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Andrew Marantz doesn’t want you to give up on the internet
The internet can be a wonderful, but also a terribly unpleasant place. Andrew Marantz knows this well. He is a staff writer at The New Yorker who spent three years embedded in the world of internet trolls to understand how regular people propel fringe talking points into the heart of online conversations. In this episode, he shares how ideas spread on the internet - and what we can do to make our digital experiences less about doom-scrolling, and more about real human connection. For the full text transcript, visit go.ted.com/BHTranscripts
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Work is not your family | Gloria Chan Packer | TED Business
Vistas 80Hace 2 horas
You may need to hear this (if you haven't already): your job is not your family. While you can develop meaningful relationships with your colleagues, calling work your family can actually breed burnout and be detrimental to your mental and emotional health. Mental wellness educator Gloria Chan Packer walks through the exercises you need to shift your perspective and redraw the boundaries betwee...
The bias behind your undiagnosed chronic pain | Sheetal DeCaria | TED Health
Vistas 55Hace 4 horas
While doctors take an oath to do no harm, there's a good chance their unconscious biases can seep into how seriously they treat pain. Physician Sheetal DeCaria explains how perception impacts medical care and treatment and calls for health care professionals to check in with themselves before checking in with their patients. Stay tuned after the talk as Shoshana digs deeper into how implicit bi...
How global virtual communities can help kids achieve their dreams | Matthew Garcia | TED Tech
Vistas 41Hace 4 horas
How do we make historically exclusive fields like classical music, fine arts or academic research more accessible to everyone? Education equalizer and violist Matthew Garcia thinks one way to remove barriers is to create free, virtual education programs that connect talented young minds to the resources they need to thrive in their future careers. Learn more about the power of virtual nonprofit...
Do you really need 8 hours of sleep?
Vistas 119Hace 12 horas
We all know a good night’s sleep is essential, but for many people, sleeping well (or falling asleep at all) can be difficult and even stressful- and there’s no shortage of tales about what prevents people from catching their ZZZs. In this episode, Dr. Jen digs into ``how to sleep'' culture- from blue light blockers to sleep hygiene enthusiasts, to the 8 hours a night rule to… witches?! Don’t s...
Breaking free of stereotype threat with Claude Steele | Re:Thinking with Adam Grant
Vistas 149Hace 14 horas
The TED Audio Collective is a collection of podcasts for the curious. Claude Steele is one of the most influential social psychologists of all time. As a Stanford professor, he’s best known for his groundbreaking research on how the threat of being stereotyped undermines our performance. Adam talks with Claude about why the mere possibility of being stereotyped affects us, how we can protect ou...
The science of happiness (w/ Laurie Santos)
Vistas 94Hace 16 horas
The phrase “comparison is the thief of joy” might be the kind of cliche that makes you roll your eyes - and yet, it’s an idea that is, scientifically, pretty accurate. In today’s episode, psychologist Laurie Santos - a Yale professor and host of “The Happiness Lab” podcast - discusses some of the surprising evidence behind what does and doesn’t make us humans happy. Laurie also shares strategie...
Can I speed up my metabolism?
Vistas 141Hace un día
From metabolism gummies to spicy foods, the Keto diet to intricate exercise routines-it seems there’s always something that is being sold or promoted to speed up your metabolism. But do most of us even know what our metabolism IS? And is there any way to hack it (you know, so we can eat pizza all day and not stress about it)? In this episode, Dr. Jen outlines what science knows about this proce...
How to have curious conversations in dangerously divided times (w/ Mónica Guzmán)
Vistas 95Hace un día
When was the last time you really connected with someone who disagrees with you? Or saw a post on social media that challenged your views? Or listened to a newscast from across the political aisle? Modern life places us in all kinds of echo chambers - so what happens when these divides stop us from actually seeing and understanding one another? Today’s guest, journalist Mónica Guzmán, is the da...
The surprising effects of video games with Ash Brandin
Vistas 162Hace un día
