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Roland Garros
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  • Kirby Pepopo
    Kirby Pepopo Hace 8 horas

    Power with tech vs Technique with power

  • sd Born
    sd Born Hace 12 horas

    6 min highlights, Roland Garros whats wrong with you? Wimbledon uploads classic full length matches, US Open, AO- makes normal length highlights

  • S Wave
    S Wave Hace 13 horas

    Roland Rafa Garros.

  • S Wave
    S Wave Hace 13 horas

    If winning 10 times is extra-terrestrial, what do we call 12? Has any other sporting figure ever dominated a single event like this? It's really incredible, especially that he did it in the age of Federer and Joker, in their primes.

  • Eder Luiz
    Eder Luiz Hace 14 horas


  • Sidhanth Mishra
    Sidhanth Mishra Hace 17 horas

    When Rafa retires, I know which player I'm going to watch and root for not just at the French but all slams. Thiem is talented, works hard and shows respect to everyone.

    • Sidhanth Mishra
      Sidhanth Mishra Hace 2 horas

      @Michael Walker it depends on which version shows up on court. I like Rublev too.

    • Michael Walker
      Michael Walker Hace 2 horas

      What about Nick Kyrios?

  • ロジャーフェデラー

    Great match

  • Tracey Mills
    Tracey Mills Hace un día

    Long live the king of clay

  • New Backing Tracks Every Friday

    1:23 what a backhand

  • Pallavi Deshmukh
    Pallavi Deshmukh Hace un día

    No rafael nadal on list are you kidding!!!!!!!!

  • Hersh Shorsh
    Hersh Shorsh Hace un día

    Those empty seats are disrespectful !

  • Игорь Кучеренко

    Что было в последнем моменте?

  • Asad Wahla
    Asad Wahla Hace 2 días

    04:36 girl in white shirt ❤️

  • anirudh krishnan
    anirudh krishnan Hace 2 días

    Little did he know he would win the title next year!

  • shawns bot
    shawns bot Hace 2 días

    Whoever made this list is a stupid retard. That girl clearly should have been number one.

  • Aditya Vats
    Aditya Vats Hace 2 días

    Mr. Santana knows what's up , 15 RG by the time he's done!

  • Sidhanth Mishra
    Sidhanth Mishra Hace 2 días

    I do believe Thiem has been improving at the French year by year. He was actually beating Rafa in the long rallies until set 2 before Rafa changed tactics. FO 2020 will be interesting, the draw will be crucial with fitness for the favorites. Nadal is a monster at the French and rightfully so, but thiem is also a beast. The world's best claycourters for a reason.

  • strongwise
    strongwise Hace 2 días

    2 grass slams 5 hard court slams 12 clay slams and counting

  • RRT
    RRT Hace 2 días

    Io in lacrime con lui

  • In CogNito
    In CogNito Hace 2 días

    dude said "penetrating"

  • George Tyrmakis
    George Tyrmakis Hace 2 días

    Nadal you king of tennis

  • seles2506
    seles2506 Hace 2 días

    This ostapenko loved tennis what has happened to her now :(....... very Seles esq she was at this French open angles power off Both wings and a similar grunt... I wonder if she grew up watching Monica

  • seles2506
    seles2506 Hace 2 días

    Where is this ostapenko now I loved her this French open she’s literally done nothing since :(

  • Oleg Vinogradov
    Oleg Vinogradov Hace 3 días

    Вот объясните как он это делает

  • 88feji
    88feji Hace 3 días

    Good umpire I must say

  • Pranay Beast
    Pranay Beast Hace 3 días

    Bring in Johnny sins ..

  • Joseph D T
    Joseph D T Hace 3 días

    something that weak era champ could not do in his whole overrated career - beat Nadal at French

  • Miller Peter
    Miller Peter Hace 3 días

    I don't think Zverev will hit the ball any better as his screams become louder

  • evvowebb
    evvowebb Hace 3 días

    didnt know novak got bagelled in here

  • Ben B
    Ben B Hace 3 días

    These grunts tho.

  • Nina
    Nina Hace 4 días

    I think Rafa sees Dominic as his successor on clay , with the work ethic and mentality in particular.

  • Dusko Drlacic
    Dusko Drlacic Hace 4 días

    is this advertising for certain players, is this intentionally made to glorified them, especially federer?

  • Sayantan Bhattacharyy
    Sayantan Bhattacharyy Hace 5 días

    People say horror movies are scared sometimes but I try to imagine if there any other grand slam except French Open with clay surface. That's really a scary thing for Federer or Nole at least.

