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  • Tirone Gonzalez
    Tirone Gonzalez Hace 3 horas

    Cardi b vale caca

    ROBERTO ARBUS Hace 4 horas


  • Маскен Заммлер

    Cardi is extreme

  • Pandu Dewabrata
    Pandu Dewabrata Hace 4 horas

    Yea still fat!! Im miss missy eliot, nelly, dmx, ja rule

  • Chico Val
    Chico Val Hace 4 horas

    This nigga been poo fuck y’all talking about

  • La'Jerias Arlevia B
    La'Jerias Arlevia B Hace 4 horas

    them asses shaking chileee whew!!!!

  • Neji xoxo
    Neji xoxo Hace 5 horas

    1:24 fat joe ain’t black he white y he keeps on sayin nigga

  • Carollynn Joice Porter

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  • Salma Massong
    Salma Massong Hace 6 horas

    Rompiendo las discotecas maniinnnnn, FUEGOOOO!!!!!

  • FILMES 001
    FILMES 001 Hace 6 horas


  • Carollynn Joice Porter

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  • Vanessa Arrez
    Vanessa Arrez Hace 6 horas

    What’s w/the fuckn sabu lol... 😂🙈🙊

  • Dakotaaa Jones
    Dakotaaa Jones Hace 6 horas

    Boyyy Talk about back in the days

  • Clara Medellin
    Clara Medellin Hace 6 horas


  • CheapModuleMusic
    CheapModuleMusic Hace 7 horas

    remy ma can still get it

  • Yajayraa Teca
    Yajayraa Teca Hace 7 horas


  • Jordyn Taylor
    Jordyn Taylor Hace 8 horas

    I came for the Santeria and the beginning of the video

  • Charles Johnson
    Charles Johnson Hace 8 horas

    Fat joe came back hard when he came back with this🔥🔥😍😍

  • Proud American
    Proud American Hace 8 horas

    i could no way handle cardi's culo. damn looks like its smell and she needs to brush that tounge. looks bomb tho

  • T Diamond
    T Diamond Hace 8 horas

    Yo cardi stays killing that shit fuck that barbie nicki 😂 lets argue

  • Roberto Ramírez
    Roberto Ramírez Hace 8 horas

    Real g 4 life my nigga Anuel King parcero firme pues in colombia!!!!!

  • Belen Cheuquepan
    Belen Cheuquepan Hace 8 horas

    No entiendo ni una wuea

  • Muñeco la Melodia
    Muñeco la Melodia Hace 8 horas

    LIKE SI estas antes del Billión👇🏼 Bendiciones mi gran Sueño es ser artista agradeseria el apoyo que me brinden🙏🏼

  • Jesse Maldonado
    Jesse Maldonado Hace 8 horas

    Im disappointed, i really wanted to like this song, i was excited for a great cardi vers... n she did good, but still this song was kinda lame... i was looking forward to bump n a new bad ass song over the weekend to me... but naw , maybe the nexts one ... * - - - -

  • flyingtortilla 77
    flyingtortilla 77 Hace 9 horas

    City girls- " I bet your little sister wanna look like me, i bet your little brother wanna f*ck like me" Fat joe- 1:06

  • Egari nuñez
    Egari nuñez Hace 9 horas

    that's the real anuel AA

  • Dj Santos
    Dj Santos Hace 9 horas

    Psycho Les n Juju in the back...Beatnuts 4 ever!!!

  • Qin81
    Qin81 Hace 9 horas

    I watch this and get to relive my youth for a few minutes

  • Andres Coello
    Andres Coello Hace 9 horas

    Por qué coño deben distorsionar la música de aguanile de Héctor lavoe

  • Ari
    Ari Hace 9 horas

    Cardi and Annuel killed it 🔥🔥

  • José Arnol Reyes
    José Arnol Reyes Hace 9 horas

    Esa cardi b si que está rebuena

  • Toxik lips
    Toxik lips Hace 9 horas


  • Jhony silva
    Jhony silva Hace 9 horas

    Pesadoo !!! 🔥🔥

  • la beba Alvarez
    la beba Alvarez Hace 9 horas

    Anuel 😍👌🏻💯❤

  • Kelly Hinks
    Kelly Hinks Hace 10 horas

    Ready for Cardi/Megen collab

  • squadrao fantasma
    squadrao fantasma Hace 10 horas


  • Victor Perez
    Victor Perez Hace 10 horas

    Too hard even in 2019, Legend !