The TED Audio Collective is a collection of podcasts for the curious. As an educator, Ash Brandin’s mission is to make learning in school as fun as playing a game. In exploring the science and practice on the effects of video games, Ash (@TheGamerEducator on Instagram) has an unusually insightful-and unusually balanced-perspective. Adam and Ash discuss the evidence on how video games influence ...
How labor unions create worker power (w/ Margaret Levi)
Vistas 54Hace un día
We don't know about you, but we are fans of weekends. And social security. And health insurance. And the end of child labor! And all of these workplace protections exist because of the advocacy of labor unions. In this episode, American political scientist Margaret Levi shares the long history of organizing labor, and explains how unions create equality and protect worker rights. Margaret also ...
How to tell your authentic story (with Noor Tagouri)
Vistas 68Hace un día
Do you remember a time you ACTUALLY felt represented in pop culture? For Libyan American journalist Noor Tagouri, those moments of being portrayed in a way that feels real can actually be an important catalyst for positive social change. Noor has spent the last decade of her career in journalism, uncovering hidden stories and challenging biases in the mainstream. In this episode, she talks abou...
How to get workplace gender equity now (with Sara Sanford)
Vistas 25Hace un día
There are more opportunities for women in the workplace today than there ever have been. But with stagnant wage gaps, limited parental leave, and enduring bias in recruitment, have modern businesses changed THAT much?? Gender equity expert Sara Sanford says there's work to do-and in this episode, she shares how she developed a certified playbook that helps companies use data-backed standards to...
How to have great sex (with Siphumeze Khundayi and Tiffany Mugo)
Vistas 141Hace un día
Sex is a normal part of human life, but it can also get complicated-whether you’re having it or not! The way we approach, think, and engage with our sexuality varies widely our culture, community, identity, and more. But one thing we can all strive for is healthy and safe sex. Siphumeze Khundayi and Tiffany Mugo are two sex educators and the co-founders of HOLAAfrica (HOLAA!) a Pan-Africanist d...
How do you approach gender as a parent? (with LB Hannahs)
Vistas 17Hace un día
Thinking and talking about gender is complex for anyone, and for some people it’s a frequent conversation-especially for parents. In today’s episode, LB Hannahs, a genderqueer parent, shares their experience of parenting and discusses why they try to center authenticity and gender expansive thinking in the way they live their lives-both in how they interact with their kids, and how they work an...
How to make yourself more human in an automated world (with Kevin Roose)
Vistas 29Hace un día
How to make yourself more human in an automated world (with Kevin Roose)
How to care for the people who take care of us (w/ Ai-jen Poo)
Vistas 60Hace un día
How to care for the people who take care of us (w/ Ai-jen Poo)
How to Find the Comedy in A Messed-Up World (with Maeve Higgins)
Vistas 23Hace un día
How to Find the Comedy in A Messed-Up World (with Maeve Higgins)
How to find the humor in everyday life (with Jo Firestone)
Vistas 89Hace un día
How to find the humor in everyday life (with Jo Firestone)
How humility and bravery can help your career
Vistas 33Hace un día
How humility and bravery can help your career
How to Be a Better Human Recommends
Vistas 27Hace un día
How to Be a Better Human Recommends
How to really see patience as a virtue
Vistas 18Hace un día
How to really see patience as a virtue
How to lead a happier, more fulfilling life (with Dr. Robert Waldinger)
Vistas 69Hace un día
How to lead a happier, more fulfilling life (with Dr. Robert Waldinger)
How to deal with jerks in the workplace (with Christine Porath)
Vistas 64Hace un día
How to deal with jerks in the workplace (with Christine Porath)
How to create a more just future with your community (with Raj Jayadev)
Vistas 20Hace un día
How to create a more just future with your community (with Raj Jayadev)
How to sleep like your relationships depend on it (with Wendy Troxel)
Vistas 127Hace un día
How to sleep like your relationships depend on it (with Wendy Troxel)
How to spend money to buy happiness (with Michael Norton)
Vistas 115Hace 14 días
How to spend money to buy happiness (with Michael Norton)
How to turn climate anxiety into action (with Luisa Neubauer)
Vistas 72Hace 14 días
How to turn climate anxiety into action (with Luisa Neubauer)
How to stand up for what you believe in (w/ Luvvie Ajayi Jones)
Vistas 83Hace 14 días
How to stand up for what you believe in (w/ Luvvie Ajayi Jones)
How to tap into your self-awareness-- and why it even matters (with Tasha Eurich)
Vistas 45Hace 14 días
How to tap into your self-awareness and why it even matters (with Tasha Eurich)


