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SinWeek - A CinemaSins Fan Event
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Everything Wrong With Paddington 2
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Everything Wrong With Spider-Man 3
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CinemaSins & Mental Health America
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Everything Wrong With Citizen Kane
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Everything Wrong With Dumbo 1941
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  • Iain Ronald
    Iain Ronald Hace 14 segundos

    This is one of those films with ridiculous but still gorgeous action set pieces, a balls-out nutty story and overacting done to the enth degree, so much so I might legitametely watch it under the So-Bad-It's-Good Banner.

  • suffering;
    suffering; Hace 33 segundos

    I forgot about these movies existing

  • Art Artsa
    Art Artsa Hace un minuto

    3:05 Fucking Rufus

  • VelociraptorGaming
    VelociraptorGaming Hace 3 minutos

    13:28 Yeah, they actually can. In fact very much capable. It seems all info you have on dinosaurs simply comes from your own thoughts, since that’s like saying a lion can’t get that close to them, yet they manage to get close to animals with pristine hearing on lots of dead grass which is sure to make noise when moved about. Now we take a look at a dinosaur engineered to be stealthy. Sure, perhaps it made some quiet noises, but they were covered up by the dialogue. Very simple to understand without even delving into actual biology and acoustics! Other than that though, it was pretty funny.

  • BlueTrix HV
    BlueTrix HV Hace 4 minutos


  • Akia Sembly
    Akia Sembly Hace 6 minutos

    They explain in Find Dory why she can read.

  • davincent98
    davincent98 Hace 6 minutos

    That's not "Mansplaining", it's just bad macking. Yes I'm using a 90s term, but in no way does it mean that she's wrong.

  • Bombless Dodongo
    Bombless Dodongo Hace 7 minutos

    2:57 You mean like you do? Constantly trying to point out your wokeness like some desperate boomer?

  • Tony Casas
    Tony Casas Hace 8 minutos

    Jurásic park actually does take place in Costa Rica there is a avt tour we’re u can take a picture next to the log that they use for cover in the stampede

  • Brandon Prater
    Brandon Prater Hace 9 minutos

    2:03-2:05 LOL, thank you for that!😂👍

  • Cuckwit
    Cuckwit Hace 10 minutos

    *its blank*

  • hamilton euzarraga
    hamilton euzarraga Hace 11 minutos

    Medicine man is a classic and you should feel bad

  • Greg Johnson
    Greg Johnson Hace 12 minutos

    This is the beige-est movie EVER!!😂😂😂😂👌

  • Serious(WithDaysOff)
    Serious(WithDaysOff) Hace 12 minutos

    1:41 He sounds more like a white girl at Starbucks who just saw another girl wearing the same pair of jeans than a guy who's about to die

  • GALAXY Flair
    GALAXY Flair Hace 15 minutos

    He always say “(Characters name) should be in cinemaSins” but hes channel is CinemaSins HOW THATS MAKE ANY SENSE This is a not joke im not a hater or anything i noticed it

  • Victor Campos-Herrera
    Victor Campos-Herrera Hace 16 minutos

    "You still went through to making them then!?"

  • skysplits
    skysplits Hace 17 minutos

    Sin 22: Pennywise doesn’t turn their houses into a sandwich because he feeds on fear. He has to scare them so he does these things and then he can eat them

  • marcus kan
    marcus kan Hace 17 minutos

    @cinemasins we are waiting on 13 hours, the ending is a big everything wrong moment 😂

  • Warfare Evan
    Warfare Evan Hace 20 minutos

    G.I DRONE Or G.I JOE One is not sexist, one is

  • CHmLgN
    CHmLgN Hace 21 un minuto

    3:26 I'd like to think this would actually make sense. It's not like a hologram is necessarily a programmed projection or the projection of a single object. In this case it'd be the projected recording of a particular space, which would include anything walking into said space. Or maybe I'm over thinking it. Shit, that's your job.

