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  • Valeria Castro Ruiz
    Valeria Castro Ruiz Hace 2 minutos

    I know I’m late because I’m not subscribed because I can’t happy birthday 🎂🎈🎊🎉🎁 Poki the beast fortnite player

  • RaperNator
    RaperNator Hace 8 minutos

    Pokimane is dying nooooo

  • IrakliGamer
    IrakliGamer Hace 9 minutos

    What all players Playining Fortnite for the Good

  • Ghoul
    Ghoul Hace 42 minutos

    Wait poppin had a crush on pokemane when she was In high school So... W e g o t e m B o y s

  • James FM
    James FM Hace 47 minutos

    Poki ur the best and I love you u are my inspiration when I'm sad you put a smile on my face 💖💖

  • Jay Gonzalez
    Jay Gonzalez Hace 59 minutos

    pokimane is so fucking sexy

    NLE_ RICHARDS69 Hace un hora

    1:30 i dont have eny 😢

  • Wael Ghaffari
    Wael Ghaffari Hace un hora


  • Big Fat Juicy Wang
    Big Fat Juicy Wang Hace un hora

    Your topless pick is on the hub

  • Osvaldeen
    Osvaldeen Hace un hora

    Play with fitz more!!!!😗

  • Cjx Savage
    Cjx Savage Hace un hora

    Poki is such a funny noob. Who else cringed when she fed wheat to the animals without breeding them instead of just leading them? 😂😂😂

  • dennyS
    dennyS Hace un hora

    how the fuck you're on hardcore and fitz on survival mode

  • Bunny_Kult
    Bunny_Kult Hace un hora

    poki casually beating faker. proof she should be pro

  • antonis x
    antonis x Hace un hora

    0:37 Autotune??????

  • Dive Zenn
    Dive Zenn Hace 2 horas

    that fking autotune had me dying xD

  • Elhadji Dieng
    Elhadji Dieng Hace 2 horas

    U thick af

  • Kristian Terrell
    Kristian Terrell Hace 2 horas

    so cool

  • Nick Wilson
    Nick Wilson Hace 2 horas


  • Maverick Plissken
    Maverick Plissken Hace 2 horas


  • coolbro 100201
    coolbro 100201 Hace 2 horas

    I love you sooooo so much you are my inspiration to become a streamer thanks poki.kisses

  • Skrrt
    Skrrt Hace 2 horas

    i speak french too!

  • Peristeri Omega
    Peristeri Omega Hace 3 horas

    I really hope you never find a panda cuz that would really hurt

  • Adam Douglas
    Adam Douglas Hace 3 horas

    3:23 look at bottom right Best thing I have ever seen😂😂

  • e-Lite Gaming
    e-Lite Gaming Hace 3 horas

    does anyone else hear SAO music in the background in the beginning?

  • Stupidt
    Stupidt Hace 4 horas

    6:19 teemo... xd

  • vincen yulian alvarez barrera

    pokimane es muy ermosa y se la quiero meterle un tiro jaaaaaaaaç

  • P TAF
    P TAF Hace 4 horas

    Are you a vsco girl???

    MASTER PUBG Hace 4 horas

    Are you an Arab and from any origins are you from Iraq?

  • coolbro 100201
    coolbro 100201 Hace 4 horas

    Ok 2 things,he is sooo cute and you THIIIIICCCCCCCCCCC

  • Shazbot81
    Shazbot81 Hace 4 horas

    To be honest, she looks like she has 1 white parent and 1 korean or japanese parent.

  • Everythings Just Okay
    Everythings Just Okay Hace 4 horas

    *_Okay hear me out_* Put the video playback speed on 0.25 (the slowest one ) and watch 2:05-2:10 and, _tell me you weren't even slightly creeped out_

    • Mega Martin
      Mega Martin Hace un hora

      Yeah whats up with the glitchy part

  • Kayden Chan
    Kayden Chan Hace 4 horas

    What’s with her playing with 12 year olds?

