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Living on my Own
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Help (Official Music Video)
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Fame is Lame
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Just Be Yourself
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VidCon Was Fun
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My Crazy Imagination
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Camping Unprepared
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I Was A Weird Kid
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Let Me Tell You About Billy
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Talking To Crazy People
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Rip Offs
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Music Is Awesome
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The Bagel Guy Card
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In Lazy People's Defense
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I Just Wanted Food
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Stupid Things I Do
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I suck at chess
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James is a good butt friend
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Peer Pressure
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The Day I Got Arrested
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Had to be there moments suck
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Running for Class President
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I Wasn't Allowed To Play Pokemon
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Man Broke Into My Backyard
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Someone Attacked My Car
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  • Keagan Harding
    Keagan Harding Hace 4 horas

    I just subscribed I saw your moving out video and it was awesome

  • New Jersey Mapping
    New Jersey Mapping Hace 4 horas

    If you don’t subscribe to something else ya your fat

  • Keira Keough
    Keira Keough Hace 4 horas

    I have adhd too 😄

  • KojimaPlayz 1214
    KojimaPlayz 1214 Hace 4 horas

    Adam: Anyways DONT forget to like that smash button Me:??¿¿??¿¿ You mean Don’t Forget To Smash Dat Like Booton

  • SimpleBanana
    SimpleBanana Hace 4 horas

    Wtf was that at the end

  • Jacob Flock
    Jacob Flock Hace 4 horas

    when the knock happened i thought someone was at the door

  • SportsHd2
    SportsHd2 Hace 4 horas

    Sorry for that the one kid named billy had to watch this vid

  • Emo Fetus
    Emo Fetus Hace 4 horas

    My school has a writing club, and you can write short stories and the school will put it in a book, then they’ll publish them in the school library. I picked up one of the books and read one of the short stories, and it was *literally* this video’s script copied and pasted.

  • Greg
    Greg Hace 4 horas

    WOW he never change... And I love it

  • Bolt Hale
    Bolt Hale Hace 4 horas

    I did this too

  • Galaxy Boy
    Galaxy Boy Hace 4 horas

    dude Adam it OK to have fear of heights its really common the best thing you can do is face your fear by the way i'm scared of heights :D

  • TaCo G
    TaCo G Hace 4 horas

    1:43 keep it pause

  • Rachel Robalino
    Rachel Robalino Hace 4 horas

    Nobody: Literally nobody: Adam: ..STOLE MY GODDAMN CHALKY MILK!!!! 🍫🥛 Haha 🤣

  • Roven Gracias
    Roven Gracias Hace 4 horas

    I think i am going to have a nightmare i am so sared right now dont do it again

  • Thecookiegamer
    Thecookiegamer Hace 4 horas

    idk why but when i was younger i wasnt allowed to play pokemon too, now im playing it to much....🤣

  • king_ gaming
    king_ gaming Hace 4 horas

    Not trying to be GaY but he looks hot with classes. ( ͡ʘ ͜ʖ ͡ʘ)( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o)

  • KoopaGaming
    KoopaGaming Hace 4 horas


  • Darian Salcedo
    Darian Salcedo Hace 4 horas

    At 5:15 is the cutest thing I ever thought a cartoon demon will ever do

  • Bellie Mations
    Bellie Mations Hace 4 horas

    You were cute then and you’re so cute now 😍😍

  • Enzo Colaco
    Enzo Colaco Hace 4 horas

    Amazing video. Great job.

  • Sauske Uchiha
    Sauske Uchiha Hace 4 horas

    The sound track sound like the porn hub intro

  • #uselesscomment yeet
    #uselesscomment yeet Hace 4 horas

    Gate 420

  • Ethan D
    Ethan D Hace 4 horas

    *Gets copywrited by Paul McCartney*

  • Giselle Cabrera
    Giselle Cabrera Hace 4 horas

    Wot was ur first video u made

  • Ethan D
    Ethan D Hace 4 horas

    Help! I need somebody Help! not just anybody Help! you know I need someone, heeeellllppp

  • Mobile Gaming
    Mobile Gaming Hace 4 horas

    Title:complaning about bills

  • Giselle Cabrera
    Giselle Cabrera Hace 4 horas


  • Rachel Robalino
    Rachel Robalino Hace 4 horas

    First minute of this video and im already laughing 😂 adam is so funny

  • ArchiMations
    ArchiMations Hace 4 horas

    Turn this into a movie!

