We Eat Like Donald Trump For A Day


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  • a jbr
    a jbr Hace 10 minutos

    Eww I can’t imagine eating like this every single day no wonder Donald Trump is fat

  • meekley personperson
    meekley personperson Hace 13 minutos

    this guys a billionaire and his entire daily meals costs like $15

  • meekley personperson
    meekley personperson Hace 13 minutos


  • Jj Kwin
    Jj Kwin Hace 55 minutos

    If trump is so rich why does he eat so much cheap fast food

  • Loca Gayeta
    Loca Gayeta Hace un hora

    that moment when ur rich asf but only want pizza and burgers

  • John Waldron
    John Waldron Hace un hora

    i want this looks yummy

  • bredismyname 18
    bredismyname 18 Hace un hora

    I drow anything in ketchup even my rice chips and oreos dont know why tho

  • JayMello Productions
    JayMello Productions Hace un hora

    This... made me throw up...
    How have the heart attacks not occured

    LLAMAANDWOLF YT Hace 2 horas

    “Dry like my soul’’ XD 😂🤣😅😱😱🤣😂🤣

  • TrashLord Lord of the Trash

    Is the source for this not entirely accurate? Probably. Would I be surprised if it was? Absolutely not.

  • Depression Obsession
    Depression Obsession Hace 3 horas

    This just shows how inhuman Donald Trump is. The lizard theory is looking pretty valid right now...

  • Owen Chan
    Owen Chan Hace 3 horas

    Matt stonie and furious Pete could destroy this

  • Daisy Pazy
    Daisy Pazy Hace 3 horas

    Imagine Donald trump seeing this

  • James Hurt
    James Hurt Hace 4 horas

    Idiot libtarss

  • Business XX
    Business XX Hace 4 horas

    Guys, don't act like you don't eat like this normally. I've seen the fast food on this channel.

  • ana froyo
    ana froyo Hace 4 horas

    Some of yall acting so searious its a joke cant you read what it saids at 5:49 😒

    GAME TUBE Hace 5 horas

    Man I bet Donald trump has type 2 diebetes from all that junk food

  • hiraeth
    hiraeth Hace 5 horas

    the waiter can hmu

  • Ida Fjelde
    Ida Fjelde Hace 5 horas


  • Soraya Partida
    Soraya Partida Hace 6 horas

    No wonder why Trump is so fat

  • Wandering Clown
    Wandering Clown Hace 6 horas +1

    This is fake news, our glorious and healthy president only eats bear meat from bears that he killed with his bare hands

  • Milton Ninde
    Milton Ninde Hace 6 horas

    Auntie ( trump ) kieeeth

  • twentyone heros
    twentyone heros Hace 8 horas

    “how much sauce does this guy ingest” i’m crying

  • JFLD8
    JFLD8 Hace 8 horas

    I feel so gross after watching this

  • Anna Johnson
    Anna Johnson Hace 10 horas

    Grant from collegehumor?????????

  • sushixiaa
    sushixiaa Hace 10 horas

    ok but the fact that they all have to have a straw

  • Fathima Haris
    Fathima Haris Hace 11 horas

    3:32 When he smells the Diet Coke!!!! And shes looking at him!!!!

  • Nervous J
    Nervous J Hace 12 horas

    in hindsight I'm pretty sure this diet was never actually confirmed. We just know he likes diet coke. I don't think he actually eats like that or at his age he'd be morbidly obese even at his height.

  • xydoit
    xydoit Hace 14 horas

    How is it non gluten?

  • Erwin Smith's Left Eyebrow

    *sniffs diet coke*

  • The Untrying
    The Untrying Hace 19 horas

    Expectations vs. Reality

  • Keelie Cox
    Keelie Cox Hace 20 horas

    Donald Trump is like Shane Dawson Love that diet coke

  • Rosy Lou
    Rosy Lou Hace 20 horas

    Diet coke has lots of sugar

  • Sooner Science Nerd
    Sooner Science Nerd Hace 21 un hora

    Jesus h. Christ! 12cokes! Wtf?! Eat a little bit healthier foods...... Uh,,. Yeah!!!!!!! How about 5waters, 2 oatmeals, eggs, prunes, cheese, and some kind of meat, but not all at once.....

