Extremely Satisfying Pressure Washing Video of Cabover

  • Publicado el 28 nov 2019
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Comentarios • 2 275

  • Chris Mueller
    Chris Mueller Hace 2 días +1

    Super fun to watch these revivals. Also, I use pure SuperClean in my parts washer. Do not get it on aluminum but makes quick work of the grimy steal parts. Keep up the work. I third a vote for Optimus Grime and leaving the extensions on. I am an old car guy - not a big truck guy but reviving old steel is reviving old steel.

  • บุริศร์ ชํานาญ

    FC จากไทยครับ

  • Favian Harnarain
    Favian Harnarain Hace 4 días

    Let's name it batman

  • TexasT
    TexasT Hace 5 días

    The song that begins at 5:29, can I get an artist and or title? Thanks, It is a pretty catchy tune!

  • Lula Bell
    Lula Bell Hace 6 días +2

    Love both videos don't worry about the haters be urself 💯💪

  • drewsky 100
    drewsky 100 Hace 6 días

    Awesome work bro...🤙💯

    SIMON MWATHI Hace 6 días +1

    Nice video. Kindly watch drive though Kenya esclips.com/channel/UCKmGhXYQD70T0O06g-cYOBA

  • Warrick Hicks
    Warrick Hicks Hace 7 días

    Leave the extensions on

  • jonesjames89
    jonesjames89 Hace 8 días

    Goddamn that truck looks like it’s been to hell & back more then once!!. Your goddamn stupid for unbolting that aerody on TOP!! That is what gives the truck the goddamn cool factor. I have 2 of that truck along with a KW K100 all 3 have that aerody. And now I’m lookin for a Pete 372(Football helmet)

  • Michael Lambres
    Michael Lambres Hace 8 días

    Leave the top on

  • spacegangsta
    spacegangsta Hace 9 días

    Call it McCabOver

  • Tuấn Bui quang tuan
    Tuấn Bui quang tuan Hace 9 días

    Tuyệt quá bác ạ

  • imNewb
    imNewb Hace 9 días

    Call her: ole bess

  • Леонид Ариков

    Нихрена не понял, но очень интересно 🤔😁😁😁

  • bigvinn2008
    bigvinn2008 Hace 10 días

    leave it original

  • Dennis Sherwood
    Dennis Sherwood Hace 11 días +2

    I would leave all the fairings on the truck

  • Pennsylvania Mike
    Pennsylvania Mike Hace 11 días

    Oh by the way- one of the great things about using a pressure washer is you don't need degreaser for most things. Once you start on the motor or rear ends, then probably. I'd get yourself either a steam washer or buy a stand-alone water heater for yours. You'd be amazed at what hot water and steam can do.

  • Pennsylvania Mike
    Pennsylvania Mike Hace 11 días +5

    From watching the last few episodes I'm feeling pretty confident you've never owned a truck? Or driven a truck much, if at all? Don't get me wrong, you're doing a fine job so far, and you really don't need any experience as far as driving if you only plan to take it to shows and whatnot. You will need to learn if you're planning on any road trips with it.

  • Timothy Doult
    Timothy Doult Hace 12 días

    i luv the no safety ... aspect of spraying

  • lynh nong
    lynh nong Hace 12 días

    13:18. Start

  • octavio isaza
    octavio isaza Hace 12 días

    Leave the xtencion look very nice when you paint in flames looking good

  • Houston HTOWN
    Houston HTOWN Hace 12 días

    U should change it into a #Transformer theme 🤑🤑🤑🤑

  • Тимофей Николаевич

    Тоже люблю повозится со старой техникой, удачи в ремонте

    • Есипов Иван
      Есипов Иван Hace 12 días

      Поддерживаю Вас, в современном Мире дать вещам вторую жизнь или хотя бы продлить её, становится всё меньше и меньше людей!
      А автору удачи и не покладать рук!

  • Paul Bosen
    Paul Bosen Hace 13 días

    When I smashed a big dent in my new Gnarly pipe on my CR250 a shop fixed it by plugging both ends with a air line attached and heating it, they added pressure with it hot and the dent (a big dent) popped right out. Might work on a tank?

  • Dwaine Cana
    Dwaine Cana Hace 13 días

    Frank....back from the dead

  • Kathryn Silvey
    Kathryn Silvey Hace 14 días

    Whistlen diesel

  • Crs 92
    Crs 92 Hace 14 días +4

    I immediately thought of transformers when watching this optimise prime.

