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Hace 5 años
me and mayame and maya
me and maya
Hace 11 años

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  • Alus
    Alus Hace 10 meses

    amazing. pls check out my channels covers!!!!

  • Dot Snipper Official
    Dot Snipper Official Hace un año

    He is the god of fear, the worst shit in history I prefer Zomboy

  • Mladen Mladenov
    Mladen Mladenov Hace un año

    What is the song in the end of ep.5 of "What would Diplo do?"

  • Intensely Alive
    Intensely Alive Hace un año

    Hello, I am a Brazilian producer of electronic music and would like to know if I could free myself to do a remix of the Brazilian style of the track "Be Right There"? without any profins. I await a response, thank you in advance greetings.

  • sinyo isa
    sinyo isa Hace un año

    i like this :)

  • daniela avila
    daniela avila Hace 2 años

    te amo ademas eres guapisimo

  • daniela avila
    daniela avila Hace 2 años

    te amo y eres guapisimo

  • jose antonio torres machado

    el mejor y major lazer tambien los amos

  • Colonheiser
    Colonheiser Hace 2 años

    i is here

    MIKEYSTEP Hace 2 años

    yo diplo can u let me use one of your songs to put it in my channel and thx

  • Nicole Lea Moseman
    Nicole Lea Moseman Hace 2 años

    Diplo is the boss, love in all the right places

  • TrilagyShots
    TrilagyShots Hace 2 años

    yo diplo can i use one of your songs in my video i will put your channel in the describtion also its a remix of your song Revolution Please may i use it ?

  • jeiimii Hernandez
    jeiimii Hernandez Hace 2 años

    Diplo¡ deberías venir a mexico, darías un consiertaso de poca <3 <3

  • jarod watss
    jarod watss Hace 2 años

    Diplo Dj hello my name is Michael I really like what you do with your music I would love to hear some of my songs I'll give you the name of my song: OUTSET (DJ MIKEE) I would greatly appreciate it.

  • DestoExo
    DestoExo Hace 2 años

    you and skrillex should come to Detroit

  • Jammers Gofawkurcouch
    Jammers Gofawkurcouch Hace 2 años

    i thank you for bringing me and my teen girls closer, im 37 so i grew up loving rap and hip hop i thought this is great i bet my kids and me will have they same intrest in music ..nope they love k pop and koren rap.but then you came into our life and we love everything you are involved with ...you are blessed

  • Ryder Borawski
    Ryder Borawski Hace 2 años

    im a kid whos a dj im serious i am

  • Dirty Noize
    Dirty Noize Hace 2 años

    Este es su canal oficial?

  • Yensy
    Yensy Hace 3 años

    Porque no lanzas una musica electronica buena como skrillex ,Dj snake, Dillion Fracis ?

  • Patryk Cygan
    Patryk Cygan Hace 3 años

    what do you use to make your music

  • Wpierdalacz2000
    Wpierdalacz2000 Hace 3 años

    hey diplo watch my video? energyV - OMG! (this!)

  • WolfvineGaming
    WolfvineGaming Hace 3 años

    How does Diplo not have one of those checkmark squares to the right of his channel?! His music label does and he's popular!

  • Trap Bandicoot
    Trap Bandicoot Hace 3 años

    Check this out! Jack Ü TRIBUTE <3 soundcloud.com/trap-bandicoot/jack-u-tribute-adrian

  • Djemte e Aventurave
    Djemte e Aventurave Hace 3 años

    you are the next living Legend!

  • Anna Viol
    Anna Viol Hace 3 años

    Hello, Diplo!

  • Anna Viol
    Anna Viol Hace 3 años


  • Anna Viol
    Anna Viol Hace 3 años

    I like your video, It's cool!!!!!!!!!

  • madcatlady
    madcatlady Hace 3 años

    I only found out you subscribed to me last week and it was 4 years ago, a brush with fame I missed LOL!

