We Eat Like Donald Trump For A Day

  • Publicado el 3 mar 2018
  • "I feel like garbage."
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Comentarios • 29 728

  • Princearya123 Arya
    Princearya123 Arya Hace 3 horas

    Now i wonder how his poop would smell. Good for lysol.

  • Katrina Fernando
    Katrina Fernando Hace 3 horas

    dry like my soul


  • Tiny birb
    Tiny birb Hace 3 horas +1

    Dang this man have diabetus with extra heart attack

  • Nxrf Ty
    Nxrf Ty Hace 7 horas

    *Donald trump have diabetes from Diet Coke*

  • The Meme Makers
    The Meme Makers Hace 7 horas +1

    This would be me if I haven’t eaten in weeks. Minutes the cokes because I don’t drink those

  • jio liang
    jio liang Hace 8 horas +2

    Donald Trump?
    more like

    sodium killer...

  • BTS n' Army Trash
    BTS n' Army Trash Hace 10 horas

    The guy serving the food looks cute af 😍💞

  • Gian_ 25302
    Gian_ 25302 Hace 10 horas

    What does trump get every day diabetes

  • мав чан
    мав чан Hace 12 horas

    I wish I was Donald Trump only for all these meals

  • Jah the boss Jah the boss

    If you like and dislike Donald Trump you !!!!👇👇

  • tarun khedekar
    tarun khedekar Hace 12 horas

    I can't tolerate that lady's voice. I am leaving 😥

    TXYYAB ALI2 Hace 12 horas

    1:53 *voice.exe stop working*

  • Elektrofensterheber
    Elektrofensterheber Hace 16 horas

    A low testosterone cuck and a fat disgusting pig tryna disrespect Alpha Male Trump

  • Enzo Bermudez
    Enzo Bermudez Hace 17 horas

    overreacting much?

  • Skull Gamer
    Skull Gamer Hace 17 horas

    That awkward waaaw doe

  • Bamex Are cull
    Bamex Are cull Hace 17 horas +1

    Eat like Vladimir Putin for a day

  • Ikmalreza 1998
    Ikmalreza 1998 Hace un día

    So Donald Trump eat Iike the rest of us?I thought his meals were "unique".

  • Scuffed Mario
    Scuffed Mario Hace un día

    I would be cool with this, just replace the diet coke for regular coke

  • Lautay 20
    Lautay 20 Hace un día

    donald trump is responsible for 70% of the straws in the ocean

  • The Goonies
    The Goonies Hace un día

    Eat like Hillary (dies from medication overdose because shes dying)

  • Jesse James
    Jesse James Hace un día

    You guys do good videos together

  • iEatyourbrain84
    iEatyourbrain84 Hace un día

    Garbage food for a garbage human being.

  • eddybonbony
    eddybonbony Hace un día

    WITH A STRAW that just shows that he likes pollution

  • Galaxy Queen
    Galaxy Queen Hace un día

    She makes me wanna clear my throat every time she talks

  • Frederik Henderson
    Frederik Henderson Hace un día +1

    At least sugar Free is BETTER then With sugar

  • Creative Cassy
    Creative Cassy Hace un día

    Okay but can we applaud the waiter tho 😂💀

  • ownerf
    ownerf Hace un día

    This is fake news 😂
    he eats either bacon and eggs, cereal or a McDonald’s McMuffin. "He doesn’t drink coffee or tea. He said: ‘My favourite would be bacon and eggs…bacon medium and the eggs over-well."
    And also he doesn't eat the crust of pizza, not just take the toppings off!
    They greatly over exaggerated everything in this video 😂

  • Maiza Bilal
    Maiza Bilal Hace un día

    Im watching this for keith only 😂

  • VDxrk
    VDxrk Hace un día +3

    Lady: if you have seen me take not one sip of this then why would you give me more
    Waiter: *bends straw in diet coke*

  • Bluish Scorpion
    Bluish Scorpion Hace un día

    🇺🇸 2020 🇺🇸

  • Taniya Chatterjee
    Taniya Chatterjee Hace un día

    Total comedy show 😂😂

  • tat tatty
    tat tatty Hace un día

    Please remove this woman from the BuzzFeed team. I am depressed after watching her,
    With love tat tatty

  • ruderford1983
    ruderford1983 Hace un día

    who is that black buffelow

  • Boggle Blog
    Boggle Blog Hace un día

    That’s why Donald trump is so white because he drinks so much coke

  • Gerber Caracheo
    Gerber Caracheo Hace 2 días

    U need food cause your fat

    DAYA ASMR Hace 2 días +1

    *the food is as disgusting as himself*

  • Shateik Jones
    Shateik Jones Hace 2 días

    Watching the Big Mac part made me sick to my stomach.

