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Bucket List: Aircraft Carrier
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  • Brian Wisse
    Brian Wisse Hace 18 minutos

    Disliking for the fact the balloon did not pop in the final!

  • Céilidh Leblanc
    Céilidh Leblanc Hace 23 minutos

    Cory looks like Chris Hadfield...(Canadian Astronaut) Look it up

  • TryM390
    TryM390 Hace 27 minutos

    whos here in 2020?

    VIVEK KUMAR Hace 27 minutos

    Next stereotype should be cricket

  • Im Canadian BTW
    Im Canadian BTW Hace 32 minutos

    Mr. commercials has a very punchable face

  • Rick The Great Master
    Rick The Great Master Hace 32 minutos

    That Was Great

  • Hincks ur Boi
    Hincks ur Boi Hace 33 minutos

    i felt sorry for the navy for this

  • Brendan D
    Brendan D Hace 33 minutos

    Wrist shot killed me.

  • Win Doge
    Win Doge Hace 34 minutos

    This is exactly what the US military uses tax payers money for.... Jet Fuel for stunt videos :D

  • Mint Berry
    Mint Berry Hace 41 un minuto

    So was that the first 16 to perform a carrier take off and landing???

  • Xander Lecholat
    Xander Lecholat Hace 42 minutos

    Missoula, MT

  • G Money
    G Money Hace 44 minutos

    By far the best episode. The next bucket list you should do is go to space 😂

  • Typhoon
    Typhoon Hace 46 minutos

    Did anyone else notice Cody put the phone in the drink at 0:35

  • mayank agrawal
    mayank agrawal Hace 48 minutos

    Tyler has no taste for movies...

  • Fernando Rodríguez
    Fernando Rodríguez Hace 49 minutos

    Hearing Ty screaming always "Let's go!" will always make my day and give me the hype i need

  • Nish Patel
    Nish Patel Hace 49 minutos

    Dude perfect can you do a tennis ball challenge or a bouncy ball challenge

  • Jackson Smith
    Jackson Smith Hace 50 minutos

    "The U.S. navy is the best navy in the world" 10k dislikes, I bet half of them are triggered English people.

  • Alexy 8009
    Alexy 8009 Hace 50 minutos

    The vidéo is fake sûre 🙄

  • Hayden Waddell
    Hayden Waddell Hace 52 minutos

    At 13:26 it looked like there was fans on the ship

  • Mr Sprout
    Mr Sprout Hace 52 minutos

    You need a pro skatepark

  • Ram Kumar
    Ram Kumar Hace 59 minutos

    dudes please use slow motion camera we are unable to see boll or arrow in air really every one like to watch flying arrow or boll or bullet travelling

  • Mike b
    Mike b Hace un hora

    Why only whites in this group??!!

  • Miguel Lingao
    Miguel Lingao Hace un hora

    Subscribe and Rick will go to your house

  • Michael Kunish
    Michael Kunish Hace un hora

    go to 14:40 and hear what Garrett says. Then go to 17:15!

  • SEROone 2000
    SEROone 2000 Hace un hora

    Sinn oder nicht Sinn.... Blödsinn!

    MPV GAME Hace un hora


  • Dhidotz channel
    Dhidotz channel Hace un hora

    Ini baru keren

  • Discovery Fishing
    Discovery Fishing Hace un hora

    I fish for 1 year and still no largemouth and bo fish whit lures

  • Kartik Bhandari
    Kartik Bhandari Hace un hora

    Trip to area 51 3days

  • Liam Crowley
    Liam Crowley Hace un hora

    Garret got scared when he heard man overboard

  • Kubyk
    Kubyk Hace un hora

    Make bucket list I private jet

  • Harsiyan JR.
    Harsiyan JR. Hace un hora

    Those 3D models were so cool!

  • Harsiyan JR.
    Harsiyan JR. Hace un hora

    I want a snowy day

  • Harsiyan JR.
    Harsiyan JR. Hace un hora

    Chad and Tim are innocent

  • Harsiyan JR.
    Harsiyan JR. Hace un hora

    I am feeling flowy haha

  • Qi long Kong
    Qi long Kong Hace un hora

    Where is my 10 bucks 😂😂

  • Harsiyan JR.
    Harsiyan JR. Hace un hora

    Haha so slippery

  • D a r k P o r n . N e t - real r a p e Videos.

