Most Chicken Nuggets Eaten in 3 Minutes (NEW World Record)


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  • Furious Pete
    Furious Pete  Hace 6 meses +691

    This was fun! What should I do next?
    I know some footage wasn't documented proper (because this was a live stream), but at the end of the day I did 46 mcdonalds nuggets in 3 min with one hand etc. I'll do 50 next time (or more)! I'm back Team Furious!

    • Noob player and dancer Player
      Noob player and dancer Player Hace 4 días

      Furious Pete .,

    • Kolton Wyszynski
      Kolton Wyszynski Hace 9 días

      Do Mac and cheese

    • JesusIs Savior
      JesusIs Savior Hace 25 días

      Langlang Cabello That would be impossible for any person alive, bud. The largest pizza in the world weighs 50 lbs.

    • JesusIs Savior
      JesusIs Savior Hace 25 días

      BoilerRoomRadio You're right, it's not chicken, it's part horse meat, nanobots, and human flesh.

  • Savvy Tree
    Savvy Tree Hace un hora

    the Oh Yeah sound isnt that from Daz Black Aka Daz Games?

  • WhatCar420
    WhatCar420 Hace un hora

    I'm jealous of all those nuggets

  • suraidi sujaie
    suraidi sujaie Hace 4 horas

    Are you a muslim

  • Eduardo kane
    Eduardo kane Hace 11 horas

    The judges are retarded. 820 or 666?

    SANA LEON Hace 21 un hora

    Good job :-)

  • Garry Del rio
    Garry Del rio Hace un día

    Why do u need to shake your head?

  • micky d
    micky d Hace un día

    After challenge you had 4 left out of 50.
    So you're coach started on the CALCULATOR!!!! well that says it all .

  • Spooky Baker
    Spooky Baker Hace 2 días

    Yeti? I hope not? Against the NRA.. Why every 1 is shoot the cooler,s

  • George Reyes
    George Reyes Hace 3 días

    Lmao that's not even a challenge me and my friend i swear to God we do 50 piece mc nuggets challenges meaning we had to eat all the 50 nuggets nd 2 large fries and we didn't care about our drink . We do this within 7 mins. This vid is a joke I can do it for lunch real talk and I would want a mc flurry

  • TheZewMaut
    TheZewMaut Hace 3 días

    But these are McNuggets!!

  • кяож
    кяож Hace 4 días

    I eat a LOT but I can't eat fast.

  • busby pero
    busby pero Hace 5 días

    Who decided that only using one hand was the way to go? That is whack as hell.

  • R.F. MineGuy
    R.F. MineGuy Hace 5 días

    Nice beard!

  • Yuengring
    Yuengring Hace 5 días +1

    I don't think he did it right. He shoved multiple nuggets in his mouth but u have to eat 1 at a time. That's what happened in the beast record

  • Andrea Woods
    Andrea Woods Hace 5 días

    Amazing! 😉

  • CalvindeWaal
    CalvindeWaal Hace 5 días

    Hahahaaaaaaa lolol
    I can do better
    I can eat 10 chicken nuggets in 5 seconds....
    And i can eat a lot
    *A LOT*

  • Ridwan Choudhury
    Ridwan Choudhury Hace 6 días +1

    Very nice tactic

  • alone here
    alone here Hace 6 días

    i like everything u do.. but not the one when u're drinking water

  • Ipoh k Udobis
    Ipoh k Udobis Hace 7 días


  • Zinx
    Zinx Hace 7 días

    Did anyone ever tell you that you look like mcjuggernugget buff brother?

    WILD_ TIMES!! Hace 7 días

    i think Pete would be a great kratos coplayer XD

  • PolyhiveRBLX :3
    PolyhiveRBLX :3 Hace 7 días

    Starts eating at 6:22

  • Hack So
    Hack So Hace 8 días

    You remind me of a burrito guy and when I watch you I want a burrito

  • Zombie Revolverheld
    Zombie Revolverheld Hace 9 días

    12 min long video? Shut the hell up and get to the point.

