Harry Styles
Harry Styles
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  • Christina Schmidt
    Christina Schmidt Hace 2 minutos

    he’s nakey !!!

  • emma mcguire
    emma mcguire Hace 18 minutos

    That sunset though...

  • renee wabie
    renee wabie Hace 41 un minuto

    HELL YEAH. Got my watermelon pit ticket!!! Fuckin excited.

  • Jen Ram
    Jen Ram Hace 50 minutos

    Best interview he’s done.

  • TWINEER Vlog
    TWINEER Vlog Hace 52 minutos


  • zanele Leeuo
    zanele Leeuo Hace 53 minutos

    OK but this video is sexy... How's that even possible? And his hands, I'm sorry if I sound weird but I have a thing for hands and those ones are HOT 🔥🔥😍😍😍

  • serge lutens
    serge lutens Hace un hora

    I just realize ERODA = ADORE

  • MSM reviews
    MSM reviews Hace un hora

    Guess who just bought a CD? Your oldest fan! Hopefully not the oldest! Love all the songs! What a talent! Harry, where can I buy the other CD, the one that has the studio version of Two Ghosts?

    SOHAM CHANDRATRE Hace 2 horas

    you know it was like he was giving advise of life and like with his wise words and sun set. the view and the words just match as if nature was in sync with it. such a remarkable conversation.

  • bessons irwin
    bessons irwin Hace 2 horas


  • Ben Nowak
    Ben Nowak Hace 2 horas

    Chile.... I.... Need some water 😩😭👀

  • Shelbi Cameron
    Shelbi Cameron Hace 2 horas

    Oh no...every Directioners worst nightmare... A DOUBLE SIDED POSTER

  • Rosaliah Zen
    Rosaliah Zen Hace 2 horas

    Just realized that eroda is adore backwards...

  • Nelly Forrest
    Nelly Forrest Hace 2 horas

    this was so genuine and chill. it's so cool to see celebrities be open and honest because you remember they're actual people that have insecurities, make mistakes, and hear what they have to say lol. zane was an amazing interviewer as well! good job :)

  • Ava Marielle
    Ava Marielle Hace 2 horas

    wait... is Eroda a real place?

  • Leilani Hernández
    Leilani Hernández Hace 2 horas

    LA ROSALÍA!!! 💃

  • ana maria garzon cruz
    ana maria garzon cruz Hace 2 horas

    La Rosalía!! 💃

  • xttahliax
    xttahliax Hace 2 horas

    my dude.. my family look at the stuff I get.

  • Bianca Bosio
    Bianca Bosio Hace 3 horas

    his voice brings me peace

  • Kathy Santos
    Kathy Santos Hace 3 horas

    I just noticed this....idk about anyone else, but “eroda” is adore backwards and that’s like so smart and creative 😋

  • Mista Troodon
    Mista Troodon Hace 3 horas

    Chip Skylark: Finally, a worthy opponent! Our battle we'll be legendary!

  • Erin Enright
    Erin Enright Hace 3 horas

    This an absolutely fantastic interview. I love that he asked Harry such intelligent questions instead of just fluffy bs

  • Mili I
    Mili I Hace 3 horas

    Omg! I need CPR. HE WAS HALF NAKED.

  • Ask to seduce Miss
    Ask to seduce Miss Hace 3 horas

    Harry: is naked in a heart Me: Harry is naked in our hearts

  • Brennyn
    Brennyn Hace 4 horas

    Just realized Eroda is Adore backwards

  • Jester Abad
    Jester Abad Hace 4 horas

    is that a heart?

  • Alejandra Arcos
    Alejandra Arcos Hace 4 horas

    The song and the video are beautiful. You are such a creative artist and im very happy you are coming to Colombia next year 🇨🇴❤️. Your concert is the thing im expecting the most in 2020.

  • Gabriela d'Almeida
    Gabriela d'Almeida Hace 4 horas

    você é perfeito. tava com muita saudade dessa sua energia. que isso. 💖

  • Jessica Fernandez-Martinez

    wow... that was interesting... one question tho... HOW CAN I GET MY LEGS TO BE THAT SMOOTH!!!!!!! LIKE PLEASEEEEE! lol. and 7 more days till it's out yayyy!!! im excited for your's and louis' album. And LOVE the nails! where'd you get them painted i need to check it out if they're that good! but meh, i'll try at the one here in colorado. Hope you had/ have a good day!

  • Alejandra McCall
    Alejandra McCall Hace 4 horas

    Rosalía 🥰

  • jeremias mndz
    jeremias mndz Hace 4 horas

    che y la 2da parte?