  • Eliseo Ruiz sosa
    Eliseo Ruiz sosa Hace 10 horas

    Que bajo cayo cardi bi es una prostituta solo por dinero. Que pasa en este mundo las mujeres no pueden hacer un video portandose mas decentes

  • Miguel Malpica
    Miguel Malpica Hace 10 horas

    like si amas a cardi b y te parece que anuel aa es una mierda jejej

  • Justin Drayton
    Justin Drayton Hace 11 horas

    They should rename this to "Dear 6ix9ine"

  • D.G Rodrigues
    D.G Rodrigues Hace 11 horas


  • Kala W
    Kala W Hace 11 horas

    Not mixed well

  • D.G Rodrigues
    D.G Rodrigues Hace 11 horas


    JMK MARIAN Hace 11 horas


  • Hector Albertorio
    Hector Albertorio Hace 11 horas

    Latino gang bad bunny

  • Jean Marte
    Jean Marte Hace 11 horas

    Like si quiere un iphones 11pro max

  • El Azcino
    El Azcino Hace 11 horas

    Anuel brrrr

  • 213kiid
    213kiid Hace 11 horas

    Fat Joe looks like Kato

  • Yulia Hernández
    Yulia Hernández Hace 11 horas

    Ahora si anuell Aa vio como una verdadera reyna canta no que su mujersita carol g da risa con sus pobres letras 🤭🤭

  • Franck William Segura R.

    The best of this song is Cardi B, fat joe keep singing the same verse like on repeat 😪 and Annuel AA ‘s verse is just trash 👎🏻

  • Anthony
    Anthony Hace 11 horas

    3:08 when I go outside without a sweater

  • laula nc
    laula nc Hace 12 horas

    CARDI 🥰🤯

  • Darrell Anderson
    Darrell Anderson Hace 12 horas

    So this a 69 diss?

  • Misión M.A
    Misión M.A Hace 12 horas

    Hay mucho video en las nalgas de plastilina v:

  • Lucky Dueciano
    Lucky Dueciano Hace 12 horas

    Skeet skeet skeet lol

  • Really Bitch?
    Really Bitch? Hace 12 horas

    Where's the stripper poles??

  • mar montess
    mar montess Hace 12 horas


  • Jasmine Williams
    Jasmine Williams Hace 12 horas

    I’m a million views by myself 🤪🤣😍💯‼️🗣🎧

  • Reed Black
    Reed Black Hace 12 horas

    Klk coñoo[oooo

  • Kizzy Reddick
    Kizzy Reddick Hace 12 horas

    You see my boi nipsey. One Love Cuz

  • Sara Scott
    Sara Scott Hace 12 horas

    I came for Cardi...

  • Linda Grijalva
    Linda Grijalva Hace 12 horas

    Eso viste :v

  • jesus david
    jesus david Hace 12 horas

    Cada vez se parece más a niky minaj

  • Oscrackpro:D DJ
    Oscrackpro:D DJ Hace 12 horas

    brrrrrrrrr haaha

  • Sergio Calvo
    Sergio Calvo Hace 12 horas

    Anuel is shit men

  • La sombra
    La sombra Hace 12 horas

    Ay falta el alfa en esa.😁??

  • Gilberto Gonzalez marquez

    Canta puras mamadas anuel🖕

  • TheGreatKhalid
    TheGreatKhalid Hace 12 horas


  • Claudia Hernandez
    Claudia Hernandez Hace 13 horas

    Fat joe comes with a comeback song all he say is 2 words wow not fan of song the beat is good though

  • door of navarre victory of the people

    so you guys got the picture of the assassin good then hahaha.