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha Hace 10 días

    and that my friends is how diabetes was made

  • KoniG Cs:Go And More
    KoniG Cs:Go And More Hace 12 días

    eating nuggets in 3min why the video is 10 min

  • Im so Handsome!
    Im so Handsome! Hace 12 días

    I eated that many and the time was 1:56

  • ArkBoii Gaming
    ArkBoii Gaming Hace 12 días

    I don’t have McDonald’s where I live.....heart for me to RIP

  • Robert Adams
    Robert Adams Hace 12 días

    So the IFOCE website hows that Sonya "The Black Widow" Thomas has the Chicken Nugget Record at 80 nuggets in 5 minutes. It didn't say if she weighed the nuggets nor did it say if she ha her hand behind her back and eating one at a time... hmmm.

  • Marquise Gantt aka cowboy mark

    I remember this live stream. Great job Pete. Keep it going strong

  • pcastonguay
    pcastonguay Hace 13 días

    Furious Pete is the world's record pig.

  • TheMercenary 2025
    TheMercenary 2025 Hace 13 días

    Furious Pete reminds me of Kratos for somehow.

  • Joseph Gagawanan
    Joseph Gagawanan Hace 14 días

    does he really need to do those shaking shaking? hahahaha

  • YouWhatMate
    YouWhatMate Hace 14 días

    I could do that faster you weak fgot

  • Seronai !
    Seronai ! Hace 14 días

    Wow wow wow wow wow

  • 350vic
    350vic Hace 15 días

    Disgusting and gluttony not to mention absolute cruelty to animals , should be ashamed.

  • J R M V
    J R M V Hace 16 días


  • Caiden Wichert
    Caiden Wichert Hace 16 días

    one time i chugged a water bottle in like 20 seconds :P

  • filippini302302
    filippini302302 Hace 16 días

    Just put the part where you eat. We don't want to see all that bullshit in the beginning

  • Levi Scott
    Levi Scott Hace 16 días

    That is my head win i have to stop doing somthing i like

  • Henry Gallardo
    Henry Gallardo Hace 17 días

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  • MrMCKlebeband
    MrMCKlebeband Hace 17 días

    9:50 how he looks at the nuggets xDDDDDD HE WANTS MORE

  • mohammed's channel
    mohammed's channel Hace 17 días

    So funny

  • Tyler Elpert
    Tyler Elpert Hace 18 días

    Yo who’s wearing the Jordan 4 doernbechers

    JASON AGERA Hace 20 días

    I don’t want you to die from diabetes Pete so please TAKE IT EASYYY

    JASON AGERA Hace 20 días

    “We are at 666.6”
    “Okay cool”
    Me: no not cool devil#:666

  • mordecai _
    mordecai _ Hace 20 días

    Now i need some crispy chicken nuggets

  • Junmalo987
    Junmalo987 Hace 21 un día

    Why the rule of only one nugget at a time? Please explain.

  • Clint Limato
    Clint Limato Hace 21 un día

    ow nice gob the is 01.17.822 great gob i like your subscribers:-B🏆😄aim so very very proud of you uncle yes yes you did it😄

  • John Gutierrez
    John Gutierrez Hace 21 un día

    Your video was awful your life,I wish you didn't live

  • Arthur Ponting
    Arthur Ponting Hace 22 días

    try this challenge
    called the Big Smokes Order
    the things in it
    hey can i get
    2 number 9s
    a number 9 large
    a number 6 with extra dip
    2 number 45s
    one with cheese
    and a large soda

  • Abby Bolls
    Abby Bolls Hace 24 días

    Hey I used to have that same Steve aoki cut out

  • Max Weisblatt
    Max Weisblatt Hace 24 días

    how does he do that?!?

  • JesusIs Savior
    JesusIs Savior Hace 25 días

    It's pretty messed up that people accuse this guy of using steroids. If you know anything about bodybuilding, you'd know he's all natural. Steroids make your veins pop out everywhere, and you look gross. They also make your belly extend outward.

  • PLA- Scar
    PLA- Scar Hace 25 días +1

    This makes me want to eat chicken nuggets

  • Freekicker 06
    Freekicker 06 Hace 27 días

    Go home if you wanna eat like this dude

  • SuperBobby47
    SuperBobby47 Hace 27 días

    Impressive and without any ketchup or bbq sauce. You sir have a new sub lol

  • Bax
    Bax Hace un mes

    RIP la beast

  • anton budi prasaja
    anton budi prasaja Hace un mes

    Talk to much.....

