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Stray Kids "UNVEIL TOUR in USA"
Vistas 134 milHace 2 meses
[CHOISKZ(초이슼)] EP.03
Vistas 134 milHace 3 meses
[CHOISKZ(초이슼)] EP.02
Vistas 184 milHace 3 meses
Stray Kids "TMT" Video
Vistas 3,4 MHace 3 meses
[CHOISKZ(초이슼)] EP.01
Vistas 334 milHace 3 meses
[CHOISKZ(초이슼)] Teaser Video
Vistas 139 milHace 3 meses
Stray Kids "Boxer" Behind Video
Vistas 594 milHace 6 meses
Stray Kids "19" Video
Vistas 2,7 MHace 6 meses
Stray Kids "STEP OUT 2019"
Vistas 418 milHace 9 meses


  • lahufaan lahufaan
    lahufaan lahufaan Hace un minuto

    anyone tell me woojin's smile when with teeth doesn't look like svt mingyu

  • Kpop Trash
    Kpop Trash Hace un minuto


  • Chakura
    Chakura Hace un minuto

    We need subtitle

  • Grapes just grapes
    Grapes just grapes Hace 2 minutos

    7:30 okay y'all can't ignore this messy hair jisung

  • 보글
    보글 Hace 3 minutos

    1:59 라식하러 갈 필요 없다네요 4:13 헐....;; 기절했다가 이제 깨어남 립피어싱 상처분장 맨날해줘 6:04 현지나 마시쪄...? 귀여운놈..... 7:29 현존하는 다람쥐 중 최고 잘생김 10:05 ...내 심장... 이이잉......? ...차라리 때려 10:13 ....... 10:36 황민단:황현진 민소매 사랑단 10:56 ......? 뭐지? 본인주접 만랩.. #당황 12:59 갱얼쥐 김승민 13:04 네.

  • I know Lee know
    I know Lee know Hace 4 minutos

    Who loves minho..?? #leeknow #dancingGemLeeKnow I know, we know, you know LEE KNOW😍😍😍 #STAYS #SKZ #StrayKids

  • 엄수진
    엄수진 Hace 4 minutos

    아이엔 문빈닮았어..

  • Isabel Romero-Diaz
    Isabel Romero-Diaz Hace 6 minutos

    the reason why the only group i talk about is stray kids is because they make me genuinely laugh-

  • Kingdom Z
    Kingdom Z Hace 7 minutos

    Hyunin Chanbin and felix Chan and woojin Lee know and han

  • Мин Юнги
    Мин Юнги Hace 7 minutos

    Маленькие дети😂😂❤❤

  • Kim Lee
    Kim Lee Hace 8 minutos

    #LeeKnowIsCute🐱🐱🐱 Btw Hyunjin is prince AWESOME🔐💕

  • Daniele Ferst
    Daniele Ferst Hace 8 minutos

    Cuties, cuties EVERYWHERE

  • im being bias wreck by my bias minho himself

    It's confirmed everyone, hyunjin is after your bias

  • hunnyjin17
    hunnyjin17 Hace 9 minutos

    10:36 those arms tho ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Kingdom Z
    Kingdom Z Hace 10 minutos


  • Kingdom Z
    Kingdom Z Hace 10 minutos


  • Yuri Stay
    Yuri Stay Hace 10 minutos

    Why do you guys want to kill us so much with your visuals? Cause my heart can't take it anymore, can you hear it crying?

  • Marta Sánchez
    Marta Sánchez Hace 11 minutos

    11:59 Yunho of ATEEZ

  • Taecute Taecute
    Taecute Taecute Hace 11 minutos

    Love Stray kids

  • SC Park
    SC Park Hace 12 minutos

    Changbin: if I drink milkus, my body is not gonna feel good :( Also changbin: *presses the button for milkus*

  • Jeongin
    Jeongin Hace 12 minutos

    Eu amo esses meninos 😂❤❤❤

  • Laura Isabel RM
    Laura Isabel RM Hace 13 minutos

    I love you my boys <3

  • Natascha Lauridsen
    Natascha Lauridsen Hace 13 minutos


  • Jay_Jameszxc
    Jay_Jameszxc Hace 16 minutos

    Is Hyunjin sleeves, hot?