  • Jordan Eggerman
    Jordan Eggerman Hace 23 minutos

    Feckin' degens from upcountry...blockin' the road, checkin' out each other's sleds...

  • Lexo Cee
    Lexo Cee Hace 24 minutos

    Icy wiener got me

  • DanGan808 Ella
    DanGan808 Ella Hace 25 minutos


  • Lyra Saruman
    Lyra Saruman Hace 29 minutos

    That weird coincidence about Benazir Bhutto

  • Michael Terndrup
    Michael Terndrup Hace 31 un minuto

    When will you do the 3rd orginal TNMT movie?

  • BlackBox
    BlackBox Hace 32 minutos

    Solve for x

  • Bill Lumbergh
    Bill Lumbergh Hace 33 minutos

    Vince thought it was Marcellus back with the donuts making the noise

  • Marvyn D
    Marvyn D Hace 34 minutos

    LMAO at 13:13 , as a french i can say that cops wont ever had FINP written on them xD Another sin! what does that even stand for? french inteligence national police? xD I never saw this movie and won't see it, it's just another eco+ MCU, it's a shame the cast seems pretty heavy

  • Scott Loessel
    Scott Loessel Hace 34 minutos

    That wasn’t wrath of Kahn that was Search for Spoke where they blew up the Ship with the Klingons.

  • Google stop it
    Google stop it Hace 35 minutos

    Not Snake Eye. It's Fumbles. It was always Fumbles.

  • Eric Arellano
    Eric Arellano Hace 35 minutos

    I was hoping 4 Rambo first blood with the new Rambo movie coming out

  • Fire Ice
    Fire Ice Hace 36 minutos

    Everything wrong with cinemasins. Everything.

  • Brian Brown
    Brian Brown Hace 37 minutos

    You don't know who Karolina Kurkova is?

  • Irishstile Perryman
    Irishstile Perryman Hace 39 minutos

    14:45, Hilarious!

  • AJG Games
    AJG Games Hace 39 minutos

    As a Scottish person I think Eccleston did not to bad but obvious he is English

  • Black Boi
    Black Boi Hace 40 minutos

    I was once one of those stupid little kids that liked this and the other movie

  • what's normal?
    what's normal? Hace 40 minutos

    You should do everthing wrong with sword fish

  • Gwyn Lord of cinder
    Gwyn Lord of cinder Hace 41 un minuto

    Why is that cat so important!?!?😂

  • Speckled Beauty Makeda
    Speckled Beauty Makeda Hace 41 un minuto

    So I Married an Axe Murderer was a great movie. Gosh.

  • nodvick
    nodvick Hace 42 minutos

    the glasses in the rain actually makes sense considering the moter-bike. Getting hit in the eye with a water droplet at 50mph+ is actually rather annoying.

  • Lee Yuu Mer
    Lee Yuu Mer Hace 42 minutos

    Why focusing on everything wrong with WWZ? your title is fvkingly wrong. You said 6mins or less. But it should be 6mins or more! Its your video not the timer on the top right

  • c0wb0yTV
    c0wb0yTV Hace 44 minutos

    you do understand the the collar around the persons neck causes their head to explode right? it doesn't concentrate energy its a damn explosive that blows your head off

  • bullzeye1423
    bullzeye1423 Hace 44 minutos

    I actually liked this film and none of these were that bad. The people knowing each other actually makes it interesting.

  • Erik Horn
    Erik Horn Hace 44 minutos

    A flag can't be racist.

  • Tibenna Fraser
    Tibenna Fraser Hace 46 minutos


  • Alexander Luna-Lima
    Alexander Luna-Lima Hace 48 minutos

    Still a classic

  • Gwyn Lord of cinder
    Gwyn Lord of cinder Hace 49 minutos

    This movie focuses more on a cat then they do about predator and alien.

  • Lyra Saruman
    Lyra Saruman Hace 50 minutos

    The cleavage is to blind and distract your enemy

  • Raycario raceway
    Raycario raceway Hace 51 un minuto

    I must say thank you for this

  • Cozy Acres
    Cozy Acres Hace 51 un minuto

    had to slow it down to .75x to understand wtf they are saying.

