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Selena Gomez - Back To You
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  • Tashawn Moffitt
    Tashawn Moffitt Hace 2 minutos

    3:26 so rareeeee🦋✨

  • Alex Quintana
    Alex Quintana Hace 4 minutos

    Wey, gracias

  • Meshaal Malik
    Meshaal Malik Hace 4 minutos

    Selena: Why don’t you recognize I’m, so, rare... Justin: YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY

  • Dorianne Marie
    Dorianne Marie Hace 6 minutos

    love this track ❤️

  • Angal trae Laura
    Angal trae Laura Hace 7 minutos

    Not in the Ballarat mental health services I'm out

  • Kavya Nair
    Kavya Nair Hace 8 minutos

    This is far better than that yummy oh sorry not ❌better but the best 👍💯 of selena

  • World Music
    World Music Hace 8 minutosídeo.html #Selena #Gomes

  • Gddggv Fgbcjg
    Gddggv Fgbcjg Hace 9 minutos

    Nostalgia in school i love it best song

  • World Music
    World Music Hace 9 minutosídeo.html #Selena #Gomes

  • Jason Garett
    Jason Garett Hace 13 minutos

    Why do I picture this song to have 1.3B views one day instead of like 1B or a different Billion?😂

  • Believer
    Believer Hace 13 minutos

    Love the music

  • Juliana Lee
    Juliana Lee Hace 13 minutos

    Perfeita demais meu Deus! ❤👏🏻

  • DoumeBlaide
    DoumeBlaide Hace 14 minutos

    Nice single <3, you can find the playlist of his latest album here :

  • MK Jaroudi
    MK Jaroudi Hace 15 minutos

    Omg I love this beat sooo much 2:02 -> 2:20 it brings an African vibe 😍

  • ayush chauhan
    ayush chauhan Hace 17 minutos

    One in a million, Aneoyghaseo, Twice binda

  • Jason Garett
    Jason Garett Hace 17 minutos

    This song is amazing and beautiful!😍

  • Queen Shatw
    Queen Shatw Hace 17 minutos

    Always nice song 💜

  • DoumeBlaide
    DoumeBlaide Hace 18 minutos

    Nice single <3, you can find the playlist of his latest album here :

  • Mira Hubishah
    Mira Hubishah Hace 19 minutos

    no-one: my powerpoints:

  • Sh Als
    Sh Als Hace 19 minutos

    Omg you’re so drama why don’t you leave him alone and stop fake you’re feelings there are 17373736291 men in this world not only Justin please stop it drama queen

  • 빡빡이
    빡빡이 Hace 23 minutos

    개좋아 사랑해

  • The Darkclouds
    The Darkclouds Hace 23 minutos

    Honestly i think this song is amazing . I understand your soul Selena. Good job and congratulations to your hardwork on publishing this Album .

  • Алинка Боженко


  • carl masić
    carl masić Hace 25 minutos

    Nice.Good song😁😁

  • DoumeBlaide
    DoumeBlaide Hace 25 minutos

    Nice single <3, you can find the playlist of his latest album here :

  • Алинка Боженко


  • TheFrostedGlow
    TheFrostedGlow Hace 29 minutos

    Selena is such a beautiful person,on the outside and for sure on the inside

  • unique Gani
    unique Gani Hace 29 minutos

    Indian fans of selena gomez hit like hear

  • Septian Harta Hadid
    Septian Harta Hadid Hace 31 un minuto

    I hope she sings this song live one day

  • Breezy Kersey
    Breezy Kersey Hace 32 minutos

    She sings this so classical! I love it.

  • marisol prieto
    marisol prieto Hace 33 minutos

    Wow me Encanto la canción ❤️ Selena viene con todo 👑 regreso a ser la Reina de antes😘😍💕 Su videoclip está genial ⭐️

  • Kaisha Page
    Kaisha Page Hace 33 minutos

    This has a Mexican beat to it. I'm in love with it.😁🇮🇷

  • Karen Caamaño
    Karen Caamaño Hace 33 minutos

    Dios, la amo tanto 🤩

  • k b
    k b Hace 33 minutos


  • Lucas Araújo Vasconcelos
    Lucas Araújo Vasconcelos Hace 33 minutos


  • inkyblinky
    inkyblinky Hace 35 minutos

    that bridge gave me chills

  • ryszard klara
    ryszard klara Hace 37 minutos

    przecież wgrany był cały utwór i blokowany- więc go wygrałem/ co mam zrobić?/

  • 日向翔陽David
    日向翔陽David Hace 40 minutos

    What a pearl, let me date you 👀

  • Septian Harta Hadid
    Septian Harta Hadid Hace 41 un minuto


  • thenyny shop
    thenyny shop Hace 41 un minuto

    my fav hahaha you killed it girl 👏😏

  • Ebs
    Ebs Hace 42 minutos

    soooo cooooool Selena you bomb and the video omg so beautiful

  • Joseph Nano
    Joseph Nano Hace 43 minutos

    Who genuinely takes the time to dislike these vids?

  • Lina Bella
    Lina Bella Hace 43 minutosídeo.html Love this wow

  • ทองสร้อย สอนฤทธิ์

    รักเธอจังนางฟ้าของฉัน ติดตามคุณทุกเพลง From Thailand Love u Selena🤟❤

  • dieauferstehung
    dieauferstehung Hace 46 minutos

    lol she hating on jbizzle but what about weeknd?

