We Eat Like Donald Trump For A Day


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  • Ibrahim Akmal
    Ibrahim Akmal Hace un hora

    this is how trump eats ???😃not nice

    NOLIMITS Hace 2 horas

    This video is fake lol are y’all stalking trump 24/7 to know what he’s eating? When was the last time he posted on Twitter what he eats? Lol you decide

  • Pranav 2237
    Pranav 2237 Hace 2 horas +1

    That black lady looks like a demon

  • Cristian Tomi
    Cristian Tomi Hace 2 horas


  • thegamerboy98765
    thegamerboy98765 Hace 2 horas

    Had anybody said that Keith looks like Agent 14 from gta5

  • Gatto01
    Gatto01 Hace 2 horas

    Im not american... does trump really eat this?

  • Betta Quận 4
    Betta Quận 4 Hace 5 horas

    Wow , Trump eating styles is so weird 🤔🤔🤔

  • Storm Animations
    Storm Animations Hace 8 horas

    Fix your grammer it should be
    "We ate like Donald Trump for a day"

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy Hace 8 horas


  • Alex Houghton
    Alex Houghton Hace 10 horas

    *_I mean, this could Trump look bad, but now I just know Trump eats down to earth food._*

  • Sloth Armstrong
    Sloth Armstrong Hace 10 horas

    Most of the comment here have 1.k likes

  • Angelfox Studio
    Angelfox Studio Hace 11 horas

    Why do people hate this? It’s great.

  • Pizza Rollz
    Pizza Rollz Hace 11 horas

    The only thing from the diet I would eat is the steak and the dessert and egg mcmuffin

  • AuBrain B
    AuBrain B Hace 14 horas

    3:32 the face of disappointment 😂

  • Doc and Tuf TV
    Doc and Tuf TV Hace 14 horas

    You can be aunt Keith

  • FuedalTulip1432
    FuedalTulip1432 Hace 15 horas

    i cant belive it trumps fat as h*ll just saying

  • Myles Macefield
    Myles Macefield Hace 17 horas

    2:30 to 2:33 without looking at screen

  • PotatoFluff Chris
    PotatoFluff Chris Hace 18 horas

    *"Dry, like my soul."*

  • TheQ
    TheQ Hace 19 horas

    so much buzztardness in one video

  • Ray Singh
    Ray Singh Hace 20 horas

    These guys are pretty annoying

  • Hülya Taştekin
    Hülya Taştekin Hace 20 horas

    Just waste of food 😒

  • kaitlyn xx
    kaitlyn xx Hace 21 un hora

    Aria is so cute

  • Alain et Nicki Kouch
    Alain et Nicki Kouch Hace 21 un hora

    Is it me or is Keith's voice getting lower everytime he has a meal?

  • Kara Holmes
    Kara Holmes Hace 21 un hora

    At least they were diet cokes

  • Pushen Laura
    Pushen Laura Hace 21 un hora

    No wonder there are so many straws in the ocean

  • Am Kyaw
    Am Kyaw Hace un día

    how many cokes does donald trump drink in a year omg

  • nigga
    nigga Hace un día +1

    Damn, chill.

  • Fir-Nephilim
    Fir-Nephilim Hace un día

    Wait........ so Donald gave info or something? How did you guys get this info? Or is this just a joke? Lol

  • Giovanie Duarte
    Giovanie Duarte Hace un día

    I hope trump gets diabetes

  • StlSoWhooop
    StlSoWhooop Hace un día

    Lol im supposed to believe this

  • Angel Hernandez
    Angel Hernandez Hace un día

    How does all this food make him look like a orange. He is the color and round and chubby.

  • Rachel
    Rachel Hace un día

    He's like a child.

  • DrBlackSmith :]
    DrBlackSmith :] Hace un día +1

    0:59 😂 Well said
    1:04 “How is it”
    “Dry, Like my soul” 😂😂😂

  • Hockey Express
    Hockey Express Hace un día

    Ya but, coke or pepsi?