  • Blood gods prophet
    Blood gods prophet Hace 4 horas

    Is it craglor draglor or graglor

  • She did good Ethan solo

    You are my favorite creator But I think I understand what you mean about how you’re just an average guy who happens to have a less then average career

  • She did good Ethan solo

    Also how’s your day going

  • She did good Ethan solo

    Am I your friend

  • Gabriel McNees
    Gabriel McNees Hace 4 horas

    i love it cant stop playing it on loop goodjob love ur vids

    IKER ABREGO Hace 4 horas

    i prefer pop than rap and honestly i dont like him raping

  • Kago no Tori
    Kago no Tori Hace 4 horas

    Lol in the future make sure to visit the place before deciding on it so you know it's decent.

  • Rylee Harmsworth
    Rylee Harmsworth Hace 4 horas


  • Liahona Osman
    Liahona Osman Hace 4 horas


  • Greenbunbun
    Greenbunbun Hace 4 horas

    I N E E D T O P O O P

  • Zigfin Jedi
    Zigfin Jedi Hace 4 horas

    1:24 HELL Yeah you prob did I’m Aussie but don’t like vegimite but you prob annoyed all my family

  • Ryan Lawrence
    Ryan Lawrence Hace 4 horas

    He for sure drank that weed

  • Tyler Triolo
    Tyler Triolo Hace 4 horas

    I live the name shoe

  • Dolly Kennedy
    Dolly Kennedy Hace 4 horas

    Dollar store is always a savior

  • Terraria 4DayZ
    Terraria 4DayZ Hace 4 horas

    Jaw:no Adam: CHOCY MILK

  • Kevin Vang
    Kevin Vang Hace 4 horas

    Ohhhhhhh yeah me too

  • No One Asked But Don't Care

    Hey buddy chum pal buddy bum sug on my peen

  • Pikablue769 Animations

    Good luck dude

  • Daniel Oxford
    Daniel Oxford Hace 4 horas

    You need eggs,milk,bread,mayonese,cereal,ham,and,cheese

  • Geti Kelmendi Gaming
    Geti Kelmendi Gaming Hace 4 horas

    this is sooo f**k** Coool

  • Chicken man
    Chicken man Hace 5 horas


  • The Unlisted channel
    The Unlisted channel Hace 5 horas

    Greatest anime betrayal

  • peter connell
    peter connell Hace 5 horas

    the the the odd ones out

  • Devon Wimberly
    Devon Wimberly Hace 5 horas


  • Elle The Shrek
    Elle The Shrek Hace 5 horas

    My fellow Brits will understand this, my jaw is so bad (overcrowded mouth, ribs together all the time, hard to eat tough food. Dentist says will be fixed when I get braces) I can't eat Dairymilks it's too hard for me.

  • SkullHunterXD
    SkullHunterXD Hace 5 horas

    dont like this song cos it's rap but otherwise it's good

  • buttony button
    buttony button Hace 5 horas

    Its 4AM right now and i have school at gonna have a nightmare or atleast i wont sleep (I know how you feel cause i had a dream or something like that i was walking downstairs cause there was a monster upstairs and i had to run downstairs to my parents but it was hard as f*** to go downstairs and i had the same reaction)

  • fotis vardikos
    fotis vardikos Hace 5 horas

    I broke my jaw

  • Socialphobia 101
    Socialphobia 101 Hace 5 horas

    Haha haha the bo Burnham reference I think in the background with the rubrix cube not being a toy

  • •Gemini-Senpai•
    •Gemini-Senpai• Hace 5 horas

    Anyone notice that those explosions in his hand is like Bakugo

  • Xavier and KittyKat
    Xavier and KittyKat Hace 5 horas

    1:13 Adam: uh oh. *My UnDeRwEaR fElL dOwN* Edit: 1:14 *TIME TO KICK THOSE CHICKENS*

  • Izzy Curbelo
    Izzy Curbelo Hace 5 horas

    Square feet does not include the height...

  • Epic Gamer
    Epic Gamer Hace 5 horas

    Anyone else thought someone was knocking at their door at 6:27?

  • buttony button
    buttony button Hace 5 horas

    Your me when i was a kid (And my cousin absolutely hated me when were playing hide and seek cause she cant find me i mean i won cause i hid behind the door the whole time and i fit in a drawer so....they hated playing th game with me)

  • Minecraft Gamer
    Minecraft Gamer Hace 5 horas

    Your not a rip off

  • Thadon
    Thadon Hace 5 horas

    8:55 “THAT BEING”- Raid shadow legends

  • xXAlexissXx
    xXAlexissXx Hace 5 horas

    He'll murder someone soon couse of that *chocolate milk*

  • Meme Man
    Meme Man Hace 5 horas

    That hand fire was from my hero

  • Carnage
    Carnage Hace 5 horas

    dude this animation is so good ❗️

  • That Redjevil
    That Redjevil Hace 5 horas

    So your parents are one of them I feel bad for you

  • buttony button
    buttony button Hace 5 horas

    I know how ya feel......(wait im a kid still.....f***)