  • Lyra Saruman
    Lyra Saruman Hace 53 minutos

    that Scottish accent is shocking

  • V Molin
    V Molin Hace 53 minutos

    Captain Ramius would have won.

  • val molton
    val molton Hace 53 minutos

    i love the vids. am new to youtube ,but i was cineamasins that forced my to learn how to us it. rock on

  • nodvick
    nodvick Hace 53 minutos

    coral draw? really? Don't get me wrong, loved the program, but obscure reference is obscure.

  • unseenufo
    unseenufo Hace 53 minutos

    Is that hhh?

  • Chayton Carle
    Chayton Carle Hace 54 minutos

    The nitpicking is trong with this one

  • Lukas Neff
    Lukas Neff Hace 54 minutos

    Ahh CinemaSins. I love that you said something that school was trying to push, a darwinism theme, and also used a creation reference with Kira, a woman, being made from Jen's rib. That, was a win

  • Mech
    Mech Hace 56 minutos

    In ying and yang. The white energy is bad, and the black energy is good.

  • Pedro Barcelos
    Pedro Barcelos Hace 56 minutos

    Everything wrong about cinemasins in one comment: vague criticism and boooooring

  • Utlwang Molefe
    Utlwang Molefe Hace 58 minutos

    17:07 Motherfucker be looking like Uber Jason.

  • The Sofos Project
    The Sofos Project Hace 58 minutos

    Concerning Sin 41, the "caber toss" is a Scottish game that just involves throwing around a massive wooden pole. So it actually does make sense in Scottishland.

  • Victor Hernandez Tovar
    Victor Hernandez Tovar Hace 59 minutos

    How cam I dislike this more than once

  • sum dragon
    sum dragon Hace un hora

    I was really disappointed by Lego movie 2 guess my expectations were a little to high

  • Mike Schroeder
    Mike Schroeder Hace un hora

    The anti trump ads suck ass. Trump 2020

  • Dr. killpatient
    Dr. killpatient Hace un hora

    After this garbage, I honestly have no idea why fan's are bitching about a black lesbian Bond. That's no more unbelievable than this.

  • Sideswipe 84
    Sideswipe 84 Hace un hora

    1:05 SQUIDWARD'S IN THIS?!??!?!

  • MiCzView
    MiCzView Hace un hora

    @CinemaSins give yourself a sin for saying "Go Joe" it's "Yo Joe" son!!!

  • Matthew West
    Matthew West Hace un hora

    4:19 it’s actually canon that if he gets MJ pregnant she’ll die of radiation poisoning from the radioactive sperm.

  • Stoon Ha'Can
    Stoon Ha'Can Hace un hora

    CinemaSins should do Death Race 1-4

  • Blake Westman
    Blake Westman Hace un hora

    5:22 Alan Richman as Santa Clause? That would have been SOOOO cool.

  • Omid Asadi
    Omid Asadi Hace un hora

    I feel like I’m the only one who got the Hamberders reference.

  • David Howman
    David Howman Hace un hora

    I fully expected you to add 500 sins for Cobra Commander's redesigned mask. I am disappointment

  • Juan Wick
    Juan Wick Hace un hora

    Wow, the, "He said yes", didn't get a sin off.

  • Dr. killpatient
    Dr. killpatient Hace un hora

    Holy shit, I just realized I watched this movie before.!!!

  • Richard Siddaway
    Richard Siddaway Hace un hora

    I like Cara D but i sure do miss the days when actors were actors and not a former model/singer with limited acting abilities, like the mindnumbingly tedious DeHaan kid or the horrifically bad Rihanna! Guess it truly is who you know as opposed to how talented you are. Some poor, gifred souls have probably been trying for years to break into acting whilst holding down multiple jobs and attempting to maintain their sanity after endlessly failing auditions only to see seriously poor actors gain success! All because studio bosses know paying morons somehow seem to prefer a well-known name as opposed to a genuinely good actor. Mind you, there are such a small amount of truly good actors now that the talent pool is running dry...and dirty too!

