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Game Theory: No More Games
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The $1.7 Million Lie
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They stole $1.7 million
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  • Ylva Lindberg Ny 5
    Ylva Lindberg Ny 5 Hace 3 minutos

    Hey, I played a game that's caled "Who I see" on game jolt and I thogth you migth wanna play it. And I cant find anny good playthrow ether. I wold be werry hapy if you made a theory about it. :)

  • Aksu255
    Aksu255 Hace 3 minutos

    No one talking about $13 Million at 1:34

  • Dat Handsome Troll
    Dat Handsome Troll Hace 3 minutos

    Might I say that Guardians also attack squids.

  • Daniel Niebuhr
    Daniel Niebuhr Hace 4 minutos

    I swear to god I cant lose Matt

  • Przemek Lisicki
    Przemek Lisicki Hace 6 minutos

    Elder gardiens detect invisible players

  • Damian luke
    Damian luke Hace 7 minutos

    Given the minecraft series that we've been having so far austin was not what I was expecting. I heard the music start and was like "oh boy, here we go"

  • Knukcles The Echidna
    Knukcles The Echidna Hace 9 minutos

    0:12 To 0:23 Crazynes

  • Selene Gachawolf
    Selene Gachawolf Hace 10 minutos

    I have a timeline theory, what if the events in the game take place in order, but the mini games don't.

  • Charbel Saghir
    Charbel Saghir Hace 10 minutos

    Hot wings

  • Knukcles The Echidna
    Knukcles The Echidna Hace 11 minutos

    4:09 Dogs

  • poptartkif
    poptartkif Hace 11 minutos


  • JD Deathstroke
    JD Deathstroke Hace 11 minutos


  • Ugh Girl
    Ugh Girl Hace 16 minutos


  • Ugh Girl
    Ugh Girl Hace 19 minutos

    Wow how it’s change from cringy slide shows to what it is today!

  • marina k
    marina k Hace 20 minutos

    You make sence

  • Humorflix YPTH y mas
    Humorflix YPTH y mas Hace 21 un minuto

    I just realized, HE IS 32?! I thought he was in the middle of his 20's!

  • Marta Tarasiuk
    Marta Tarasiuk Hace 21 un minuto

    Never before had I seen so many different ways to say nothing.

  • bodi caccia
    bodi caccia Hace 23 minutos

    People are idiots.

  • Ugh Girl
    Ugh Girl Hace 25 minutos

    It’s not scixifrenia it’s the googles notice how one of pyros cosmetics are the pyro googles that let you see the place the pyro in the trailer see’s

  • Mog Playz
    Mog Playz Hace 25 minutos

    After searching a lot, this is game theory’s most unpopular video

  • Crisostomo Ibarra
    Crisostomo Ibarra Hace 28 minutos

    17:29 the fear in MatPat's body language when he said the joke

  • ashley black
    ashley black Hace 29 minutos

    I'm still waiting on confirmation of timeline for this game, if girahim was majora, majoras mask before salesman had it, who fierce diety was, who built shadow temple. Small stuff like that. Also I wonder if they could in one game timeline break the reincarnation cycle, theres ways they could do it in one timeline and still make games. Plus they could also explore sheikah. I mean they only existed initially to protect hylia so if cycle broke, what happens. Also did they say yet if demise actually pulled off a last minute curse? I read the quote from ss but he said his hatred. Theres other demons besides him and in zelda, emotions make monsters. Itd be cool if demise emotions corrupted more different villains. It could also be cool if ganon were truly demise reincarnation if somehow if girahim had lived, if girahim told his former master who he was. Umm these were just a list of questions I had. Please feel free to correct me if recent nintendo sources brought this up. I have the historia which was released before breath of the wild

  • mr.FREINDLY Reviews
    mr.FREINDLY Reviews Hace 31 un minuto

    Can i say that monika is been coded and made intelligent by the dev,the dev is so smart tho,thats why im amazed to him

  • adrian greenwood
    adrian greenwood Hace 32 minutos


  • Anthony Morse
    Anthony Morse Hace 34 minutos

    To me this is a downgraded version of the force ability Kylo Ren used in episode 7. I wonder if in the sequel we'll upgrade the force abilities we already have.