  • Pitatical !
    Pitatical ! Hace 5 horas

    Why are your vids not getting monetized? Good vid by the way

  • Rexboi uzumaki
    Rexboi uzumaki Hace 5 horas

    U got me with that jumpscare

  • Dalton
    Dalton Hace 5 horas

    This is so stupid lmao

  • Max Lee
    Max Lee Hace 5 horas


  • Koba Jgenti
    Koba Jgenti Hace 5 horas

    I watched ads until the end hope it helps

  • Leandra Edringer
    Leandra Edringer Hace 5 horas

    I was always a wizard lol

  • tew tadle
    tew tadle Hace 5 horas

    The randomly stopping on paper is stuff on the paper, either oils from your fingers, etc. that’s why

    • tew tadle
      tew tadle Hace 5 horas

      And bugs fly towards the light because they use the sun to navigate

  • Terry G Smallwood
    Terry G Smallwood Hace 5 horas


  • Terry G Smallwood
    Terry G Smallwood Hace 5 horas


  • _Potato _
    _Potato _ Hace 5 horas

    The scariest nightmare i've had... *was floating on my bed and floating to a John Cena fight...And fighting in the fight...*

  • _Potato _
    _Potato _ Hace 5 horas

    Why does the opening song sound like your saying *DAB* ? *...Now i know why your sad and mad...*

  • Lea-Maude. Rosse. Nicolas, levesque.

    *Trying to read comments* This to long for me.😴

  • Cutiepad
    Cutiepad Hace 5 horas

    2:59 wait is that bakugo-

  • Knowledge 1468 Shark
    Knowledge 1468 Shark Hace 5 horas

    "Don't shoot I'm half privileged" 😂

  • Lilax Sky
    Lilax Sky Hace 5 horas

    Nothing too crazy butt I couldn't smile in any pictures Audience:AWWWWEEEE NO NO NO SHUT UP MOTHER.... demonization sign:NO

  • Giselle Cabrera
    Giselle Cabrera Hace 5 horas

    Wot was ur first video

  • Giselle Cabrera
    Giselle Cabrera Hace 6 horas

    Wot u gonna do sense it's December •3•

  • Robert Price
    Robert Price Hace 6 horas

    Were are my flipping boonanas

  • Kent
    Kent Hace 6 horas

    "I had my jaw shut for 2 months" Mute kids:

  • Mr. Male 2007
    Mr. Male 2007 Hace 6 horas

    Um Edward Norton looks exactly like my English teacher who's initials on my time table are EXN. What the hell. I'm scared now

  • XxGamer_Girl_XDXx Lol
    XxGamer_Girl_XDXx Lol Hace 6 horas

    I hate group projects mainly for the same reason and they dont ever listen to me or even ask if I have any ideas we all just have to follow this one kids instructions and the facts thats its people I dont know just makes it hard for me to be myself and be comfortable talking to them (If they gave me a chance😡) because I am not really sociable I am known as the shy,queit, smart kid and nobody knows that I am lazy as heccccc I dont know how I get 80-100% without studying but it just happens.So uhm the moral of the story is,is that group projects shck and teachers do to if they choose the partnes!!!!!!! :p

  • Crime Man
    Crime Man Hace 6 horas

    *calls h3h3 brilliant * aight, Imma head out

  • Jun Seok
    Jun Seok Hace 6 horas

    Adam btw there is a hacked berson called SUDOMEMO-

  • Eric Dowling
    Eric Dowling Hace 6 horas

    Mom: sweetie what are you playing? Me: um club penguin? Mom: oh OK *rip club penguin.*

  • RigoSTUDIO
    RigoSTUDIO Hace 6 horas

    When Adam wears only a hoodie: *censors nothing* When Adam doesn't wear a hoodie: *censors everything*

  • Joy Blackwell
    Joy Blackwell Hace 6 horas

    Your volome was low

  • Yzabella Demaisip
    Yzabella Demaisip Hace 6 horas

    I am a deaf non binary Zimbabwean rampaging horse fetus holding a knife in a science lab with a god complex

  • Gaming King
    Gaming King Hace 6 horas

    Yes I have muw and muwto tagteam

  • unknown user
    unknown user Hace 6 horas

    I got kidnaped in a dream 2 times. I almost pooped my self when you put that scary picture

  • alexisjasper
    alexisjasper Hace 6 horas

    We’re so paranoid compared to kids lol