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  • CanyouNot 55
    CanyouNot 55 Hace 33 segundos

    Ft. Jean Paul Sartre | transcendence and facticity

  • I DK
    I DK Hace 3 minutos

    Why didn't they just watch the first part where the rouitne is

  • savanna large
    savanna large Hace 7 minutos

    its spooky month! *time to come back to this video for the 8290th time*

  • bribock
    bribock Hace 7 minutos

    I lost my mom at 15 to cancer so I feel for you guys. Take a break please!💙

  • Jana Tolmácsiová
    Jana Tolmácsiová Hace 10 minutos

    Why u have painted toe nails guys :D

  • Bishnu Mishra
    Bishnu Mishra Hace 11 minutos

    My heart stopped for a sec, but my tears won’t... You guys Goodluck on everything Thts coming your way!! Ik you will do amazing in everything you put your mind and soul into it.. I was so stupid waiting desperately for another video this Tuesday!! It’s time I move on as well..😘

  • Teanna Shelby
    Teanna Shelby Hace 12 minutos

    White Chicks 😂😂😂

    MABEL TYNES Hace 16 minutos

    when my life is #over

  • Harley Widel
    Harley Widel Hace 29 minutos

    When you realize Grayson used a hydro flask and this is your 3rd time watching it 😐

  • Shannon Bambrick
    Shannon Bambrick Hace 46 minutos

    I haven’t drank milk since I was sick from drinking too much of it too😂 but I’ll still eat cheese and all that so 😂😂💀

  • Rachael Louise
    Rachael Louise Hace 51 un minuto

    Yay !!! My home town 😊 Hope you had fun guys 😁🥰

  • AlexisGFX
    AlexisGFX Hace 57 minutos

    the start: bababababa

  • edits by jakex
    edits by jakex Hace un hora

    8:42 no. he doesn't fuck with that dairy

  • Harini Sri
    Harini Sri Hace un hora

    Ethan "you look like a fool" Grayson" we look the same"😂

  • Azra Khan
    Azra Khan Hace un hora

    Always Tuesdays😭

  • edits by jakex
    edits by jakex Hace un hora

    6:31 I AM: DEAD.

  • unicorns are real
    unicorns are real Hace un hora

    i think ethan looks like jack pearson from this is us

  • Rabbiyatul Nazli
    Rabbiyatul Nazli Hace un hora


  • Liv Azzo
    Liv Azzo Hace un hora

    These poor boys. I've watched them for a long time and never suspected what they were going through. I'm happy they are taking the time to look after themselves.And be open with how they are processing everything. All i can suggest is try something new.... Travel ? Go to college? Meet a cute girl at a party? live the young life your meant to. Because in the end life isn't fabricated by numbers and a screen. It's the reality of love and emotions and being able to share connections and memories with people. I'm so excited to see how you both grow. Never stop what you love. Love, a loyal subscriber (p.s come to London it would be so nice to meet you )

  • Just0neVoice
    Just0neVoice Hace un hora

    I like that Shane pointed them back to themselves for growth... because it can't come from anyone else. Now that they've spoken to a trusted friend, I hope they do go home to Jersey for a while and opt to see more of their family. It's selfish of me to say, but I have really missed seeing their sister and their mom... even though I know their mom is camera-shy. And, granted I don't know their family situation - perhaps he simply lives too far away, but I am a little surprised that they haven't done more with their grandad. I mean, of course they lost a dad, but he lost a son... and that is pretty gut-wrenching too. I don't think there is a parent alive that wants to see their child go before they do. I don't care if they need a month, a year, meet girls, get married, have kids, buy a duplex together in the Midwest, or (gasp) if they never post another video again. I know enough of them now, to know that I will wish them well and think of them fondly always.

  • Asal AbuLeil
    Asal AbuLeil Hace un hora

    I’m so glad you guys shared this♥️

  • Siyabonga Mlewa
    Siyabonga Mlewa Hace un hora

    So Ethan a friend of mine is super into you and she is all the way from south Africa.

