mes god... Is that a fucking end of the world? I have heard "impressive", "exhausted" etc in this video and I'm like "really?" Since when stuffing stomach became impressive? For fuck sake, kill yourselves, please. I'm sorry for an aggressive comment, but this is so fucking useless that i couldn't handle

  • Cheila the cat
    Cheila the cat Hace un mes

    Record no more, somebody else broke the record!

  • Emma Wurst
    Emma Wurst Hace un mes

    Idiots at work

  • Dyko TubeHD
    Dyko TubeHD Hace un mes

    It a 99 sardinse and jello

  • Scott Adam
    Scott Adam Hace un mes

    Making a living off of eating food unnecessarily fast. What a silly time we live in ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • matija blatnik
    matija blatnik Hace un mes

    Water is for pu ss ies.

  • Aaron Binesha
    Aaron Binesha Hace un mes

    I bet he vomited them after the video so he wouldn't get fatttt

  • Tk zone
    Tk zone Hace un mes

    You drink water more than you eat

  • Arvind Abs
    Arvind Abs Hace un mes

    M not over confident, but I guess I can beat him in eating nuggets!!! Coz I have eaten three pieces at one time!!

  • A 666
    A 666 Hace un mes

    Can u use sauce??

  • Kyle Lay
    Kyle Lay Hace un mes

    The "oh yeah" guy was annoying

  • Ara Santos
    Ara Santos Hace un mes

    World record for the most world records.

  • Eric McCullough
    Eric McCullough Hace un mes

    Was the stipulation to break the record say that you had to have one hand behind your back?

  • z
    z Hace un mes

    Very stupid idea of keeping your hand behind


    Pete is a fucking viking

  • ItzShadow Gamer_YT
    ItzShadow Gamer_YT Hace un mes

    That's easy for me😏

  • Michael Noeth
    Michael Noeth Hace un mes

    You train more than LA Beast. LA Beast is talent.

  • Anthony Laford
    Anthony Laford Hace un mes

    SHAVE THAT!!!!!!!😱😱

  • Ben Mason
    Ben Mason Hace un mes

    That’s interesting. The water weighed them down more. What would the weight be without it?

  • Falcon Notes
    Falcon Notes Hace un mes +1

    No joke you wouldn't be able to beat me in eating nuggets.

  • bren min
    bren min Hace un mes

    No wonder this bozo got ball cancer. Swallowing dead carcasses aint normal.

  • Matthew Ore
    Matthew Ore Hace un mes

    Best ESclipsr

  • Sarthik Sarthik
    Sarthik Sarthik Hace un mes

    Plz cut your beard you are looking weired

  • Marky Boy
    Marky Boy Hace un mes

    But he dumped water on them so they are heavier

  • Chris Bowman
    Chris Bowman Hace un mes

    Those some big ass nuggets lol

  • violeman
    violeman Hace un mes

    Wow I do not know how you do it bud...
    Id do a soft taco challenge with you sometime while I get some off time from the road lol..
    Keep, keeping it real bud.

  • Pale Sauaga
    Pale Sauaga Hace un mes

    FagAnd you tease what the fuck yourself and go fuck yourself again and then after that call your mum and then I’ll fucker in the mouth button. Fuck off

  • leo tartafionn
    leo tartafionn Hace un mes

    think about starving people stupid glutton

  • Ad Gaming132
    Ad Gaming132 Hace un mes

    Just subscribed

  • hayley kay
    hayley kay Hace un mes

    does this actually count or were you just doing it for fun? does it not have to be done infront of the guiness people?

  • hayley kay
    hayley kay Hace un mes

    mcnuggets are sooo good. only good thing at mcdonalds

  • Erfan Alipoor
    Erfan Alipoor Hace un mes

    Crazy man

  • MAGIC gamer
    MAGIC gamer Hace un mes

    Did he just said fast and furius lol 😂

  • Pølsemakeren
    Pølsemakeren Hace un mes +2

    The dog wanted to try the record too

  • Rocket 205
    Rocket 205 Hace un mes +2

    Why do you only use your right hand?

  • Daisy Marino
    Daisy Marino Hace un mes

    2:48 what no ketchup I can't eat one chicken nuggets without it

  • Banana Pants87
    Banana Pants87 Hace un mes

    666 omg

    ISHAQ AHMAD Hace un mes

    hey pete can u came to pakistan

  • Patrick Marie
    Patrick Marie Hace un mes

    If you like pizza like me

  • LegendaryMcVeigh
    LegendaryMcVeigh Hace un mes

    where does it all go?

  • Cat Dudes
    Cat Dudes Hace un mes