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Maroon 5 - Memories
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Maroon 5 - Memories (Audio)
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Maroon 5 - Wait
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Maroon 5 - Cold ft. Future
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Maroon 5 - Don't Wanna Know
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Adam Levine - Lost Stars
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Maroon 5 - Animals
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Maroon 5 - Sunday Morning
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Maroon 5 - Love Somebody
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Maroon 5 - Give A Little More
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  • Rahul Thapa Ryan
    Rahul Thapa Ryan Hace 2 segundosídeo.html......listen to this

  • Inothando Siphambo
    Inothando Siphambo Hace 22 segundos

    I know this song from Sophie Pecora

  • Rex Lee
    Rex Lee Hace 53 segundos

    sounds like peewee herman singing lol

  • Leen Chan
    Leen Chan Hace un minuto

    This song reminds me of the people I used to be with. It really brings the good old days. Sooo glad I met them even though we parted ways. “Toast to the ones here today. Toast to ones that we lost on the way..🎶”

  • Emanuel Elan
    Emanuel Elan Hace un minuto

    Canon in D

  • Anant Jamuar
    Anant Jamuar Hace un minuto

    Adam Levine - *describes his haircut and his beard to his barber* The Barber - So..Kratos then?

  • Jusko Fam
    Jusko Fam Hace un minuto

    They suddenly wrote a painful song for their manager's death...Better than Imagine Dragons

    JUDZZ Hace 2 minutos


  • Lidwindis
    Lidwindis Hace 3 minutos

    _John Palchelbel wants to know your location_

  • Mohd Fareez
    Mohd Fareez Hace 3 minutosídeo.html #chef #cheflife #foodie #foodgasm #camp #camping #campinglovers #nature #cheffikree #chefnaem #campkitchen #jungle #malaysia #almazan #turkey #indonesia #brunei

  • Young Nigga
    Young Nigga Hace 4 minutos

    Didn't know Kratos sing so well :o

  • BoriBori_147
    BoriBori_147 Hace 4 minutos

    2:14 😱😍💙💛🎍 I LOVE YOU MILLIE #MillieBobbyBrown #Mills

  • Patricia Philyn Ocampo
    Patricia Philyn Ocampo Hace 5 minutos


  • jihadita
    jihadita Hace 5 minutos

    Maroon 5 = best memories ever ❤

  • TE GUH
    TE GUH Hace 6 minutosídeo.html Im cover video you

  • jihadita
    jihadita Hace 6 minutos

    Maroon 5 = best memories ever❤

  • FBI Knightwing
    FBI Knightwing Hace 7 minutos

    who all came from 'fortnite rewind part two' ??

  • Dark Spirit
    Dark Spirit Hace 8 minutos

    Anoo sumimase, Ada yang Dari Indo gak, Saya kurang paham.

  • Ali Banni
    Ali Banni Hace 9 minutos

    First i think the song is copy from river flows in you

  • Antony Shibi
    Antony Shibi Hace 10 minutos

    Who all r watching this song for the second time or more

  • Diyah Vasca
    Diyah Vasca Hace 11 minutos

    18 october 2019

  • Jasper Clark Mier
    Jasper Clark Mier Hace 11 minutos

    It sounds like canon

  • deh Sri Rahayu
    deh Sri Rahayu Hace 11 minutos


  • abbas rezzaqolinejad
    abbas rezzaqolinejad Hace 12 minutos

    Its very annoying to see so many identical comments from clickbaiters asking who's watching this month, and then next month, next year and so on. It's stupid cuz nice music is timeless and people will listen and watch anytime of year now or in the future. So cut the who's watching bull, you clickbaiters!

  • deh Sri Rahayu
    deh Sri Rahayu Hace 12 minutos


  • Jochen Pietrowski
    Jochen Pietrowski Hace 13 minutos

    That sounds exactly like: Canon in D (Pachelbel´s Canon)

  • jeffrey colitoy
    jeffrey colitoy Hace 15 minutos

    Sing it booiiii (kratos)

  • Zaire wade
    Zaire wade Hace 15 minutos

    We need a better video

  • Carles Nuh
    Carles Nuh Hace 15 minutos

    I love❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Reza Alamsyah
    Reza Alamsyah Hace 16 minutos

    LIKE A 'POPEYE' ...