  • Karin 7.London
    Karin 7.London Hace 4 horas

    Dear Santa I would like a calories shirt

  • Marifer Hernández
    Marifer Hernández Hace 4 horas

    Rosalia ?

  • Happie Reader
    Happie Reader Hace 5 horas


  • Cory Dart
    Cory Dart Hace 5 horas

    Love this bruddah lets make something!

  • gibeliss
    gibeliss Hace 5 horas

    I love the narrator😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • maya maeda
    maya maeda Hace 5 horas

    What's wrong with his accent

  • Sachenka Gonzalez
    Sachenka Gonzalez Hace 5 horas


  • Dairet Pérez
    Dairet Pérez Hace 5 horas

    I only came because Rosalía is the narator but this is so cute omg

  • BOOSTED Boosted
    BOOSTED Boosted Hace 5 horas

    This guy really set him self apart. I don’t think of one direction anymore when I see Harry

  • Becky A
    Becky A Hace 5 horas

    Nadie más pensó en Roblox cuando vió sus uñas??? Solo yo??? ok

    • Ask to seduce Miss
      Ask to seduce Miss Hace 3 horas

      Its all about #ZARRY. #ZARRY is real and perfect 💋💖💘

  • Becky A
    Becky A Hace 6 horas

    I was just like: UHHHH

  • Gabriel Ruiz Glez.
    Gabriel Ruiz Glez. Hace 6 horas

    Weeey Rosalía 🥺😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Lapis Lazuli
    Lapis Lazuli Hace 6 horas

    It’s too bad that this will never be a movie 😭

  • levii amv
    levii amv Hace 6 horas


  • Serena Stokes
    Serena Stokes Hace 6 horas

    he truely is the most beautiful and honest person in the world

  • Jiselle Avellaneda
    Jiselle Avellaneda Hace 6 horas

    darn that two sided poster now I'll need to get two vinyls

  • Gio V
    Gio V Hace 6 horas


  • Carolina Cárdenas
    Carolina Cárdenas Hace 7 horas


  • Emily DelBuono
    Emily DelBuono Hace 7 horas

    I love him he’s so humble and talented 🙏🏻❤️

  • Astrid Hallset
    Astrid Hallset Hace 7 horas


  • Farrah LZ
    Farrah LZ Hace 7 horas

    That's not Eroda. That's New Asgard

  • bea
    bea Hace 7 horas

    Harry needs to hop on the W Magazine ASMR videos 😭 his voice is so relaxing

  • Rosy Paula Mayne
    Rosy Paula Mayne Hace 7 horas

    Me encanta mirarlo mientras habla, aunque entienda poca y nada ñklfdjgsdf

  • J Lo
    J Lo Hace 7 horas

    What the fuck is that accent mate? HAhahaha 🤣🤢🤮

  • Allie Cavey
    Allie Cavey Hace 7 horas

    sir i will buy this

  • Valen Cabrera
    Valen Cabrera Hace 7 horas

    ME TENES ENAMORADA ,TE AMOOO 😻😻. Estoy más que orgullosa de vos 👑

  • Gerda Ivanauskaite
    Gerda Ivanauskaite Hace 8 horas

    I am depressed bicause I can't go to Harry Styles concert 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😖😖😱😭😭😭😭😭😭❤❤😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Beautiful enough for me

    i wanna see all those tattooes for sure

  • Mayela Moctezuma Salinas


  • Christina Kozmas
    Christina Kozmas Hace 8 horas

    I'm really excited for the release, but I have two comments: 1) Medicine and Anna are missing. 2) The album art he chose is disgusting.

  • Angelica Armenda
    Angelica Armenda Hace 9 horas

    Dios mío que hermosas nudes digo uñas bellísimas le que hermoso el amarillo

  • Eloi Puig
    Eloi Puig Hace 9 horas

    ni leyendo el texto...el inglés de rosalía por mucho que me la quiero es LAMENTABLE

  • Aelin Winchester
    Aelin Winchester Hace 9 horas

    It took me way to long to realize that"Edora" is "Adore" backwards

  • Crissytina
    Crissytina Hace 9 horas

    So ...Serious Question Is he dangling his naked body inside and outside of a 1) Heart 2) Vaginal Opening 3) Up for interpretation

  • Lucy smith
    Lucy smith Hace 9 horas

    Woah this would be such a good movie

  • Sophie F
    Sophie F Hace 9 horas

    What‘s your worst habit? Harry: I get naked all the time.