  • adrinz
    adrinz Hace 2 días

    He eats like that??? No wonder why he look like a pig!😅

  • UnAdultRated Media
    UnAdultRated Media Hace 2 días

    The “thicc” girl gone act picky on camera now? 🤭

  • Cheezy
    Cheezy Hace 2 días

    Frickin Donald trumps a fatty.

  • Jerrick Adams
    Jerrick Adams Hace 2 días

    Therefore trump is the only one who could live to be that old and eat that badly every day 24/7

  • Camila the unicorn
    Camila the unicorn Hace 2 días

    I wanna be an aunt Keith
    Has to be on a shirt

  • subscribe so I can beat T series but not pewdiepie

    What website did you guys go to to find this stuff

  • Jaidyn Flematti
    Jaidyn Flematti Hace 2 días

    She needs to clear her throat

  • Hacobe Jones
    Hacobe Jones Hace 2 días

    How do they know what he eats?

  • Abdelmoez Benyahia
    Abdelmoez Benyahia Hace 2 días

    Bro that steak at the end was baptised in gravey or sauce or what every it was

  • Azra Yasmeen
    Azra Yasmeen Hace 2 días

    diabetes has joined the chat

  • Dorsey Mustang
    Dorsey Mustang Hace 2 días

    If he has around 85 diet cokes a day , HOW MANY TIMES DOES DONALD FRICKIN' TRUMP USE THE TOILET???

  • Perplex
    Perplex Hace 2 días +1

    1. why say "No coffee"? I can also add that there was no squid no whale no fish no chicken no peas no carrots ETC

    • Peter Jenkins
      Peter Jenkins Hace 22 horas

      Perplex because majority of people drink coffee at that time, common sense bud.

  • abrar ali kharawi
    abrar ali kharawi Hace 2 días

    That mothafucka trump is not a human !!!!!!!!!

  • Kharisma Nugroho
    Kharisma Nugroho Hace 2 días +8

    3:29 when u try to get attention from a dude

  • BubblePop Studios
    BubblePop Studios Hace 2 días +1

    **orders pizza**
    **removes toppings**
    **throws away the actual pizza**

    *what is the point of the pizza when you could just cook your own toppings-*

  • potatoes
    potatoes Hace 2 días

    *Diabetes has joined the chat*
    *Cavities and rotting teeth has joined the chat*

  • xxxlegends roblox
    xxxlegends roblox Hace 2 días

    I've only drank 1 diet coke back in 2012

  • Simon Cherukara
    Simon Cherukara Hace 2 días

    The ebony looks like a ebony 🐷

  • Alone Rangers
    Alone Rangers Hace 2 días

    diabetes patiente has left the chat

  • Noah Hayden
    Noah Hayden Hace 2 días

    Healthy Living has left the conversation

  • Cat Bratulic
    Cat Bratulic Hace 2 días

    *trump has left the chat*

  • Jhan Perez
    Jhan Perez Hace 3 días


  • Joyce bonilla
    Joyce bonilla Hace 3 días

    12 diet sodas also just to tell you diet soda is more worse than regular soda

  • v. nicole v
    v. nicole v Hace 3 días +1

    OH NO.......... HE ATE MY FINGERS

  • lets get prepared together

    That’s why Donald trump so damn fat

  • Michelle Cramer
    Michelle Cramer Hace 3 días

    Love the girl

  • Aidan Fredrickson
    Aidan Fredrickson Hace 3 días

    The girls voice be annoying af

  • McValdeviezo360 -Taken By Project Zorgo

    Lol chocolate "Cream pie"

  • Fbi
    Fbi Hace 3 días

    When it's a food challenge you know it's Keith

  • Ben Shapiro
    Ben Shapiro Hace 3 días


  • Tanner Holmes
    Tanner Holmes Hace 3 días +1

    Who cares. Hes a millionaire, and president of the united states. For all you snowflake liberals, he does more important things while he takes a dump than you will accomplish in your whole life. TRUMP 2020

  • xo xo
    xo xo Hace 3 días

    Is this a joke? I refuse to believe that anyone could eat like this and be alive. This is a parody right??