  • Gopgap Mark mang mee
    Gopgap Mark mang mee Hace 16 minutos


  • Ghostlver5
    Ghostlver5 Hace 17 minutos

    Finally someone who naturally actually has a good voice, without needing autotone

  • Deli PES
    Deli PES Hace 17 minutos

    This is the type of song that will get you hooked on first listen❤❤❤

  • Youssef Nader
    Youssef Nader Hace 18 minutos

    Is the first one is camila cabello

  • Gregore Rodriguez
    Gregore Rodriguez Hace 20 minutos

    listen carefully to this song* : is this a copy paste of Canon Rock? sad to say that they did a rendition with this song:< but still, we love Maroon 5❤️

  • EarlOfficial YT
    EarlOfficial YT Hace 21 un minuto

    People that dislike this song have no memories

  • 구민준
    구민준 Hace 21 un minuto

    I like memories

  • hamstah
    hamstah Hace 21 un minuto

    This song kills depression💕 Like if agree 👇

  • Ivan Dragoneye
    Ivan Dragoneye Hace 21 un minuto

    another unforgettable song that touches hearts

  • 다온누리
    다온누리 Hace 22 minutos

    듣고 있으면 마음이 편해지는 노래

  • Siti Zafira
    Siti Zafira Hace 22 minutos


  • Ali Cja
    Ali Cja Hace 22 minutos

    Wow it sounds like pachelbel canon in d minor in chorus part! It's nice to hear this classic note in a brand new song. I don't know if it was made intentionally, but still, good work guys!

  • Billy比利
    Billy比利 Hace 22 minutos

    Connor McGregor?

  • Missy Whittington
    Missy Whittington Hace 23 minutos

    Would love to hear them do some U2 or The Police.

  • Sameer Maldisa
    Sameer Maldisa Hace 24 minutos

    I really missed Maroon 5 and now they has a new song. My life is now complete with my family, friends and my idols.

  • nekochanxx
    nekochanxx Hace 26 minutos

    are you kratos?

  • Freddy Endy
    Freddy Endy Hace 26 minutos

    Baldur? God of war

  • Alt Account mobile fortnite

    Who is here from liquid chap (Just reply)

  • yehezkiel ekil
    yehezkiel ekil Hace 27 minutos

    The song is butiful

  • Bryn Cailer
    Bryn Cailer Hace 30 minutos


  • Cah Bonsar
    Cah Bonsar Hace 30 minutos

    Like a game

  • Ton Master
    Ton Master Hace 31 un minuto


  • Hazel Mae Divine
    Hazel Mae Divine Hace 32 minutos

    Try it slow mo guys 0.75x felt so sadddd

  • Kenny.S. Gamer
    Kenny.S. Gamer Hace 33 minutos

    NiCe SoNg!! YoU AgReE??

  • Begin Again
    Begin Again Hace 34 minutos

    Keep in memory

  • Lance is HereTV
    Lance is HereTV Hace 35 minutos


  • Donovan Tiemie
    Donovan Tiemie Hace 37 minutos

    Hello Adam. You may not know me or care what eva the f*ck I say. You are a legend. Do not get me wrong, Ed Sheeran are good, But you Sir. You are the shit.

  • CrunchyToast
    CrunchyToast Hace 37 minutos

    anyone notice that jordi is spelled joedi?? typo huh

  • Samer Aidoui
    Samer Aidoui Hace 38 minutos

    مافهمت ألأغني فهموني

  • Connor Pugh
    Connor Pugh Hace 38 minutos

    If you are listening to this song in 2019 you deserve a legendary pass to heaven.

  • Suresh Bageriya
    Suresh Bageriya Hace 38 minutos


  • Abhishek Sharma
    Abhishek Sharma Hace 39 minutos

    Director:- How many girls do you want? Adam Lewine:- Yes.

  • ענבר פרידמן
    ענבר פרידמן Hace 39 minutos

    Can you make me a baby??

