I Survived an Airplane Crash

  • Publicado el 7 nov 2018
  • Sucked out from the airplane and falling 2,987 meters (9,800ft) from the sky, Juliane Koepcke miraculously survived her freefall from her disintegrating plane crash. Spending 11 days in the Amazon rainforest, at 17 years old, she had to remain mentally strong gathering all of her strength and her will to survive.
    A true story, Juliane only had 1 shoe and 1 eye to see out of. Being separated from the entire plane wreckage, she knew she had to find her way out if she wanted to survive. The thick Amazon rainforest made it difficult for rescues to find the plane, let alone her! She tried so desperately to find her mother, but in her fragile state, she had to worry about herself first. Not knowing if she would ever be found, she took a chance and followed a river hoping it would be her shot at finding people. Her gamble paid off when she managed to find a resting post where the next day, people found her and quickly transported her to a hospital.
    Out of 91 passengers, she is the only survivor of the Lansa Flight 508. She not only survived a plane crash but survived it falling nearly 3 1/2 Burj Khalifa's (tallest building in the world) without any life-threatening injuries and survived 11 days on her own in the Amazon rainforest. Showing the will to survive, her story shows us how strong, resilient, and determined someone can be when faced with the most difficult challenges.
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    I saw this video but a different version and I am amazed

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    Tarzan has a sister *iluminati music plays

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    This is like the book alone in the jungle 😨😱!!!!!

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    What a lucky girl

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    bright side copied your video

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    those f****** rescue planes/copters SERIOUSLY U SEE A PERSON STUCK IN THE RAIN FOREST U RESCUE THEM

    not fly away @^*%#^%$!!!!!

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      they didn’t see her, they would’ve rescued her if they did.

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    lies! she would die by hunger

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    If there were maggots on me I would have died there right on the spot also why was she happy she saw a dead body? Confused.

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    Just came back from school from an injury... 1 like 1 prayer I will get better

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    Sees the cover: HOW ARE YOU NOT DEAD
    Watches the hole video: poor mom if only there was help

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    Tbh when im on a plane I just sit there watching barney

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    i seen your story before it was like on a different yt channel

  • Arzuhayri -
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    Juliane Koepcke (born 1954), also known by her married name Juliane Diller, is a German Peruvian mammalogist. As a teenager in 1971, Koepcke was the lone survivor of the LANSA Flight 508 plane crash, and then survived eleven days alone in the Amazon rainforest.

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    9000 800 feet??? So you had time to measure it? #logic 😂😂😂

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    This is like the story of the girl juliane of 1971 is the same story like whatttt ia in the amazon jungle too wow

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    The people from bright side plagerized ur story bc it said 10,000 feet (close to ur 9,800 feet) and it said 11 days just like in the description so i hate bright side so they should lose 9999999999,9% of thier subs

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    Ew what the fuc I hate flys

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    This was the story of Juliet and not your story so stop being yourself

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    Are u julian kopecke?

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    when maggots crawl on my arm...

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    Just because the day before was the last day of school and her dad wanted to meet somewere in the Amazon forest but seens it was on holidays season no God plains were around so they had to took i think it was lasa idk but that day they had to wait 7 hours cuz of the storm so they left of December 24! And the lighting happend

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    She pronounced Khalifa so weird. But true survivor.

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    Is this the one on bright side??

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    Holy Jesus even if I fell of a playground slide id be rolling around like a crazy person balling … No comment-_-

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    Who else googled her?

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    Y'all in a plane crash act like victims, wtf?

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    When she found out that she was only one who survived the plane crash I started crying.

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    Wow you are a walking miracle

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    Me:Pauses the video; DID SHE SURVIVE?!?!? ; thinks ; I is the stupid

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    You just drew Boeing 737-800 instead of 737-200

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    Woah i have had a bad life just this is too much

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    Bright side made a video about this...

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    This is definitely Juliane Koepcke

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    This is Julian Koepcke!

    Dav PRO GAMER Hace 2 días

    _-Up next 8 tips to survive a plane crash-_

  • S Kh
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    This is fake. Most planes are made of aluminum which can transmit electricity so thunder could not really affect a plane only the heat form a strike could do something

    • yvrelna
      yvrelna Hace 23 horas

      Modern aircraft are designed to resist lightning strikes so accidents due to lightning are becoming virtually unheard of, but this happened in 1971 and she was flying an aircraft originally designed in 1957 when aircraft safety design wasn't as mature as it is now.
      "In 1971, 91 people died when a fuel tank aboard Lansa Flight 508, a Lockheed Electra L-188A turboprop, exploded after a lightning strike."
      This story mentioned her name (Juliane Koepcke) and the flight she was in, you could have easily researched those.

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    This is a real story but the person speaking is just a voice actor.

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    I looked this person up online to get further information, surprisingly more interesting than I thought

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    Your exsposed to ceep the maggots in the cut

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    This lie it was in 1971 you. sound young soooooooo your. trying. to be brave

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      The narratives is a different person but the story is real

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    Bright side made about someone falling of the plane and it was you

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    I wander if this is actually true

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    Guys this happend in 1971 idk but it happend in the 90s

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    What if you were like 8 years old and survived a plane crash but when you’re in the forest you have no idea what to do-

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    I feel so bad for Juliane Koepcke. She had just graduated from High School just to experience this?

    I hope no one else has this experience.🤕😢

    • Lulu PlayzI0I
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      Juiliane Koepcke did experience this, the person who narrated this story did not.

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      She didn’t experience it it was someone different she was just doing the voice

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    Isn’t She the girl who survived the plane crash in the thunderstorm flight 508 to Lansa

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    I studied this story in English language. Story still gives me anxiety to this day.

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