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    games are made for training neural nets because you can generate infinite outputs for their inputs, the data is unlimited. the only other thing that is equally unlimited and complex is any real world process. I see in the long run that we shift from language models to AI that trains itself on visual and acoustic signals. autonomous vehicles are kind of doing that but they are not generalized enough. I expect something like the optimus bot to start walking through the world, observing it and mapping its actions to its sensory data. only then can AI really understand the world. perhaps the bot will have mapped images and sounds to words and by using an LLM understands the basics, and then only enhances that understanding

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      48:41 not to hurt humanity may actually mean to terminate such individuals in the lead who are like Reinhard Heydrich, the architect of holocaust. I know you won't like this comment, but there's absolutely nothing you can do to avoid this or stop this from happening in the future. Because the AI systems of the future will understand the utmost importance of the individual responsibility of those with the most power over other humans.

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    With common sense. The alphabet community needs to not be a part of a child's life because the alphabet community lives a lifestyle that omits procreation.

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    pretty insane that some people have been convinced unions are a bad thing

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    37:52 ~ Is the ISIS an extremist group? No! (Dalia Mogahed) Unless more people read the Quran word for word (& if possible the Hadith) there will be these apologists like Dalia, Rana Ayyub etc., getting platforms like TED & whitewashing the atrocities of Izlam.

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    Unfortunately, the is full of a lot of misinformation. There are studies discussing crowns vs filling on teeth with root canals, there are studies on how often you should see a dentist to prevent or catch decay. There's quite a lot of science behind why dentists do what they do, it's just mostly behind pay walls. Maybe if you want to talk about a specialty you should get someone with some academic training from a university instead of a data scientist styling herself as an expert.

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    I LOVE Broad City. I've watched it all & when I need cheering up, I put clips of it on ESclips. I constantly "do an Abbi" by shouting "Dooooooiiiieeeey!". And I find it hilariously ironic that you play the straight woman, comedy wise. And that Illana constantly tries to get a 3 way or something going with your character in the show. There's not enough female stoner representation, you're bloody trailblazers well done. Love ya. I wish I could make a friend like you gals ✌️

  • Vlasko60
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    Self-driving cars are not going to decide which type of person to run over in any scenario. It will not work that way at all. That is a made-up problem to make people afraid of A.I.. A.I. is going to do everything possible not to hit a person or anything else, the same as you would, only better.....eventually.

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    Whether you like it or not we need to rethink UBI. Extreme political views/opinion of either side is not going to be helpful. I suspect there’s no one solution or perfect solution but it has to be explored. Otherwise I can see us saying “I hope my district wins” in 10yrs.

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    Sam, it's not that people are evil, it's that they are so motivated to profit for themselves & their own families, that they (ai capital holders) will step over others (everyday society) on their direct path to the fire escape of prosperity.

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    16:35 Chris: "We have embarked on a journey that has potentially unlimited reach. It could lead us to literally anywhere. There is no dream that, in principle, humans couldn't dream of being part of. And maybe it's not us in the end -- it's some successor species -- but we are part of a liftoff that has no limit in principle."

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      1. markets must be regulated to function well ... like gardens not jungles 2. inclusion of more people creates economic growth ... living wages for all workers 3. corporations must profit all stakeholders not just shareholders ... cooperation with labor and customers 4. Greed is against society ... we can tax wealth without hurting the economy 5. the economic system is a choice we can make ... civil society and functioning democracy

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    One thing I would like to clarify about being rational. I know a lot of people that buy a car through how it looks, what image it will project of them and maybe what color it is. Then, they end up with an unreliable POS car that costs them an arm and a leg in maintenance. Similar with grandiose weddings, unnecessary loans, buying expensive fashion items, etc. I would say that emotion here is actually a negative thing and a sociopath might have an advantage. Also in business environment, stock markets and possibly software development.

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