  • Tanned Asian
    Tanned Asian Hace 17 minutos

    7.38 jisung is the best jisung

  • _doki chaos!
    _doki chaos! Hace 19 minutos

    0:02 WhIP ^_^ ♡

  • Jay_Jameszxc
    Jay_Jameszxc Hace 19 minutos

    They're so fcking adorable. lmao 😆

  • Leila
    Leila Hace 20 minutos

    Am I the only one who seemed to see Yunho from Ateez in the 11:59 minute?

  • Francielly Albuquerk
    Francielly Albuquerk Hace 21 un minuto

    Lindos nossos Príncipes❤️🇰🇷😍🔥

  • Nana suga
    Nana suga Hace 21 un minuto

    Changbin and hyunjin why so cute....

    SHOUQX STAY9 Hace 21 un minuto


  • Salma Benaddy Aitlaghmam
    Salma Benaddy Aitlaghmam Hace 22 minutos

    Por que han tapado su cuerpo?! Yo quería verlos 7u7 tu ya sabes XD

  • AE
    AE Hace 23 minutos

    I love them sm :(

  • Tamara Ridill
    Tamara Ridill Hace 23 minutos

    10:57 Hyunjin explaining OUR MEME to us Smh fr

  • Geby _2108
    Geby _2108 Hace 24 minutos

    Love Uu Minho❤

  • green mint
    green mint Hace 25 minutos

    Feliixxx i love uu!!!!!!!

  • dinda yaswi
    dinda yaswi Hace 26 minutos

    LEE KNOW😭💛

  • Holy Bangtan
    Holy Bangtan Hace 27 minutos

    3:55 Woojin omg🥰💗🙏🏻HES so adorable😊💜and 4:14 Han is so adorable too💜🙏🏻4:27

  • byCaleXx
    byCaleXx Hace 27 minutos

    12:59 just see

  • esposa do hwang hyunjin
    esposa do hwang hyunjin Hace 30 minutos

    watching without legends ,what a life

  • Anonymous LastNight
    Anonymous LastNight Hace 31 un minuto

    Me:hi minho Minho:hi.. Me:NANI

  • Eden MOA
    Eden MOA Hace 32 minutos

    Hyunjin really living that Y/N with all of stray kids.... I’m not.... jealous... 🥺

  • byCaleXx
    byCaleXx Hace 34 minutos

    OMG changjin like always hoeing around

  • Melina Baque *_*
    Melina Baque *_* Hace 34 minutos

    Stray kids!!! 💜❤️😍😍😍😍

  • emma makes skz stay
    emma makes skz stay Hace 35 minutos


  • Zhi lim
    Zhi lim Hace 35 minutos


  • vr
    vr Hace 35 minutos

    please i need voices to be in the setlist unlock world tour

  • anais coñopan
    anais coñopan Hace 37 minutos

    follow me imstagram love_to_kpoperr

  • JM _95
    JM _95 Hace 38 minutos


  • Alynna Villareal
    Alynna Villareal Hace 39 minutos

    hyunjin has too many husband😅😆

  • Melissa R.G
    Melissa R.G Hace 39 minutos

    Ahhhh como hay gente con internet d la nasa :"( además d q me levanto tarde ahre v':< pero aquí estoy x mis bubus :3 *♡STRAY KIDS♡* son tan lindos mis niños ^^ *STAY* Hay q seguir reproduciendo *DOUBLE KNOT* Se lo merecen son tan hermosos y super talentosos :D espero algún día conocerlos X'D. 💚🍀

  • P A I N I!
    P A I N I! Hace 39 minutos

    04:06 My happiness is when I hear Chan’s laugh 😭❤️ His face when he laugh is my everything ❤️, I would give him the world if I could ❤️

  • Melati Putri
    Melati Putri Hace 43 minutos

    feLix so cute...

  • Aina Ahmad
    Aina Ahmad Hace 43 minutos

    When your friend take drug. 7:00

  • Cenkisabi Wasabi
    Cenkisabi Wasabi Hace 43 minutos

    Who gave Hyunjin a sleeve less shirt, how rude >:(

  • MrRhino
    MrRhino Hace 43 minutos

    Straykids fighting!