  • Declan Ziolkowski
    Declan Ziolkowski Hace 36 minutos

    I don't want hate for liking xbox fortnite and mobile pubg

  • Tom Worrall
    Tom Worrall Hace 39 minutos

    First 1 and half minutes are just wholesome

  • Josh Evans
    Josh Evans Hace 39 minutos

    Minecraft days pass by in like ten minutes, so really every 24 hours in real life is like 144 days in Minecraft.

  • Umbra Jord
    Umbra Jord Hace 40 minutos

    Who'd have thought.... that minecraft could be so sad.

  • Evan Hunt
    Evan Hunt Hace 44 minutos


  • PulseMania
    PulseMania Hace 45 minutos

    This was a great theory, true or otherwise it's a really cool idea to think that there's more to minecraft than meets the eye.

  • Kenneth Mount
    Kenneth Mount Hace 46 minutos

    Like the new intro with the springtrap bobblehead

  • Travis Wells
    Travis Wells Hace 48 minutos

    If they all lose their channels youtube is going to lose most of its community everyone will just go to twitch.

  • Kenneth Mount
    Kenneth Mount Hace 48 minutos

    But that's what I think

  • Kenneth Mount
    Kenneth Mount Hace 48 minutos

    None because they are all touching

  • Kenneth Mount
    Kenneth Mount Hace 49 minutos

    I think I have the answer to the final question

  • Don't You Renember?
    Don't You Renember? Hace 52 minutos

    I swear ESclips is taking me out of the video

  • QueazyCoin123
    QueazyCoin123 Hace 52 minutos

    If the monument was once on land, then why are there guardians?

  • stuff Explained
    stuff Explained Hace 54 minutos

    Jeasus Minecraft is horrifying!!

  • marina k
    marina k Hace 55 minutos

    So your telling me and you that enderman is taljing

  • Nabil Sabri
    Nabil Sabri Hace 55 minutos

    No one: Subtitles: *sexy intro music*

  • Audo Master
    Audo Master Hace 58 minutos


  • First Weirdo
    First Weirdo Hace un hora

    Btw I am scared of the dog but today I face my fears

  • Firstname Lastname
    Firstname Lastname Hace un hora

    MatPat : We are glorified apartment building for tiny organisims. Me : Counter proposition , we are mecha similiar to Pacific Rim jaegers , but too advanced that we need millions to pilot. Explains why upgrading the hardware allows increased capacity.

  • Plus Ultra Animates
    Plus Ultra Animates Hace un hora

    Most people who are over the age of 8 can tell the the difference between adds and normal content.

  • First Weirdo
    First Weirdo Hace un hora

    My brother has a vr ococpulos or wat ever

  • Keelan Scourfield
    Keelan Scourfield Hace un hora

    The biggest plot hole in fnaf 4 is the presence of the purple guy easter egg as it quite literally destroys everyone's believed canon. If you look to the modern lorekeeper scene from fnaf 6 you see a gravestone with fnaf 4 text on it as others have theorised this means that william afton claimed at least one of his original victims in fnaf 4, Susie, though the book revealed soul cassidy most likely came from here as well as the survival logbook which canonises her shows heavy ties to fnaf 4. this means that the easter egg shows William Afton keeping up appearances at his workplace as a technician during/after committing murders meaning he cannot talk through the fredbear plush from sister location like everyone once thought because if it was William guiding the young michael through fnaf 4 then the MCI which makes up fnaf's main lore would be severely disrupted. the most logical person to be guiding young mike through the walkie talkie would be circus Baby as she is the only character with access at the point relevant to the private room. Also she is the only character at this time that mike has no reason to fear talking to, due to the fact she can play pretend to seem trustworthy, also ennards mask at the end of the sister location game bears a striking resemblance to the fnaf 4 kid but without tears. how about doing a video using this information? Anyone?