  • darcanjel7
    darcanjel7 Hace 13 horas

    And that's why everyone in the business has herpes. Lol! 😆😐😞

  • King of New York
    King of New York Hace 13 horas

    Joey Cracks is mad underrated son. Ma man is one of the pioneers and he’s still dropping ill joints. Always keepin NY on the map. Word.

  • door of navarre victory of the people

    fat joe being used like they use everyone else. so who should i post about next for the next single i want you to make?

  • door of navarre victory of the people

    it took from april to october.

  • sophia Rivera
    sophia Rivera Hace 13 horas

    This song was a flop

  • Eddie Castaner
    Eddie Castaner Hace 13 horas

    Can we have Cardi Bonitas unedited version, the full clip...... of just her.......

    NARCISO DE TESPIAS Hace 13 horas

    Is Cardi B or a cheap copy of Minage???

  • darcanjel7
    darcanjel7 Hace 13 horas

    Somewhere in the world... Nicki Minaj is Saying "NO"!!!

  • Jonathan Bianchi
    Jonathan Bianchi Hace 13 horas

    Anuel AA 💥

  • darcanjel7
    darcanjel7 Hace 13 horas

    Beginning made me think this was going to be an inspirational song. Lol

  • Kay_J
    Kay_J Hace 13 horas

    The only problem with this video is that all of them think their race is black!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😋

  • no commentary
    no commentary Hace 13 horas


  • A.R SøL
    A.R SøL Hace 13 horas


  • Heinxr -_-
    Heinxr -_- Hace 13 horas

    People talk about dababy always sound the same let’s talk about bad bunny tho🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Prove Me Wrong
    Prove Me Wrong Hace 13 horas

    Only good part of this music video is the beat, and Cardi’s ass 😍

  • Ange Baltazar
    Ange Baltazar Hace 13 horas

    Se pasaron

  • Tomas Perdomo
    Tomas Perdomo Hace 13 horas

    RD y PR unidos tamos muy fuertes en la industria se juntaron las dos lenguas inglés y el español no bulto

  • Emilio Duran
    Emilio Duran Hace 14 horas

    Fat Joe hates reggatoners...how this could happen?

  • Kristy Marie Smith
    Kristy Marie Smith Hace 14 horas

    Cardi's assssss looks so good❤😍🔥🔥👌

  • Fredy Martinez
    Fredy Martinez Hace 14 horas

    The worst shit ever seen... Like hell cardi B please don't get lost, you got your sauce these guys are using your name for the clickbait

  • Belina Arauz
    Belina Arauz Hace 14 horas

    Una pregunta, le estan tirando a la cancion aguanile?

  • Lucy Espinal
    Lucy Espinal Hace 14 horas

    That guy sound like my ex tho😩😂

  • José Fermin
    José Fermin Hace 14 horas

    Anuelllll brrr

  • Jesus Alvarez
    Jesus Alvarez Hace 14 horas


  • Cristian XD
    Cristian XD Hace 14 horas

    Todo bien hasta que cantó anuel

  • vegas ibiza
    vegas ibiza Hace 14 horas

    A él pobre anuel no se le entiende nada!! Una patata en la boca!! Jajaja jaja brrrr

  • vegas ibiza
    vegas ibiza Hace 14 horas

    💋💋Adorooooo❣️ Fat Joe!!♥️💖 Lo maximisimo💕

  • Anuel AA
    Anuel AA Hace 14 horas

    Video disponible en mi canal secundario suscribanse Real Hasta la Muerte

  • Mr Martin
    Mr Martin Hace 14 horas

    I remember watching this on yo mtv raps. This was hip hop for all the youngsters.

  • Jesús Gómez
    Jesús Gómez Hace 14 horas

    Con esa pedazo instrumental cualquier mierda suena bien.