  • Trap
    Trap Hace 5 años

    diplo and friends radioshow is the best thing ever existed in this universe

  • michael nelson
    michael nelson Hace 7 años

    best dj serious best producer to

  • иazaxprime
    иazaxprime Hace 7 años

    I found something and I instantly thought of you. I've no doubt you will remember this one... watch?v=GXJN7sCFoW I'm also, still not able to grab us some suits yet, so while we are waiting here's something else to tie us over. Its from my boy Christian Mochizuki out of Hawaii. He goes by the handle Glitchdick. watch?v=-oiF-p_n_MU Thanks again, brother.

  • иazaxprime
    иazaxprime Hace 7 años

    Thank you, brother. I do believe I owe you a suit. One fine day...

  • L A
    L A Hace 7 años

    CHASING THE DRAGON is still my favorite mix! Love all those 60's garage rock throwbacks.

  • DasJus Mean
    DasJus Mean Hace 7 años

    come to my channeld for lolz

  • Rheyne
    Rheyne Hace 7 años


  • Dubroar
    Dubroar Hace 7 años


  • Matthew Mcgrath
    Matthew Mcgrath Hace 7 años

    who else bends genres with his bare hands till they break'

  • xo0r
    xo0r Hace 7 años

    hey diplo are you listening hardcore now? I'm a very big fan of old tracks and your set in miami reminds me a lot the oldschool US Hardcore scene... watch this video esclips.com/video/xi-fpkbyqt0/vídeo.html fits very well with your style... send me a message if you like it :)

  • Maria Karla Paulo
    Maria Karla Paulo Hace 7 años

    I really do hope this channel will be up to date and have a nice background.. ^_^

  • Liz Eyas
    Liz Eyas Hace 8 años

    You are awesome and gorgeous and amazing... <3 Keep on creating!!!

  • creaturesk8r14
    creaturesk8r14 Hace 8 años

    Haha thats crazy. I would of never thought you knew who eric wareheim was.

  • hudmohockey
    hudmohockey Hace 8 años

    you're a True G for liking 2ne1.

  • Isarah Decker
    Isarah Decker Hace 8 años

    like you know anything, diplo produced M.I.A.'s music, stupid fuck, you shouldn't make comments you know nothing about. he's awesome, don't hate....

  • L
    L Hace 8 años

    you lie so hard that u believe ur own lies. You got a serious problem in ur head. That video with M.I.A. is fake...

  • Wout Wout
    Wout Wout Hace 8 años

    Yo Diplo you gotta produce some dubstep tunes! You rock! Greets from The netherlands!

  • sriracha2009
    sriracha2009 Hace 8 años

    you are the best! I absolutely love your work so mad eccentric, stay fresh

  • Guele pega
    Guele pega Hace 8 años

    me gustas tanto

  • L' abeille
    L' abeille Hace 8 años

    I L O V E Y O U D I P L O !

  • Andrew Aguilera
    Andrew Aguilera Hace 9 años

    Your so good!

  • djrydak
    djrydak Hace 9 años

    dont forget the to tear the sky

  • czorx
    czorx Hace 9 años

    diplo! ur #1 - post more vids man

  • Kattelinka
    Kattelinka Hace 9 años

    Diplo, Youre hot and talented. marry me?

  • danny gonuts
    danny gonuts Hace 9 años


  • L' abeille
    L' abeille Hace 9 años

    Diplooooooooooooooooooooo I LOVE YOU!

  • L' abeille
    L' abeille Hace 9 años

    diplooooooooooo... aDd me! LOL .. I love You .! peace

  • trahouston
    trahouston Hace 9 años

    man, i hit you up on myspace asking about the instrumental version of shells but I guess you have already forgotten about the little people.

  • millsiebwoy
    millsiebwoy Hace 9 años

    I hear you are playing Bestival this year I will look forward to that

  • suti
    suti Hace 10 años

    All I can say is you got to hang with M.I.A. - you are a blessed man

  • Andy Milonakis
    Andy Milonakis Hace 10 años

    Diplo, im gonna break your fingers and you'll have to DJ with your mouth stephen hawking style. Suck a deek :)

  • Zeusguy21
    Zeusguy21 Hace 10 años

    Diplo Tell dem WHOAW !!!! haha , big fan from DC baby . Come to the Rock n ROll hotell yo ! hollaaaaaaaa

  • Brett Allen
    Brett Allen Hace 10 años

    I am truly sorry about those comments I wrote. I just saw your video and stupidly assumed you knew her and that it was appropriate for me to ask you to fwd that message to her. But now I have discovered, (by way of your irate fans) that i have made a big mistake. I'm sorry. truly, Brett Allen

  • Brett Allen
    Brett Allen Hace 10 años

    lolz i mean things

  • Brett Allen
    Brett Allen Hace 10 años

    Unfortunately I have yet to see you preform live. I almost died when rumors that you were retiring started to circulate thinking I'd never have the chance. I hope thighs are well with your new family! Just wanted to let u know that if or when you feel that you are ready to go on tour again, I'll be in the crowd in Brooklyn cheering you on.