  • Days Out For MohaiMen'ingídeo.html

  • den525
    den525 Hace 5 días

    93-2 record... WOW

  • Tony Huang
    Tony Huang Hace 5 días

    Nadal create the clay.

  • omer rasiuk
    omer rasiuk Hace 5 días

    3 years in a row nadal faces thiem, every year thiem does a bit better score Will he win badal in roland garros?

  • Luis Mago
    Luis Mago Hace 5 días

    Abduskan me me abduskan

  • dagnu
    dagnu Hace 5 días

    I think next year they have a roof but no stadium walls, so that the wind can still blow everything away... the french ..

  • Sijan Grg
    Sijan Grg Hace 5 días

    Chosen by the MANA!!

  • Dr. AxY
    Dr. AxY Hace 6 días

    Did u miss s.williams ??

  • desiree Nsourou
    desiree Nsourou Hace 6 días

    messie juh nujuyt uyitr ut,in,l

  • ego gtz
    ego gtz Hace 6 días

    WTF?!.. the 4 is way better ... must be number 1

  • phil thompson
    phil thompson Hace 6 días

    If Kuerten had stayed fit i believe he would have continued to win titles even during the Fedal era he was that good and he knew how to play his best when it mattered most

  • Shaik Rameez
    Shaik Rameez Hace 6 días

    2:09 i dont understand why this was put in. Assholes

  • Danny Cooper
    Danny Cooper Hace 6 días

    This bum thought he was gonna be the first person to beat Nadal in a French open final....AHAHAHAHA! 😂😂😂😂 Stan, you are NOT the man.

  • Sunrit Roy Karmakar
    Sunrit Roy Karmakar Hace 6 días

    Biggest sore loser of all time

  • BB-8
    BB-8 Hace 6 días

    When the unstoppable force meets the immovable object, Nadal wins because he doesn't give a shit.

  • portishphonic
    portishphonic Hace 6 días

    La Francaise Mladenovici. Cause that sounds as French as Garcia.

  • Yagami Taiga
    Yagami Taiga Hace 6 días

    Federer when he knows he is about to play Nadal : ah shit ; here we go again

  • Ayden Anthony
    Ayden Anthony Hace 7 días

    Her grunting made me glad that Serena beat her 😂😂

  • OuchGotHurt
    OuchGotHurt Hace 7 días

    Gotta love that guy!

  • Carnage rules
    Carnage rules Hace 7 días

    No one can beat rafa in Roland Garros , no one !!

  • OuchGotHurt
    OuchGotHurt Hace 7 días

    "and HAPPY" 😍😍

  • IsLu GuBo
    IsLu GuBo Hace 7 días

    Fucks video ha haha

  • Gilbert Gregorio
    Gilbert Gregorio Hace 7 días

    Why isn’t there extended version of this match? The US OPEN is now coming up with extended versions of their matches. U owe the fans RG!

  • Nitul Das
    Nitul Das Hace 7 días

    Rafa reaches 14 French Opens, may be 15, if he is fit in my opinion, before he hangs up his boots.

  • dor ryoku
    dor ryoku Hace 7 días

    It's just another day at RG for nadal

  • 47imagine
    47imagine Hace 7 días

    Rafa was probably suffering from major OCD playing with the racket after it's been put back in the bag!! :/

  • alex Gois
    alex Gois Hace 7 días

    Na época não entendia o tamanho do feito deste cara... parabéns Guga.

  • Ilona Kadic
    Ilona Kadic Hace 7 días


  • Ilona Kadic
    Ilona Kadic Hace 7 días


  • markorevan
    markorevan Hace 7 días

    Nadal in RG Final is like playing against wall.

  • livelove &laugh
    livelove &laugh Hace 8 días

    I need to get me rosetta stone.

  • Rashidah Shakir
    Rashidah Shakir Hace 8 días

    La reine!

  • poshy vintage
    poshy vintage Hace 9 días

    Tennis porn, right here!

  • lory991959 guzman carrasco

    NADAL NADAL NADAL Y MAS NADAL EN EL OPEN DE US AQUI Y EN TODAS PARTE NADAL THE WINER DENTRO Y FUERA DE PISTA GREAT NADAL #RG19 Rafael Nadal vs Dominic Thiem - Final Highlights | Roland-Garros 2019 2.176.257 visualizaciones

  • Alejandro Otero Rueda
    Alejandro Otero Rueda Hace 9 días

    Rafa Nadal, el rey de París... no hay discusión.

