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  • Praveen Kumar
    Praveen Kumar Hace un minuto

    I'm still waiting for someone to upgrade my 1+2.. hahaha.. jkjkjkjk.. Lineage OS 17 is on the way.. so no problem for me for one more year 🤪

  • Any Auto
    Any Auto Hace 3 minutos

    Jonathan, this is amazing man. Thank you for spreading positivity

  • Guillermo Sánchez
    Guillermo Sánchez Hace 5 minutos

    I also enjoy and love mi Macbook & my iPhone, and have a very similar experience. My introduction to technology was with a Compaq PC, which I hated, and the first time i saw OS X was in a friend’s white Macbook and I fell in love with the systen, and obviously with the Hardware. My firts paid job let me afford to buy the first MacBook Air, and that system was still my working laptop until last December when I upgrade to the latest Air.

  • betch lasagna
    betch lasagna Hace 5 minutos

    Your awesome man!!

  • Phildrick Perea
    Phildrick Perea Hace 6 minutos

    How come this never happened to me haha these people deserve this too tho. Great video man! Keep it up! Respect!

  • Jv Belieber
    Jv Belieber Hace 8 minutos

    I love those smiles 😭😊

  • CriticalGamer
    CriticalGamer Hace 11 minutos

    I hate that you had to put her story into another video just bc the algorithm sucks :/ I really would’ve loved to hear this a year ago and to maybe have an entire video for this, bc I feel like people might just skip the end.

  • latha Sivakumar
    latha Sivakumar Hace 13 minutos

    I wish that happens to me 😥😥

  • Michael De Leon
    Michael De Leon Hace 14 minutos

    I am consistently floored by how good a person you are. You lead with your heart and you deserve every bit of success that you ger.

  • Mr RoRo
    Mr RoRo Hace 15 minutos

    jonathan is going bro getting older?

    DLAROC Hace 16 minutos

    Its called a Slofie. Get used to it.

  • Mahesh S Nair
    Mahesh S Nair Hace 16 minutos

    Jon, you are gaining on weight along with the new iPhones. :)

  • Mohamed Sabry
    Mohamed Sabry Hace 17 minutos

    which better to buy iphone 11 or iphone xs

  • Kevin Doherty
    Kevin Doherty Hace 17 minutos

    Nice video. The society we live in today doesn’t so willingly accept these types of acts of kindness. Can detect the cynicism in their tone and demeanour. Seemed like they were all waiting to be ripped off 😆

  • Always Nice2013
    Always Nice2013 Hace 17 minutos

    Nice one Jonathan. Really inspirational.

  • jedal001
    jedal001 Hace 20 minutos

    I was just having the worst day today both professionally and personally and I cannot express how hard this video hit. Something as small as random acts of kindness from complete strangers, gives me faith in humanity. The joy and good vibes you just put out into the world continue to reverberate. Clicking on this video tonight was the best decision I have made all day!

  • TiFerTV
    TiFerTV Hace 21 un minuto

    Why did you censored Siri ?

  • Parth Rai
    Parth Rai Hace 21 un minuto

    Your channel isn't just a tech channel, its also a humanitarian channel. You help people out when they're low, you raise awareness. You're just amazing. Great work. Keep in up. Love your videos.

  • kishore
    kishore Hace 22 minutos

    You have my respect. I hope they remember you.

  • CHAVA 951
    CHAVA 951 Hace 25 minutos

    We need more people like you in this world you honestly made a lot of peoples life not day bcuz some people have that misconceptions that if the phone ain’t broken don’t fix it and will nvr upgrade

  • Pee Tra
    Pee Tra Hace 26 minutos

    Your T-shirt so nice 👍

  • Eric Georgiades
    Eric Georgiades Hace 26 minutos

    Good video man. <3

  • Big C
    Big C Hace 26 minutos

    still the same phone to me

  • Michael Molenda
    Michael Molenda Hace 31 un minuto

    So, the only way to not be distracted by social media is to get a flip phone? Maybe just not install the apps? Just a thought.

  • Gabrielle Wong
    Gabrielle Wong Hace 34 minutos

    Sweet actions Jonathan!!! *Hugs*

  • Ivars
    Ivars Hace 35 minutos

    Jonathan thanks for your video, even more luck to you and to the guys who got new iPhones. Arielle - be strong and brave. I have tumor too and issues with my vision after surgery, I'm running, do my hobbies, writing a blog, working and taking everything from life that I can take. Wishing you the same! Fight for your life!

  • gian pavanato
    gian pavanato Hace 35 minutos

    apple paid 100% ... ( trolling )

  • Youssel
    Youssel Hace 36 minutos

    The 260 people who disliked this video are just heartless man.

  • SaintNick71
    SaintNick71 Hace 37 minutos

    If someone can tell me how to turn off the fucking track your menstrual cycle part I would appreciate it. Its annoying that Apple thinks everyone is a female.

  • إبن أمير
    إبن أمير Hace 38 minutos


  • إبن أمير
    إبن أمير Hace 38 minutos

    I Want iPhone It's My Dream

  • Christian Valera
    Christian Valera Hace 39 minutos

    Well done.

  • mico lana
    mico lana Hace 39 minutos

    Thank you for this Jon. God bless you more.

  • saumitra nanaware
    saumitra nanaware Hace 42 minutos

    Bless you Jonathan...

  • Jacob Prosser
    Jacob Prosser Hace 42 minutos

    Kevin Kenson cameo at 0:16 ?

  • saumitra nanaware
    saumitra nanaware Hace 43 minutos

    This video was awesome!!!