  • Spybat007
    Spybat007 Hace 22 horas

    When you run out of ideas

  • 6ix0d3van
    6ix0d3van Hace 23 horas

    The girl is so my moooddd bro

    I’M A GIRAFFE Hace 23 horas

    Even just watching this gives me heart burn! aaaaaahhhhhhh!!

  • red ninjas
    red ninjas Hace un día

    I don't think this is true... especially from CNN y'all crazy

  • Suey Macgy
    Suey Macgy Hace un día

    No wonder he's orange he drank so much Diet Coke his skin turned a tint of orange

  • Niall_Pizza_
    Niall_Pizza_ Hace un día

    i feel lke garbage

  • Julianna Gardner
    Julianna Gardner Hace un día

    The chicks voice is kinda makes me annoyed😫😬😬😬

  • Andjelija Markov
    Andjelija Markov Hace un día

    That's why Trump is so grumpy all the time! See how they were so moody during the video?

  • Rose Apple
    Rose Apple Hace un día

    This can’t be real, surely? 😂

  • Cardin Chest
    Cardin Chest Hace un día

    ill miss Keith in these videos

  • Nero Mauritzen
    Nero Mauritzen Hace un día

    The advantages of being healthy.
    Donald: Hey guys! Guys! GUYS! I need a new heart again, just get to the black market and buy whatever you can find for me, one is bound to work allright, thanks gobbye.
    Oh, I almost forgot, and LIVERS newborn BABY LIVERS! Because THEY WORK THE BEST! Nobody works better than them!

    AMAYA FISHER Hace un día

    Did anyone see the girl in the back with a mustache at 1:03

  • Jake Lomsnado
    Jake Lomsnado Hace un día


  • Brett Bavaro
    Brett Bavaro Hace un día

    Classic liberals

  • Jr30090 Basco
    Jr30090 Basco Hace un día

    Donald trump is living the life i would eat like that except the 🍕

  • The Creeper King
    The Creeper King Hace un día

    Ok ok ok... wow... uhh...

  • Naomi rivera-romero
    Naomi rivera-romero Hace un día

    Poor guys

  • Marley Charley
    Marley Charley Hace un día


  • dr.caramelpeppercorn shopvlogs1.0

    😳.....Thats why his fat

  • ladidaaa
    ladidaaa Hace un día

    Donald trump is too rich to eat like that

  • SpookyRoseV
    SpookyRoseV Hace un día

    Wait a minute Donald Trump himself tweeted “I’ve never seen a thin person drinking Diet Coke” well at least he’s not a hypocrite in that area

  • Flamester7 Tv
    Flamester7 Tv Hace un día

    trump eats none of this

  • Zainab Malik
    Zainab Malik Hace un día

    3:38 They have had so much soda he forgets everyone needs water. Does Trump drink water 😂😂

    HH LULU Hace un día

    Joyce and Keith are my favourite people out of buzzfeed

  • maee :]
    maee :] Hace un día

    If he continues to eat like this..we'll have to get the vice president lmao 😭😂

  • Alex Summers
    Alex Summers Hace un día

    Okay I am a massive Diet Coke addict and even that is excessive for me. Y I K E S.

  • Nick Flores
    Nick Flores Hace un día

    It’s kind of fat shaming making this video. It’s pretty much the equivalent of making a video “Eating piel Obama for a day” and then eating fried chicken and watermelon for every meal

    • lexielynn03
      lexielynn03 Hace 21 un hora

      Nick Flores not even like slightly equivalent. But, okay.