  • Trisha ilasik
    Trisha ilasik Hace 9 días


  • ruffy
    ruffy Hace 9 días

    The day nadal retires will be the day the french open crowd will rejoice, no more the same winner every freaking year

  • jesusjr millan
    jesusjr millan Hace 9 días

    No question Soderling Beating Rafa in 2009 is clearly #1!!!

  • Bobi Davidkov
    Bobi Davidkov Hace 10 días

    Im just here to cringe at her screams. Yikes. Nadal incoming.

  • Youssef Ramadane
    Youssef Ramadane Hace 10 días

    Wonder why there so are many empty seats in a semifinal?

  • Julián Junior
    Julián Junior Hace 10 días

    Survey in the year 2100 on the greatest sports rivalry of the century. Result: Federer versus Nadal.

  • lolipedofin
    lolipedofin Hace 10 días

    Bjorn Borg was the hallmark of clay court tennis, he was the measuring stick and the definitive apex of clay court tennis for decades after his time. Nadal now has double the amount of his Roland Garros wins. Let that sink in.

  • BB-8
    BB-8 Hace 10 días

    Roses are red Violets are blue There's always a Nadal Better on clay

  • Roger Castillo
    Roger Castillo Hace 10 días

    Rafa is the goat.

  • Kim N
    Kim N Hace 10 días

    Pierce and Agassi's shots are #5 and #4?!! The others are really good, esp how Federer got his ball on the opposite side of the court from where anyone else would have attempted to get it, but I wanna watch Pierce's and Agassi's shot over and over.

  • 190f e523
    190f e523 Hace 10 días


  • Расул Джамулаев

    Serial killer

  • isra088
    isra088 Hace 11 días

    Grande Rafa!

  • Theo Berman
    Theo Berman Hace 11 días

    Who just keeps rewatching this video

  • bayu adrian
    bayu adrian Hace 11 días

    Nadal never lose with federer on clay,, corect me if iam wrong 🙏

    • Ali Emre
      Ali Emre Hace 4 días

      He did, 2 times.But not on RG clay..

  • murali
    murali Hace 11 días

    1. Mary Pierce's 2. Agassi and 3. Federer ...reason is that she had to hit shot while she was running.... Agassi and Federer had some time to respond..but she didn't have ...

  • murali
    murali Hace 11 días

    1. Mary Pierce's 2. Agassi and 3. Federer

  • しょうじあああ
    しょうじあああ Hace 11 días

  • Liam Spiers
    Liam Spiers Hace 12 días

    Is it me or did that girl sound (and look😂) like a dying zebra when she won

  • costalerocofrade
    costalerocofrade Hace 12 días

    The gladiator.

  • Bartholomew Lyons
    Bartholomew Lyons Hace 12 días

    Slow mo of the real tennis)) who watches women play tennis except family and friends, this is hard to watch

  • Muhammad Hamza Tarique
    Muhammad Hamza Tarique Hace 12 días

    Rafa is the GOAT

  • A hern
    A hern Hace 12 días

    That locker looks like a hospital waiting room 😜

  • Heart beat
    Heart beat Hace 12 días

    Why hug mladenovic tho

  • 강태영
    강태영 Hace 13 días

    Why does men and women's prize money equal??? Men earn money three times more than women. Men play 2 sets more than women. But prize money is equal. This is unequal.

  • Mihailo Babic
    Mihailo Babic Hace 13 días

    Once the countdown came to #1, I believed they had picked his 2016 final victory or a victory over Nadal the year before, and thought "How come his victory over Tsonga in 2012 did not enter the top five?" And there you have it.. This was truly a monster of a match and the best demonstration of Novak's stunning ability to overcome pressure and emerge victorious in the end.

  • ƛƘƲ - ŰMƛ
    ƛƘƲ - ŰMƛ Hace 13 días

    The Girls reaction to djokovic!😁

  • Stork Legs
    Stork Legs Hace 13 días

    What's it like to go bald before 30? LOLOLOL. All That money and looks like a dork

  • Michelle Armani
    Michelle Armani Hace 13 días

    Der denkt nur,dass er schwarz ist und kann tanzen ja??? Da muss ich Euch leider enttäuschen ihr Anfänger die besten Tänzer und Tanzgruppen kommen schon seit Jahren aus China,Japan und Korea!!!!

  • Hermano de Jesús
    Hermano de Jesús Hace 14 días

    Awesome... ¡GRANDE Novak!!!!!!