  • Elle Rominiecki
    Elle Rominiecki Hace 3 días +3

    i almost feel as if this video is fake and the workers did this to them just to see them suffer.

    anyone else agree

  • CallOfPundy1192
    CallOfPundy1192 Hace 3 días

    There is no way this is real

  • Sambo
    Sambo Hace 3 días

    Does he really eat like this?? Or is this a joke??

  • James Readman
    James Readman Hace 3 días +3

    Pizza crust has left the chat

  • MoreCrazyness
    MoreCrazyness Hace 3 días


  • David Pinto
    David Pinto Hace 3 días


  • David Pinto
    David Pinto Hace 3 días

    I want to kill Trump with my AR15

  • Al Wa
    Al Wa Hace 3 días

    How tf do they live eating like that daily surely this is not real?

  • Benji nichol
    Benji nichol Hace 3 días

    I’m so glad I don’t live in the USA

  • elaine cabalquinto
    elaine cabalquinto Hace 3 días


  • Megan James
    Megan James Hace 4 días

    I ❤Keith😍💋

  • Ijonkilledyou
    Ijonkilledyou Hace 4 días +2

    I tried to drink diet coke once but they taste so awful. Water is the best drink in the universe

  • Ashley kate
    Ashley kate Hace 4 días

    Healthy food has left the chat

  • Brandon
    Brandon Hace 4 días

    No wonder why hes adump

  • Nyquill’s Finest
    Nyquill’s Finest Hace 4 días

    I like how all the anti trump fans are getting excited 😂 bc he eats junk food he’s a human

  • the Iron wolverine
    the Iron wolverine Hace 4 días +1

    My God, how does he do it

  • Jaclyn Okuda
    Jaclyn Okuda Hace 4 días

    3:01 UR KILLING MY FRIEND !!!! HA HA HA HA HA HAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lmao It’s me
    Lmao It’s me Hace 4 días

    I like how people are actually believing that this is what trump eats

  • Annoying Pisces
    Annoying Pisces Hace 4 días

    Foreshadowed Keith’s new series

  • ADudeWithALife 456
    ADudeWithALife 456 Hace 5 días

    Trumps is great.

  • Alex
    Alex Hace 5 días +1

    Aunt Keith! May I have some cookies? 😂

  • Romeesa Rehman - Ingleborough PS (1491)


  • Eli Kestenbaum
    Eli Kestenbaum Hace 5 días

    This is def bs. He def does not eat like this

  • XponentDoggo Bear13
    XponentDoggo Bear13 Hace 5 días

    Fakest crap ever

  • Liana Goodman
    Liana Goodman Hace 5 días +1

    Legend says they are still drinking those Diet Cokes to this day...

    • Suh Moon Aye
      Suh Moon Aye Hace 2 días

      Understated comment 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • angel conner
    angel conner Hace 5 días

    Hope those straws were recycled 🤔

  • I have an incredibly tiny penis, but,

    The black cow to the left needs to stop pretending as if this is a challenge to her. She probably eats 3 times that amount in half a day.

    • MusicMan
      MusicMan Hace 3 días

      Calm down there buddy, no reason to call her a cow.

  • Japanifornia
    Japanifornia Hace 5 días

    Please tell me you don't believe that Trump eats like this everyday

  • isi598
    isi598 Hace 5 días

    The guy is a billionaire and eats worse than any broke student I've ever met.

  • cau
    cau Hace 5 días

    1:54 Now thats cringe af.

  • dead inside
    dead inside Hace 6 días +1

    how to get diabetes