Short on the world
Short on the world
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Burning a Hornets In front of the house#video
Burning a Hornets In front of the house#video
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  • Ian Gillies
    Ian Gillies Hace 30 segundos

    Usually can't find a spark with dirty workwear 😆

  • Jan Asp
    Jan Asp Hace un minuto

    What a horrible thing to do😔 they dont need to look for you👍🏼 They Will see you later 🌈

  • Beast garden
    Beast garden Hace 2 minutos


  • Flax
    Flax Hace 5 minutos

    Hexagons are the bestagons

  • Nathan Romero
    Nathan Romero Hace 6 minutos

    Didn't know elections worked... learn something new every day

  • iAmActualXenith
    iAmActualXenith Hace 11 minutos

    It's just a nice bath for the bee's best friends the hornets

  • Sagar Ramanji
    Sagar Ramanji Hace 16 minutos

    B safe 🙏brother

  • miguel  rodriguez
    miguel rodriguez Hace 19 minutos

    No se ustedes, pero por seguridad yo no pondría la mano donde el la lleva, La pone entre las dos piezas si se llegará a soltar o descomponer la grúa le apachurra la mano contra la otra pieza 😐

  • Patrick Den Herder
    Patrick Den Herder Hace 23 minutos

    RIP Rick Sanchez.

  • Peace
    Peace Hace 37 minutos

    Wow! He's bathing them! What a careful man

  • Fecaddin Muradov
    Fecaddin Muradov Hace 39 minutos


  • Ramil Nuraliyev
    Ramil Nuraliyev Hace 41 un minuto

    Mayak at duz olsun 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • munna mykal
    munna mykal Hace 43 minutos


  • Squishy
    Squishy Hace 53 minutos

    lobster hole

  • JVMauro
    JVMauro Hace 55 minutos

    Pests. There are species that deserve to be extinct because they are unable to live in harmony with other species. It's sad but it's part of the evolution of the planet.

  • SydNoff1
    SydNoff1 Hace 55 minutos

    I don’t think those are bees

  • bang chủ tạc thiên bang

    30 seconds...

  • Rodolfo Bascunhana
    Rodolfo Bascunhana Hace un hora

    Air Bag Frontal.... KKK 😅

  • Evalyon
    Evalyon Hace un hora

    That's a thick boot- 💀

  • Some Good
    Some Good Hace un hora


  • ilkyo Kim
    ilkyo Kim Hace un hora

    말벌 양식한건가?~~^^

  • 123abc1233 123abc1233
    123abc1233 123abc1233 Hace un hora


  • Taireyn - Twitch
    Taireyn - Twitch Hace un hora

    One of the most satisfying videos on youtube, justice being served

  • Hannah
    Hannah Hace un hora

    Hornets are Not useless, They are an important part of the ecosystem. They are also pollinators and they are extremely important at keeping invasive insects and their larvas at bay, otherwise unchecked would decimate many plants, trees and other insects. In your garden they control infestation from caterpillars, spiders, aphids and pollinate blooming plants. I'm not sure where this is at exactly , but honey bees are not native to the U.S and are not the bees that need saving. Bumblebee species and other native bees are, and their main threats are not hornets it is pesticides, climate change, drought, habitat destruction, nutrition deficit, air pollution, global warming ect.

  • Oscar Soza
    Oscar Soza Hace un hora

    My toxic trait is thinking I can do this without getting stung. 😂

  • Алексей Михайлов

    Нормальный компрессор получается 👌💪👍

  • Shreyas Pahade
    Shreyas Pahade Hace un hora

    That's a pretty big fryer!

  • Churchmeister
    Churchmeister Hace un hora

    That's some fucked up coolaid there.

  • ItzRes
    ItzRes Hace un hora

    physics:*does its thing* this guy:"nice car's driving skills"

  • Jessy Larson
    Jessy Larson Hace un hora

    This green needs a cut

  • 1sttobylopez
    1sttobylopez Hace un hora

    What the f*** That's too many steps man! What are they immune to fire or something! why can't you find something faster.

  • Жасулан Алибеков

    Туда еше бы арматуру🤣🤣🤣

  • Carlo
    Carlo Hace un hora

    It’s a REFRIGERATION screw compressor!

  • Filipe Paixão
    Filipe Paixão Hace 2 horas

    The majority of the weight was on the back RIP neck and spine. Just grab 1 and move it in 2 times less time and come grab the other. Or use your shoulders instead (1 in each)

  • Ruben M
    Ruben M Hace 2 horas

    Beach fold chairs??? That's where my beer goes thanks bud 👍

  • Paco Greens
    Paco Greens Hace 2 horas

    I'mma install one of those in my Corolla 🚗💨😆

  • Katharina Novobacki
    Katharina Novobacki Hace 2 horas

    In Germany is forbidden Killing Them Go prison or pay high Money price

  • Raj Sethy
    Raj Sethy Hace 2 horas

    wah meri jaan...kya bbaat h...😘

  • Vladimir Voloshin
    Vladimir Voloshin Hace 2 horas

    А это разве не шахта от ядерной ракеты ?

  • Pablo F Garcia
    Pablo F Garcia Hace 2 horas

    Those are not bees 🐝 those are Asia hornets

  • King BuckW17
    King BuckW17 Hace 2 horas

    Can I use it for my car?

  • Terrance Nasafotie Sr.

    Thanks for showing me what not to do 👍

  • Olly James
    Olly James Hace 2 horas

    My face when I realized they were hornets

  • Imarn Khan
    Imarn Khan Hace 2 horas


  • Brandon Gellert
    Brandon Gellert Hace 2 horas

    Everyone: “Save The Bees” Me: “PUT THE LID ON!” 😳

  • Mumu
    Mumu Hace 2 horas

    what display of skills am I supposed to be observing here?

  • Toyota Hoki
    Toyota Hoki Hace 2 horas

    Ford fiesta

  • Stop Teoriom Spiskowym

    perfect and blocked at end

  • Michael Anderson
    Michael Anderson Hace 2 horas

    She's a beast