  • jim wangelin
    jim wangelin Hace 14 días

    It is a Air diamond roof

  • Michael Kremer
    Michael Kremer Hace 14 días

    like the colour, old german flag

  • I'm Me
    I'm Me Hace 15 días

    I'd fix the air deflector. It's fiberglass and shouldn't be too hard to fix. Most of the patch would go on the inside where it isn't readily visible. For that matter, the repair doesn't have to show quality on the outside since it isn't that easy to see from the ground. And, leave the side deflectors. All of the deflectors improve fuel economy and stability.

  • Robert Williams
    Robert Williams Hace 15 días

    a ton of work to do the power washing made a big difference. Don't give up

  • Abang Zul
    Abang Zul Hace 16 días

    Cabover is popular in our country but only seen a few of American Trucks such as K100 in my youth then.
    Greetings from Penang.

  • Rogério Leandro Da Silva

    Seu caminhão ja esta lindo irmão

  • Clve Cooledge
    Clve Cooledge Hace 17 días

    Bruce thing as you call it on top of the cab is an air deflector it saves you diesel and you will get a better ride if its windy .but it's up to you it's your truck ,it looks nice without the air kit but with it on they look awesome.its got lovely interior I personally like push button leather interior but yours looks just as nice ,what would set it off is lots of new chrome on the tanks ,on the chassis, and a nice set of polished durabright alloy wheels.

  • David Robinson
    David Robinson Hace 17 días

    Should use British music it's by far superior for your videos.

  • Drayke Fischer-wiskin
    Drayke Fischer-wiskin Hace 17 días

    name the truck Optimus

  • jlmoo1 #456
    jlmoo1 #456 Hace 18 días

    What a classic cabover. Leave them on. Cool video

  • cayetanohawaii
    cayetanohawaii Hace 18 días

    Please stop referring to the truck as a she and calling it a her. This is a heavy duty piece of machinery. You need to give it a name, too. Something masculine, like Big Jim, Ol’ Randy, Survivor Sam, Tyler the Terrific, or maybe Warrior Bob. Geez, get creative! Maybe even have the name you came up with painted onto the the truck.

  • Good things, good life!
    Good things, good life! Hace 18 días +1

    I really love your videos💓💓💓💓

  • Xtreme power Washing
    Xtreme power Washing Hace 18 días

    Bleach and soap next time for the mold and algae ..degreaser is for grease ..

    BJ BOLT Hace 19 días

    Name it old school

  • robert nealey
    robert nealey Hace 19 días

    Try putting air in the fuel tank to blow it back in to shape. And keep the sides on the cab.

  • Petrică David
    Petrică David Hace 19 días


  • خالد احمد
    خالد احمد Hace 20 días +1

    فيه عرب ]•[

  • Frank C
    Frank C Hace 20 días

    Name it crab over.

  • dropping Hertz
    dropping Hertz Hace 21 un día

    "OL DURTY " IN Meaning of surrounded by woods & Ghetto But always provides A Good time...MINT..👌

  • albie boyfacont
    albie boyfacont Hace 21 un día

    te cangkel sia ngan baceo sorangan

  • Miguel Arias
    Miguel Arias Hace 21 un día

    Leave the extension on it gives it a nice badd ass look

  • raps a god Blaine08.
    raps a god Blaine08. Hace 21 un día

    The cabover peete

  • Steven Gardner
    Steven Gardner Hace 21 un día +2


  • Jeff Scott
    Jeff Scott Hace 21 un día

    Midland Four gears

  • Jeff Scott
    Jeff Scott Hace 21 un día

    Real truck drivers listen to country Music

  • Jeff Scott
    Jeff Scott Hace 21 un día

    Was this a fleet truck ?

  • Jeff Scott
    Jeff Scott Hace 21 un día

    Big thing on top

  • Jeff Scott
    Jeff Scott Hace 21 un día


  • Jeff Scott
    Jeff Scott Hace 21 un día

    Make sure you wash Dodge Too

  • Robert W. Capo
    Robert W. Capo Hace 21 un día +1

    I'd keep the sides. There have been some older JB Hunt cabovers like that one you've got which have the aero piece on the roof also. Semis are one of my favorite pulling classes and cabovers are treasure pieces in my book. Good luck with fixing this beast.

  • Juliet Soderberg
    Juliet Soderberg Hace 22 días

    What brand of pressure washer is this/did he use? Looks like a good one

  • Zfast4you
    Zfast4you Hace 22 días

    woah, my car needs this too.

  • scram scram
    scram scram Hace 22 días

    For yall the term is wind breakers they help with fuel efficiency and holding brooms and keeping air lines from banging on the sleeper in windy conditions