  • Julian Rodriguez
    Julian Rodriguez Hace 43 minutos

    Yo props to the kid who chose the one plus 7pro mad respect

  • Indika Gunawardana
    Indika Gunawardana Hace 43 minutos

    NICE WORK BRO..................

  • Jelle
    Jelle Hace 46 minutos

    I'm colourblind and I honestly see no difference between the midnight green and the space gray...

  • SUMEET RAJ Chaubey
    SUMEET RAJ Chaubey Hace 47 minutos

    most kindest video of 2019...thanks Jon for spreading kindness and love..!

  • rslife
    rslife Hace 48 minutos

    Its actually fake :D

  • Stiven Con
    Stiven Con Hace 49 minutos

    Intro was long and stupid af

  • Christian Cabahug
    Christian Cabahug Hace 52 minutos

    Wishing the best for Ariel.

  • Sankarshan Ghosh
    Sankarshan Ghosh Hace 53 minutos

    People do drop tests with these new iPhones. You give them away. And then you use this video title as a clickbait to raise awareness for this woman. Man who are you?

  • An Do
    An Do Hace 53 minutos

    Watching this on my 11 pro max!

  • himangshu sarma
    himangshu sarma Hace 54 minutos


  • B4YB
    B4YB Hace 55 minutos

    Jonathan always coming through with the positivity and good work man. This is why you got the best tech channel there's always that human side of it.

  • Ethan Kiau Keng Hin
    Ethan Kiau Keng Hin Hace 57 minutos

    Woww amazing !

  • Roslain Rolf
    Roslain Rolf Hace 58 minutos


  • Shawn Xiong
    Shawn Xiong Hace un hora

    Yo my iPhone 4 is laggy and my mom said I got to stick with the phone I have and I'll never even get to have a new phone until I'll grow into a adult and it's IOS 7.1.2 and it sucks, I'm using my tablet but it only has 16 GB and that's it, no one even makes iPhone 4 cases for people who has it and I'll never even change phone, who knows a person who trades any phone to a better phone

  • Aleksandr Aleksandrov
    Aleksandr Aleksandrov Hace un hora


  • Joban Singh
    Joban Singh Hace un hora

    You're amazing!

  • dopeshow16
    dopeshow16 Hace un hora

    You’re a great man, J Morrison!

  • conghelach
    conghelach Hace un hora

    Call me crazy but glass on phones needs to fucking go I’d rather have unbreakable polycarbonate

  • Muhammed Azhar
    Muhammed Azhar Hace un hora

    Great work.

  • First Avenger
    First Avenger Hace un hora

    Amazing Job - Jonathan !! 👍🏻👍🏻🙏🏻

  • conghelach
    conghelach Hace un hora

    Apple apologists do nothing for joe consumer give us us. 3

  • conghelach
    conghelach Hace un hora

    Everyone repeats what apple says but no one is actually testing the battery....hmmmmm

  • DeepGamingAI
    DeepGamingAI Hace un hora

    UBI = Universal Basic iPhones

  • kenny lie
    kenny lie Hace un hora

    that pickachu in the background tho 😂

  • Zeus Flores
    Zeus Flores Hace un hora

    I have never been more jealous

  • Robert Holloway
    Robert Holloway Hace un hora

    Wow my fro video on this channel, hugely impressive, thanks. ✌️🌱

  • Keegan Goerz
    Keegan Goerz Hace un hora

    Significantly more fun unboxing video!

  • Varun k
    Varun k Hace un hora

    Hey jon just wanted to say this is one of your best videos yet .

  • aj
    aj Hace un hora

    The tech market is so stagnant that all they got for a new presentation these days is a better processor,a tad better screen,tad better camera and a very affordable price each year.🤷‍♂️and this is true for every company..not only apple's and Samsung's.

  • dimension7623
    dimension7623 Hace un hora

    You have an amazing soul Jonathan! Much love and god bless homie!

  • Boris Poletaev
    Boris Poletaev Hace un hora

    Can we talk about Pikachu with lens face? It's really disturbing and I need to talk about it to get it out of my system.

  • Ashley Yburan
    Ashley Yburan Hace un hora

    Me pls 😁

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    Alessio Spallino Hace un hora

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  • John A.i.
    John A.i. Hace un hora

    Can I get a round of applause for Jonathan’s intro?

    RAVIMUSICS Hace un hora

    Come in India we love to take some iPhone 11 I'm waiting since years But k can't afford right now Cause in India it is too high pricing 😒

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    Saul zepeda Hace un hora

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    The world doesn't deserve you and your team John 😭💞

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    He seems genuinely humble and nice.

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    Soham Agarwal Hace un hora

    Jonathan is a really nice guy. Not judging only by this video but his general attitude. Kudos.

  • Julio Arroyo
    Julio Arroyo Hace un hora

    Why not just give the mom a phone too. What’s the point of asking her about her phone just to give her an old as iPhone SE. I know she said she liked the size of the screen but I am sure if she had to choose between and old phone and a new iPhone 11, she would go for the iPhone 11.

  • Sergio Jaime
    Sergio Jaime Hace un hora

    Awesome. I wish I was one of those guys to replace my 8. Jon, you’re a great dude!

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    omar ahmed Hace un hora


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    X G Hace un hora

    People in need, need a fucking iPhone? this is the end of times

  • Bacon Bagel
    Bacon Bagel Hace un hora

    Watching this on my iPhone XS Max :)

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    Fujin Yumi Hace un hora

    It’s just the design is dated. That’s my only problem with it.

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    Francisco Fuentes Hace un hora

    I need a guy just like you, Jonathan... Love from Mexico

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    Hemanth Maturi Hace un hora

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    Bryan Hilfiger Hace un hora

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  • Food and Fun at Disneyland

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