  • viona areta
    viona areta Hace 39 minutos

    Nah gini nih klo make krim wak doyok kebanyakan

  • ענבר פרידמן
    ענבר פרידמן Hace 39 minutos

    Does he really surprised them?

  • Mode 111
    Mode 111 Hace 40 minutos

    You have big hearts Adam adam levine I hope you will back stronger we miss the good song and lyrics

  • thu Pham
    thu Pham Hace 40 minutos

    2019 còn nghe điểm danh

  • Ismael Siabdallah
    Ismael Siabdallah Hace 42 minutos

    He looks strangely like a young man with a great heart that I knew who's dead recently 💗 beautiful, real and emotional song. Sounds like i already knew it, who feel the same ?

  • Maria luiza Anzolin
    Maria luiza Anzolin Hace 44 minutos

    Genteeee eu tô arrepiadaaaaa

  • Alejandro Ngayawen
    Alejandro Ngayawen Hace 46 minutos


    PAOLA D'EUSTACCHIO Hace 46 minutos

    It's forever beautiful

  • uwa
    uwa Hace 46 minutos

    playing it at 0.75 gives the song a new mood.

  • jeam canene
    jeam canene Hace 47 minutos

    2019+ 2020 2021 2022 2023 Like and i remember

  • Mala Mala
    Mala Mala Hace 49 minutos

    Is this a new song of maroon 5? Sorry i don't know :<

  • avocados? banana?
    avocados? banana? Hace 49 minutos

    why this remind me of the vine THE 2 guys playing instrument but the lyrics is "SUCK A D### SUCK A D### SUCK A MOTHER EKING ICK"

  • Christian Felicius
    Christian Felicius Hace 50 minutos

    You look like baldur

  • Anggie Putri
    Anggie Putri Hace 50 minutos

    18 oc 19

  • Wild & Free
    Wild & Free Hace 50 minutos


  • Nadiah Halim
    Nadiah Halim Hace 50 minutos


  • Adie Pratama
    Adie Pratama Hace 51 un minuto

    Damn, I so cry when I hear this music

  • TheNoobKing 144
    TheNoobKing 144 Hace 51 un minuto


  • Claire Rasco
    Claire Rasco Hace 51 un minuto

    Here's to my peers, remember the good old days

  • wevela
    wevela Hace 51 un minuto

    When I listen this song i want cry

  • Joshua Lopez
    Joshua Lopez Hace 51 un minuto


  • Shovon Islam
    Shovon Islam Hace 51 un minuto

    When I am 60 years old .I will listen this song....memories 🥰🥰

  • What ?
    What ? Hace 52 minutos

    Beautiful song 😢

  • keno bra
    keno bra Hace 52 minutos

    2:43 soo goosebumps

  • Mustafa Sheikha
    Mustafa Sheikha Hace 52 minutos

    referee is ed sheran

  • Savira ramadhani19
    Savira ramadhani19 Hace 53 minutos

    2019 Any body ...wact this song from 2019

  • febi kinanti
    febi kinanti Hace 53 minutos

    I love you and i like you

  • Amr Ibrahim
    Amr Ibrahim Hace 57 minutos

    Who's listening October 2019

  • victor wamwea
    victor wamwea Hace 58 minutos

    Memories bring back memories that bring back memories that bring back memories that bring back memories that.....................

  • Shaheer Reaz
    Shaheer Reaz Hace 58 minutos

    Who are the 17k dislikers? I wonder.

  • RiskyPlaysYT
    RiskyPlaysYT Hace 58 minutos

    search in yt freak its like same chorus

  • Bhumika paudel
    Bhumika paudel Hace 59 minutos

    i jst wanna like this song more then one time if it was possible :D

  • Joseph Toufic Garcia
    Joseph Toufic Garcia Hace 59 minutos

    Kratos looking so damn fine.

  • 충이당3083
    충이당3083 Hace un hora

    good i'm sad but i give up i go to you i meet you i wait you i with you

  • Felix Tantra
    Felix Tantra Hace un hora

    He looks like hog rider

  • Gilang Santanu
    Gilang Santanu Hace un hora


  • R channel
    R channel Hace un hora

    Enak lagunya