  • TheRooftop Monster
    TheRooftop Monster Hace 5 horas

    Ask techno to coach you for minecraft monday

  • Ezio Auditore da Firenze

    When it got foggy poki ran over to fitz and got all close to him :3

  • Void
    Void Hace 7 horas

    I hate mc but this shit is funny af. Well done

  • Lucas Castillejo
    Lucas Castillejo Hace 7 horas

    I promise I’ll watch all of your ESclips videos

  • Lucas Castillejo
    Lucas Castillejo Hace 7 horas

    It’s a pic of leviathan

  • Lucas Castillejo
    Lucas Castillejo Hace 7 horas


    KARTIK YT Hace 7 horas

    Put a heart on this comment or i won't play games anymore!!

  • Georgian Cross
    Georgian Cross Hace 7 horas

    Pokimane: "Oooh now your rubbin it in...."

  • TheCat Ninja
    TheCat Ninja Hace 8 horas


  • Ian Alegre
    Ian Alegre Hace 8 horas


  • X R3D X
    X R3D X Hace 9 horas

    Yay 11 year olds are getting popular *dabs (Im 11 too) LikE IF yOU 11

  • Aji S
    Aji S Hace 9 horas

    Emmm... The thins that in the top of the pizza fell of and aaahahahahah

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ Hace 9 horas

    Audio mastered by a half deaf guy

  • Glendale Josh Pardillo

    "basura" means trash

  • ZenZed
    ZenZed Hace 10 horas

    ma3emri 3reft bi ana poki maghribya *WOOOOOW*

  • Aji S
    Aji S Hace 10 horas

    Make sense...

  • ZenZed
    ZenZed Hace 10 horas

    Thank you for your awesome advice, I'm gonna stream *right now*

  • Johnny
    Johnny Hace 10 horas

    Here's a Minecraft tip for you Pokimane: Don't kill dolphins, they're really useful. When you feed them, follow them, they will lead you to treasure chests and shipwrecks. And when you drop an item, they will play with it, not destroy it.

  • Twenity
    Twenity Hace 10 horas

    it feels like the video ends when poki's intro plays lol

  • korbinxd cabz
    korbinxd cabz Hace 10 horas


  • jose rojas
    jose rojas Hace 11 horas

    3:15 I hear someone saying “ MOTHER FUCKING GAMER!”

  • Al Sh
    Al Sh Hace 11 horas

    You can’t be a bad gamer. It’s all about having a good time!

  • Gordo
    Gordo Hace 11 horas


  • Escolpio gaming
    Escolpio gaming Hace 11 horas

    Hey ‹3

  • Al Sh
    Al Sh Hace 12 horas

    Its difficult to tell if the emotion here is genuine, but I choose to believe it is.

  • xxkingxx pro
    xxkingxx pro Hace 12 horas

    Go to min 4:04 and close your eyes for 1 sec

  • Jake v2
    Jake v2 Hace 12 horas

    This is easily the most enjoyable thing to watch atm!

  • SeekNDStroy
    SeekNDStroy Hace 12 horas

    She's so freaking annoying

  • Liam Ferguson
    Liam Ferguson Hace 13 horas

    3:27 anyone notice mimi in the sink?

  • Fish_Noodles 345
    Fish_Noodles 345 Hace 13 horas

    Imane: sensory deprivation tank Me: Stranger Things fan mode activate

  • Lache Castle
    Lache Castle Hace 14 horas

    Sword art online I recognize this music!!!

  • 黑色氧氣
    黑色氧氣 Hace 14 horas

    Sona is a nice champ actually....Her damage can one shot if items was crrect

  • Mariam Khatir
    Mariam Khatir Hace 14 horas

    ca va

  • Void guy The frikkin boss

    Clutch:I just try to keep all the negativity out Poki:awwwwww Clutch:they’re not good Me:….........

