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15 Most Insane Guns in Action !
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  • Haley Conway
    Haley Conway Hace 4 horas

    that wolf wasn’t starving. packs usually send a solo wolf out to try and lure it’s pray back to the pack. it may seem nice or that it’s playing, but it’s not.

  • علي محمود
    علي محمود Hace 4 horas

    My Lucy dog was going to a new home and Lucy was in a some kind of home hopefully I reunited with my dog Lucy 😞

  • Тимур Фахуртдинов

    I never lost faith in the first place, you hypeeating buffon

  •  Meditation zoots channel

    They wern't ferits they were stoat's bro..

  • Linda Burt
    Linda Burt Hace 5 horas

    The cat scramble at the beginning made me laugh harder than I have in a very long time.

  • olllloollllo
    olllloollllo Hace 6 horas

    Snakes eat birds, people don't need to mess with the natural cycle of ecosystems.

  • InnerDemonsYT
    InnerDemonsYT Hace 6 horas

    My luckiest moment must have been getting in a severe ice slide on the road and surviving with only a bruise

  • MC-JAYD88
    MC-JAYD88 Hace 7 horas

    All of these really broke my heart 🥺 everyone has a soul in them😊❤ even if they look so cold everyone has something light in them a true heart😊❤❤❤🎉 and its way to cute 22:29

  • Marie-Christine MONTEGU


  • David R
    David R Hace 7 horas

    The bear said "go find your own tree dummy"

  • Rob Flowers
    Rob Flowers Hace 7 horas

    The glass door broke because it was slightly lower than the other door that was opened and it hit the different color floor that must be higher than the door. They may have just installed them and now they know!

  • OTB Rez
    OTB Rez Hace 7 horas

    god will bless each and every 1 of these people

  • H R
    H R Hace 8 horas

    Aside from needing timing belts periodically, I think the old Honda Civic and Accord engines from the late 80's and mid-90's were among the most reliable. Yes they needed timing belt changes, but beyond that, if you just kept relatively clean oil in them and topped them off, they easily could run for several hundred thousand miles with little to no other maintenance. And the 1.5/1.6L Civic engine was among the best. This was of course until they redesigned it in 2001.

  • ZenTeT
    ZenTeT Hace 8 horas

    the most imortant thing in sports its being humble!

  • Ummm Fukin patient
    Ummm Fukin patient Hace 8 horas

    I know u don't have to remind me.. unfortunately goes mother and father..I have known this ...

  • Joe Taylor
    Joe Taylor Hace 8 horas

    There's a special place for people like them

  • Chelsea Straub
    Chelsea Straub Hace 9 horas

    When the current took the dog away and had to have a hole police 🚓 force to get it out 😢❤

  • Plasma entertainment
    Plasma entertainment Hace 9 horas

    I’ve seen the elaphant vid befor

  • Michael Ashnin
    Michael Ashnin Hace 9 horas

    Crying… very touching moments of true beauty of humankind…

  • Warm Life
    Warm Life Hace 10 horas

    I see a lot of the luckiest people caught on camera, anyone else like me👇👇

  • Warm Life
    Warm Life Hace 10 horas

    This compilation is a really interesting one. Thanks for sharing your hard work.

  • Megan Urena
    Megan Urena Hace 10 horas

    i love it

  • Warm Life
    Warm Life Hace 10 horas

    This is awesome 👏🏻

  • Yadn
    Yadn Hace 10 horas

    Recover faith in humanity? No my man, this is real humanity, and I've never lost faith on it

  • Warm Life
    Warm Life Hace 10 horas

    Your consistency and quality of content never disappoints!

  • Warm Life
    Warm Life Hace 10 horas

    I wonder why we dont see those amazing inventions in real life around us?? They are really useful and effective!

  • Warm Life
    Warm Life Hace 10 horas

    Working smarter not harder gets the job done faster 💪👍

  • anonymous Citizen
    anonymous Citizen Hace 10 horas

    Look at all that free food that was passed up on. Pretty care free world we have built.

  • Warm Life
    Warm Life Hace 10 horas

    It's incredible that people can build things like this. There is nothing too heavy or grand in size that the mind of an engineer can't manage.

  • XxSerge_JacksonxX
    XxSerge_JacksonxX Hace 10 horas

    When a teacher is a true man of service he taught them well and served his country

  • Jannah
    Jannah Hace 10 horas

    I assume that any monies made from these clips are donated to animal rescue and rehabilitation. ?