    • Deep hug
      Deep hug Hace 9 horas

      "this is a family show" they said...

  • Name Last
    Name Last Hace 10 horas

    harold i was asleep

    • Deep hug
      Deep hug Hace 9 horas

      No one: Not a single person: Harry: painting his nails yellow and a smiling face on it

  • Name Last
    Name Last Hace 10 horas

    oh dear god

  • WhisperingJane ASMR
    WhisperingJane ASMR Hace 10 horas

    What a wise and deep young man. What a magical spot on earth he is blessed to be.

  • lynne gilies
    lynne gilies Hace 10 horas

    Lindo meu bem💖

  • Lesly Perlaza
    Lesly Perlaza Hace 10 horas

    Can we talk about how beautiful this shot is? Like the lightning and how it suits the beautiful background so great despite the tone changes. Plus Harry. Amazing.

  • lila
    lila Hace 10 horas

    Harry's accent has turned like english-american-australian

  • Emanae Emanae
    Emanae Emanae Hace 10 horas

    Harry: *Breathes* Me: 🥵

  • Hina Sak
    Hina Sak Hace 10 horas

    Harry is such a beautiful soul. He’s the type of person that you can just sit and have deep conversation about life. He’s genuine and walks a path in life that will lead him to happiness. He has lived and learned and applied. I wish I knew people with personalities similar to his. I feel like I knew the facts about him when he was in One Direction but this interview made me feel as if I’ve never known him as a person at all. The way he talks gets you to listen and you’ll be like that’s exactly how it is. I can definitely understand. I want to see more of this side from all of them.

  • V Ahuja
    V Ahuja Hace 10 horas

    I love Harry’s smiley face nails...but how y’all noticed the nails when theres literally a photo of him naked up there is beyond me....

  • Monserrat Llanos Fuentes

    LA ROSALÍA? jsjsjs

  • Nilyy
    Nilyy Hace 10 horas

    That was the most beautiful 37 seconds that in my life and it will be like this forever...

  • Kupid
    Kupid Hace 11 horas

    See the boy that played young Harry, he goes to my school lmao

  • Day R
    Day R Hace 11 horas

    Ну шо за порнография хд

  • V Ahuja
    V Ahuja Hace 11 horas

    Brah it took me wayy too long to realize Eroda is adore backwards

  • Justin Hobgood
    Justin Hobgood Hace 11 horas

    I really enjoy how the sun gradually sets over the course of this interview

  • Ashlina Lopez
    Ashlina Lopez Hace 11 horas

    #ZARRY is real and perfect its a #ZARRY song. Im in love with the song 😘

  • Flower Girl
    Flower Girl Hace 11 horas

    Sometimes you have to let go of the things you love most.

  • Carla M
    Carla M Hace 11 horas

    for becoming hugely famous at a young age, he's remained remarkably down to earth.

  • Ashlina Lopez
    Ashlina Lopez Hace 11 horas

    Its all about #ZARRY. #ZARRY is real and perfect 💋💖💘

  • Lyna Thi Truong
    Lyna Thi Truong Hace 11 horas

    When you realise Eroda is adore backwards.

  • Ravyne Augusto
    Ravyne Augusto Hace 11 horas

    hot, i love it

  • Carol QR
    Carol QR Hace 11 horas

    Aún no supero que Harry entregará un póster de él en pelotas no jodas

  • Carol QR
    Carol QR Hace 11 horas

    Aún no supero que Harry está en pelotas joder

  • Carol QR
    Carol QR Hace 11 horas

    Aún no supero que Harry está en pelotas joder

  • Dani Santos
    Dani Santos Hace 11 horas


  • Jane Schauland
    Jane Schauland Hace 11 horas

    Adore means eroda backwards

  • Austin C
    Austin C Hace 11 horas


  • shellzy
    shellzy Hace 11 horas

    I love him so much 🥺

  • sabahat mallick
    sabahat mallick Hace 12 horas

    Dude you naked!

  • L.O.G Fauzan
    L.O.G Fauzan Hace 12 horas

    No one will talk about the ads for this that made the whole arg community went crazy?

  • Freddie__ 22180
    Freddie__ 22180 Hace 12 horas

    I love you

  • Helena
    Helena Hace 12 horas

    This is actually such a great interview compared to most interviews these days, and the interviewer was really nice and educated too

  • zoe zaikos
    zoe zaikos Hace 12 horas

    his voice has changed so much, its deeper but his accent and tone have also changed. its less apparent compared to when he was first on x factor and joining one direction. i guess living in the US has changed his pronounciation