  • melih Benlevi
    melih Benlevi Hace un mes

    man you put water on top of them and it change the total weight you probably eat more then what you weighted in the end

  • Bulletcore
    Bulletcore Hace un mes

    He sprinkled water adding weight. 😂

  • Joebelove91210
    Joebelove91210 Hace un mes

    so the mark is 46 nuggets? not gonna lie i expected a number closer to 100

  • sara .saidii
    sara .saidii Hace un mes

    chicken nuggets are made out off baby ducks (im french so sorry if my english is bad) but yeah it's true search you'll see

  • Toga Himiko
    Toga Himiko Hace un mes

    so this is where all the damn nuggets go

  • Astro Spy48
    Astro Spy48 Hace un mes

    Starts in 6:20 . For those who wants to save their precious time.

  • The Red Assasin
    The Red Assasin Hace un mes

    You grew some beard

  • Faggoat
    Faggoat Hace un mes

    Disclaimer: I didn't finish the video but I wanna get this out there because I might forget tbh.
    Does he realize that pouring water on the nuggets weighs them down more? Therefore when he reweighs them they will have extra unnecessary weight that will go against how much he actually ate.

  • *BEARS* *ARE* *AWSOME subifuagree

    Why would younput water on the nuggets

  • Tishara Peralta
    Tishara Peralta Hace un mes

    u know wut? I can beat the recird but i dont have money for that nuggets

  • Etoile
    Etoile Hace un mes

    why not 10 minutes

  • Rexjhon Jangadperez
    Rexjhon Jangadperez Hace un mes

    Eat your feet within 3 seconds

  • 12WeMet1
    12WeMet1 Hace un mes

    Beard is no bueno

  • Curtis Mercado
    Curtis Mercado Hace un mes


  • brooks bauer
    brooks bauer Hace un mes

    You killed it Pete! Good job buddy

  • LordDarts
    LordDarts Hace un mes

    Und schön fett Werbung machen ohne Einblenden von "Dauerwerbesendung" :)

  • Darknees 234
    Darknees 234 Hace un mes

    you look so old i like the old one xd

    KINZI Hace un mes

    Lol imagine they forgot to record shit😂

  • zakelwe
    zakelwe Hace un mes

    Wonder what the dog eating nuggets record would be using no hands would be ?

  • Kriptonickushman
    Kriptonickushman Hace un mes

    Fuck that. Taking it off camera, no officials. I bet ur clock was slow too!!

  • Zain AB
    Zain AB Hace un mes

    Do you ever know the pain of a famish people ? Please give them your balance

  • Kirby
    Kirby Hace un mes

    Dog: I WANT DAT CHICKEN NUGGETS!!!!!!!!! MINNNNEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jamison Jones
    Jamison Jones Hace un mes

    I was born in 2007

  • Alan Stidi
    Alan Stidi Hace un mes

    I can eat 50 nugs in 2 minutes

    SHREYAS KULKARNI Hace un mes

    When u think,nuggets nah now u are ,nuggets nuggets nuggets

  • Buan Cung
    Buan Cung Hace un mes

    He old

  • Francheska Ayn Pintor
    Francheska Ayn Pintor Hace un mes

    Its so disgusting

  • Francheska Ayn Pintor
    Francheska Ayn Pintor Hace un mes

    Why did he put water on top of his nuggets

  • Aaron G
    Aaron G Hace un mes

    I feel like I can beat this

  • Orion MacGregor
    Orion MacGregor Hace un mes


  • nemi luca
    nemi luca Hace un mes

    When he sprinkled the water I almost through up

  • HiddenRaider 7
    HiddenRaider 7 Hace un mes

    Are you sure this isn't a sesure

  • GuiriMoto
    GuiriMoto Hace un mes

    my pb is 38 in 3 minutes mcdonalds nuggets

  • Ryan Oliver Tan
    Ryan Oliver Tan Hace un mes

    Downer alert: he put water on the nuggets at the beginning thus results at the end are invalid. (Even if it was at his disadvantage)

  • Dan T
    Dan T Hace un mes

    Nice speed run.

  • The Notorious Sheep
    The Notorious Sheep Hace un mes

    Why is he jumping around like a retard with ADHD

  • Edward Robledo
    Edward Robledo Hace un mes

    He has a Black Hole instead of a Stomach :/

  • Ayushman Madridista
    Ayushman Madridista Hace un mes

    Roses are Red ...
    Sky is Blue..
    what you came for is 6:20

  • Elisa Frangaj
    Elisa Frangaj Hace un mes

    U should not do these vids u can get dib