  • Tokc Delusion
    Tokc Delusion Hace un día

    How do they know he eats this

  • Isabella Campbell
    Isabella Campbell Hace un día

    Mat pat would love this

  • Kayleen Yang
    Kayleen Yang Hace un día

    When she said nooooooo it sounds like she wanted to get the attention of the camera

  • Liam T.W
    Liam T.W Hace un día

    I am very surprised he hasn't died of a heart attack. I mean look at how he eats.

  • Addie Meier
    Addie Meier Hace un día

    Who eats well done steak??

  • Michael Jackson fan
    Michael Jackson fan Hace un día

    My lord 12 cokes? I fell bloated af if I just drink half of a coke how does anyone drink 12?

  • maham raza
    maham raza Hace un día

    Watch Keith at 2:4 funny

  • Maddie Burdiak
    Maddie Burdiak Hace un día +2

    yo i don't even like coke its disgusting

  • Blue Samurai
    Blue Samurai Hace un día

    most people wouldn't be alive after having a diet like this for a week or they would be sick af

  • Syrene Malfoy
    Syrene Malfoy Hace un día

    Seriously hope this is a joke

  • Patria Toesante
    Patria Toesante Hace 2 días

    I don’t like the way Keith talks with his mouth full 🤢

  • Fraanr10
    Fraanr10 Hace 2 días

    Am I the only one that hates that black guy/girl?

  • Hanna Martinez
    Hanna Martinez Hace 2 días

    Aria’s handsome though. That’s good enough why I watched this video hahaha

  • acloversgoodluck
    acloversgoodluck Hace 2 días

    I would've loved to finish this video but that woman sounds like she needs to clear her throat and listening to a half a gallon of loogy is irritating beyond ration. Barf.

  • smilygrl2006
    smilygrl2006 Hace 2 días

    The man eats like a child... 🤭

  • Marcos Guzman
    Marcos Guzman Hace 2 días +1

    This video should be called how to get diabetes

  • Pink Café
    Pink Café Hace 2 días

    *” ur killin’ my friend.. :(“*

  • Gianne
    Gianne Hace 2 días

    i want an aunt keith now

  • David Higgins
    David Higgins Hace 2 días

    5:49 so basically u did this for no reason... oh wait just to be scumbag Trump and now eating healthy wooooooooooow!!!

  • Jack Spinhooger
    Jack Spinhooger Hace 2 días

    It’s called a filet o fish, not a fish filet

  • Jack Spinhooger
    Jack Spinhooger Hace 2 días

    The black chick acting like she didn’t like all that food

  • Kim Seokjin Is oppa
    Kim Seokjin Is oppa Hace 2 días

    *No wonder trump is so grumpy all the time.*

  • Turtle Duck
    Turtle Duck Hace 3 días

    I have 2-3 sprites on days that I’m crazy..... I have like one sprite a normal day and this guy has 12 diet cokes?! WTF is he doing?! Oh wait... it’s mr.Ican’ttansoIgoanddomyountanning....

  • Jake Thompson
    Jake Thompson Hace 3 días

    Donald trump eat too much maccas

  • Demon Cutthroat
    Demon Cutthroat Hace 3 días

    Would you like a side of food with your 12 diet cokes?

  • Game_ Engine
    Game_ Engine Hace 3 días

    Eat Like Big Smoke

  • babalu bingalu
    babalu bingalu Hace 3 días +1

    Oh ffs buzzfeed

  • Dan Claw
    Dan Claw Hace 3 días

    Stop watching this at 9pm go to sleep

  • Ebony Shadow
    Ebony Shadow Hace 3 días

    I will drink five Coke Zero's a day _max,_ and that's the closest I could ever get to the torture they had to be put through.

  • krister ellstrom
    krister ellstrom Hace 3 días

    How do you know what people eat

  • KevinMays 17
    KevinMays 17 Hace 3 días

    this isnt real

  • Xavier Paths
    Xavier Paths Hace 3 días

    *Dry like my soul...*

  • Samuel Reid
    Samuel Reid Hace 3 días

    Y is his mouth so HUGE!!!!

  • Sana Shaikh
    Sana Shaikh Hace 3 días +1

    How is that man is even alive??