    #23 trending here in New Zealand

  • Emiel Aguinaldo
    Emiel Aguinaldo Hace un hora

    Yellow you’re the worst

  • Harsiyan JR.
    Harsiyan JR. Hace un hora


  • Harsiyan JR.
    Harsiyan JR. Hace un hora

    4 million likes for ping pong 4

  • Noah Reingold
    Noah Reingold Hace un hora

    team Coby

  • Harsiyan JR.
    Harsiyan JR. Hace un hora

    They flipped a nickel!

  • Bhem Geromo
    Bhem Geromo Hace un hora

    3twingkel twingkel little star

  • Harsiyan JR.
    Harsiyan JR. Hace un hora


  • Ms. Catrina
    Ms. Catrina Hace un hora


  • Harsiyan JR.
    Harsiyan JR. Hace un hora

    Bring back the beard

  • Harsiyan JR.
    Harsiyan JR. Hace un hora

    Those fish are HUGE

  • Harsiyan JR.
    Harsiyan JR. Hace un hora

    You heard it here first haha

  • Adam Is
    Adam Is Hace un hora


  • Harsiyan JR.
    Harsiyan JR. Hace un hora

    I got it

  • Jason Andrews
    Jason Andrews Hace un hora

    Where's the hamster vs colby battle? Seems like a fair fight

  • Nin Mon
    Nin Mon Hace un hora


  • Ibrahim Samir
    Ibrahim Samir Hace un hora

    How dare you Ty rush hour the movie

  • Typhoon
    Typhoon Hace un hora

    it's weird seeing Garret not wearing purple

  • Ian Giannini
    Ian Giannini Hace un hora

    Congrats Garret

  • Mohamad Nasiri
    Mohamad Nasiri Hace un hora


  • Harsiyan JR.
    Harsiyan JR. Hace un hora

    Hahaha the pizza guy at the end

  • P Tho
    P Tho Hace un hora

    When mill

  • Wizard in Training
    Wizard in Training Hace un hora


  • 상연임
    상연임 Hace un hora


  • kozalibeza1
    kozalibeza1 Hace un hora


  • Shariar Faisal
    Shariar Faisal Hace un hora

    Swimming stereotypes

  • sanzid alam
    sanzid alam Hace un hora

    i like the rage monster

  • AaryanImations
    AaryanImations Hace un hora

    Sheboygan, WI

  • Dragons Instincts
    Dragons Instincts Hace un hora


  • Leanne Dunlap
    Leanne Dunlap Hace un hora

    I’ve actually seen a blue angels performance before

  • Ihab Jammoul
    Ihab Jammoul Hace un hora

    I watch your videos when I was little kid and I subscribed

  • Noah Reingold
    Noah Reingold Hace un hora

    team Coby

  • John Santos
    John Santos Hace un hora

    Take me on your next adventure! That’s a great bucket list!

  • KidBroEvan Gaming and Vlogs

    This video was posted 8 days before I was born

  • Majestic_Marten
    Majestic_Marten Hace un hora

    "Will I need you to cut the big satellite!" -Chad "The BIG one?" -Will "THE BIG ONE." -Chad

  • Sankari さんかり • Gacha Life •

    Tyler: Gentlemen, we got our top four to get to, the number four greatest movie-- Cody: To you! Later: Tyler: There is a theme that I kind of have going on my top 10-- Cody: Yeah, trash movies.

  • Bluepenguin 190
    Bluepenguin 190 Hace un hora

    im getting my braces off in feb 5

    PRAMOD KUMAR Hace un hora

    Absolutely incredible... The best ESclips video i ever seen From backyard to aircraft carrier...! Dude perfect next target: we have got green light from NASA we are going to Moon and make trick shots Love from india 🥰🇮🇳

  • Narelle Bullock
    Narelle Bullock Hace un hora

    I just got a add called budget direct and she shoes a guy with the writing dude perfect while watching a dude perfect video?

  • Um Moleke
    Um Moleke Hace un hora


  • Noah Reingold
    Noah Reingold Hace un hora

    team Coby

  • Sadman Zaman
    Sadman Zaman Hace un hora

    Bangladesh Navy

  • M4A1 Scope
    M4A1 Scope Hace un hora

    They made those stuff just to get a ping pong into a cup.😏

  • shweta shah
    shweta shah Hace un hora

    whose seeing this again in 2020 make this blue

  • Yawo Akpaki
    Yawo Akpaki Hace 2 horas

    Your next buck list is area 51 plz

  • Medilyn Remo
    Medilyn Remo Hace 2 horas


  • Bear Vlogs
    Bear Vlogs Hace 2 horas

    My favorite one is Tyler he is the on with the long beard and I like he’s cross necklaces

  • Donnie Mullins
    Donnie Mullins Hace 2 horas

    I love how Garrett is so humble and will just settle for any place that’s not last