  • alfredo Mena Noriega
    alfredo Mena Noriega Hace 14 horas

    LOVING the Paper Mario soundtracks

  • Jeremiah Wilkins
    Jeremiah Wilkins Hace 15 horas

    I heard it puur when it was sleeping on her / POKI IS A ANIMAL ABUSER/ not actually

  • Hadiff Nazhan Ahmad Shahzi

    Poki sleeping with Carson beside Fitz

  • Hadiff Nazhan Ahmad Shahzi

    Nowadays everybody uses zelda botw music and its soo calming

  • brp
    brp Hace 15 horas

    We go biger cr÷eeee÷eeeeeeeeepa. Oo[oooooooooooooooooh yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAaaaaaa💥

  • brp
    brp Hace 15 horas

    Creepa ooh ya

  • TheClashingMedic
    TheClashingMedic Hace 15 horas

    Everytime Pokimane finds a new Minecraft Animal: *Awwww*

  • Johnny
    Johnny Hace 16 horas

    That's why the #1 rule of Minecraft is: Don't dig straight down.

  • PHySIx
    PHySIx Hace 16 horas


  • Killer X
    Killer X Hace 16 horas

    Do y'all remember that time when you finally got in season X hyped it was going to be good you get in a game and hear terrifying stomping sounds...

  • lawlen the best
    lawlen the best Hace 16 horas

    Pokimane is cute 🥰😘🥰🥰🥰

  • LautaaDz
    LautaaDz Hace 16 horas

    Is it me or this video doesn't have sound

  • Vivid Pulse
    Vivid Pulse Hace 17 horas

    I like howw they call it the oragytube

    KING RXG Hace 17 horas

    bokiman انتي مغربيه أنا من السعودية

  • Oskar Kindblad
    Oskar Kindblad Hace 17 horas

    ONE RULE IN MINECRAFT! If you are mining you should always have a bucket of water and cobblestone blocks.

  • Samson Amari
    Samson Amari Hace 17 horas


  • innerbeast415
    innerbeast415 Hace 17 horas

    That ? Ping at 7:15 was 110% accurate

  • Armani Jones
    Armani Jones Hace 17 horas

    “You can tell they had sex” 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Nani NANI
    Nani NANI Hace 17 horas

    Oh my gooOoOod

  • Safwan Irfan
    Safwan Irfan Hace 18 horas

    I hope one day I can meet you pokimane. You my fav streamer in the world

  • kj riv
    kj riv Hace 18 horas

    Hey just saying it’s been 3 months maybe myths change

  • Chander Shimmel
    Chander Shimmel Hace 18 horas

    What resource pack?

  • Cryptic
    Cryptic Hace 18 horas

    Uhh poki....uh.. this is weird but..when are you gonna do another asmr?

  • PandaRefic
    PandaRefic Hace 19 horas

    Tht moment that it sounded like auto tune

  • SINA
    SINA Hace 19 horas

    This 10 mins was really forced

  • Cavato
    Cavato Hace 19 horas

    I don’t watch poki. But the Sword Art Online Music is beautiful

  • IAdrianYT
    IAdrianYT Hace 19 horas


  • TIPO Paraodo
    TIPO Paraodo Hace 19 horas

    Neeko is a jungler

  • Mohamad Moin Zade
    Mohamad Moin Zade Hace 19 horas

    Hey Are u playing lol with your followers? Do u add them?

  • Seksiumutcocuk -_-
    Seksiumutcocuk -_- Hace 19 horas

    Omg dude the way they say imane is pronounced Imen and it is the name of my crush that I ignored for years and still do because I’m shy 😢

  • Jack Mckelvie
    Jack Mckelvie Hace 19 horas

    i cant read the comment of the day

  • Ivan Suñas
    Ivan Suñas Hace 19 horas

    I heer likey from twise

  • archer_fanthom xd
    archer_fanthom xd Hace 20 horas

    New in the Channel xD

    X JORGEX Hace 20 horas

    Like si eres Mexicano y no entiendes nada de lo que dice pokimane pero aún haci vez sus vídeos Saludos desde México 😁😁😁😁