  • Naseema Bashir
    Naseema Bashir Hace 3 días

    He drinks 12 sodas because he is really really fat and also because hes really thirsty of talking about garbage

  • Rachael Brinegar
    Rachael Brinegar Hace 3 días

    He eats like a man whose mother gave in every time he wanted pizza or McDonalds. And then he never grew up and continued to eat like a spoiled man baby for the rest of his life.

  • Donny Trump
    Donny Trump Hace 3 días

    Ohh..( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Lor Matthews
    Lor Matthews Hace 4 días

    This is gross

  • water on fire
    water on fire Hace 4 días

    That is a lot of diet cokes boi

  • gmkbelanger
    gmkbelanger Hace 4 días

    No wonder his brain malfunctions.

  • Ayush Wariyal
    Ayush Wariyal Hace 4 días


  • PinkFloydrulez
    PinkFloydrulez Hace 4 días

    source pls

  • ελενα σ
    ελενα σ Hace 4 días

    How more American can this whole concept become?

  • Faith Bicknell
    Faith Bicknell Hace 4 días

    Dry like my soul 😂

  • bohdi satva
    bohdi satva Hace 4 días

    He eats mcdonald when he can get the best burgers ever. I doubt he drounds his steak in gravy but maybe as for 12 diet cokes a day maybe his record but no way. He has millions of shares of coke.

  • BangoBuck87
    BangoBuck87 Hace 4 días

    12 cans of Diet Coke omfg

  • A Random Person
    A Random Person Hace 4 días

    Nobody in the comments is smart enough to realize there is zero evidence that he eats this on a daily basis?

  • TheHarrisFour
    TheHarrisFour Hace 4 días

    Notice they didn't say "president" one time? Love it

  • classik
    classik Hace 4 días

    No wonder he’s F A T

  • Tala's World
    Tala's World Hace 4 días

    4:46 I love her

  • Evy Rose
    Evy Rose Hace 4 días

    God this comment section is full of unfunny jokes and SJWs

  • Ian Harper
    Ian Harper Hace 4 días

    wow buzzfeed won't even call him president in the title

  • Molly Jennings
    Molly Jennings Hace 4 días

    How the hell is Trump still alive?

  • Delphox Reshiram
    Delphox Reshiram Hace 4 días

    A song that represents how Keith felt after the makings of this video

    I'm not okay(I promise)

  • Abby Stephens
    Abby Stephens Hace 4 días

    Donald trump has such an unhealthy diet

  • Maria Cecília Dias
    Maria Cecília Dias Hace 4 días +2

    Im scared of diet cokes now

  • lil john
    lil john Hace 4 días

    0:56 that guy next to her ... ::why didn't i do this??!! :)

  • Hannah Bireley
    Hannah Bireley Hace 4 días

    So....now we know that Donald Trump is also a turtle hater

  • ItsLikeFTW
    ItsLikeFTW Hace 5 días

    well, no McDonald's or pizza for me.

  • PeeingEndermen MC
    PeeingEndermen MC Hace 5 días

    Trump’s new diet:

    19 *big macs*
    12 *large fries from mcdonalds*
    78 *steaks with dessert*
    65 *diet cokes *

  • Muhammad Amer
    Muhammad Amer Hace 5 días +1

    Why is the Black lady acting like she’s so healthy..

  • Noble Yohannan
    Noble Yohannan Hace 5 días

    The irony of her sitting beside and eating all the junk food, like seriously does she need more of those.

  • Lozan Barzani
    Lozan Barzani Hace 5 días

    “Dry...like my soul.....”

  • Otaku Julia XD
    Otaku Julia XD Hace 5 días

    Donald trump is the reason why we have so much plastic in the world HE HAS 12 STRAWS IN A DAY THINK ABOUT HOW MUCH THAT IS IN A MONTH

  • Ron Vorpe
    Ron Vorpe Hace 5 días

    does he saturates Melania's plastic body with ketchup?

  • Ron Vorpe
    Ron Vorpe Hace 5 días

    food and drink of poor ignorant white trash