  • SreedFire 21
    SreedFire 21 Hace un hora

    Flat earth believers cannot understand what were in this video. XD

  • Supergamer 2.0
    Supergamer 2.0 Hace un hora

    4:55 matpat: gold nuggets Nugget:GOLDEN CHICKEN NUGGETS

  • Declan Ziolkowski
    Declan Ziolkowski Hace un hora

    The top right guy was wearing plaid,was using a playstation controller and was using xbox footage... why

  • Kwad Damage
    Kwad Damage Hace un hora

    why would people choose the middle lane while driving? then you have 2 lanes of people driving next to you.

  • Caleb Paul
    Caleb Paul Hace un hora

    Like Minecraft is fun and all but the rest of the games he does no one plays or cares about

  • Karam Alzibak
    Karam Alzibak Hace un hora

    How is springtrap alive if afton isnt dead and how is his body inside of springtrap in fnaf3 and etc

  • Pretty Mzindle
    Pretty Mzindle Hace un hora

    The deep dark secret of the mc villagers is you forget,that's literally what I have been waiting for in this vidio...

  • Malcolm Williams
    Malcolm Williams Hace un hora

    can you do a theory on among the sleep?? I could not understand the ending😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 anyway I love you the video😜😜😜😜😜😜😍😜😍😜😍😜

  • Embiloxi2027
    Embiloxi2027 Hace un hora

    What's the name of the song MatPat plays when he talks about merch at the beginning of the video? It's pretty dope.

  • XenialDan - Programming Channel

    Have i passed out somewhere, or did he actually not at all mention the sunken boats that spawn literally every 100 blocks in minecraft? Drowned being drowned pirates would be quite a fact, considering they spawn near the boats quite alot, to protect the sunken treasure. Maybe on the next video? EDIT: nvm 11:00 i literally was at the bathroom flooding some boats at that point of the vid

    CUBEZ&TECH Hace un hora

    Does anyone knows that Mat is actually putting copyrighted pictures on his background??? Huh???

  • • Nia- nee •
    • Nia- nee • Hace un hora

    So,,, half life:alyx theory when?

  • Hans Gudea
    Hans Gudea Hace un hora

    Maybe that's the reason why the builders went to the nether and died there to

  • cursed hello kitty
    cursed hello kitty Hace un hora

    I found something so weird and I don’t even know but, when I loaded in a world for exploring the shipwrecks and monuments, I FOUND THE HEART OF THE SEA IN A SHIPWRECK!

  • Spaced Out
    Spaced Out Hace un hora

    Are they even making the movie anymore?

  • Zackary Uter
    Zackary Uter Hace un hora

    He cried I did not know he could cry why can you cry you never did it before and any of his videos

  • mustang 320095
    mustang 320095 Hace un hora

    The fines have been changed depending on how much you make they wont take a way 42grand they'll take a way only some like say you make $or€£¥₩ 50,000 they'll take a way maby a 100 so no big hurry there. Just adding the update info if anyone who sees this and is worried about the fine.

  • Captain Boot
    Captain Boot Hace un hora


  • La araña Humana xdxdxd Xdxd

    ¿Why would humans living on the surface use lamps that work only at sea?

  • Grace Muljadi
    Grace Muljadi Hace un hora

    They didn't think to just, you know, take Bikini Bottom and push it somewhere else?

  • Cry
    Cry Hace un hora

    I only hear mumbling and mumbling and no actual answer.

  • Brandon Conway
    Brandon Conway Hace 2 horas

    MatPat has joined the dark side

  • Kris
    Kris Hace 2 horas

    *You called Kris a girl*

  • Patryk Pekka
    Patryk Pekka Hace 2 horas

    guards die on the graund xdddddd

  • Ruben Rascon
    Ruben Rascon Hace 2 horas

    Scott isn’t being realistic here. No children spirits can’t control stuff just like Annabel he thought to be a kid spirit but it wasn’t. Now you gonna say*they got stuff inside the animatronic* Even do they get stuffed inside the suits, they can’t control the animatronics, they could only haunt the place. That means... someone else is controlling them.