  • •ItAnna yakama•
    •ItAnna yakama• Hace 2 horas

    I feel bad for the camera guy he got ear rape from all the screaming

  • Danielle Kuecher
    Danielle Kuecher Hace 2 horas

    *those survival videos paid off*

  • Joanna Without h and two ns

    Why is grayson si hot Jesus. Ethan needs to make the same hairstyle.

  • Summer Ela
    Summer Ela Hace 2 horas

    I’m happy for you and honestly everyone prefers for you guys to be happy instead of us getting weekly content. You aren’t letting anyone down. Please we all want you to live life and be TEENAGERS please. Go to parties, be moody, have bad days, be with friends, be with your family, be yourself, travel, learn, leave your phone please. WE WANT YOU TO BE HAPPY, THAT MAKES US HAPPY 💖

  • Emma Vorne
    Emma Vorne Hace 2 horas

    You guys this is called acting. You're just acting for the camera. And you're obviously burnt out. Pls do not stress out about it so much. Take care.

  • Grønsags Lone
    Grønsags Lone Hace 2 horas

    The hi sisters part😂😂😂

  • Marissa Bullard
    Marissa Bullard Hace 2 horas

    finally someone says it right most people say mukbong

  • Kristin B
    Kristin B Hace 2 horas

    Love you guy's and the family! This video was great! 💙🙏🏾 R.I.P to your father

  • Anne Hughes
    Anne Hughes Hace 2 horas

    I lost my dad at 13, 5 days before christmas and it was very hard but with family and friends it helped me and my soblings a lot and itll be 10 years with out him this year, the last 2 years were thw hardest for me as i had my first son and got married all without my Dad and if im honest because its been so long, i get scared ill forget things about him like how he sounded and his laugh but i just look at old videos and pictures of him. If you guys need more time to grieve then take time away to be with your family then please do so, we will be here when you come back. 💖❤

  • Sheeps sleep while you stare

    Costumer: I'm gonna die in an hour this will be my last drink what should I get Ethan :vanilla latte

  • Vanessa Budde
    Vanessa Budde Hace 2 horas

    I hear Laurel and that’s actually what the man said on the recording 😅

  • Obliviate
    Obliviate Hace 2 horas

    Watching this again and it never gets old. I have a question tho, where's nolan in the birth order? Could he be the youngest? Haha

  • Sheeps sleep while you stare

    This is whether staged or totally unfair

  • The Don Family
    The Don Family Hace 3 horas

    Awee he didn’t Even get mad he love’s his brother so much ❤️

  • strngr tv
    strngr tv Hace 3 horas

    can I take your channel?

  • Ayula Martino
    Ayula Martino Hace 3 horas

    Gray:you ok E:throwing up in the sink

  • Alexa Gabrielle Ofilanda

    Lucky 💔😢

  • Livia Horselover
    Livia Horselover Hace 3 horas

    this feels so good, hearing someone talk about the struggle of losing a mother passed away when I was 7 years old, she also had cancer and I can't talk about it to anyone, no one understands. thank you so much for this, it really helped me

  • Gracie Waudby
    Gracie Waudby Hace 3 horas

    Them putting their sleeves on at the end is sooooo satisfying.😂😂😂

  • Haley Deuel
    Haley Deuel Hace 4 horas

    From the ba-

  • Hya Ali
    Hya Ali Hace 4 horas

    I have ethans lifestyle 😂

  • Tara Smith
    Tara Smith Hace 4 horas

    15:09 😂😂

  • Vivianne Atkinson
    Vivianne Atkinson Hace 4 horas

    Ethan’s face at 3:26 after he tries to tickle grayson is the cutest thing ever! ☺️💕

  • sketches montana
    sketches montana Hace 4 horas

    Ethan life style

  • Daisy Hernández
    Daisy Hernández Hace 4 horas

    Awe Shane is pops on/of ESclips😂😢 I love all of you so much , much love & positivity to you guys💙