    MORSE Hace 11 horas

    Sadly that gold bar challenge is that you get to take home a gold bar that is 1 Once thats less than 100 times of the bar you have to pick up and get through that hole. which is the first challenge I can honestly say asians actually have a hard time doing cause its about grip strength and arm length 2 things alot of asians lack cause their short.

    M5TABBYCAT Hace 11 horas

    The baseball bat was pretty impressive and the fly being hit with a blow dart.

    M5TABBYCAT Hace 11 horas

    The lions licking the dew on the pladtic was scary too

  • Benny
    Benny Hace 12 horas

    “ For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son , that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”-John 3:16 “Therefore, son of man, say to your people, ‘If someone who is righteous disobeys, that person’s former righteousness will count for nothing. And if someone who is wicked repents, that person’s former wickedness will not bring condemnation.” -Ezekiel 33:12 Trust in Christ and he will make his home in your hearts (Ephesians 3:17) Repent while you still can. God loves you :),.

  • Bob Wolford
    Bob Wolford Hace 12 horas

    Messi is the penultimate good guy when it comes to kids!

  • Mr.Schitzengigglez
    Mr.Schitzengigglez Hace 12 horas

    I've spent a lot of my 45 years in the wilderness. I've only had a few animals ask for help. But, those few times are the best memories of my life. It's a strange sort of trust. They trust you as long as you're needed, and then they are gone. I think that's a good thing.

  • joshua neill
    joshua neill Hace 12 horas

    8:48 this turtle "rescue" was staged. the man glued those seas shells and barnacles on the turtle so he can make quick youtube bucks on his own channel that is now taken down.

  • Crispy K
    Crispy K Hace 12 horas

    28:42 exact definition of a craphole ruining nature. Looks at where those birds are kept, 2 more plastic bottles right behind. And just trash everywhere. Yet i am the one that has to sort and pay more for things even though i'm not the one causing these issues. Paying for others mistakes is not going to teach them how to do things the right way. Just teaches them that they can keep behaving badly. Pathetic and sad. But it's a business, and a few people make a lot of money out of you feeling bad for others while making you feel guilty.

  • Crispy K
    Crispy K Hace 13 horas

    19:21 and 19:39 From restoring faith in humanity, to a not smart women and her not so smart dog almost drowning both in less than 20 seconds. If you go to a place like that with your dog not on a leash, you're almost asking for it. Interesting world we live in, amazing how some people just can't seem to think logically nor rationally.

  • Stacy Romero
    Stacy Romero Hace 13 horas

    Noooooo, show us more on the leopards rescue with that vase on its head. Did they really not sedate it?

  • Brandon
    Brandon Hace 13 horas

    My weakness

  • Michael Velasquez
    Michael Velasquez Hace 13 horas


  • JAHnandus
    JAHnandus Hace 13 horas

    God created all animals, and you can see His personality in all creations! I have an important message for everyone. The day of our sovereign Lord, and only true God Jah, is very near! He is eager to give all righteous people eternal life in His coming paradise here on earth! But to live eternally in His paradise, we must exercise faith in Him and His Son Jesus Christ, as written in His Word! The Bible is absolutely true and trustworthy, and you will become perfect and live forever in paradise if you worship the only true God Jah! This is not a fantasy, but a reality! It's up to us to accept God's loving offer while we still can, the day draws near when He will judge this world. John 3:16 "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life". 🔥❤🔥

  • pulkit yogi
    pulkit yogi Hace 13 horas

    is cat ko chocolate jase ch...u hi chiye hamesa

  • pulkit yogi
    pulkit yogi Hace 13 horas

    what about test of choco bar

    PUBG GLITCHED Hace 14 horas

    Part 1 of 2 (1 PTERODACTYL) 2( T rex)

  • Emily Shaw
    Emily Shaw Hace 14 horas

    The vulture is actually that guys pet. He is a rescue that the owner trained to fly with him and land on his craft.

  • Don Michael
    Don Michael Hace 14 horas

    What a blatant idiot that cannot tell the difference between an African crocodile and an American alligator!

  • Felix thecleaner
    Felix thecleaner Hace 14 horas

    had to bail when you began shrieking at at 07:01.wth??