  • 세라마야
    세라마야 Hace 44 minutos

    Yang jeongin, Han jisung I LOVE YOU

  • desyirfanny p
    desyirfanny p Hace 44 minutos

    kebal ame hyunjin udee

  • SVT Carat
    SVT Carat Hace 45 minutos

    People: Is Stray Kids a child? Stay: yes,my children

  • Aeuin Chu
    Aeuin Chu Hace 46 minutos

    why's changbin always so funny? 😂😂 i hate him

  • Melina Baque *_*
    Melina Baque *_* Hace 47 minutos

    I love hyunjin 😍💜💜

  • 세라마야
    세라마야 Hace 47 minutos


  • Angel
    Angel Hace 47 minutos

    لجين هنا؟ ههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه

  • SiraGem Art
    SiraGem Art Hace 48 minutos

    changlix at the beginning uwu

  • Fran Gutiérrez
    Fran Gutiérrez Hace 49 minutos

    los amo muchísimo 🥺😭

  • beep beep
    beep beep Hace 50 minutos

    hj: bitijuleyo

  • Jhopes Sprite
    Jhopes Sprite Hace 50 minutos

    Felix talk Minho ... it’s time to interrupt him Felix tries to talk again Minho .... time to interrupt again Felix ..... ( his mind I’m ready to fight)

  • Maknae _Skz
    Maknae _Skz Hace 50 minutos

    Lino is dangerous.

  • Febi Zulhiyah
    Febi Zulhiyah Hace 50 minutos

    This is the most satisfying dance practice all around the world 😭😭😭

  • Maknae _Skz
    Maknae _Skz Hace 50 minutos


  • Franchesca Santos alejo
    Franchesca Santos alejo Hace 50 minutos

    So cute

  • 민경미
    민경미 Hace 51 un minuto

    I've noticed that they like playing around in shopping carts :'>

  • unbothered kai
    unbothered kai Hace 51 un minuto

    Who loves SamSung?

  • Aina Ahmad
    Aina Ahmad Hace 51 un minuto

    0:20 Han Jisung: I am you

  • Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper Hace 52 minutos

    Where is their practice room?

  • Tinker Baek
    Tinker Baek Hace 52 minutos


  • Aina Ahmad
    Aina Ahmad Hace 52 minutos

    Who brought they new album???

  • Maknae _Skz
    Maknae _Skz Hace 53 minutos

    I think i'm inlove on that guy with hair.

  • SiraGem Art
    SiraGem Art Hace 54 minutos

    10:13 did they really have to film that-

  • Phuong Anh
    Phuong Anh Hace 54 minutos

    Seungmins laugh is everything

  • Lady Scarlett
    Lady Scarlett Hace 54 minutos


  • Min yoongi Duda
    Min yoongi Duda Hace 54 minutos

    Hyunjin lindo. .. maravilhoso ... te amo crlh

  • Dini Salim
    Dini Salim Hace 54 minutos

    I need the subtitle:-(

  • Cherry fauziah_
    Cherry fauziah_ Hace 54 minutos

    Seungmin"iiiiiing" WOAHHHHHH SO CUTE😭😭😭😭😭💜💜💜💜

  • fergi
    fergi Hace 54 minutos

    11:59 isnt that yunho from ateez??? or am i just trippin :p

  • Moon Light :///
    Moon Light :/// Hace 54 minutos

    Loveeee!!! Amazing comeback!!!✨👏🏻💗💗💗💗

  • Jaymie Deguzman
    Jaymie Deguzman Hace 56 minutos


  • ياسر العراقي
    ياسر العراقي Hace 57 minutos

    ديباك يا رفاق ☆

  • lavenderrenjun
    lavenderrenjun Hace 58 minutos

    Is that Yunho at 11:59 lol

  • ramon aguilar
    ramon aguilar Hace 58 minutos

    I love you, come to ARGENTINA please

  • xingingintherain
    xingingintherain Hace 58 minutos

    my babies

  • Diana
    Diana Hace 59 minutos

    11:59 Yunho lmao

  • Careno Carenomore
    Careno Carenomore Hace un hora

    10:49 jisung 🥺

  • Aeuin Chu
    Aeuin Chu Hace un hora

    jisung's laugh 10:49 😭

  • coke trash
    coke trash Hace un hora

    hyunjin stop being clingy towards the other members challenge: fail

  • Careno Carenomore
    Careno Carenomore Hace un hora

    Yall 10:09.....

  • 卡罗尔
    卡罗尔 Hace un hora

    stfu I love you 0:06

  • Alex Ticar
    Alex Ticar Hace un hora

    Omoooo💖💖love y'all! #straykids_stay.

  • Moontail266
    Moontail266 Hace un hora

    How can they be so cute and handsome! 😍🔥💜

  • TYA chan
    TYA chan Hace un hora

    Clickbait bgt thumbnailnya hyunjin hm