  • Charlotte Clark
    Charlotte Clark Hace 4 horas

    but since when did they unbeep the swearing? have I literally been gone for that long lmao

  • Vivianne Atkinson
    Vivianne Atkinson Hace 4 horas

    I honestly think this video & idea is a masterpiece 👏🏼😂 they should totally make more Nolan videos! 😩❤️👌🏼

  • Harsimran Rai
    Harsimran Rai Hace 4 horas

    Should've put the washable paint on the spray paint, 😅😅😅😅

  • Sonya Spilmon
    Sonya Spilmon Hace 4 horas

    I wish you guys all the best . And that I can’t wait to see what you have in store and I hope that you get a break and take time for yourself. Don’t worry about not posting consistently because as long as your creating what you want to create that’s honestly all that matters .And for the people that thumbs down this video y’all are some heartless people🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Eliazabeth Foster
    Eliazabeth Foster Hace 4 horas

    Literally seen the life drain from his face . 😂😂😂

  • S Robson
    S Robson Hace 5 horas

    2:16 my heart literally dropped cos I was scared. I literally felt nauseated when I was watching them float through the sky. My heart was in my stomach

  • XxKazxX xoxo
    XxKazxX xoxo Hace 5 horas

    He looks like Steve Havey from Shameless n sounds just like him it's too creepy 😱😱😱... He did a great job though

  • Sailor moon Is Alina
    Sailor moon Is Alina Hace 5 horas

    Love u gayssss

  • Sailor moon Is Alina
    Sailor moon Is Alina Hace 5 horas

    Oh gays u r Both so handsome 😍 😘 I wanna be ur gf gay

  • Ava O'Neill
    Ava O'Neill Hace 5 horas

    I so fricken fake

  • Greg Twyford
    Greg Twyford Hace 5 horas

    Is this your last vid

  • Rachael Louise
    Rachael Louise Hace 5 horas

    Oh I love this video 😂 love these two 🥰

  • Nancy Aguilar
    Nancy Aguilar Hace 5 horas

    My fiance's mom passed 2 years now. And would buy him a nutcracker every year. Now they are most cherished items.

  • kya montreal
    kya montreal Hace 5 horas

    You guys have gone through so much, being under the spotlight constantly must be so hard. You guys are so much more then just a ESclips video a week. Take it easy, do what you need to do, do stuff that makes you happy, live your life’s!

  • The Wattpader
    The Wattpader Hace 5 horas

    When molly said this sounds bad I was like .........😂

  • The Wattpader
    The Wattpader Hace 6 horas

    He's a better driver but a bad person 😂

  • Sistersnappy Edits
    Sistersnappy Edits Hace 6 horas

    Everyone: tHaT gOrL lOoKs LiKe EmMa Me: okay, great but we’re is my mans gray at 👽

  • meatmxn
    meatmxn Hace 6 horas

    Shane looks fat af in the thumbnail lol

  • Killabish
    Killabish Hace 6 horas

    Bet all those comments were from corrupted 13 year olds.

  • aedrhon
    aedrhon Hace 6 horas

    its a 1 hour video and theres no ads WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABT THIS

  • Steff Angel
    Steff Angel Hace 6 horas

    I think it's really good for them that they are taking much needed break. Taking care of your health (mental and physical) is so important, also can't wait (but will) to see what's coming next. Till then I'll rewatch their videos.

  • InconicXJade Roberts
    InconicXJade Roberts Hace 6 horas

    7:22 that photo made me sad 😭❤️

  • Things By Sofia
    Things By Sofia Hace 6 horas

    7:41: his mini scream has me on the floor

  • Emily Ferris
    Emily Ferris Hace 6 horas

    good luck on your new chapter💜

  • Alexandra Wallace
    Alexandra Wallace Hace 6 horas

    Grayson: slaps turtle Me: SaVe ThE tUrTlEs

  • Lara
    Lara Hace 6 horas

    2019? Anybody

  • Jana Shehab
    Jana Shehab Hace 7 horas

    Are they going to quit ???????!!!!