  • Basically Bros
    Basically Bros Hace 49 minutos

    I agree she’s only rare Defiantly not a mythical rare

  • Ebs
    Ebs Hace 49 minutos

    its one of those songs you have to listen a couple times to love it and then can't stop listening to it

  • karishma kolamkanny
    karishma kolamkanny Hace 52 minutos

    Alright i have stoped chosing my favourite song this album is my favourite now🤷‍♀️

  • justchickenstrips
    justchickenstrips Hace un hora

    Julia michaels "ouu fun" that's so julia

  • Anonomous
    Anonomous Hace un hora

    That’s one bad case of Bieber fever

  • manisa a
    manisa a Hace un hora

    We scrolling fast to see the comment related to Justin biber 😂😂

  • Mew mew
    Mew mew Hace un hora

    Is it me or american singers just suddenly started dancing in their songs??? This set looks too much like 2010s sm sets😂

  • nοra.
    nοra. Hace un hora

    2012: Love you like a love song 2019: Lose you to love me

  • Seda
    Seda Hace un hora

    it made me cry

  • PinkDiamond
    PinkDiamond Hace un hora

    in every song from her new album she is just begging for love and attention from ... HIM

  • ティーブルー
    ティーブルー Hace un hora

    Selena gomez looks like Rossana pansino, a little bit right?

  • توق ق
    توق ق Hace un hora

    كفو سلينا استمري 😍😍😍😍😍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦

  • ket Medeiros
    ket Medeiros Hace un hora

    Linda ❤❤❤

  • luiz henrique luiz
    luiz henrique luiz Hace un hora

    Queen Sel 💖

  • Kasia Flaga
    Kasia Flaga Hace un hora

    it's too good

  • majid farhood
    majid farhood Hace un hora

    selena so rare

  • Neval Irmak Kurt
    Neval Irmak Kurt Hace un hora


  • Marianna Testempasi
    Marianna Testempasi Hace un hora

    I really think that this song deserves much more attention, its a masterpiece 😻

  • Arun Chauhan
    Arun Chauhan Hace un hora

    I Indian I very very love that song 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍💘💗💗💗💖

  • Waheeda Ali
    Waheeda Ali Hace un hora

    Istg I remember this being released few months ago. Damnn. Time flies 🤯

  • ישראל צרפתי
    ישראל צרפתי Hace un hora


  • Kykelly Kyparisi
    Kykelly Kyparisi Hace un hora

    Barbie maripoza vibes anyone ?

  • Jeff Hardy
    Jeff Hardy Hace un hora

    back in 2010..i've been playing Zoo World on FB for 10hours straight n this is the only song i played on the computer for the whole 10hours 😂

  • Gollapally Veena
    Gollapally Veena Hace un hora

    Everyone is a kind of rare but u or people around u don't recognize it, is it true,?! Just think of the rareness u have let the rareness make u special

  • Cha Eunwoo
    Cha Eunwoo Hace un hora

    Beautiful song

  • Ashley Wren
    Ashley Wren Hace un hora

    ❤️ 👆🏻 That's all.

  • StaringanimE1
    StaringanimE1 Hace un hora

    135k dislikes? Damn this is one of hers that I actually really like 😂

  • Б У
    Б У Hace un hora

    Королева 👑

  • Just Me
    Just Me Hace un hora

    i love this song

  • Rachel Ashley
    Rachel Ashley Hace un hora


  • Stephanie C
    Stephanie C Hace un hora


  • Mary Lanett
    Mary Lanett Hace un hora

    Can we all except that this will be a ARENA ANTHEM in her tour 🤗

  • Palak Karwatkar
    Palak Karwatkar Hace un hora

    If this was the official lyric video then why their were lyrics in description (・o・)

  • Gorgtastic Forgeous
    Gorgtastic Forgeous Hace un hora

    he moved on */*

  • Jaz Randle
    Jaz Randle Hace un hora

    i guess i can forgive you for breaking the Weeknds heart

  • Devang Patil
    Devang Patil Hace un hora

    All the dislikes are from Justin and Hailey's different accounts

  • ALE DartXx
    ALE DartXx Hace un hora

    Happy 4 years of This song 😁

  • Jada Smith
    Jada Smith Hace un hora

    Like Bieber, you please us to stream your songs...... fake artist...

  • Mamud Sultan
    Mamud Sultan Hace un hora

    Rare : comment Yummy:like

  • Anand Ramachandran
    Anand Ramachandran Hace 2 horas

    You are the beeeeest!!!!!

  • Nami Music
    Nami Music Hace 2 horas

    Tanks selena

  • don Corleone
    don Corleone Hace 2 horas

    Fucking fake ass bitch. Give Franzia her kidney back

  • Mincy Yaduvanshi
    Mincy Yaduvanshi Hace 2 horas


  • SK
    SK Hace 2 horas

    god this album is insufferable

  • anindya luthfiani
    anindya luthfiani Hace 2 horas

    And Im suddenly crying don't know why💔

  • Jaya Esther
    Jaya Esther Hace 2 horas

    Everything, I mean everything, just stopped for a second at 2:40. Selena, you just created a whole another level!!

  • Nic Naranjo
    Nic Naranjo Hace 2 horas

    Thank you

  • Afridi Afridi
    Afridi Afridi Hace 2 horas

    I shouldn't watch this because of emotional come through in my face actually salena sometime is not so softly. 😥

  • cute girl
    cute girl Hace 2 horas

    Because you are a {RARE} you deserve the best for you.

  • Tuba Karakulak
    Tuba Karakulak Hace 2 horas

    She is perfect 🦋✨

  • chaima Jrad
    chaima Jrad Hace 2 horas

    we need to use this song in this cruel world

  • Nic Naranjo
    Nic Naranjo Hace 2 horas

    Very good track. Very well done

  • Akemix
    Akemix Hace 2 horas

    You're the best ♥


    dream day

  • Rachael Elson
    Rachael Elson Hace 2 horas

    This should be her main style, I like her voice this way. 🥰