  • JD Deathstroke
    JD Deathstroke Hace 2 horas

    If only 😏

  • anyme fan
    anyme fan Hace 2 horas

    I can't donate in my career

  • Ostin Gunbaatar
    Ostin Gunbaatar Hace 2 horas

    Someone hold my hand I'm scared

  • Razl Gazl
    Razl Gazl Hace 2 horas

    There's some stuff at the end of the Petscop Soundtrack video just sayin'.

  • rodante Licup
    rodante Licup Hace 2 horas

    2019:lets raid area 51 2020:lets raid youtube

  • Zamazenta
    Zamazenta Hace 2 horas


  • Jason Tran
    Jason Tran Hace 2 horas

    You forgot a minecraft day is shorter than our days. To scale he’s punching for 4 minutes not 3 secs

  • Patzy Luna
    Patzy Luna Hace 2 horas

    I feel bad for matpat I hate the coppa act plus I love how matpat is going to lose his channel with the animation community plus other ESclipsrs like the gacha community they are all stop posting videos and matpat is the best ESclipsr you can the video game lores and fnaf theory R.I.P MATPAT 2011-2019 FNAF THEORYS LONG STAY ALIVE!!

  • andrea thames
    andrea thames Hace 2 horas

    This is how I impress my friends, FNAF lore, idk y

  • ScarfaceGameReviews
    ScarfaceGameReviews Hace 2 horas

    Stop making ESclips into television.

  • {}{}{}{}{}{}
    {}{}{}{}{}{} Hace 2 horas

    IM 13 FIGHT ME

  • Deathwind233
    Deathwind233 Hace 2 horas

    welp guys, its time to move to dailymotion

  • Rhousse Jan Gabaen
    Rhousse Jan Gabaen Hace 2 horas

    Next theory: the player is a god or hero

  • Mirella - Chan
    Mirella - Chan Hace 2 horas


  • Declan Ziolkowski
    Declan Ziolkowski Hace 2 horas


  • Chris Burrow
    Chris Burrow Hace 2 horas


  • Ludicrous Torpedo5220
    Ludicrous Torpedo5220 Hace 2 horas

    My favorite channel ( XboxAddictionz ) is already gone,and it ruined it's Christmas

  • number 1 hybrid of darknese


  • Rusty .Thebanite
    Rusty .Thebanite Hace 2 horas

    5:04 - So we, the internet, assembled a team. Soooooo. Part 2?

  • ilhamgamer
    ilhamgamer Hace 2 horas

    Do more pokemon theories matpat!

  • Nikini defonseka
    Nikini defonseka Hace 2 horas

    Wow, his intro was weird back then

  • Unwanted Tentac
    Unwanted Tentac Hace 2 horas

    How does this have 25K likes 😒

  • Katie Mai
    Katie Mai Hace 2 horas

    i have add block on so yea

  • PredX Plays
    PredX Plays Hace 2 horas

    Channel about sports or something like that have a pretty good chance to survive this.

  • Rodder
    Rodder Hace 2 horas

    2:47 her head is literally a WW2 helmet with beak.

  • Jadem Linthorne
    Jadem Linthorne Hace 2 horas

    STOP THE MUSIC Ballora IS a important character cause willy's wife died or lefted him then he created rule 34 woman A.K.A Ballora. So MatPat you're bulling Purple Guy's wife.

  • Ninja X Tiger
    Ninja X Tiger Hace 2 horas

    13:38 theres a little bit of wrong information over there MATPAT Go search for the real reason of it from REAL MUSLIM

  • Commander Kevin
    Commander Kevin Hace 2 horas

    Comic sans