  • Drew Hernanadez
    Drew Hernanadez Hace un día

    Can that chick please clear her throat 😂

  • Sofia Rahman
    Sofia Rahman Hace un día

    Aria’s so funny 😂

  • Meghal Biswas
    Meghal Biswas Hace un día

    Aria has maintained neutral/happy face throughout the video

  • Meghal Biswas
    Meghal Biswas Hace un día

    I want keith as my uncle

  • Stay. Lit
    Stay. Lit Hace un día

    Donald trump gon get diabetes drinking all those cokes like damn 🤧

  • Quins_ YT
    Quins_ YT Hace un día

    I just love Ariel 😂😂😂😂

  • Shambhavi Naithani
    Shambhavi Naithani Hace un día

    1:43 that intern's expression

  • KJE
    KJE Hace un día

    it's 11:30 pm and now I just want some mcdonald's

  • A Little Consideration
    A Little Consideration Hace un día

    My mom.. eats the Big Mac without the bread..
    They call it a diet, guys, hELP-

  • Kimberly Martinez
    Kimberly Martinez Hace un día

    Why did he look at it when he blew ur nose ? 😷

  • Isaac Tameron
    Isaac Tameron Hace un día

    Meals according to cnn*

  • Ronn Cunanan
    Ronn Cunanan Hace un día

    Dry *LIKE MY SOUL*

  • XxSavage KoyotexX
    XxSavage KoyotexX Hace un día

    Trump weird asf

  • Michael Mathis
    Michael Mathis Hace 2 días +1

    person behind the camera “ how is it “
    the lady that was eating to food “ it is dry...LIKE MY SOUL” literally one of the best parts of the vid lol 😂

  • Dragoon Z
    Dragoon Z Hace 2 días

    Donald Trump: ''I'll take 2 number nines''

  • Daniel Dunagan
    Daniel Dunagan Hace 2 días

    Trump must be unhealthy

  • Sri Sakti Manogaran
    Sri Sakti Manogaran Hace 2 días

    the fact that he heard it as “Aunt Keith” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Sarah MSP Studios
    Sarah MSP Studios Hace 2 días

    3:29 the face that she had is me when someone takes my food

  • Joe Troll
    Joe Troll Hace 2 días

    That lunch actually isn't bad. It's all fatty foods. It is great for keto.

  • Irish Spring
    Irish Spring Hace 2 días

    Lmfao so fake

  • Myra Zumba
    Myra Zumba Hace 2 días

    Ugh just the amount of straws used 😫😫😫

  • Sam The BAM!!
    Sam The BAM!! Hace 2 días

    If I did this I would just chug the Diet Coke

  • Diego Knowles
    Diego Knowles Hace 2 días

    ah yes, a healthy meal of concentrated america

  • megaman2mdn2k2k
    megaman2mdn2k2k Hace 2 días

    I was okay until I saw fiat coke and a fuckin switch went off in my head another reason to me to not like him😂😂😂

  • liyam pollet
    liyam pollet Hace 2 días

    Donald Trump is really the cliché of american

  • cowpatsmellgood
    cowpatsmellgood Hace 2 días

    26k are trump supporters - 145k are all the diet cokes he has drank

  • minikoalatimide aj Danielle

    Person: how is it?´
    Girl: dry... *like my soul*

  • TheProGamer Andrej
    TheProGamer Andrej Hace 2 días

    Next time eat like putin XD

  • Kaylani Guerrero
    Kaylani Guerrero Hace 2 días

    They probably buy random things that they think trump eats. How do they know? Liars XD

  • Rey Schrute
    Rey Schrute Hace 2 días

    2:48 chewie?

  • Ra3’od 7
    Ra3’od 7 Hace 2 días +1

    He is fucked up as well his diet

  • Trevor Altonson
    Trevor Altonson Hace 2 días

    "So you want desert?" "H E L L F U C K I N G Y E A H"

  • ekta sajgotra
    ekta sajgotra Hace 2 días

    How is he still alive

  • Nuno Soares
    Nuno Soares Hace 2 días

    Mmmm delish!

  • Arielle Gold
    Arielle Gold Hace 2 días +1

    well, that was worse than I thought it would be

  • Alex Samartin
    Alex Samartin Hace 2 días

    0:08 pause and look at the sources not very credible

  • Madam Hidden
    Madam Hidden Hace 2 días

    It's a little bit late for this but "fake news" -Donald J. Trump

  • Melissa K
    Melissa K Hace 2 días

    ...and I thought my diet was bad....