  • Brett Allen
    Brett Allen Hace 10 años

    Hey would you mind fwding this message to Ms. Arulpragasam for me: Maya, i know you probably never get this but i had to try. I an eighteen year old long time fan in new jersey. Just wanted to tell you that I am proud of you. Four years ago to the I had to go into Times Square's Virgin Megastore to get your CD because my local shops did not have Arular in stock. This summer i was so happy to see you have commercial success, Its about time some real artists get the recognition they deserve.

  • Amanda Mills
    Amanda Mills Hace 10 años

    im glad i got to celebrate your birthday with you last night in atl last night diplo!! hope you had a great one <3

  • quinns1337
    quinns1337 Hace 10 años

    <3 you gave me free tickets to your show in seattle. thank you so much. halloween. jesus chirst. Peace, Quinn

  • Hector Aceves
    Hector Aceves Hace 10 años


  • iiSebas
    iiSebas Hace 10 años


  • 1clypse
    1clypse Hace 10 años

    I see y'all doing y'alls thing right there. I like me some m.i.a thats the girl right there. diplo on the track. The paper plane track is whats up. drop back on my page if you want y'all anytime.

  • DanTheMan9886
    DanTheMan9886 Hace 10 años

    How the hell does this stupid crap get featrured?! Ima profesional acor and comedian I deserve to be featured!!! My one lip sync video has great dance moves in it!

  • Sub2Me4ASub
    Sub2Me4ASub Hace 10 años

    Sub an1

  • Jah steaz
    Jah steaz Hace 10 años

    wan trade sub? hola

  • woahitsandrew
    woahitsandrew Hace 10 años

    mia is awesome!

  • Team Smirenger TV
    Team Smirenger TV Hace 10 años

    5☆5☆5☆5☆5☆tars from: Smi-ren-ger!.....

  • Commodore Jackboots
    Commodore Jackboots Hace 10 años

    you're a moron...

  • Javier Solano
    Javier Solano Hace 10 años

    LOL funny thing, the video is feature and its added 1 YEAR AGO, LOL HAHAHA!!!!!!

  • 1PAcouchpotato
    1PAcouchpotato Hace 10 años

    you suck

  • Kairo
    Kairo Hace 10 años

    saw u @ fav in leeds! u know my m8 Ash!

  • wielmoznypan
    wielmoznypan Hace 10 años


  • babybribrilove .unpredictable

    if u know mia tell her shes fucking sickkkk in the head!!! she discusted me after listening to her lyrics.

  • Sharda Laskowski
    Sharda Laskowski Hace 10 años

    Hotness jeez keep doin ya thang

  • María Garfias
    María Garfias Hace 10 años

    hey i saw you last saturday at roots in mexico city ft. justice, really liked it. i saw that you favorited a patrick miller video, just wondering if you were there? trip place. love from mexico

  • M Daniel
    M Daniel Hace 11 años

    saw u in royal oak it was sweet

  • isainmdom
    isainmdom Hace 11 años

    coming to see you in milwaukee next weekend, can't wait!

  • itsfrancob
    itsfrancob Hace 11 años

    Much love to Dip. Roll through and check the vids when ya have a min. Franco B

  • Diomadis MartineZ
    Diomadis MartineZ Hace 11 años

    I have a lot of respect for you. Love MIA remixes.!

  • chescaleigh
    chescaleigh Hace 11 años

    diplo made mia famous you silly girl.

  • luverchick
    luverchick Hace 11 años

    thats kool how u know MIA =]

  • Kairo
    Kairo Hace 11 años

    ur a genius man!