  • Jana Shehab
    Jana Shehab Hace 7 horas

    I ammm fucking sobbbinggggg

  • Shandelle Bergen
    Shandelle Bergen Hace 7 horas

    This is proof twins get horny at the same time 😂

  • Chris P biscuit
    Chris P biscuit Hace 7 horas

    Wow, good for you guys, I wish you the best of luck on chapter 2 of you life 😀 have fun and do what you love.

  • shasiela z.
    shasiela z. Hace 7 horas

    55:14 “why is it so hard to say goodbye to things that you need to let go” i felt that

  • Rachael Louise
    Rachael Louise Hace 7 horas

    “Get you a brother that can draw rectangles” 🤣 You guys !!! 🤣🥰 This is one of my favourite episodes 😊

  • Presley Kohi
    Presley Kohi Hace 7 horas

    this is why I am happy I'm not a girl

  • Georgia Vratis - Dat Weirdo

    So this is their last vid?

  • shasiela z.
    shasiela z. Hace 7 horas

    what about there channel members are the just gonna be paying every month for nothing orrrr?

  • Andrea Anderson
    Andrea Anderson Hace 7 horas

    It’s like the movie White Chicks in real life

  • chdj ajjaja
    chdj ajjaja Hace 7 horas

    please just do what you need to do, we’ll be here when you’re ready to come back, we love you! x

  • Lara
    Lara Hace 7 horas

    October 2019? Anybody Let’s be honest you came back because you miss the sister squad videos

  • Ceilo Romero
    Ceilo Romero Hace 7 horas

    Take the time you guys need to be happy love you guys ❤️❤️

  • Emily B
    Emily B Hace 7 horas

    Y’all can incorporate pieces from your set room into your house! It can be the end without being goodbye as well

  • spongebob
    spongebob Hace 8 horas

    gray: who is allergic to fruits and vegetables?! me: is allergic to lettuce and oranges

  • spongebob
    spongebob Hace 8 horas

    aww gray is so adorable 😂😂

  • Sky Fire
    Sky Fire Hace 8 horas

    Why tf is Grayson’s hair so fookin pooofy

  • A Ch
    A Ch Hace 8 horas

    Jeffree casually throwing a $300,000 bag and laughing about it

  • Purple hair Gurl
    Purple hair Gurl Hace 8 horas

    How can I concentrate on what they are saying when they are shirtless

  • This Is Audary
    This Is Audary Hace 8 horas

    Power of ESclips, you can film anywhere. Go home, be with your mom and make videos like the old days. Don't over think. You do you!! Take care!

  • jaime andrés castillo

    How are you guys? Thank you for the video. It is very educational for me and for what I´m doing artistically nowadays.

  • Jean Bree
    Jean Bree Hace 8 horas

    this is honestly a challenge for me too cause everyone's asleep n i'm supposed to be sleeping too n i'm trying not to laugh really loud rn omggg

  • Jazzy Playz
    Jazzy Playz Hace 8 horas

    Your not letting anyone down and we all are supporting you😊💞

  • Diana Navarrete
    Diana Navarrete Hace 8 horas

    11:33 is so funny

  • Ariana Ortiz
    Ariana Ortiz Hace 8 horas

    3:02 aww poor ethan he looks so tired and cold :(

  • Makayla ꎭ
    Makayla ꎭ Hace 8 horas

    Gray laughing at Ethan puking is hilarious 🤣👏🏼

  • Ailén Silvera
    Ailén Silvera Hace 8 horas

    my dad and i haven't talked for two years, this makes me want to go give him the biggest hug but i'm scared shitless for the response. even writing this, a simple youtube comment, makes me anxious because i've never told anyone about my feelings but it lifted a huge weight off of my shoulders.