  • The Kenpaci
    The Kenpaci Hace un hora

    Beast sounds like kilo ren

  • Jeremy Breinig
    Jeremy Breinig Hace un hora

    In the scene where Ryan reynolds says people are dead, he deflected bullets not sliced them

  • kaotez
    kaotez Hace un hora

    love the video, except when it was talking about how he could just kill them. he's sorta like freddy in that respect. they feed off of fear for their power. its kinda how that works.

  • Mr G
    Mr G Hace un hora

    How about a sin for, this movie is nothing like the G.I. Joe cartoon!

  • CrazyCookieToonz
    CrazyCookieToonz Hace un hora

    In pennywise eyes: 🧒🏾 = 🍕 Kids eyes: 🤡 = 🔪

  • Select LOL
    Select LOL Hace un hora

    It doesn't make sense because it's a fucking kids movie

  • Heather Schocker
    Heather Schocker Hace un hora

    those tile counter tops are the scariest thing in this movie

  • Dakota Roman
    Dakota Roman Hace un hora

    You gave this movie a lot of sins

  • Jason Brown
    Jason Brown Hace un hora

    This comment will get lost, but you sir are one of the most intelligent people on ESclips. Jokes, sarcasm, facts, and over the head tidbits. This has turned into one of the best channels I've come across. Thank you for your hard work and sense of humor.

  • Isaiah H. Canfield
    Isaiah H. Canfield Hace un hora

    My dude this movie sucks hurry up and do John Wick 3 like I told you! Do you want ad money or not?? Stupid G.I Joe. Everybody knows sucks lmao.

  • Ashely Nunez
    Ashely Nunez Hace un hora

    I guess he never enjoys movies

  • nooctip
    nooctip Hace un hora

    Tarzan loses to an ape. THe whole reason he's called the Lord of the Apes, and gets mischaracterized as a super as opposed to a pulp hero is he can beat apes.

  • Cherrycamaro357
    Cherrycamaro357 Hace un hora

    Discount Adam driver😂🤣😂🤣

  • ZeroArmour
    ZeroArmour Hace un hora

    Perhaps the most wasted actor, in this cast of wasted actors, is Lee Byung-hun as Storm Shadow. And, is it racist that they cast a Korean actor as a Japanese character?

  • the official galade channel

    excuse me cinema the blood splatter is actually energon there are three types of energon there's green there's blue most common blue and red red is by causing injuries to head and spinal cords

  • benjamin tyler manry
    benjamin tyler manry Hace un hora

    Actually mad dog moonie said this conversation is no longer privat cinama sins add a sin to you

  • Lone Jedi
    Lone Jedi Hace un hora

    Lol Innerspace sequel. For those that don't know, Dennis Quaid (General Hawk) was one of the main actors in Innerspace.

    PATRICK3EIGHT2 Hace un hora

    10:35 ? I thought my sound was messed up.

  • CoryL
    CoryL Hace un hora

    11:03 - everytime Jeremy changes his laugh a bird-like man gets its wings

  • Contently Shane
    Contently Shane Hace un hora

    The Harry Potter parts are hilarious 😂 Side note Andrew Yang 2020 Gotta

  • Aleck Slinger
    Aleck Slinger Hace un hora

    Violet is a giant berry and they’re dancing on her body 😂😂

  • Kuli Kevl
    Kuli Kevl Hace un hora

    If you sin the sequel, it should start with 156 sins.

  • Inno Lubang
    Inno Lubang Hace un hora

    I mean, it was a pretty good movie. Got a good laugh out of it and i guess that's good enough.

  • Isiah Hudson
    Isiah Hudson Hace un hora


  • Eli Dominguez
    Eli Dominguez Hace un hora

    You didnt sin "Nagini, kill" although Snape lived conviently for a bit afterwards